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Sherlock, John and Rosie drove into Grimpen Village having been out onto the moors to investigate the surrounding area and look at the Baskerville compound. The three of them went into the pub. As John stood talking to the landlord, Sherlock and Rosie got bored of waiting around inside. They went outside, they both spotted the tour guide.

"Let's go have a little chat." Sherlock whispered to his daughter.

The pair of them went over to the tour guide as he finished his phone call.

"Mind if we join you?"

The tour guide shrugged and Rosie and Sherlock sat down on the bench. Sherlock asked if he'd ever seen the "hound" in his days of being a tour guide. He was reluctant to admit that he had seen it. Sherlock wanted proof. John joined Sherlock and Rosie and wanted to talk about Henry. The conversation continued and Sherlock got the tour guide to open up about seeing the monster in Dewer's hollow. All he could prover was a couple of blurry pictures on his phone. Sherlock and Rosie could make out a furry, four-legged creature. Neither of them could make out the size let alone what species of animal it was. The guide tried to scare Sherlock by convincing him it something from Baskerville had escaped into that hollow…he didn't buy it. The guide then told them that he had a friend who worked for the Ministry of Defence and whilst he'd been there he saw terrible things. He had a huge cast of a paw print.

The black land rover drove up to the gates of Baskerville. The compound was surrounded with guards and high security systems. As Sherlock reached the gates, a guard with a rifle raised his hand and the vehicle stopped. The guard approached the drivers window. Sherlock showed some ID.

"You've got ID for Baskerville. How?" John asked with concern in his voice.

"Uncle Mycroft's name literally opens anything." Rosie laughed.

Sherlock lowered his voice. "It's not specific to this place. It's my brothers. Access all areas. I, um…acquired It ages ago, just in case."


"What's the matter?" Rosie asked.

"We'll get caught."

"No, we won't – well, not just yet." Rosie tried to assure John.

The gate began to slide open.

"Clear." The security guard said.

The security guard handed Sherlock the pass back.

"Thank you."

Sherlock put the car into gear and drove through.

"Mycroft's name literally opens door." John said.

"I told you that." Rosie said annoyed.

"We told you – he practically is the British government. I reckon we've got about twenty minutes before they realise that something's wrong."

Sherlock drove up to the main complex of the Baskerville building. He parked up, John and Sherlock got out. Before Rosie left, she put her hair up and put on pair of glasses. When she John and Sherlock chatting and not paying attention she changed her top into something slightly more formal and put on a more formal pair of trousers and slipped on a pair of heels. She got out.

"What's this all about?" John asked.

"My disguise….I can't go looking around like a snot nosed teenager, I'll be given the boot straight away."

Another soldier led the three of them through the main barriers and up toward the building. Everyone that the three of them saw were scientists being escorted. As they walked up to the entrance a jeep pulled up beside them a young soldier got out.

"What is it? Are we in trouble?"

"Are we in trouble sir?" Sherlock said sternly trying to assert authority.

"Yes, sir, sorry, sir."

He still stood in front door preventing the three of them from making any progress.

"You were expecting us?"

"Your ID showed up straight away, Mr Holmes. Corporal Lyons, security. Is there something wrong, sir?"

"Well, I hope not, Corporal, I hope not."

"It's just we don't get inspected here, you see, sir. It just doesn't happen.

"Ever heard of a spot check?" John showed his ID. "Captain John Watson, 5th Northumberland Fusiliers."

Lyons came to attention and saluted. John returned the salute.

"Who is she, sir?" Lyons after standing at ease.

"Rosie Walker, Mr Holmes personal assistant. He doesn't go anywhere without me." Rosie cut in before either Sherlock or John got a chance.

"Sir, ma'am. Major Barrymore won't be pleased sir. He'll want to see you all."

"I'm afraid we won't have time for that. Mr Holmes has a very busy schedule you see. We'll need a full tour right away." Rosie said as her dad's PA.

"That's an order, Corporal." John reminded him.

"Yes, sir." Lyons spun on his heel and walked over to the door. The trio followed. Lyons swiped his pass through the reader by the door. Sherlock had to do them. Lyons pressed a button on the reader and the door opened. The three of them walked in.

