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Chapter 3: Christmas Scramble(Engagement Scramble)

December 24th, Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. At this time of the year, everyone was eager for the next morning, to wake up and open the gifts laying beneath their decorated trees. Well, for those who celebrated the holiday anyway. Still, there was no doubt that the day before the holiest of holidays was full of energy, anticipation, and all around good feels. It was a happy day for all!

"God damn it! Can't you wait till we're at least home before trying to glomp me?!"

"No! Now, get your sweet ass back here and kiss your fiance! I will not be denied your lips, even by my waifu!"

Running with a heavy breath, one Jaune Arc scrambled to escape his pursuer in the green, red, and white decorated halls of Beacon High. The students looking on simply shrugged their shoulders as the blonde teen in his black school uniform pushed past them. They had grown accustomed to the sight since the arrival of his supposed 'fiance', it had become the norm. Plus, it was Friday and holiday break had officially started with the ringing of the school bell. It was the end of the day, it was better not to get involved.

A strong gale blew past the students leaving for their homes created by a human red comet, flipping up the many skirts of the schoolgirls as they pushed their hands down to cover their colorful frilly shame. Many panty shots had been seen, courtesy of the traitorous skirt flipper that was Ruby Rose. Or, as she liked to be called, Ruby ArcRose.

Jaune took a chance and peeked his head back, panicking as he found the small fifteen-year old girl gaining momentum, her adorable silver eyes honed on his back with determination. How such a cute girl could bring a shiver of fear down his spine, he didn't know.

Okay, that's a lie. He knew exactly how she could bring a shiver of fear down his spine, he just wished he didn't.

"Come on, Ruby! It's Christmas Eve for crying out loud! Can't you give me a break?" Jaune whimpered.

Ruby shook her head furiously, smiling firmly as she gained more speed, "Nope, nope! As your future wife, I can't let you escape without my mistletoe kiss! And I will have you finally stuff my tight stocking by the time the clock strikes midnight! You can't escape my holiday cheer or hornyness!" she shouted brightly, moving her hand back to place a santa's hat with a dangling mistletoe on her head.

"A girl your age shouldn't be saying that kind of thing! You're only fifteen!" Jaune shouted back with a twitch in his eye.

"Love knows no age! I will be slurping on your candy cane, and you won't stop me!"

"Think about the police! They'll lock me up for sleeping with a minor!"

"Fuck the police, and fuck me!"

Gah! This wasn't getting him anywhere. It never did. And with it being Christmas Eve, Ruby was even more fired up then usual, and that was saying something! Jaune grit his teeth, looking out for any passage of escape in the halls of the school. Seeing a corner up ahead, Jaune pumped his legs with all the speed he had gained since finding the adorable redhead girl at his door, and disappeared in a blur. Ruby was actually taken back as she skid to a stop at the corner, pouting when she found not a trace of her waifu.

"I knew I should have dropped that tracking chip in his oatmeal when I had the chance. Why must he make things so difficult?" Ruby sighed. She just had to respect her husband's privacy. Well, she didn't so much as respect it as she usually invaded it. It's how she found out he had a thing for small breasted woman due to all the porn magazines hidden in the secret compartment in his drawer. Never before had she cursed her perky C-cups.

Smacking her cheeks, Ruby pumped her fist, her resolve strong as ever. She would find her blonde cupcake or die trying! There was nowhere in this school that he could hide from her.

"Wherever you are Jaune, know that I will find your sexy ass! Don't forget, I know where you live! Our place!" she shouted with a blazing fire in her eyes, scaring the few students standing around their lockers.

Getting into a running start, Ruby blasted off in search of her future husband, ignoring the female students cursing her name as the gales of her speed kicked up their skirts.

Now, to understand this little tale, we must got back to a time when a simple mother had taken her only son to the park to play one fateful day. Her name was Joanna Arc, wife to Jonathan Arc and mother to five children with her six on the way.

See, the thing is, Joanna had been busy thinking lately. Back when she was younger she was once a normal girl who had fallen in love with a boy, simple when you think about it. But the problem was that Jonathan Arc had this odd magnetic pull that drew in woman, attracting them to his clueless nature and kind heart. In a way, he had gathered a harem and she had been part of it. Eventually though, she had won the contest for his heart, beating all the other woman and marrying the man who had captured her heart without even trying.

And that was that. The silly shenanigans involving several girls had ended with their vows. She thought she would never have to deal with something like that again. That is, until she had spoken to her mother in law, and her grandmother in law and learned the curse that followed every Arc boy born into the family.

Woman magnets. Every Arc boy was a god damn woman magnet. They couldn't help it, for some odd reason they had this aura that attracted woman to them, creating their own harems until one lucky girl had captured their hearts. Learning the curse that followed them, Joanna had began to dread the day her son was one day born. It wasn't like the Arc woman would never bear a son, an Arc man had a hell of a libido when you awoke it and all of them loved the idea of a large family; it was only a matter of time.

The time did come when Joanna bore her son, Jaune Arc into their already big family. Since then, she had begun devising a plan to save him the humiliation and trouble of a harem. She couldn't simply teach him not to be adorable and loving, at his young age he was already drawing attention!

Joanna had sighed in despair as she pushed her five year old son on the swing set. Could she do nothing to save him?

It was then that an old friend had greeted the long blonde haired woman with her own daughter. Summer Rose, a beautiful woman with dark red hair who had gone to high school with her. One of the only girls not to chase after her husband. And walking beside her hand in hand was her youngest daughter, Ruby Rose, a cute little girl in a ladybug patterned dress that loved cookies.

Something had clicked in Joanna's head that day, something that would change Jaune and Ruby's life forever.

Whatever magnetic pull the Arc men had seemed to die when they were married, so why not make sure he was already spoken for when the time came that his pull became too strong? If little Jaune was engaged, then he would already be spoken for, ending his harem attractions. And what better girl to marry her little man then her best friend's daughter? They already got along swimmingly and Ruby loved to play with Jaune whenever they met another.

With that plan in mind, she had innocently shared it with Summer over a drink. And was gleeful that the woman agreed, so far as even signing the legal forms for the process they had eventually gotten. How they had gotten the papers from city hall, Joanna had no earthly idea. Being incredibly drunk had its perks she supposed.

