Prologue: The Moment Before It All

"I don't understand" said a female voice

"what's there to not understand?" said a voice that only the female could hear

"Why not use summons from our world?

"Because beings from our world can only stay matiarialize for short time"

"Are you sure that this trash will summon these so called chosen ones?" Said the female voice as she pointed at four things

A piece from a horned helmet...

A trinket that loos like a mini sword...

A quarter of what looks to be a bird mask...

And a raggedy looking bandana...

"Fear not Titith, for this trick was mentioned to me by a fellow traveling mage..."

"Uggh... gosh" said a mysterious boy wearing a monks robes and has a long shinjuku staff and blade who was laying on the hard ground

"I wondered what hit me?...I feel so dizzy" he said as he felt a minor migraine that affects him giving him a slight headache. He got up but look and realized he surrounded by sight of pitch black

"Oh man" he said nervously"Where am I, I can't see a thing" he said as he now feels worried about possibly spending a lifetime in the dark. He started to pace a lot and talk to himself for about five minutes until...

"Please stop pacing your starting to make me feel nervous." Said a new voice

The boy looked up in shock and try to see where the voice is coming from

"Umm... Where are you?"

"Right below you"

"What?" The boy then looked at his feet and saw a cat with a red bandana abd a tail bent like the number three.

"What. The. Heck..." he said as he looked at the cat with wide eyes.

"Hello, My name is Sissel, and I am your friendly run of the mill ghost cat, at your service" he said and stood at his cute bipedal legs and did a bow at humor

He looked at the cat but then he realized that he had a chance to talk to someone.

"Oh yes, hey there, My name is...uhh?"


"It's uggh"

"How could you forget your name, Ashura?, I figured that the son of the first shinobi would remember his own name" he said sarcasticly

"Ashura...That's an odd name?"

"It should, in old written texts found in the old archives it means a tetramanded monster with three faces"

"Wow, that sounds very scary" he said in a sweatdrop "Are you sure that's my name"

"I believe so, your name is written in those rags of yours" He said "And no I didn't look in your clothes, you just told me before you slept"

"What?" He said as he checked these old torn clothes then realized something "Wait a minute, if you knew me, why did you introduce yourself...Did you knee I would forget things?!"

"Nope, I just met you a moment before you lost them"

He looked at him long and hard..."Oh well that makes sense" he said as he was now cool and done with the subject

Sissel looked at him suprised "your over that so easily?...well okay, so now I suppose why I should ask about why your here since no one else will."

Just then, a glowing green light suddenly appeared before the two characters.

"Oh nevermind, maybe that thing has some answers" said the cat

I am Lucius...

The god of this Gate

I have been waiting

for the day of

your arrival...

(huh? First a ghost cat and now a glowing ball of light claiming to be a god? Which next?) he thought in a nervous tone while Sissel looks interested as he experiences of a ghost visiting an amnesiac and a ghost cat

Chosen one...

What is your name?

"Well it's Ashura" he said in a nervous tone while Sissel looks interested as he experiences of a ghost visiting an amnesiac and a ghost cat


Beyond this gate...

A new source of power

Awaits you...

There await four glowing orbs that have four different colors "I'm guessing these orbs could reflect on your personality, the yellow could be justice seeking, the red reveals a fiery passionate heart, the blue, looks to be soul seaching, and the green looks like there's hope" he said as he attempted to help him pick

"Well I guess that I should not be picky" he said as he picked the yellow one as it reminded him of the stars in the sky and something else but he can't remember.

"Wait a minute who says I can't pick just one?" He said as he touched the other three orbs

Suddenly the other three glowing orbs glowed even more bright and shot up into the sky

"Umm I don't think you were supposed to touch those..." said the cat

You must go

Make that power yours

And use it to bring peace to the world...

Suddenly a bright white flash blinded the two away, and next thing they knew everything turned white


(Huh? Is someone calling my name?)


