Hey guys, phew… It's been a month (which is the time I promised a new chapter ;)) and stuff's been happening lately, and I got my grades! Wheee~~~ Funny story, in my uni, there's a game development club, and the new members greetings was filled with playing games and eating food (it lasted for four hours, and I couldn't believe I got out of my room for such a long time… not really) and, well, I met new friends there and we got to playing.

So, there's this boardgame (it's classified as boardgame) called UNO Sticko (I think you know, but if you don't, you should search for it, a very irritatingly fun game) that we played and after a while, we got bored. And then there was a group of guys who asked for our batch of Stickos and we gave it to them, and they started playing, with two of those stacked together. I went 'Oh god please don't let it fall...' because we were on the balcony of a two-story restaurant.

And then, after a while into the game (everyone was watching raptly because… well, you know. You'll know if you play it too…) one of the guys made the tall (very tall) stack fall and a part of it went over the railings and we were all 'uh-oh…' I heard the guys had to buy the club a new one after that, but it was fun, and funny especially when I saw their horrified faces… XD

Eh… that was a long story, so without further ado, let us get on with the REAL story here… Enjoy~~

After the Beast Tamer went back home, Yuu huddled in the corner of his cell, elated. If he were in his human form, he'd be smiling like an idiot by now, he supposed. From behind a secret compartment in his cell, he extracted a jacket, Michaela's jacket, and brought it up to his nozzle to sniff it.

It smelled just like the Beast Tamer.

He curled around the jacket with a low grumble from his chest, as if he was purring, before his other-worldly green eyes closed. His mind drifted to a few hours ago, when his Beast Tamer had instructed him on how to change into a human completely, letting his wings fold on itself and retract into his body.

It's been years since he'd last been in his completely human form, and the last time he did, he had to quickly change into a dragon because he found that in his dragon form, injuries heal faster and leave less marks. That time, his wings hadn't fully developed yet, and it was very prone to bleeding out. Until his claws developed into something sharper and stronger, they'd been coming close enough to actually carve patterns into his scales, and it wasn't pleasant.

He'd just begun to doze when the cell door suddenly opened with a bang.

"Wakey-wakey, beast," a familiar voice mock-sang. Yuu got on all fours and crouched low, a threatening grumble filling the whole cell. "Answer some questions," he stated, taking out from behind him a very long whip with claws at the end of it. The dragon winced at the sight, remembering how he'd almost gotten the claws too near his heart for comfort.

The man walked around the dragon, taunting it by just walking and not doing anything—that is until he brought forth the first hit. "What were you doing with that bastard Beast Tamer that sent your guard out, huh?" he said, another blow came to his side on the juncture between his hind leg and torso.

He roared in pain, but he dared not to strike back to the man because he saw others had the long electrocute-stick that would hurt far more than just the whip because they'd electrocute him right into his wounds. The shock to his blood intensifies the feeling rather than when it hit his scales, which could absorb the shock better.

"Well?!" he shouted, another blow landing on top of his eye, albeit it thankfully didn't render him half blind. The man chuckled vindictively, presumably because he knew that he couldn't answer in his dragon form. "Answer me, boy!"

A growl filled the cell once more before claws swiped across the man's chest and he started coughing, spluttering, red coating his torso in an unexpectedly satisfying way.


Yuu rumbled low in his throat before he let out a full-out roar when the tips of the electrocute-sticks dug into the bleeding stripes on his body. They kept at it until he was fully sedated—by that they meant that he'd lost consciousness.

"You'll pay for that, you beast," the man said under his breath, seething in rage.

"….? What's wrong doctor?"

"I… I don't know either… It seemed as if your babies suddenly disappeared, turned into stone or something…"

"What…? I don't… get it…"

"Ma'am, you didn't say that you're a dragon, are you?"

"No, not as far as I know."

"Any dragon blood history in your family?"


"Go on…?"

"…. Both my parents and my older siblings are…"

"I see, and you didn't have anything that would indicate that you're a dragon?"

"No, we all suspected that from me, the dragon genes would lay dormant…"

"Interesting… Well, ma'am, I can safely say that your first children will be dragons."



"No, no, no, no…! That can't be right…"

"Records state that once dragon genes lay dormant, it could reawaken with the right blood—"

"I don't care about that!"

"Ma'am, please keep calm—"

"Oh, no, not my children…"

"What do you mean, ma'am…?"

"He's not… he's not gonna like this… He's not…"


"I won't let him…"

"… Ma'am…?... MA'AM?!"

. Family.


I have no idea what happened there, but then again calculus today completely mind-blown me… All those Sin/Cos/Tan identities? I never got a grasp on them in high school, and it seems that I wouldn't grasp them either in uni… *sigh* and I was SO looking forward to learning calculus… XD I'll just take it anyways since it's fun~

So… what do you think? ;)

- To be continued -