Years had eventually passed after that signing, with the Xiao Long/Rose family moving away months later. And the engagement had gone forgotten. At least, that's what Joanna believed.

Summer Rose sadly grew ill, the disease she suffered from eventually taking her life. But before her passing, she had revealed to her ten year old daughter of the engagement she had planned with her best friend to marry her to her son. Rose wanted her little Ruby to meet Jaune one day, so that they could fall in love like they had once planned. It was her death wish that one day she at least met him again and connect with the son of her best friend.

Ruby Rose remembered Jaune Arc. The shy blonde boy wearing a Pumpkin Pete's shirt who always played with her despite being older then her. Every time she had seen him, she would tackle him with a hug and he would spin her around like the princess she was. Oddly enough, she had never forgotten the bond they once had, nor the little pinky promise they had made one day in the park.

He promised that one day, she would be his wife. It was silly promise made during a game they had been playing, but Ruby had never forgotten it. Perhaps it was love at first sight; all she knew was that those feelings she had for Jaune had never left, only growing as she recalled the happy times. When her mother had revealed to her her engagement to her old best friend, Ruby cried tears of joy and sadness.

Since the day her mother had passed, Ruby had made it her life's mission to find her beloved fiance. Course, she was only a girl, so that would have to wait till she was older. But by some stroke of luck, she had been accepted to Beacon Academy in Vale and found Jaune attending it alongside her big sister, Yang.

Her mission was complete, now she just needed to seal the deal!

It was on that day, Jaune's life had spiraled out of control.

Cleaning off the sweat from his face, Jaune sighed in relief in the safe haven that was the school library. The place was just about empty save for a few stragglers dropping off books before heading home. It was the perfect hiding spot! . . .For a good ten minutes before Ruby searched the place. The little red head knew his schedule well.

Since Jaune was here already, he thought he might as well check out a few books before running off. They were going to be gone for two weeks on break, a good book sounded like a good way to kill time and avoid Ruby's advances. Walking around the aisle's of literature, Jaune skimmed past the titles for something to catch his attention. He was so busy in his search, he wasn't looking where he was going. And because of that, he had missed out on the black haired girl with cat ears skimming the same shelves as him.


A tower of books fell over the two students as Jaune fell back. He groaned, coughing as the other body fell on top of him. Hot breath grazed the crook of his neck, he could feel the slender female form sprawled on him and their breasts pressed against his chest. Yellow eyes grimaced as they lifted themselves up by their arm, leaving them hovering over Jaune before blinking in surprise.


Jaune smiled nervously as he greeted the cat faunus girl, "Hey, Blake. Guess you and I had the same thought before heading home, huh?" he chuckled.

Blake blushed as she sat up on the blonde's waist. Dear Oum, not him! Already she could feel her heart beating rapidly, the position they found themselves in only making it worst. Why now of all times?

"Hey, Jaune. I would have thought you would have left for home with Ruby?" Blake said as she kept her cool face on despite her blushing cheeks.

"Why do you think I'm here?" Jaune said flatly, getting a nod of understanding.

"She's relentless around this time of year?"

"I'm starting to think so." Jaune sighed, letting his head fall back. Ruby's hyper energetic nature made her all the more dangerous. "Guess it's not her fault. The holiday season has everyone riled up. This is just her way of expressing her holiday cheer." he smiled.

Blake smiled down at the blonde softly. Even when he was being stalked and pursued by his roommate/fiance he didn't have the heart to push her away. Run away, he could do, but never turn her down. That would crush the young girl and crush him.

"If you say so. I can only wish you good luck against the speed demon. How you do it, I'll never know."

'You soft hearted idiot. No wonder you've captured the hearts of Ruby and others. . .including me.'

Jaune had saved her club, her Book Club when the student bodied president had warned her that she would shut it down if she didn't enlist one member. Problem was Blake wasn't a social person and didn't like hanging around with others. She turned away the people interested in her club just so she could read her books in peace.

She needed to find a member or risk losing her sanctuary. That was when Jaune Arc had stumbled in, looking for a club to join and escape his fiance. A series of events later and he had not only joined her club but gotten her to open up to others with his goofy, dorky charm. That was when she had found herself falling for him against her better judgment.

"Soooo, are you going to get off me, Blake?" Jaune coughed to grab her attention, snapping her out of her memories. The blush on her face grew hotter as she remembered their position, squirming against his lap nervously.

The holiday was coming, she wouldn't see Jaune for some time. And knowing Ruby, the girl may finally break him down and seal the deal. Surely, Blake could be allowed this one little guilty pleasure?

Jaune suddenly bit down on his lower lip feeling Blake press down harder against his crotch, moving her hands to his chest. Slowly, he felt her bottom begin to grind back and forth, her guilty eyes shutting tightly as she kept him grounded.

"B-Blake? What are you doing?" Jaune fought the gasp on his lips, his member hardening with her rhythmic grinding. Her breath began leaving her in small gasps, picking up the pace when she found his hands on her waist. Whether it was to try and move her off, or a reaction to the pleasure, she didn't care. All she cared about was this small moment between them in the empty library.

Her fingers moved to her uniform, unbuttoning her shirt to show off the milky skin. Jaune couldn't help but stare at the sight, swallowing a lump in his throat as he watched her breasts swing around. She was not wearing a bra, that much he knew.

Blake's black panties were beginning to dampen, the feeling of his hard dick rubbing against her clit through the fabric of their clothes making her gasp loudly. Her fingers fell back to his chest, gripping his shirt tightly as she continued to dry hump his iron like erection. If only his zipper had been undone, then this would all be over with quicker.

"Please, just hold on a bit longer." Blake groaned, the tone of her voice seeming to harden his dick further. It made her want to scream, feeling it begin to press into her pussy through the lump in his wet groin.

Jaune's breathing had gone heavy, his grip on her waist increasing with Blake's grinding. He had no idea what the fuck was going on, but he was beginning to lose the fight over his will and sense of right. Blue eyes met yellow, the sight of their heavy breathing and moaning causing them to lean closer, their lips parting slowly before they could lock lips.

"Jaune! Are you in here? I can smell your cologne~!"

Like glass, the small hot moment between Jaune and Blake was shattered at the sound of Ruby's voice echoing inside the library. Quick as lightning, the two students shot back up on their feet, fixing themselves as the sound of running footsteps drew closer.