(Weird I don't recognize the voice, maybe part of a dream? )


This forces him to stir in his sleep a lot until he slowly opens up his eyes and he awakens to see an open green plain with grass and some dirt making a path like road leading to other routes. But what suprises him is that there is a young girl that looks about his age comically shaken and screaming at his face

"Come on...WAKE UP ALREADY!" Said that voice of a loud girl with bright blue hair witg colorful split ends, where fairy like clothing with a golden belt, and a flower headband

Flustered over the close contact, he took a step back "Woah what?! Who are you?"

She look at him puzzled and a bit annoyed "Hmmm... Me? I'm Can't you guide you tell?! Didn't you hear from lord Lucius Hmmph..."

(Uuhh No he didn't but feel afraid to tell her) Oh I'm sorry so what is your name?"

"She regained her compsure and had her happy mood again "Im the godess Titith. I've been assigned to as your guide to help you."

"What really? So as a question,where are you going to guide me?"

"Huh? Guide you where? Through Grand Gaia, of course! My my, for someone who has the power to enter the Gate, You're pretty clueless aren't you?"

"Wha hey! That was uncalled for..." he said and the mumbled that last part

"At any rate we first need to get across this field, We can talk more later." She said like she is not playing around. But then she suddenly stopped

"Wh-What's that?" She said as she sensed something coming, then out of nowhere a purple light appeared bringing fourth a small green monster with a cute smile

"Look Outt! I-Its a monster! Quick, do something, summon your units!"

"My What?!"

(I believe she means summoning monsters like that creature) came the thought from a familiar cat

(Sissel?) He though and now understood

And then he looked at Titith "Yeaaah I don't know how..."

"Your a summoner aren't you?! Just concentrate!" She yells at him like he was some idiot

"Okay! I could at least try." He said and focused some power and glowed a bit and the out of nowhere

Monsters like the green creature showed up only there yellow and red but what made things interesting was thst he summoned a male with spikey red hair.

"Phew...That's right...That's how it's done...Wait, how did you manage to summon Fencer Vargas?!"

"So that's who that is? I'm not really sure."

She then shook her head "No matter! Quick, attack now before it attacks us!"

"Right, okay every attack it!" He commanded as then he summonings struck against them . The yellow monster attacked first, then the red, and finally the spirit Vargas took a leap and ended it in one slash. And then the monster faded away like a ghost after it's defeat.

"Wow, Perfect! Good thing you had me teach you, right? She said

But Ashura looks at her with a WTHey face but she noticed "What's with that face?, Forget it let's go!" She said and they went too feet and saw a green and yellow monster.

"There's more...which should we attack first...Let's get the one at the back" she said so Ashura let Vargas point at the green monster and he and the red attacked creating a spark combo which destroyed it easily.

"All right, last one, let's do it" she said

(funny considering I'm doing this more) and he ordered Vargas to slice the final monster then a tresure chest appeared

"A treasure chest?" He questioned

"Alright, go ahead and open it, I wonder what's inside?" She wondered and they both open the chest, which reveals blue orbs

(Oh I get it, this stuff is karma, a friend of mine told me this stiff, you better keep it around for it could be useful) The Sissel thought then Ashura took the reward out of the chest

While Titith said " Treasure Chests contain many different things but be careful as they sometimes cobtain numerous monsters, too!"

Then Ashura heard something

Buzzing in his head

*Warning* *Warning* *Warning*

Then a giant version of the green monster appeared with a bushy mustache made literally of bushes while wearing a crown.

"Wow it looks like a bigger version of that monster" Ashura said

"It looks like we've encountered a boss. This won't be easy, you'd better prepare yourself! " she said as she took some steps back

So they three summonings attacked it with the fencer as a big blow causing the big boss to big almost incapacitated, but it recovered, and struck back causing the summonings to take a step back.

"At this rate your unit will be knocked out."

(Eow she must have little faith in them does she?) he thought

It's good to have recovery items for such situations" she said

"Um actually I think they can actually..." he was interrupted as she gave him a healing item called cure.

