It was a beautiful sunny day in Angeles. Faint wisps of puffy white clouds drifted by in the sky, a faint breeze rustling the summer-green leaves that clung onto the tall, sturdy trees near the palace. In the garden, on the smooth cobblestone paths, walked the royal couple of Illea. King Maxon Schreave, his blond hair combed and brown eyes shining, his suit crisp and wrinkle-free, was nearly jumping with excitement, much to the amusement of the queen.

"Are you serious? It's really going to happen?" asked Maxon, beaming at the Queen. She smiled back, her pale yellow dress swishing and her high heels clicking against the path as she walked

"Yes, Maxon, I'm not joking. Triplets. All boys," She replied, trying to keep herself from laughing. Maxon sat down on a nearby bench, running a hand over the white wooden latticework and ornate designs. She sat down next to him, smoothing down her skirt as she did so. Maxon took her hands in his.

"This is amazing. How on earth are we going to take care of three boys? They're not all going to be perfect, you know," He said, his smile slightly more subdued as he considered what life would be like once they were born. The Queen, gazing off into the distance, watching the birds circle overhead, took a few seconds to reply.

"What is it? Did I say something wrong, my dear?" He asked, furrowing his brow, looking at her. He scratched his head. She looked back at him,

"No, no, nothing is wrong. I'm just thinking about the future. The future ruler, a selection… how can we do that with three of them?" She asked. Maxon shook his head.

"Don't dwell on that, dear, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I don't want you to stress about it. In the meantime, we should go get something to eat. Do you want me to ask the chef for those sandwiches you like?" He smiled at her, standing up to leave the gardens. Maxon held out his arm for her, and she took it.

"Thank you, Maxon. I think I'll take you up on those sandwiches. After all, I'm eating for four now," She laughed, her waves of light brown hair being swept about by the breeze, which was starting to get stronger. Queen Kriss Schreave, regal and beautiful, on the arm of the king, walked back into the palace. Maxon, still with her, gave the garden one last look back before the door slammed shut. The last part of it he saw was a marble tombstone, covered with sweet smelling flowers that hummingbirds zoomed around, engraved with the name of America Singer.

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