Jaune fixed his shirt and pants, looking away awkwardly as Blake did the same, "I-uh, I b-better get out of here before she finds me." he stuttered.

Blake nodded as she fixed her shirt and straightened her skirt, "Y-Yeah, sounds like a good idea."

Forgoing the books he was searching for, Jaune was ready to sprint out of the library before stopping. He looked back at Blake, finding her sighing as she turned to leave with her books. He shrugged, stepping over the mess they had made and hugged her from behind. She froze still at his touch.

"Merry Christmas, Blake. Hope you have a happy holiday. See you soon."

Letting her go, Jaune made himself scarce and bolted out of the library, missing the happy smile on the cat faunus girl's face. She held her hand to her chest, content with the warmth spreading against her body.

Ruby skidded to a stop in front of the girl, her silver eyes leering at her bookworm of a friend with suspicion.

"Blake, do you know where Jaune went? Don't you lie to me, I can smell him on you." she pouted angrily. She sniffed the air again, frowning at the odd scent.

Why did it smell of fish?

Having escaped Ruby once again, Jaune decided that school wasn't the best place to hide. He needed to get out of here and find some safe haven to hide out for a while. At least till Ruby calmed down a bit. He couldn't handle her as she was now.

He sprinted past the halls of the school, pushing whoever was left to the side as he made for the front door on the second level. Thankfully there weren't many students lingering around, the halls were just about empty. It wouldn't be long till he was home free on the open streets.

"Jaune! I know you're out here! Why did I smell you on Blake and why was she out of breath?! I told you, she has to go through the harem paper work before you can bring her into our love nest!"

Again, what kind of fifteen year old girl says these kind of things? What happened to the innocent Ruby he had once known as a kid? Or forgot about.

Picking up his speed, Jaune was ready to vanish like the wind until he found himself caught by the collar of his shirt. He choked, hands flying for his neck as the person who had stopped him eased their grip on him. Icy blue eyes glared back at him, chilling his blood as he found the student bodied president in his path.

"Hey, Snow Angel! Didn't see you there." Jaune said nervously.

Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Company and school president, sighed at the annoying nickname he called her. After all these years, you'd think he would listen to and stop calling her such a familiar title. Secretly though, she would admit that it brought a smile to her face. Only he would be allowed to speak to her in such a tone.

"Jaune, we've spoken about this. I know Ruby can be. . .relentless in her pursuit, but that doesn't excuse running in the halls. You could trip if you're not careful." she scolded him.

"You're right. If I tripped, I would break a leg, and then Ruby would dress up as a skimpy nurse and smother me with her affection. Then the cops will be knocking down my door and drag me out with my pants between my legs before locking me up. Next thing you know, I'm sentenced for ten years in prison with a roommate named Big John who makes me pay rent by tossing his salad! And I don't even like salads!"

Weiss didn't know what to say as she found the blond fall and rock back and forth in a fetal position. Something was seriously wrong with him. Poor idiot.

"Run, run, run as fast as you can! You will fuck me, I'm your future loli!"

Jumping back up, Jaune panicked as he spun his head around for a place to hide. Damn, he couldn't run now, she would catch him in no time. Spotting a broom closest, Jaune took Weiss by surprise as he dragged her along with inside the small closet. No witnesses!

"What are you doing?!" Weiss yelled, squirming as she found his strong arms wrapped around her waist. She fought to remove herself, opening her mouth to shout at him again before he quickly covered it up with his hand.

Jaune sweated, apologizing to the snow haired girl as her muffled shouts of anger and indignation filled the closet, "Sorry, Weiss! I'll take whatever punishment you have for me later, but we need to lay low until Ruby has left this floor. I can't have her catching me now."

That didn't help in the slightest. If anything, it made Weiss anger grow. She buckled in Jaune's grasp, pushing against him to get him off her. The hung up brooms and mops rattled around the closet, smacking Jaune on the head as he tried calming down his crush.

In Weiss's struggling, the heiress suddenly gasped, finding something poking in between her thighs. Something warm and moist that was starting to harden. About seven inches if she was correct in her assumption. That. . .that wasn't what she thought it was, right?

'Damn it! Did she notice? It's not my fault, this is a secret fantasy coming to life!' Jaune thought in distress as his member hardened again. Even worse, the zipper to his pants had come undone in the library when he thought he fixed it. If she moved around anymore, he wasn't sure he could live with himself with what happened next.

Curiosity got the better of her. The heiress wasn't sure what made her do it, maybe it was the thrill of the moment, the adrenaline running through her veins, or the closeness of the guy who had secretly won her heart. But Weiss had suddenly found herself moving her behind back a bit, her thighs rubbing the erect shaft with the motion. She could feel his hardness against her nether region, sliding by her panties. The motion made her shiver with pleasure.

Jaune found himself biting his lower lip again, fighting from making a sound as Weiss continued moving back and forth. Her small butt lightly smacked against his crotch, creating a thudding sound as his back hit the wall.

The hell was going on? Was she purposely rubbing his dick with her creamy thighs? He must have been dreaming, it had to be a dream.

Her breath felt hot against his palm as he continued to keep her mouth shut. Wetness met his dick as she increased the speed of her thrusts, the feeling of her damp panties only making him grow harder. Was she licking his palms?

'Why am I doing this?' Weiss thought in confusion, thanking Jaune for covering her mouth to muffle her pleasured moans from being heard. Here she was, stuck in a broom closet, surrounded by cleaning supplies by the blond doofus who she couldn't stand to be around a year ago as she thrust herself against himself and his exposed dick. The fleshy, rock hard member made her swallow hard, feeling it move her blue and white stripped panties to the side and rub her pussy. It was only a single well placed thrust from entering her and the thought made her heartbeat go crazy. Jaune's head had grown wet, releasing a dollop of pre-cum to lather his shaft as it thrust against her exposed fleshy slit.

A year ago, she couldn't stand his flirting or his constant pick ups lines. She had thought he was like the rest, only interested in her money and power. But he had proved her wrong and it was all because of her new friend, Ruby Rose. The little freshman had opened her eyes to the kind man he was. And when she had the falling out with Neptune, he had been there at her weakest and most vulnerable, not as someone wanting a date but as a friend who only wanted to make her smile again. Was that when she began to tolerate him? And when she felt her heart begin to skip a beat whenever he talked to her?