*sigh* "Okay" he said as he used his item on one of his injured summonings. "Yay you restored there health, now ho out there and win!" She said in a super excited way

"Heh she's cheerful" he said in a smile

"You heard her everyone" he said as he shouted and Vargas nodded and he and the summonings attacked destroying the boss which now fades and leaves behind a glowing orb

"Okay Titith It's..." he said but sees that she already went on ahead "oh"

(Well nows the perfect time to tell you about fusing units to increase your strength )

"Hey, You! Do you know how long I've been waiting here?!" She said yelling at her ears

"Oww jeez sorry I was figuring out on how to fuse my units" he said as he tried to explain the situation

She then looks at Vargas whos listening at the event but she sees some increased power

"Wow! Looks like you've alreasy fusedsome if your units am I right?"

"Yes I just said..."

They do look stronger!" she said happily but she interrupted him. But then she looked at him and had a serious face, "But the path ahead is truly a long one. Don't forget to strengthen your units, your enemies will grow stronger from here on out." She said in a serious tone


" Well then let's continue with the fundimentals if the battle, ready? lets make our way into the grasslands!

An hour has passed and Titith taught Ashura that some units has elemental traits so one could be stronger or weaker against the enemy. And learned first hand by fighting a skeleton creature as a boss.

(Flashback half an hour ago)

whike facing a triple threat of monsters plus a skeleton boss. Titith had an idea,

"Looks like your special move. Brave Burst."

"Brave Burst?"

(It's when you build up all you energy into one of your units for thete special technique) thought the cat

"That's nice, but I'm not sure if I can build up that much energy." He said showing hints of exaustion

"Sometimes a monster can leak out energy for us to drain" he looks suprised as sge said that

And made an enchantment "BATTLE CRYSTAL KISS!" As she made akissing pose and a wave of energy to Ashura and and his summons and now they feel recharged

(Woah ) thought Ashura

"Pretty amazing tight, now you can use you brave burst"

He looked confident now" right Vargas use your brave burst!"

He nodded as he charged at the monster boss, the a jump and shouted "FLARE RIDE!" And summons a fiery explosion

(flashback end )

"Well it looks like there's nothing for me to teach you."

(Odd Sissels been acting more of a teaching ) he said with a hidden deadpan face

"Why don't you try getting out of the grasslands by yourself?"

He then looks suprised "Your just going to leave me here?"

She nods casually and starts to float away into the sky "I'll come see again once you've made to the cave beyond the grasslands!"

"This isn't a proper resson you know?"

But sure to strengthen yo before then! You can do it Ashura!" She said and the next thing the boy and cat knee she was already miles away.

He then put his hands on his hips and pouted "Well that was rude, but at least she now has faith in me"

(Heh, faith he says) thought the cat as he assumed that she didn't want herself to get hurt

Then suddenly the ground shakes "What the?!/(huh?!)They both thought then a white flash blinded then again

When his eyes recovered he sees something very peculiar, three laying bodies.

One looks like a boy with spikey silver hair, that wear, earrings, blue shirt, black jacket with a fur collar, white pants and dark shoes with a necklace wearing a big sword strapped to his back. The second was a armored individual with a horned helmut, and red lines and the armor was wuite bulky, he couldn't tell it it was a boy or girl in there and has giant swird on the hand. The third was an adult make with white tatoo markings, long black hair tied like a pony tail, dressed in blue robes with black leggings, but is wearing a golden bird like mask that only cover his eyes and nose.

(Huh, laying bodies)

Ashura without a second thought "Quick let's check on them!" He said as he ran towards them he checked on the silver haired teen first, "are they dead?"

(No, I hear pulses) said the cat as he checked

"I hear one coming from this guy too..."he got interrupted as he heard a sound coming from the boy as an object fell from the unconscious boys pockets...a glowing orb. An Ashura picks it up. "An orb but it's green orb. But This doesn't make sense am I supposed to be the chosen one?"

