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"Damn it Shinoa, where the hell are you?" Michaela muttered under his breath, pale blue eyes scanning the field critically, not missing a single detail in search of his missing comrade. That morning, Shinoa suddenly barged into his apartment flat provided by the Hyakuya company because the Beast Tamer didn't have the necessary funds to rent a living space outside.

The place was closer to where he had to go whenever he was called in to work anyways.

He was planning on spending his whole day with the dragon to get its' trust and so that he could coax the dragon so that it could live in a cave nearby, some place with far more space than that dungeon cell. If he pleased the dragon, he thought that it might be far easier to get the dragon to trust him.

And the annoyingly snobbish client would stop pestering him about the dragon (in which he would question the Beast Tamer and just make his own assumptions and sneer at the dragon once he was done anyways.)

But in the end, Shinoa was annoyingly persistent and actually got him to come with her in exterminating some Deehs (a slug-like creature which looks mainly yellow and its' size a few inches bigger than a brawly man's fist but highly toxic and can only be consumed by the Aquazine clan, which are creatures that are a cross between humans and typical animals).


His thoughts were interrupted by the sing song voice that could only belong to none other than Shinoa Hiiragi.

"Damn it, Shinoa, where are you?!" Michaela said, searching for the purple against blues and greens of the field they were in.

"Right here!" Shinoa said, appearing from the trees, and with extreme agility, jumped down with a front flip. "Look, look, look, there are so many Deehs that I caught!" she said, showing off a big sack of something squirming inside. It was from one of the Aquazine companies that Shinoa was acquainted with.

"… You barged into my room in the morning just to help you work for another company when I was planning on taming the beast that lives under a very rich client's home?" Michaela said in an unimpressed tone. "And in the end I didn't do much of anything, just brought with me some antidotes for the Deeh toxin just in case you got injured."

"I know. But really, that sounds very unproductive," Shinoa said lightly. She knew just how much he hated being idle. He should've brought a book or two with him, but there was also a chance of getting said book destroyed while on an outing to do some work, so he decided against it.

"Aaw, don't look so upset," Shinoa cooed at him with a leery smile.

"I'm not upset. Just a little bit exasperated by your actions."

"You are?" Shinoa said in mock surprise. "I wonder how I missed that."

"Shut it, Shinoa."

And he walked away from her.

"Don't be mad, I'll even treat you to crepes!" Shinoa said, catching up easily with his wide strides.

"I'm not interested in crepes," Michaela said coolly.

"Cakes? Ice cream? Yogurt?" Shinoa listed.

"That's what you like. Now go away," Michaela said with a little bit of irritation colouring his tone.

"I won't. Not until you treat me to something."

Michaela stopped walking and looked at her incredulously. "I thought you were treating me to something."

"I was just offering, but now that you're obviously not accepting, I'm gonna make you treat me to a parfait!" Shinoa declared and dragged a very reluctant Michaela with one hand.

"It's so nice to actually hang out with some friends once in a while~" Shinoa said happily.

"You can say that again," Krul said in a cheerful tone.

"Although the one treating us looks very disgruntled and reluctant!"

"Very! It makes this more fun to do!"

They both laughed at Michaela's very bored face.

"You both can stop that now, it's getting far too old to be used," he said in a slight drawl.

"So tell us," they both said at the same time, purple-ish and red, red eyes turned to him expectantly.

"I heard that you're taming a dragon now," Shinoa said in a conspiring tone.

"That sounds weird, dragons don't need to be tamed," Krul said, as if offended. She herself and her brother are dragons too, so she found it weird that there was a dragon who needed to be tamed. They're intelligent enough to not need any taming.

"Well, the client said that this one needs taming," Shinoa said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"That's odd," Krul said in a very confused tone.

Michaela sighed and looked away, to the green forest folds nearby. He wished so much to just be in that dungeon cell with his dragon. "I also thought that at first," he said finally, after seeing that the two girls were waiting for an input from the blonde.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the dragon was quite quiet and was not raging like I expected it to be doing when I first arrived," Michaela said, still not looking at the girls. He could feel their eyes widening just a little bit in confusion at that. "Despite the living arrangements it was in."

"What living arrangements?" Krul asked, eyes narrowed.

"It was a big dungeon cell, but it wasn't big enough to satisfy a dragon's need for a living space, I know that much. Plus, it's always guarded, so I'm wondering why the dragon wasn't raging from lack of space and private space."

"That's very curious…" Krul said in a thoughtful tone. "Curious indeed…."

Then the two began discussing the possibilities of a dragon to not be angry at such treatment, but Michaela tuned them out. He could already guess why his dragon wasn't angry at the lack of space. Just as he was about to get back into the conversation between the two girls to stop their chatter, he saw something blur across the forest he was staring at and he blinked.