Was that why she was doing this? All the pent up emotions she had for him had finally exploded, leaving her to pant into his hand like a dog in heat as she rubbed his member against her thighs and her wet pussy.

Close, Jaune was so close. In Weiss's thrusts, the blonde had found the hand that was on her waist latching onto her small right breast. His head had moved to the crook of her neck, breathing heavily on her exposed neck as his hand pinched her small tit, kneading her breast in small circles. Weiss wasn't complaining, it only made her speed up as Jaune began to thrust back. Hesitantly, the heiress reached her hand down, nervously edging closer to Jaune's thrusting dick to set it up where it belonged.

Only a bit more, they both thought as they were coming closer to their climaxes. Just another minute and they would-

"Jaune! I know you're here! My Jaune senses are tingling! And only you can quench it!"

Together, Jaune and Weiss froze completely still. The sexual trance they had fallen under vanished into thin air as they blinked. Slowly they both turned their eyes down, finding Jaune's hand groping her small breast and twisting her nipple, and Weiss clasping her hand over his shaft, just an inch from leading its head to her hot clit leaking fluids down her thighs. The blonde student gulped in fear as Weiss's eyes narrowed dangerously.


From the halls outside the closet, Ruby was suddenly taken back as the door was slammed wide open along with a girlish scream. A body flew out of the door, blurring in her sight as it ran for dear life. She stared at the gale kicked up by the person vanishing from thin air, blinking as she found her best friend, Weiss panting inside the small broom closet. Her face was a deep red and it looked like her clenched feet were trembling.

Ruby's nose crinkled as she caught a familiar smell. It smelled musky and like Blake.

"N-Next time I see him, I'm g-going to rip o-off his dick with my bare hands." Weiss gasped as she tried to regain her breath.

Ruby pouted as she crossed her arms, "Aww, but I need that so I can bear his children! Unlike you, I have to work for the pleasure." she huffed.

Weiss's brow twitched at the younger girl. She wasn't even worth it, she sighed. What mattered was finding a clean towel to wipe the sticky fluids off her hands and thighs.

"Where the hell am I going to hide now?" Walking along the sidewalk as cars passed him by, Jaune turned his eyes to the clouded sky in thought.

Now that he had run out of school and escaped Ruby's pursuit for the moment, he needed a place to lie low for a while until Ruby chilled out. His apartment was a no go, that was the first place she would go looking for him. Ren's place could work, but if the lazy raven found out he was being chased after by the speedster who's energy was only second to his best friend Nora, then he would kick him out with a thumb's up in good luck. The guy didn't want to deal with two bubbly girls when he could barely keep up with one. Nora wasn't an option. Jaune shook his head with a shiver down his spine. The girl would only fuel the fires of lust and help Ruby with her seduction. If only Ren had stayed single, then Jaune wouldn't have to deal with his best friend's advances.

That pretty much left the blond teen with no other form of sanctuary. A small part of his mind said he still had Pyrrha, his best friend and gym buddy who helped him train his body. But that small voice was immediately crushed into paste as he reminded himself of said red ponytail girl's recent grabby hands. As of late both Ruby and Pyrrha had started trading glares and tugging his arms back and forth. Sometimes he could swear he could see lighting flying between them.

'What has my life come to?' Jaune sighed as he scratched the back of his head. His blue eyes gazed at the sky above, flinching slightly as a few flakes of snow began lazily falling from the clouds, 'Has my life turned into some harem romcom in those animes Ruby watches? I use to think such a thing was a dream come true, but the cruel reality is that it's actually a massive drain on the guy's mentality and will. It's a double edge sword.'

What was his mother thinking when she had engaged him to his old childhood friend? Was she drunk? His mother must have been drunk.

A car horn blared behind Jaune's walking back, confusing him as he found a yellow sports car with black stripes following behind him. Said car pulled up beside him, cracking down the driver's window to reveal a pair of lavender eye winking.

"Sup? What you doing out here in the snow, Lover-boy? Little sis got you on the run again?" The busty beauty that was Yang Xiao Long teased.

Jaune's shoulder sagged as he stopped walking, "Turns out Christmas gets Ruby even more riled up then Halloween. If I had stayed in school any longer, I'm more then positive that she would have finally had her way." he shivered in a mix of pleasure and fear.

The image of a heavily blushing Ruby with her clothes loosely undone as she lay back against the bed sheets seared itself in his mind. Her up lifted skirt and her strawberry themed panties pulled to the side, her small fingers beckoning him to throw away his restraint and make the final plunge into her glistening pink flower.

Yang grew a Cheshire grin noticing the slowly rising lump in his damp crotch. Well, someone had been busy lately.

"Come on, I can take you to my place to chill out for a bit. Should give you enough time for little Rubes to ease her loins. I don't want to be an Aunt just yet." she snickered as she gestured her thumb for the passenger seat.

Trepidation seeped into Jaune's being. Yang was. . .wild. A party girl who liked to settle most of her problems with her fists. Not to mention she could be very flirty. As her best friend he knew personally how flirty she could get, especially when she was on the influence of alcohol. But it was also because he was her best friend that he knew that her wild nature wasn't all that she was.

Yang was very protective. The day she had found about the old engagement to her little sister, she had nearly beaten him to a pulp. She also had this motherly aura around her, most likely due to her having to step up and take responsibility once her mother had passed away. Didn't matter the situation, the fiery blonde would help her friends however she could.

In the end, Jaune shrugged as he walked around the car. Might as well, if there was one person who could help him escape Ruby's grabby hands it was her big sister.

After cracking open the car door and taking a seat, Jaune gave the go ahead to start the car back up. Yang grinned as she pressed down on the pedal and drove on.

"So, did something happen to Bumble Bee?" Jaune asked as he looked around the interior of the car. Man, it was fancy! Made sense, Yang made a lot of many in her boxing matches. And she never lost.

"The old girl's still in the shop. I tried my hand in maintaining her, but she was in need of some serious repairs. In the mean time, I decided to finally buy that car I've had my eye on. I call her Bumble Bee MKII!"

"Got to say, it's pretty nice. Wish I had the cash to buy myself a car." It would make running from Ruby a whole lot easier.

"But then I would lose our morning rituals of driving you two to school every morning." Yang whined.

