Chapter 4: Arena and icy lands Egor Snowfield

(Opening theme flow colors)

While taking a break, the group just relax a bit and look at the snow lands, and the closer they get, the windier it gets. "I don't understand why is there an iceland right outside the fire cave?" Ashura questioned

"How the heck should I know, Everything and everyone is weird to me" Saber of Red gives out a poor answer

Yasha looks around to find an open route but doesn't see much with his superior vision "Ashura, if it's not too much trouble, Maybe we should wait until the storm clears a bit"

Saber of red did not like that answer " Forget that, I ain't waiting more than I have to!" She stomps her feet

While Haru nervously says "I know it's hard saber but I have to Agree with Yasha on this one" he said who was scared but had a sudden thought "Oh I have an idea to pass the time!" He clapped his hands together

"Enlighten us" Yasha commented as he looks at him with an intrigued face

"Maybe it's time Ashura could use that door Titith showed us"

"Why? She said it only goes to places we already went to..." Saber was confused "Wait your not saying were turning back are we?" She sounded annoyed

He looks suprised "Huh no no no!" He waves his hands comically "Remember she gave us a new location, lets check it out for the time being!" He sounded enthusiastic and curious about the new location

"That sounds like a good way to pass the time" Yasha supported

(What do you think Sissel?) Ashura communicates with the ghost cat while he nods (I guess it won't cause any trouble

"Well alright but let's not take too long okay?" Ashura agrees as he activates the device that summons the door that Titith summoned before

"I don't think I can get used to this door just popping up like this" Saber of Red commmented she said as she and the rest go and let Ashura open the large door by the side and as they all went in, the see a bright light as the door closes and vanishes.

Out of nowhere the door pops open again and opens letting the group walk out and jump back to the solid ground

"So now where are we" Haru asks And they stand on some random town while Yasha looks behind them "Not sure but I have a hunch it's something peculiar "

"What are you saying Yasha " Ashura says as. He and everyone turn and see something suprising as they look a a 50ft foot tall colosseum if not bigger

"A colosseum? I thought those no longer existed? "Saber of Red questioned but brushes off"But who cares, instant entertainment!" She say as she charges "Onward slow men!" She says in a hurry

(That girl has an odd bipolar personality ) Sissel spoke to himself

He then sees saber stop and looks around pissed and irritated "Who said that?!" she Shouted " I could have sworn someone called me a girl?!"

Sissel looks at her with Wide Eyes ( Who did she hear me?! Also Ashura is supposed to?!) Said loudly to himself

"I heard Sissel, maybe it's some kind of defensive thing she developed in her life" Ashura said as he was rubbing his ears from Sissels suprised shout but was impressed that Saber somehow heard it

They entered inside the colosseum to check out the noise, and some of them got curious, they found themselves inside a hallway that wss suprisingly grand on the inside, "I've been to a few arenas but the details here remind me of those old stadius my master participated in" Yasha commented

"I've seen better workmen ship at a cobblers shop." Saber of Red was unimpressed

"Hey hold on I think I see the enterance" Haru sees the light at the end of the hall as they all walk closer "About time!" Saber shouted as she ran towards it

But what stops them are metal bars behind the way in, "Bars! Seriously" Saber yells "No you know what I'm cutting this down" she said as she takes out her blade "Wait stop why can't without a good reason we'll get in trouble!" Ashura said as he holding her blade down "Unhand me!"

Yasha then speaks "Ashura's right Saber besides if you look closely you can see a match to ease your bordeom"

They look to see some summonings about to fight, but sees a woman in red armor with an angry demeanor

"Challenging me with those inferior skills? Don't make me laugh!...I've always been stronger than you!" Said the superior looking summoner which suprises Haru

"Huh, Seria?" Haru looks at the girl with her summonings while his group looks at him "You know her?" Ashura questioned

"Yeah, she helped protect Elgaia with Karl but rarely stays in the village for long, so we must have stumbled on her hobby" Haru explains to them

"Why don't you go back to being a novice" the group hears the summoners boasting

While Saber looks at her closely "She...looks troublesome..." hinting a dislike to her

Sissel sweat drops, (and your not?) which made Saber look around scaring him (creepy)

They watch her command her spirits as she only needs three against five summonings, her first spirit cchaged through and onocked two away, while her second spirit jumped up and shot the other two...leaving only one enemy. So she signals her last spirit to charge up her brave burst and finish off her opponent.