Lyons led them on a tour around the facility. Sherlock and John leading the questioning whilst Rosie made notes on her phone. All the labs looking identical with their white tiles and bright lights. All the scientists dressed the same with their lab coats and face masks. All three of them studied the experiments. Along the way they spoke to a Doctor Stapleton and Sherlock solved the case of Bluebell, the disappearing, glow-in-the-dark rabbit. After this, Sherlock realised that they were running out of time and gave the nod to Rosie.

Rosie turned to Corporal Lyons. "Well, I think we've seen enough for now, Corporal and as I said Mr Holmes and Doctor Watson are on a very tight schedule. Thank you so much."

Shocked Lyons replied. "That's it?"

"That's it" Rosie reiterated.

Sherlock turned and walked towards the door. "It's this way, isn't it?" John, Rosie and Lyons followed.

Sherlocks phone buzzed in his pocket and took it out and saw the text message.

What are you doing? M

"Twenty-three minutes. Mycroft's getting slow." Sherlock chuckled.

As they opened the lift doors they were greeted by Doctor Frankland, a scientist that they met earlier.


Everyone walked into the lift. As the doors reopened they were greeted by a very unhappy military man.

"Er, um, Major…" Lyons said worried.

"This is bloody outrageous. Why wasn't I told?" He was clearly very angry.

"Major Barrymore, is it?" John stepped out the lift. "Yes, well, good. Very good." John offered his hand. Barrymore declined it. "We're very impressed, aren't we, Mr Holmes?"

Sherlock was rummaging around his pocket. "Deeply, hugely" He walked past Barrymore without a care. Reading the text message.

What's going on Sherlock? MH

"The whole point of Baskerville was to eliminate this kind of bureaucratic nonsense…." The major was still very annoyed.

"I'm so sorry, Major." Rosie said on before of the three of them.


"New policy, Can't remain unmonitored forever. Goodness knows what you'd get up to." He lowered his voice to talk to Rosie and John. "Keep walking."

Lyons stepped out of the room that he had gone into. "Sir!" He hit the alarm button on the wall. The alarms started blaring and the lights flashed red. The others stopped in their path. "ID unauthorised, sir."


"I've just had the call."

"Is that right?" He turned to face Sherlock, John and Rosie. "Who are you?"

"Look, there's obviously been some kind of mistake." John tried to defuse the situation.

Dr. Frankland was approaching the group.

"Clearly not Mycroft Holmes."

"Miss Walker, please make a note. Computer error, Major. It'll all have to go in the report." John said.

"What the hell's going on!?" Barrymore shouted.

"It's alright, Major." Everyone turned to see Frankland had joined the group. "I know exactly who these gentleman are."

"You do?" The major didn't believe him.

"Yeah. I'm getting a little slow on faces but Mr Holmes here isn't someone I expected to show up in this place."

"Ah, well..."

Frankland offered his hand to Sherlock. "Good to see you again, Mycroft." Rosie masked her surprise better than Sherlock. Sherlock smiled and shook Frankland's hand. "I had the honour of meeting Mr Holmes at the W.H.O conference…Brussels, was it?"

"Vienna." Sherlock corrected.

"Vienna, that's it. This is Mr Mycroft Holmes, Major. There's obviously been a mistake." He nodded at Corporal Lyons who turned off the alarm and the lights returned to normal."

Barrymore turned to Frankland. "On your head be it, Doctor Frankland."

Frankland led the three of them out and admitted that he knew who they really were and why they were really here. He gave Sherlock his phone number and said that if he needed anything just give him a call.

Later that night they paid a visit to Henry Knight. He told them about two words he'd been seeing "liberty" and "in". Sherlock then told Henry about his plan to take him onto the moor to see if he gets attacked.

"What?!" John was just as stunned as Henry.

"Dad, are you sure?"

"That should bring things to a head."

"At night? You want me to go out there at night?" Henry was terrified.


"That's your plan? Brilliant." John was sceptical.

"Got any better plans?" Rosie asked evidently agreeing with her dad.

"Listen, if there is a monster out there, John there's only one thing to do: find out where it lives."