(Maybe you not the only chosen one)

What are you say..." "AAAHHH!" "AAAHHH!"

The silver boy woke up screaming and scaring Ashura leading to


"Oww!" Said the shiny haired boy he said with a small bump in his head

"Don't Scare people like that you could have given me a freaken ulcer!"

And then suddenly while Ashura and the other guy were distracted



"ARE YOU THE TWO IDIOT BANSHEES THAT WOKE ME FROM ME NAP!" Said the armored individual who was now awake

"Oow/Ouch..." said the two as the both face planted on the ground

"I see you awake uhh armored...person"


(Wow this character is charming ) the cat thought sarcasticly

"Now now settle down" said a new voice and Sissel looked at the last person awake which caught the attention of the other three

(Wha?, I didn't even hear him move)

"We don't we stop bickering and have a talk." Said the masked man

"Don't confuse me as one who bickers " said the armored one

"UUmm...okay" said the silver haired teen

"Or course" Said Ashura

"Good now first things first, your armored one" he said as he pointed his finger at her

"What the hell do you want?" The knight said rudely

"Please remove your helmet so we know that you can listen."

"Why don't you take off that ugly mask then I'll see?" The knight counterm argued

"Very well, he said as he removed it revealing a calm face of a man who looks to be 28 or 30 "Now for you"

"Hmmph I'll remove it...but not because you asked" the knight said and took off the hemlet. It reveals the face of a young doll faced girl with green eyes and spikey light blond hair in pony tail.

"Wha?/you are a woman?" Said the two boys

That caused her to ticked and her eyes to sharpen and threw a big rock at them

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME A WOMAN!" She shouted as the rock shot in the air while. Ashura dodged it, unfortunately the other guy took it head on "Guahh!"

"Hey I said settle down" said the pony tailed man strenly" We don't we introduce Ourselves by likes and dislikes and hobbies" he said as he stood up. "My name is Yasha it is a pleasure to make your acquaince and I prefer wolves and training, but resent, rudeness and stubborness and my hobby to to observe and to seek"

"And pray tell what is it you seek" said the blond

"Maybe another time" he said which made her a bit peeved "next you "Yasha said pointing at the silver haired boy

"Oh me...well my names Haru, Haru Glory, I like my sword and making friends but dislike tyrants or those that harm what I care about, and my hobbies, are fishing, and walking"

"And on to this knight" Yasha said

"You'll have to earn the right to know my name or figure it out, just call me the Saber of red, and what I like is none of your concern, and what I dislike is being told what to do,...and what not to do. My hobbies are slicing heads off my enemies, that is all your getting from me"

"On Now finally the one who found us"

"Okay, Well my name is Ashura" he said but he stoped as he saw Yasha stiffen up

"Um are you okay Yasha" he then looked

"Wha umm, of course continue"

"Uhmm...well my likes relaxing and a good battle, while a dislike my be terrorism or dangerous monsters. My hobby right now is adventuring I guess" he said but then remembered on why he was here.

"Oh right, I was supposed to travel out of the grasslands" he said as he instantly stood up...but then he just had an idea "Hey guys since we're all here and don't have plans, why don't we check out this place, I was here for a bit and there are some monsters and a great view to behold and maybe a village to rest in you guys want to join me?"

(Huh?) Thought Sissel

"I guess I will take up you offer" said Yasha

"Sure that would be nice!" Said Haru

"Well Saber" Ashura said to her while she stood not looking at him and thinking abd decided and walked towards him and gave him a stern look

"I will only try this because I have nothing to think of for the moment and to rest my feet" Saber said and walked passed him and so did the other two

*sigh* "Good enough for me" Ashura said as he raised his arms up in defeat

"Hey Ashura are you coming or what?" Haru said

Suddenly he just realized he made a group for only five minutes and he was already falling behind "U-Uh yeah Hey wait up!" He said as he followed them

Brave Frontier: F.O.R.G

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