With a brush of her hair, it's clear that she had one the match without even trying

"Hey how about I introduce you guys to her?" Haru offered while the others complied with a nod, except Saber who looks at the fight ending

"That sounds like a pleasant idea" Yasha supported as the went to Harud path to head out while Saber of Red was eyeing her until she noticed them go..."Hey how dare you leave me behind!"

As they waited by a nearby bench outdide the colosseum, they decided to wait, and to pass the time, Haru offered to by his group some treats from a nearby snack vender Ashura got an ice pop, Haru got a cookie, Yasha had a bottle of watet, while Saber took beef jerky

Thats when the arenas mic is heard from the arena announcer

"With insurmountable strength, and skill General Seria has won! Please enjoy all other upcoming arens battles!" Said announcer

"So when's this broad suppose to show up?" Saber said as she munches on her meat

"Not too long, she takes a shower right after her battles" Haru answered while she swallowed her bites, "Good cause I want to go in and fight in that arena"

That suprised them a little "But were here for a short time" Yasha reminded

"I know that old man! I know there are gods tougher than this" she yelled at him thinking she was forgetful "I meant after all this."

"You want to try out join in the arena to see whos stronger?" Ashura questioned

"No...well yes, but it's mostly because I can't stand seeing others brag...because that's my job!" She said making him sweatdrop but then the hear foot steps as sees Harus friend show up from the main enterance "Hey Seria"

They got her attention "Huh?" She now looks at the group "Aren't you that little twerp I've been seeing around? What's your name again? Haru yeah?"

"Yup, I'm the guy with a quiet house and these are my friends "Ashura Yasha and Saber"

She looks stoic at his introduction "and what exactly are you doing here?" With a raised eyebrow

Ashura decided to say something for a good impression, Me and my associates visited this arena to pass the time, and my friend here feels like she wants to participate in the arena also, and aa much as that sounds sudden I would like to try out as well for curiosity"

"Huh?" Seria questioned

"Yeah what they said " Haru supported

"You wanna enter the arena?...

Are you out of your mind?!" She suddenly shouted at them which saber took as a threat

"Huh? Did I say something wrong?" Ashura worried

She Marches to them "This is a sacred place where summoners who have slain countless battle each other to hone there skills" she says as she points at him "A NEWBIE LIKE YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE THE ARENA TOO LIGHTLY!" She said as her intimidation pushes Ashura a step back

"What..." Then saber starts to stomp in irritation as Yasha holds her arm back as he signals Ashura to hurry as he nods

"Okay look I respect your rules and sorry if I offended you but even after hearing this I still would like to attempt this you be strong like you?..." he said in a sensitive tone while Haru said "I agree with him, I trained in the art of swordsmanship and want to build up my powers"

"Grrr What's it take to join in this forsaken place already" Saber grumbled while Seria looks at them "Your serious aren't you...more like seriously stupid I'd say..."

"WHAT?!" Saber yells with sharp teeth as Yasha attemps to hold her back comically as he feels like he can't hold her arms back...well he can but he doesn't want to...

Seria huffs "Whatever. Have a go at it, then you'll see how weak you are."

"I AIN'T NO WEAKLING!" Saber barked

She ignores her and looks to Ashura before walking away "And incase you didn't know the use of items is forbidden here." Then she looks at the blond saber whos foaming at anger "Though its not like it would matter to as someone as obviously incompetent as you..." She said as as a piece of advice while he replies "I'll keep that in mind"

Suprised at Ashuras demeanor, Seria cools down "well break a leg!" And walks away

After a few minutes from vision range Yasha finally lets go as Saber elbows him hard in the stomach "Ow"

"Uggh! She's so frustrating" Saber complained "Nevermind that now Saber" Ashura spoke to to tempered blond "We can prove her wrong as we participate in the arena but right now we spent enough tine for our break" he says as he opens the passage to the magic door they went through "We can return after we do our errands" he jumps into the doorway

