One: Bare Bones

A/N1: This is a series of oneshots about the Barebone children, because I love them and they deserve better. Please enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, or the Barebones.

A/N2: I like to think, at least in the beginning, Mary Lou was a bit kinder to her children.

Credence age 8, 1915.

"Credence, this is your new mother." The social worker gently guided the terrified eight-year-old to the stiff woman. The woman's demeanor changed immediately in the presence of the child. Her shoulders relaxed, her eyes warmed, and she smiled kindly.

"Hello, Credence," the woman said. "I'm Mary Lou Barebone, your new mother."

"My new...Ma?" the small, raven-haired boy said uncertainly.

"Yes," Mary Lou said. Credence tentatively switched from holding the hands of the social worker to Mary Lou. Mary Lou beamed.

"Ma," Credence said again. His eyes crinkled a bit- not quite a smile, but close.

"Good," Mary Lou said. "And your name is now Credence Barebone."

"Credence Barebone," Credence repeated. "Not Credence Stewart?"

"Barebone," Mary Lou confirmed. "You must leave your past behind, and head to a new future." She stood up and turned to the social worker. "Thank you so much, Mister-"

"-Graves," the man with stark blond hair finished. "Andrius Graves."

"Thank you, Mister Graves," Mary Lou said. "I can take him from here. Come, Credence, to your new home." Credence nodded and glanced around. Andrius Graves waved goodbye. Credence turned away, clutching Mary Lou with one hand and a small bag of belongings with the other. The two exit the building. Credence smiled, a slight skip in his step- this might be a chance to start over. Mary Lou hailed a cab quickly.

"I run a small school," Mary Lou informed the boy as they rode in the taxi. "I'm sure you won't mind attending it."

"No, ma'am- I mean, Ma," Credence said stiffly. "Thank you very much, ma'-Ma."

"I understand that this must be very confusing for you," Mary Lou said. "But you understand why I chose you, out of all the children?"

"No, Ma," Credence said. He stared out the taxi window- he had never seen this much of New York before.

"Your birth mother- she was different. And a very bad different," Mary Lou told the boy. "She was a witch?"

"A witch?" Credence perked up.

"A wicked witch," Mary Lou said. Credence slouched a bit. "Don't worry. You're away from her now. But that is what I am trying to do- bring awareness to our fellow Americans that witches live among us!" Mary Lou looked at Credence expectantly to find him nodding vigorously. The woman smiles. The taxi halts to a stop.

"Here we are," Mary Lou said. "Your new home."