A.N. I wrote this March 16, 2014 and saved it as "Minion's Highway." It's pretty dramatic, perhaps a little too much, but I wrote it a while ago, and hopefully it's worth posting.

A week. It had been a week! Seven days, and not a word, not a light, not a sign, no indication as to what to do, and when...

Minion had swum around in his bowl for countless hours. His body had been still for so long, his world had somehow seemed to shrink, as though he was, once again, just a fish in a globe. Stay hidden. I'll come to you. Oh, he hoped so. He would hide. Imagine if he left and sir came back and couldn't find him... That would be dreadful.

He kept thinking of the last time he had seen sir. Hanging by his cape from Metroman's fist, being carted away. Minion had been terrified of this. They didn't really have a plan for this. Stay hidden. I'll come to you.

They had known they were crossing a line this time. They weren't mere criminals anymore. They knew people would be even more afraid of them, even more careful.

It had been raining all night. Now the clouds were parting, and the sky was a lovely pink behind them, as the sun rose slowly. It smelled like wet concrete, and there was still the pitter of fat raindrops sliding off of nearby roofs. Not many people came here. Especially not here.

Minion had holed himself up against the crumpled wall of Megamind's most recent evil lair. They had lived in this one for nearly three months. Minion had thought maybe they could stay there forever. Have electricity and running water. Furniture.

Sir had been so excited for his first big stunt. He and Minion had stayed up all night mothering the specifics. Minion even made him a cape. A real cape, like a real super villain ought to wear. It was even nicer than Metroman's cape. This one was made of satin. Sir had paraded around, grinning, running so it would fan out behind him. It only came down to his ankles. Minion thought it would look better longer, but sir needed maneuverability...

What if it doesn't work? What if you go back to prison?

Stay hidden. I'll come to you.

Minion could cry.

Not for the first time, he considered getting up and breaking Megamind out himself. He was big and strong. This most recent robot body was the best model yet. He had ten fingers, all of which he could move separately, and his feet had toes, which could conform to the ground and prevent slipping. He was nearly five feet tall, about as tall as sir, but his body was so heavy and solid that he could easily pull somebody down and start whaling in them. He could actually fight.

But if anything went wrong, there would be nothing he could do. He wasn't super smart like Megamind, and all the super weapons had been destroyed. One hard blow to the dome could shatter the glass, and Minion would be out for the count. There weren't any laws against killing fish.

Would the guards kill him? Or just arrest him? Would he count as an accomplice, or a pet? Did it matter?

He could at least check it out. See what was happening. Why hadn't sir escaped already? Why wasn't he here?

Minion looked down at his hand. It had been still so long, it had sunk a little into the mud, and rusted from the rain. Would it still move?

It had to. He wasn't going to wait any longer.

Metal rods inside his arms groaned as he sent signals down into his fingers. He pulled against the suction of the mud with a wet sucking sound and shook clumps of earth of his fingers. By the road, the street lamps flickered off. It was daytime now.

He stood up. The artificial nerve signals from his body to his brain were slow. He waited a moment for the computer to warm up. Feeling was beginning to come back into his hands and feet. His external microphones turned on, allowing him to hear more clearly the low growl of cars as the crawled over the road, and the sticky sound of their wet tires.