"Don't worry. I don't make enough to afford something like that. Working at a bakery doesn't exactly make you enough to even pay rent. If my landlord wasn't so forgiving, I'd be on the streets by now."

Say what you will about Cinder Fall, but the woman was actually a sweet heart despite her criminal like looks. Well, she was a sweet heart to him at least. Couldn't say the same for the other tenants that missed their rents. They always came out of her office covered in soot and a terrified expression on their faces.

Red light flicked on the traffic light overhead. Coming to a stop at the next intersection, Yang leaned back as she gave her best bud a grin, "No you wouldn't. I'd give you a nice home with me if that ever happened. After all, we got to take care of each other." her purple eyes narrowed as she licked her lips, her sights set on the slowly calming erection that was Jaune's dick.

A flat glare met Yang back, "No." He knew that look all too well, damn it. His brow twitched as her right hand fell on his lap before slowly rubbing his thigh.

Yang pouted as she continued her ministrations, "Come on! When's the last time we got to fool around? I know you must be aching, knowing your luck you've been blue balled all day."

She wasn't wrong there. Blake and Weiss came to mind and their hot encounters. The hand on his thigh suddenly got bolder, snaking up to his belt before he found Yang's fingers undoing his belt. Jaune grit his teeth, sucking in his breath as his fellow blonde reached for his special hardening tool.

"Y-You're driving! What did they say about having your hands at ten and two!?"

"I'm an expert driver. I can easily steer a car and give a handy at the same time!" Yang said brightly as the light turned green. Putting the pedal to the metal, she continued driving along, smirking openly as her hands felt the soft fleshy shaft belonging to Jaune. In a single motion, she pulled out his hard member from his pants. She then began to slowly run her hand up and down its length as Jaune tried to resist the groans escaping his lips.

Jaune was useless to stop Yang now. If there was one thing he had come to learn about her, it was that you couldn't fight her from taking what she wants. Plus fighting her off while she was driving probably wasn't a good idea. Jaune bit down hard as Yang speed up her movements, his reddening head peeking out of her clenched fingers and twitching.

Up and down, her strong fingers gripped him tightly in her motions. How Yang was able to calmly keep her eyes on the road and jerk him off was beyond him.

"Oh! Red light!" Yang grinned widely as they came to another stop. The mischievous glint in her eyes didn't bod well for Jaune. And it didn't. Depending on your perspective of things.

Licking her voluptuous lips, Yang pulled her long silky hair back before diving her open mouth for the head of Jaune's cock. Her hot breath tickled it, the very action causing Jaune to wince. His breathing grew heavy as she gave it a light peck, her glossy lips tasting the white dollop leaking from the slit of his bulbous tip. Small kisses bombarded her target before growing bold and taking his tip in her mouth.

"F-Fuck!" Jaune stammered, shutting his eyes tightly as Yang's tongue began to wrap around his meat pop. Her tongue swirled his hard tip in her wet mouth, her saliva lathering his dick as she took him in deeper. Slurping could be heard as her head bobbed up and down, peeking one of her eye at his twisted face of pleasure and frustration. Turning his head to his best friends sultry expression, the very sight of her puffy lips wrapped around his hard dick made him want to grab her by her head and shove his length deeper.

For some odd reason, Jaune's mind would be over run by dirty thoughts and become lust driven when situations like this fell on him. Must have been something in his genes hard wired. He groaned with a flinch as her teeth scrapped against his tip.

Yang hummed as her tongue licked the meaty rod. He didn't taste bad, he actually had a hint of some kind of fruit to his pre-cum. Must be because of Ruby. Her little sister was always sneaking in these weird remedies to improve his taste after reading one of her adult magazines. Had to thank her, if she wasn't afraid of Ruby turning her cute wrath upon her. Or, god forbid, forced her through those harem contracts she kept on her. What fifteen year old carried crap like that with them?

The light overhead turned green, signaling the go ahead to move on. With an audible pop, Yang gasped for breath as a rope of saliva and cum trailed from her lips to Jaune's spit slopped member as she turned back to the wheel. Her right hand immediately snatched his throbbing dick back in her hands, not giving him a second of relief as she began to rapidly stroke him off in her palm.

"How you hanging, Lover-boy?" Yang said teasingly, not bothering to clean of the string of their fluids off her lips.

"You're a demon." Jaune answered back stiffly, grunting as her expert hand twisted around his shaft and head.

Yang pouted at the comment. Only he of all people would call someone a demon for giving him a hand job. Which was why she loved the guy. She could be herself around him, never having to worry about her appearance or her attitude. Jaune had seen her at her worst, even put up with her worst and suffered a concussion from it. He didn't see her as slutty or hot tempered; he saw her as Yang, his best friend.

Her own breathing begun to grow heavy as she rubbed her thighs together. All of this was turning her on, the itch in her loins was growing as Jaune's moans of pleasure made her bit the inside of her cheek. Too bad she had to be driving now of all times. Rubbing her leg together wasn't doing much to ease her own tension.

Again, Jaune grit his teeth, feeling a pressure ready to burst. "Y-Yang, I'm about to-"

Yang smiled softly. She could already see his tip's color grow deeper as his breathing grew ragged. She nodded her head, increasing the speed of her strokes as she licked the white rope from her lips erotically, "Go ahead. Cum." she breathed hotly.

The combination of the poor pun and ready to burst from his loins caused Jaune to groan deeply before grunting roughly as his white seed erupted from his dick. White ropes flew up in the air, falling back down to spill over Yang's hand as she continued to milk him for everything he's got. One of her eye's flinched as she found a stray shot fly for her face. The hot sticky cum trailed down her forehead, sliding down for her lips. On instinct, her tongue poked out to lick the fruity musky substance, rolling it around her mouth in a hum.

Pretty tasty albeit salty. Who would have thought?

Gulping down buckets of air, Jaune fell back against the car seat as sweat rolled down his face. That. . .was intense. All that pressure had been building up since he found Ruby in his bed without any clothes on and rubbing her panty clad pussy over his crotch. What a way to wake up in the morning.

Collectively, the entire male student body cursed out loudly for reasons unknown to them. And felt the need to strangle one Jaune Arc.

"I. . .am not cleaning up this mess." After regaining his breath, Jaune lifted a single finger up as he gestured to the white mess dripping down Yang's hand and her seat. He wasn't the one who created it, it was Yang. Even if technically he did.

