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Chapter six: A chance for love and risk

"Interesting and you say that this human was unarmed and alone"? Questioned the older Queen through the hive mind. "Yes he appeared as if he had no idea that we were even here", replied the hybrid as she finished her report. "I sense there is more you are not telling me child, do not fear and let me know what is troubling you" inquired the Mother. "Well I was just wondering if you were serious when telling me that I could take a human mate as long as they met your approval first." Questioned the hybrid.

Taken aback by her daughter's question the matriarch first laughed and responded with "of course after all, I would not wish a hiveless fate on anyone and if it takes a human to make your hive thrive then so be it". With a newfound hope the young hybrid discussed the matter further and was allowed to observe the humans so that she could best select a potential mate from among them. She thanked the Mother for her guidance before ending contact for she needed rest if she was to start her observations the next day.

A few days later saw the hybrid continue her observations of the humans and found that they would separate in order to complete their own duties almost like a hive. However, there was no sense of solidarity, nor a central leader to guide them in their tasks just individuals doing what was either required of them, or what they could do best. The only other similarity she could find was the separation of groups depending on skills. They had warriors as the weapons and armor they wore was clear sign and drones that maintained their hive site and transport.

As well as the scouts and drones that went to gather information, but not any food, or water which was a little confusing. At least until she found that they had plenty of supplies stored and learned that their main objective was only gathering information on the lifeforms of the planet. Thankfully the information they seemed to crave was on the prey animals and plants so that as long as she and the others steered clear the humans need not know they were here for the most part.

She would still need to reveal herself if she was to court one as a mate. Thankfully she has already narrowed the list quite a bit as a good portion of the male humans were older and or mated. Some of the others were either too rough, or too scrawny and some whom had caught her attention had their interests directed to others in the camp. So it was down to the last three, first being a male that looked rather intelligent, but reminded her too much of the humans from the destroyed facility. Second was a warrior whom at first seemed like a promising candidate, but alas he preferred the company of other males. Strange as it was, but her kind would sometimes bond with members of the same gender so who was she to judge?

The third and last male was the very one that surprised her at the lake whom much to her relief seemed to be without a mate, or interest in any others in the group. With her decision made she moved silently closer to the site as she heard the humans discussing something excitedly and wished to know what it was about.

~Back with the conservationists~

"Alright folks gather around its everyone's favorite time of the month, checkup day!" Yelled Medical Officer Christophe Spindal with gusto. All but the marines as they had theirs the day before, formed a line whilst they grumbled about the good doctors poking and prodding. These checkups happened monthly due to the environment of the planet and the unique pathogens associated with it which unfortunately for most resulted in monthly vaccines as well.

The only one whom was spared the handful of injections was Gryphin, a fact that had not gone unnoticed by the others. "Hey how come we all got the shots but, the pale kid didn't?" Questioned one of the other researchers. "Oh that is simply due to the unique chemical properties of his blood" Explained the medical officer. "Mr. Midgellian if you would not mind I will elaborate for them in order to clear this misunderstanding?" Gryphin gave the Doctor a quick nod of approval.

"Well it all started with an immune-booster drug test which resulted in almost 75% of participant fatality. Our young friend here just so happens to be one of the lucky few to have survived." Dr. Christophe explained. "So what is he some invulnerable superman now?" Asked the same researcher from before. "Not necessarily, all it did was convert his normal bile into a copper based slightly acidic compound that not only protects his body from parasites and other biological infections, but can corrode most medical equipment when exposed." The doctor continued his explanation.

"So basically he bleeds a blue colored low grade acid which kills off any pathogen trying to infect him and would eventually melt my vaccination needles. It is also why we don't have him on cooking duty." The last of the doctor's explanation not only answered their questions, but also gave a few of the gathered individuals food for thought. After which the gathered crowd dispersed except for Gryphin himself.

"Hey Dr. Spindal mind if I pick your brain about a couple of concerns I am having?" he asked in a hushed tone. "Why of course you can after all that's why I'm here" replied the medic in a curious tone. Gryphin took a nervous breath to steady himself as what he was about to ask sounded a little crazy even by his standards. "I have been hearing what sound like voices for about a week now accompanied by sudden headaches and trouble sleeping. Am I losing my mind here or could it be something else entirely?" he asked sounding a bit frantic.

To which the Dr. Sindal replied, "not to worry the voices you are hearing are probably calls of nocturnal animals and the headaches are a result of the stress and sleep deprivation that comes with it". "Thanks doc that makes me feel a little better knowing I haven't lost my gourd just yet". Gryphin then bid the medic a good night and headed back to his tent unaware that another being had been privy to his conversation.

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