Wow! We are one step away from a new year! This is it, my peeps… the final chapter! It's been so great being able to stretch my writing skills and try out a ton of characters and genres that I hadn't done before. Honestly, I'm a bit impressed that I was able to keep with my plan of one chapter every week. Some chapters I had ready for months and others I finished writing minutes before posting.
It's been a great year for my growth both as a writer and as a person. I'm glad I could share my progress with all of you.
Some of you may want to see what I write next. I'd love to give you more of something, anything. Truthfully though, my next idea is hopefully something I can actually get published! It's an idea I've been planning for a couple years now and I'm finally going to dedicate my remaining time and brain power to seeing it through! Eventually you may see some new fanfiction from me. Who knows what my mind will concoct in these upcoming years? Just remember, folks, nothing ever really ends, does it?

A little boy laid upon the ugly rug in his bedroom, crayons sprawled around him without a care. He was busy scribbling away in his notebook, a picture for his mom well in the works.

He came to a pause, seeming to contemplate something.

"Velos," he called out. "Do you think mom would like a blue bird or a green one?"

The tall shinigami, which had been squatting on the bed overlooking the boy's art project, unfolded its legs. The long appendages came to rest at the boy's head and feet, allowing her to bend closer to him.

"Mother is always complaining about the birds around her car. I don't think she would like either a blue or a green one."

He turned his head to look into her eyes. When they had first met, he didn't know whether to look into the top or bottom two. He was seven now though and he knew that the ones on her forehead were the extra set.

Taking her words under consideration, he pursed his lips. After a minute, he finally replied with a long, drawn out, "Yeah."

The boy went quiet, or quieter, after this revelation. He didn't know what else he could draw.

Velos liked the boy. He was a new human, but always so eager to learn and experience. He was untainted by the rest of the world.

Thus she wouldn't leave him hanging. "Mother likes penguins. She said so last week at the zoo."

His face brightened immediately. "You're right! I remember!" He picked up the black crayon, which Velos observed was almost down to a nub, and started a very crude outline of a penguin.

Those were birds too, she remembered, but they didn't fly, so it was probably ok.

She watched for several more minutes as he colored in his penguin, heedless of the lines that suggested this wasn't a coloring book.

She had been doubtful at first that this boy would be any fun to possess. Shinigami didn't have children after all and there might be good reason for that. Velos had been wrong though. This boy brought to her a simple kind of happiness. His presence was fulfilling.

Where an adult human may ignore her for the most part, as she had seen happen to other shinigami, this one was usually happy to converse with her at any opportunity. Mother and Father thought he was silly, but they didn't begrudge their communication.

Raising her head, Velos heard the light footfalls of the woman in question. A moment later, the door to the bedroom opened.

"Jannik, it's time for dinner."

He quickly moved to cover the picture he had been working on. Humans did like surprises…

"I'm almost done though," he told her with a whine.

With a slight shake of her head and a smile, Mother replied, "You can finish after you eat. It's not going anywhere."

Jannik signed and pushed himself up from the floor. Before taking a step to the door he turned back to the shinigami. "Come on, Velos, let's have dinner."

She smiled a toothless grin back at him. She had no need for human food, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. Besides, it was always fun to see how much she could eat without Mother or Father taking notice.

Contorting herself through the door, she followed the boy down the stairs.