Yang shrugged her shoulders. She simply let go of his slowly limping dick before proceeding to move her cum dripping fingers to her mouth. "It's alright, I got this covered." she said nonchalantly, her voice muffled as she slurped his seed off her digits like some treat.

Just watching Yang clean up his cum by licking it off made Jaune blush deeply. It didn't help that she was moaning and rubbing her now clean hand against her lifted up school skirt. 'No, no, no, no! Stay down! You've had your fun, now go to sleep! This can't be healthy!'

Gazing back at her fellow blonde, Yang blinked in surprise as she witnessed the once limping member begin to rise back up at attention. Holy crap, was that normal?

"Looks like you're ready for another round." Yang said huskily, her hungry eyes drinking in the alluring cock in her sights, "I guess it wouldn't be right to leave me like this. How about we find an empty lot around here and have some real fun?" she grinned widely as sh waggled her brows.

Sweat began to pour down Jaune's forehead as he gulped nervously. He wasn't really sure if he was up for that kind of fun now. The whole point was to escape her little sister from jumping his bones! Not to bone her big sister. Pretty sure the little Ruby would murder him for that. Not before having her way with him though.

Spying a familiar street ahead, Jaune quickly undid his seat belt before swinging the passenger door wide open. The car was still moving, but that was a chance he was willing to take!

"Sorry, Yang! But our place is up ahead! So, I'll just be going and I'll see you later!" Jaune said quickly to the confused golden locked brawler before shocking her as she watched him dive out from the car.

"See ya!"

Yang watched from her rear view mirror as Jaune expertly rolled in his jump. And with great skill he landed on his feet, skidding on the road before vanishing like the wind from her sights in a burst of high speed.

"Guess a combination of Pyrrha's training regiment and constantly running from Ruby has granted him insane speed?" Yang mumbled. She grumbled to herself as she reached for the open door before shutting it. "Boo, I wanted to ride him until my legs turned to jelly. Didn't his mother ever teach him to satisfy a woman after she's satisfied him? That's just common manners really."

Well, there was always next time, she supposed. Like Ruby, Yang wouldn't stop until she got what she wants. Turning back to the road ahead, she decided it would be best to finish up what she was originally up to; last minute Christmas shopping. Just three more gifts and she'd be done and ready!

From the corner of her eye, Yang noticed a small amount of Jaune's seed pooled where he once sat. Dipping her fingers into it, she brought the still warm ropes of cum to her lips before reaching out for them with her tongue. The blonde brawler shut her eyes for a second in content, shivering at the unique taste. And with a gulp, she swallowed the last of the cum down her throat with a sigh.

At least Jaune had given her a nice little present before he ran off. Maybe she should have warned him that he hadn't zipped up his pants. His dick was probably flailing around right now.

"Why do you smell of sweat and shame?"

Jaune didn't answer the question as he laid back against the fine leather couch. If he did, he was afraid of what he might say.

The dark tanned form of Emerald Sustrai could only shake her head and sigh as she tossed a mini towel at the blond's face. She was dressed out of her uniform into a simple forest green buttoned shirt and tan shorts along with a festive hat. The smell wasn't anything new if she was honest. With Jaune's entire back story and situation she could understand. She just wished he wouldn't barge into their home once he ran out of sanctuaries. They had just finished setting the last of the decorations up around the place. When it came to decorating for the holidays, her family always did it at the last minute. Tradition she supposed.

Falling beside the same couch as Jaune, Mercury Black snickered as he elbowed the younger teen. He had been too lazy to change out of his own uniform, "Come on, Jaune! If I were you, I'd be thanking god for such a blessing. It's not everyday that you find yourself a harem." he smirked in amusement.

"If you were in my shoes, you'd understand." Jaune answered back blandly, thanking Emerald for the small wet cloth as he began to clean off the sweat and grime on his face. With a sigh, he tossed the dirty, smelly towel to the side, smacking Mercury's face in the process, "A man is only capable of handling one woman at a time, not six. . .that I know of. Not to mention they're not engaged to a younger girl in her early teens by his mother when she was drunk. I still can't believe the engagement documents can hold up in court." he grumbled, ignoring the gray haired kick boxer's annoyed glare.

"At least you got some action waiting for ya." Mercury scoffed, kicking his feet up onto the living room table, "Unlike poor bastards like me. Doesn't make much sense to me, I'm way better looking then you."

"You're also foul mouthed, self-centered, and have a foot fetish." Emerald pointed out with a smug grin. She moved her head to the right, avoiding the dirty towel aimed for her face. She flicked her mint green hair back as she stuck out her tongue, "Just telling them how I see it. As your sister, I know you best."

"If you were really my biological sister, then ma's got some explaining to do."

The two siblings quickly fell into bickering as Jaune watched on in amusement.

Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. Two orphans that had relied on each other in the streets long ago with no true place to call home. They were street smart and knew their way around Vale, not to mention had their fair share of connections out there. To this day, the police of Vale liked to keep tabs on the two, waiting to see if they would ever slip up to finally prosecute them for their past crimes.

But such a life was behind them. Thanks to their foster mother, the one who had taken them into her home when they were filthy street thugs who distrusted everyone.

"Oh? Is that a mop of blond hair I see over the couch? My, seems Christmas has come very early this year." A sultry voice purred from behind the couch. A set of soft hands tangled themselves in Jaune's hair as their owner's hot breath tickled his neck. Midnight hair fell over his shoulders as another cheek pressed itself against his own.

Cinder Fall, or better known as his landlord. Dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater of Santa and a short business skirt, she was mature woman of unknown age that had the looks of a dark, sexy criminal master mind hell bent on destroying the world. Ruby's words, not his. Not to say Jaune could deny the comparison. Cinder certainly had the dark temptress looks about her. But such looks betrayed her benevolent nature. Sure, she had a bit of a sadistic side to her and had a thing for burning people who pissed her off, but she could be a sweet heart. She certainly acted motherly to her foster children.

And apparently had a thing for younger blondes.

"You're seeing this, right?" Jaune said to Mercury with a deadpanned, gesturing to the gray haired teen's mother affectionately rubbing against his face.

"I try not to."

