We all know that Issei is Rias' Pawn, a pervert, The Red Dragon Emperor and have a harem. And there are other universes in which Issei is not a pervert slight pervert or has a big harem or small, one lover, two or three lovers. he is angel under Gabriel or Kitsune-Nekomata under Yasaka or a Fallen angel under Azazel. Or maybe a High-class Devil or Low-class under Sona Sitri just a human with powers. or even have older-younger brother-sister related blood or not. Or some OC replace Issei or take his place as the main character and leave him for the second spot. Anyway this story is one of them but different in many ways. First Issei is a half Devil and has a brother who is older than him and doesn't know about him until later and he is still a pervert and the Red Dragon Emperor, Rias's Pawn and have a harem. His brother is a OC that i created his name is Akiisha or AKi for short Kamijou (he is not related to Touma from Toaru). He is a High-class Devil born between two High-class Devils that is one of the remaining 34 pillars rank Great King like the Baels. He grow up and became friends with young devils (except the Delinquent Devil and Diadora) he will hate Riser later. Anyway while he is growing up he became Serafall's boyfriend and met Kuroka and her sister Shirone and befriended them, then after sometime his relationship with Kuroka changed from friendship to love while his with Shirone is still a sibling relationship. But after she killed her master she disappeared not before giving him one last kiss and promise her two things and he accepted while crying. Now let's go to the beginning and start the story form there.

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chapter 1:

After the Great War between the Devils, Angels and Fallen God and the Maous died with High ranking Devils and Fallen angels. The three factions called cease fire, but before the civil war started in the Devils part of the underworld our hero was born.

In the one the hospitals there was a man with black hair and red eyes pacing in one the hallways in front a room waiting for his wife to give birth to his child.

"Calm down man, you are like a dog waiting for his master." Said a young man in his twenties, he has long red hair and blue-green eyes.

"Yeah, she will be alright Shiro-kun." Said a woman who has matured body, but a childish behavior with a black hair tied into ponytails and magenta eyes.

"How can I calm down while she may die Serafall and who you calling a dog Sirzechs." Answered Aki's father Shiro Kamijou.

"Of course you are like a dog pacing without a rest." Sirzechs Gremory said jokingly.

"I know, but just calm and hope for her to give birth without dying." Said Serafall Sitri.

"Alright, I will thanks Sera-chan and as for you sir, I will tell your mother." Said Shiro.

Sirzechs pales and Serafall nodded in acknowledgment. Then the door opens and the doctor exits, closes the door and face the three Devils.

"Well doctor, how is she and what about the child?" Ask Shiro worriedly.

"Calm down, your wife is okay and breathing and congratulations, it's a boy." Replied the doc.

"Oh, thank maou." Said Shiro cries happily.

"Well, you can see her right now." The doctor said while leaving.

"Thanks." Shiro said that and ran inside and his friends behind him.

They got inside and saw on the bed a beautiful woman with blonde hair reaching to her back and blue eyes and she was holding her son. A little boy with black hair with red streaks and purple eyes sleeping peacefully.

"Lucy." Cried Shiro.

"Shiro darling." Lucy cried back smiling.

"Congratulations Lucy-san." Said Sirzechs with a smile.

"Congratulations Lucy-kun, wow he is such a cute boy." Said Serafall while jumping like a little girl.

"Oh, thanks Sirzechs and Serafall." Lucy thanked them still smiling.

"So, what you gonna name him." Asked Serafall cutely.

"Akiisha." Said Lucy happily.

"Akiisha Kamijou, I like it." Said Shiro with happiness.

"I sense he gonna be one of the great and strong Devils in history." Said Sirzechs seriously.

"Aki-kun, I like it." Said Serafall happily.

Then Shiro holds his son and hoped that his future is full of love and happiness and not full of anger and vengeance.

"Let's go home." Shiro said to his wife.

"Let's darling." Replied his wife Lucy.

Sirzechs and Serafall left the room and sat down to discuss.

"Do you think Aki-Kun is gonna be alright." Asked a worried Serafall.

"I hope so, because his life has just started." Replied Sirzechs with a serious face.

And now let the story begins.

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