"Michaela? What's wrong?" Shinoa asked, seeing the change in his facial expression.

"Nothing," Michaela said, eyes scanning into the forest. "I thought I saw something…" Both girls blinked at him and looked at each other before shrugging it off. They then stood and made Michaela pay for them before leaving.

Later, the blonde tamer excused himself so that he could investigate what he saw.

The deer grazed the grass which grew abundant in the fields, oblivious to the pair of eyes watching it. They were standing behind the deer, a place where the wind blew in the opposite direction of the deer so as to not alert the animal enjoying their meal.

Well, this one will also be enjoying his meal.

Licking his lips hungrily, he lunged at the deer with inhuman speed, jaws open, revealing sharp teeth which couldn't be human. Said teeth sunk into the warm, delicious flesh of the deer, the taste of blood filling his senses but he didn't care.

It was his first meal in days and he was starved.

He was lucky that he wasn't caught. All the guards were thinking that he was sleeping in a shadowed corner and would not notice him gone at all.

Ripping the arteries in the deer's neck, he gave it a quick death and thanked it for being his meal and for it to rest in peace before diving in, ripping flesh from bones easily enough due to his starved status. He'd only finished its' hind leg before he was full and sat back.

It was sad enough that he couldn't finish a whole deer.

His stomach rumbled from being full after so many days and he wiped his hands on a clean patch of grass that didn't have blood staining it. The wind blew and he shivered, the blood on his body making the wind feel colder than it should be. He wrapped his arms around his thin frame and got up.

No clothes to shield him from the wind means that he'd have to go back—and fast. He didn't want to think of what would happen if he fell ill. Last time, he came and whipped him a few times until his back and feet and arms were bleeding so much that he feared that he'd die of blood loss.

Good thing he had inhuman healing powers.

But that doesn't exempt him from getting sick, so he quickly ran towards the place where he came from, only to collide with a solid chest. He fell on his rear and shook himself out of the shock he got in.

"Whoa, slow down, are you alright?"

He tensed as he saw blonde hair and pale blue eyes and nodded slowly. He noted that those eyes looked all over his bloodied form and he suddenly felt the need to run away again.

Seeing his panic, Michaela smiled and knelt down slowly, taking off his hunting jacket while he was at it. "Here," he said, wrapping the jacket around the thin shoulders. Feeling warmth on his skin, he immediately latched his hands onto the jacket and tightened him around himself, his scales and skin warming up.

He eyed the Beast Tamer warily and nodded his thanks before getting up once more. Michaela was a foot or two taller than him, and he could easily blame his malnourished state for taking away a bit of his height but otherwise ignored the fact that he had to crane his neck to look up at the blond tamer.

"I'm Michaela Hyakuya," the blonde said, giving him a hand, and he looked at it. Pale, porcelain white skin that looked creamy and was soft to the touch contrasted significantly against his black scales and rough claws and he didn't shake it, afraid that he might hurt the delicate-looking hand.

After an awkward while, Michaela took back his hand and smiled at him.

"So… you're an Aquazine?" he asked. He shook his head no and looked away from inquiring pale blue eyes. It was unnerving to have someone stare him down like that. "…Can you understand me?" the blonde tamer asked after another while.

He nodded yes, and bit his lip, glancing away. If he didn't go now, he would notice that he's gone…

Michaela sighed. A hand then ruffled his ink black hair, ruffling it more than it already was. "Don't let me hold you back from whatever you're about to do," he said, as if he knew what he was thinking. He probably did.

Nodding, he quickly ran away, jumping into trees and using a shortcut he knew so that he could be in his room faster and slipped into it through a small hole hidden by a rock in his room. He then quietly transformed when the guards were doing the shift change, his steam disappearing just in time for the next set of guards to come in.

Curling around himself, he hid his first treasure; a hunting jacket, before going to sleep. His meal was quite satisfying for now, and he didn't know when he'd be able to go out and have another one…

"If she's a girl, I hope she gets your eyes!"

"And your luscious hair too! Oh, we'll have extreme fun braiding her hair!"

"But if it's a boy…"

"Come now, it doesn't matter if my children are boys or girls. You'll have fun either way anyway."

"Oh, we can definitely embarrass him when he's older with stories of us playing!"

"And we can still dress him up in dresses before he even knows that he's not supposed to wear them!"

"You girls are incorrigible… I won't have my son to be dressed up like a doll…"

"But you'll dress them up anyway!"

"Haha, hilarious."

"But it's true!"

"Just let us play with them when you want to go for another round with him…"

"What's that wink for?"

"Oh…. You know…"

. Excitement.


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