"And I outright ignore it and your existence." Emerald said with a tired sigh. What the hell was it about the blond dork that pulled in woman like a magnet? She herself was lucky to be one of the few woman around him that wasn't affected by his charm. Must have been because she was already in a relationship. Speaking of.

"How's Ren doing anyways? He said he would stop by with Nora to hang out for a bit and drop off my gift."

Jaune couldn't help but grin as he watched Emerald look away with a blush on her face. Still surprised the hell out of him that Ren and Emerald of all people would be in a relationship together. It was the oddest of pairings. And they surprisingly got along very well.

"He's doing fine. As his girlfriend, you should know better then me. I swear he's the only one to make you go shy like this." he laughed as Mercury started making kissy faces.

Emerald's blush grew deeper as she growled at the two teasing idiots and her mother swooning like high school girls in an impersonation of her, "S-Shut up! I've been busy since yesterday, so I haven't really spoken to him since! I just wanted make sure he was fine."

"Isn't my little Green Gem adorable when she gets so flustered?" Cinder smiled, "Seems she's no longer my little girl anymore. She's a grown woman."

"You can say that again. Should have heard her screaming last week."

A velvet pillow was suddenly smothered against Mercury's face by a snarling Emerald. His arms flew up in a desperate attempt to rid his sister off his body as she added more pressure.

"Go to hell! Die! Die and never come back!"

"I think I've overstayed my welcome." Jaune said plainly as one of the gray haired teen's nearly swatted his face in his flailing, "Once those two start fighting, it's no longer safe for my health. Last time Mercury dragged me into their squabble and I ended up with a sprained arm."

Cinder pouted as she sat beside Jaune, draping her arms around his shoulders. She had just gotten comfortable, "I suppose so. Knowing your little Rose, she's already waiting patiently for you back at home. I'll just make sure to give you your special present some other time." she smirked.

When we're alone, her face said.

Why did that make him shrink back and fear for his innocence?

Who was he kidding? With his crazy life, their wasn't much innocence left inside of him.

Hiding his growing erection at the smoldering gaze in Cinder's amber eyes, Jaune waved good-bye to the odd family of three as he walked for the door. And avoided the flying vase nearly smashing into the back of his head.

"Now, children. You know it's not polite to smash things when a guest is around. Must I bring out the whip?"

With a sigh Jaune stood before the door to his apartment. Cute little decorations and green bristles lined the oak door. Inside was a one bedroom apartment with a decent living room and kitchen, decorated with red, green, and white lights and a tall Christmas tree filled with presents. And within, stood a being of unimaginable strength and cuteness.

'Alright Jaune. You can do this. Just walk in there, look her straight in her adorable blushing face, and ignore her advances and grabby hands reaching for your belt! I, am a man! I will not be taking advantage of!'

The recent day;s events involving Blake, Weiss, and Yang flew right over his head apparently. Because they had sure taken advantage of him just fine. He was lucky no one said anything about the faded stains over his zipper from his cleaned off load. Didn't want Ruby finding out about that little incident.

Bracing himself, Jaune turned the knob of the door, swinging it open as he stepped through. Not a second later was he suddenly thrown back against the door by a familiar red comet glomping him into a tight hug. Jaune gasped for breath as Ruby's arms flew for his neck and brought him down to her level for a crushing embrace as she laughed happily.

"Jaune! Oh, I've missed you these last few hours! It's not nice to run from you future wife, you know?" she grumbled, her cheeks red as she cutely glared into his wide blue eyes of pain.

"A-Air! I-I need a-air!"

Ruby immediately dropped the blue face Jaune, gasping deeply into her hands as he began to gulp down precious oxygen, "Oh no! My poor waifu is losing his breath at the sight of his love! He needs mouth to mouth resuscitation!"

Ruby nodded her head firmly as she pumped her fist before flinging off her school uniform. Defying logic and physics, the short dark red headed girl had changed into a skimpy nurses uniform with a very short skirt that included a small nurses hat, red stockings and heels. After some months living with the sugar ball that was Ruby, Jaune had learned she had a special ability he liked to dub Anime Magic. Making reality her bitch.

Raising the age old question he's been asking himself since she popped into his life; was his life an anime?

Jaune gasped sharply as she found Ruby drop her bottom onto his groin with her best sultry grin. Which for her came out as an adorable show of pearly white teeth. Giving her love no time to reject her any further, Ruby dove her lips for Jaune's, capturing them in a heat lock of lips.

'I don't think Ruby knows CPR.' Jaune thought dully as he found her small tongue wrapped around his own. Small mewls of pleasure escaped her lips as her hands moved for his hair, tangling her fingers in his blond locks. On instinct his own settled onto her small waist, shutting his eyes as he sucked on her tongue. The action made her inwardly smile and moan in delight.

No matter how much Jaune ran from her advances, his restraint would eventually wane and allow her to strike! It was impossible to resist her when she finally caught him.

Feeling the rising thickness press against her panty-less crotch, Ruby smirked as she drew back from their heated exchange of lips. Good thing she decided to go without her underwear today, didn't even have her bra on her. Because today was the day! The day they would become one and seal their future union. Seeing Jaune dazed after their passionate kiss, Ruby licked her lips as her fingers fell on his belt. It was time they finally sealed the deal.

The red headed woman standing behind the mischievous giggling Ruby with a dark aura around her had something else to say about what the girl was doing. The woman felt her eye twitch before raising her fist up and dropping it on top of Ruby's head.


Feeling a large bump form on her head, Ruby turned her tearing eyes to the sternly smiling face of her love rival, Pyrrha Nikos. Ruby pouted angrily as Jaune looked up in surprise to see his second best friend standing behind them.

"Pyrrha? What are you doing here?" he asked in confusion as he carefully set the smaller pouting red head off his lap.

"I was invited over by Ruby earlier today to join you all in Christmas dinner seeing as I couldn't make my flight to Mistral today. She didn't want me to be alone today of all days it seems." Pyrrha smiled gently despite the throbbing vein on her forehead.

"Damn my kind nature!" Ruby cursed as she looked away. She just had to let the spirit of the holiday invite her rival to their home.

"She's not the only one she invited over!"

Stepping out of the kitchen connected to the living room, Yang greeted the others with a wave from her mitten hand. She was out of her school uniform and dressed in an orange tank top and black shorts with a pink frilly apron tied around her waist. Quirking a brow, Yang titled her in confusion as she stared at her little sister and her outfit.

