"Mom... did you know today I shot someone?" Calvin tossed in his bed.

"I didn't just shoot one person, I shot three." Calvin shuddered, wrapped his arms around his head and squeezed his eyes shut. Images began to flash in his mind, the pistol, the farmer... dead... Euphoria, the cool stock of the tommy-gun that melded with his hands, the insane laughter of some demon lancing through the cavern tunnels.

Calvins eyes snapped open. "NO! No... don't think about that. Not again."

Calvin wrapped the blanket tighter around him, but he didn't feel any warmer.

"Mom... I did a bad thing..."

Calvin covered his ears as he heard screams, the echos of screams, the farmers dying, the smell of gun power, the blood, the blood it got everywhere, splattered against the wall like a fresh coat of paint, pooling beneath his feet. His paws they dripped blood, his mouth began to twitch a insane grin began to spread across his face. "HAHA! eep!" Calvin buried his face in his pillow, and began to wipe his paws underneath the pillow.

"Mom... if I wipe my paws enough will they ever be clean?"

"God forgives murders right?"

I wrote this years ago. When that strip about Calvin shooting everyone up first came out. He's my favorite character, and I always wondered. How could someone so innocent be so trigger happy, so crazy. What was going on inside his head. On that fateful day.

Not sure if I'll continue this, or leave it as a oneshot. But if you want to encourage me, feel free to leave a review! =)