A/N: I just recently finished watching Terror In Resonance. When I went to see if there were any fics with Kagome and Nine, I found out there weren't even ANY fics at all with the crossover! Seriously. Why isn't there more out there? I was also feeling sorry for Nine, since he doesn't seem to have a special someone that isn't dead(I'm talking about Five), while Twelve seems to have Lisa. Therefore, I decided to try and write something about Kagome and Nine, since Kagome is my favorite heroine. This is the result. I might or might not be thinking of writing more about the two. I'm not sure yet, since I have the ELA regents coming up soon, and I still have my winter break homework to do. I feel like crying. T^T Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy, if there even are any fans out there of this pairing.

Btw, I might change the title of this drabble fic if I decide to write something about the present One(who is now called Kagome) and Nine.

"Ne, ne~ Nine. Do you know what VoN stands for?" A young raven-haired girl around the age of 4, nearing 5, asked.

Nine, a young boy with the same hair color and age as the young girl, didn't answer at first. He was busy thinking up what his next move's gonna be for their chess game.

After a few moments, he moved his piece and answered, "Hope. It's hope, isn't it?" He didn't exactly look up when he asked this, so he did not see the girl's nod.

However, she also gave a sound of agreement while moving her piece, thus putting Nine in a semi difficult position since the girl's pieces were slowly gaining on his King, and Nine had to figure out a way out of his predicament.

"Why are you asking, One?" One was the young raven-haired girl's 'name' and Nine was the boy's name.

"I was just wondering if we ever get to see the outside, then we'll probably need hope to reach it, don't we? If we ever do get free, then we'll need hope to let the world know about us, right? So VoN fits our situation really well." She explained with a small smile directed at the boy.

Nine had just finished making his next move and when he looked up to see her smile, he stopped breathing for a second. Nine never realized how a smile like hers could affect him so much, as his heart started beating a little bit faster than the usual. It took him a while to answer her, but when he did, he said with such conviction, "You're right, One. I promise that the world will know about us, and I swear we'll get out of here, together."