"Where did you get a nurses costume and why?"

"Trade secret! Jaune loves these kind of things!"

"Does he?"

Jaune gulped as he felt Yang's eyes fall to his crotch as he stood back up. For the love of god, he didn't know if he could handle any more of her teasing looks or innuendos.

"Hey, Jaune. You wash up for dinner yet? I've started to prep the turkey over here for ya. Don't want any kind of dirt or. . .fluids getting into the food."

There it was. The hidden meaning he was waiting for. Jaune sighed as he nodded.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to do that." he said as he scratched the back of his head, "Good thing I anticipated we'd have guests. You invite anyone else?" he asked Ruby as she shuffled her feet nervously with a guilty expression.


"Weiss and Blake?"

"And Nora, Ren, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald." she chuckled weakly, "Might as well grease our landlord up seeing as we're short a hundred Lien this month."

Well, Jaune couldn't argue with more guests. And buttering Cinder with some food would really help them out. He didn't want to pay her another 'favor' after last months late payment.

Affectionately ruffling Ruby's hair, Jaune smiled, "Can't argue with your thinking. And Christmas is much more fun with more people. Just hope they bring over some food too. I don't have enough to feed eleven people."

"Don't worry, I brought some Xiao Long Homemade Rice and veggie dumplings with me." Yang said as she gave him a thumbs up.

Pyrrha nodded her head, "I also brought some homemade ravioli, mother's special recipe." she smiled. As soon as Ruby had invited her to their Christmas dinner, Pyrrha had immediately went to work on cooking to help out.

Jaune's stomach was already growling, catching a whiff of said food drifting from the kitchen. After a day like today, he could go for a feast.

"And I know the others are each bringing something over too! I think this is going to be the best Christmas we've ever had!" Ruby said giddily as she threw her hands up in a cheer.

Now he really couldn't argue with that. It would be nice to enjoy one of the happiest days of the year with all his friends like this. Reminded him of how he would celebrate the holidays with his big family.

Before Ruby had made her way to his life, Jaune would normally spend this times of the year alone. He never really had much Lien to buy an airship ride to visit his family and was too stubborn to be invited to others celebrations because of pity. He would rather be alone then be pitied on. So having so much people come over to spend the holiday like this filled him with joy. Nothing better then enjoying a nice big old dinner with friends.

"Huh?" Jaune blinked in surprise as he felt something soft fall over his head. Looking up, he found a Santa hat dropped on his head by a giggling Ruby. Only this jolly hat was different, the white fluffy ball at its point was replaced by a small mistletoe dangling in front of his face. He couldn't help but smile and chuckle as all three girl's grinned at him.

His life wasn't normal. It was honestly ridiculous and made him believe he was stuck in some dream. It would explain the situation he was stuck in now; engaged to his childhood friend he had completely forgotten about and caught in some school harem. The blond's high school life had spiraled out of control and left him running to escape an underage girl thirsty for his lips. Made him wonder if he had been cursed since birth.

But honestly, Jaune wouldn't trade his odd new life for the world. He had made a lot of new friends since Ruby had come into his life. Before it had only been Yang. But now he had made bonds that would last him a life time. All because of his fiance's meddling.

Being engaged to Ruby had become less of a problem. The girl was actually worming her way to his heart each day that passed by. Jaune still wasn't sure if he would actually go through with it in the future, but at least he knew that at this point he wouldn't be able to live his life without the always bright smiling girl in it.

Such thoughts of the future were better left for another day. Jaune was still in high school. It was better to enjoy his youth while he still could before making such life changing decisions.

"Well, I might as well get started on the rest of the food. Turkey's not going to stuff itself." Jaune said as he made his way to the kitchen. Yang waggled her brows as she followed after him to help in he cooking.

"You can always stuff me. We can finally finish where we left off, Lover-boy." she whispered huskily.

"If it's not Ruby, then it's you. You two are going to be the end of me."

With Jaune and Yang off to prepare dinner, Ruby and Pyrrha were left to themselves. Sparks flew between them as they glared at another.

"You may be here for Christmas, but that does not mean you'll get in the way of my plan to sleep with my fiance! I will not be denied my right in my own home!" Ruby glared as they butted heads.

Pyrrha scoffed, "As the school's head disciplinary, I will forbid such acts even outside of campus! Besides, I've had my eyes on Jaune since the first day of high school! I will not let such a man slip through my fingers. And why are you wearing such skimpy clothing?" she growled.

Pyrrha had been too nervous to talk to Jaune when she had first met him. She was actually a bit of a celebrity back in Anima for modeling and sports. She had thought leaving Mistral to attend Beacon would help her finally escape her status, but it was all for naught. Everyone saw her as some celebrity and either fawned over her or grew too nervous to talk to her. Except for Jaune. The clueless blond didn't know who she was when they had met. He just saw her as some normal girl he had been partnered with in Gym class. And on that day, his dorky smile had stolen her heart.

But in the two years she had known him, Pyrrha had never spoken more then a few sentences with her crush, never made a move on her feelings. It wasn't until Ruby had shown up that she had begun to gather her strength and make her move. And she'd be damned if the only boy to see her normally escaped her!

Ruby pouted as they both sat down on the couch with crossed arms. Looked like they were only going to get in each others way. Although there was a way to fix that. Ruby wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, but it would make things easier.

It was a plan she had come up with Nora one day when Ruby had been talking to her about her situation with Jaune and the few girls she noticed began to take an interest in her fiance. One that would make everyone happy.

Goosebumps ran along Pyrrha's skin as Ruby gave her an odd grin. It sent shivers down her spine.

"Hey, Pyrrha? Would you like to hear about a way we can both get what we want?"

Something was warning the model to say no. To shake her head and politely turn her down. But curiosity got the better of Pyrrha as she nodded slowly. Making Ruby's grin grow wider and her silver eyes grow mischievous.

"I call it Plan-H."

Back in the kitchen, Jaune felt a sense of trepidation enter his soul as he batted away Yang's sneaky hands from his ass. Why did he feel that his life was only going to get crazier next year?

Engagement Scramble. An erotic harem comedy set in high school! This little story was inspired when my curiousity got the better of me and I started watching an anime called My Wife is the Student Council President. My mind went wild and boom! We got this little number.

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