"He's right " Haru comments "Think about it, after the gods are defeated we've got all the time in the world" he jumps in also as Yasha nods and jumps

Saber just stomps on the ground hard leavinga crack and huffs "This better end quickly" she walks into the doorway as well

Back into the icy lands they went to a nearby shop and brought winter cloaks to continue their quest, except Saber who is wearing her full body armor again

On there way they see Titith again who looks to be what Saber quotes Freezing her *beep* off in the frozen tundra "...Brr...Brr!" The goddess was shaken

"Heh never in my life would I see adeity shiver in my presence" Saber smirked and they hear her sneeze *ACHOO!*

She rubs her nose as she pops out a hankerchef"...Oh my It's Freezing" she whined a bit to herself but she later spots Ashura's group "Hey! How dare you make a girl wait in such a cold place!" She shouted at Ashura's group

Saber yawns while Ashura's group look away sweating and in embarrassment because they were unaware that she was waiting for them again as she shivers again "'s too cold!"

Sissel looks at her (She should have brought warm clothing...)

But after sneezing she explains again "So, to get to the Tower of Mistral you'll need to cross Egor Snowfield and go through the forest..." she rubs her nose "Then Head through the marsh, then through the ruins..."

"It's far enough just imaging it, and that's before you even consider how extreme the weather can be!" She points to the far ends of the snowfield "Anyway you've still got a long way to the tower" she then looks worried "Be careful though, enemies get stronger the closer you get to it."

So she gives them some advice "If you encounter an enemy you can't defeat, it might be a good idea to return to the previous dungeon and train a bit" and points up her finger at Ashura " yeah, it's also about time you start managing your squad with their elements in mind" (she must be talking about the summonings like Vargas) Sissel thought as she spoke again "Most of the enemies in the cave were fire elementals so a squad of water elements units would have given you a huge advantage!"

The group sweatdropped together (could she have said that last time...) they thought with blank faces but she doesn't notice "This time we're in a snowy field. I think we'll be seeing a lot of water elementals around."

"So characters like Vargas aren't useful right now" Ashura mumbled and Titith speaks again "So...pop quiz! Which element is strong against water?"

Ashura starts to remembers her mini tutorial back on her first day then recalls "It's thunder right?" As she smiles at his answer "Yeah, that's right! It seems you've been studying. Yup thunder beats water." But sits back down and says her last piece of advice " On the other hand, fire element units would be at a disadvantage against enemies from the Snowfield so be careful. The she ferls a cold breeze "...Brr...Brr!"*ACHOO!*

"Geez, I can't take this anymore. I'm going home!" She gets up and tries warming herself but she suddenly recalls something "...Ah, I almost forgot." She said suprisingly "It seems that a knight summoned by Maxwell has been creating choas somewhere near the Snowfield" which suprises them

The fallen god already made his move?" Haru said suprised While she nods "He seems to be quite strong. Take care!" She said as she goes home

"An enemy of the Fallen gods already in our path?...We must hurry" Yasha commented and they nodded "Finally I've been needing to pummel someone after being insulted by that red knight!" Saber says as the hurry

As the ran, some mermen creatures jumped from the snow so they charge

"There mine!" Saber said and swung her sword slahing 5 in one strike and runs after another one. The rest follow as Yasha reflects the mermens tridents as Haru uses his blade to knock over a couple with his blade, he then sees a pirate verica charging so Haru ignores it and clashes blade with him. Haru dodges the slow slashes with ease and hits the legs and slashing the pirate fading away.

Soon mini squirty monsters appeared with more mermen making Ashura take out his blade (I could my earth ability, I hope it works) he punches the air...but little happens " Seriously, was it only temporary!" He stomps which unconsciously forces a pillar under the monster sending them flying. Ashura looks at the monsters in the sky "Nevermind" and runs to help haru slice some mermen

After a few monster came out, they were close to the center of the snowfield. Saber repeatedly stabs the same monsters on the ground before making them fade away and lookes to Haru "Hey whens the freakin knight already?"

Her question was answered when a lance shot down and a blue knight jumped down, and picks up the spear.

Ashura looks in the unit guide and sees a new slot, "A water type by the name of Zephu"

The knight prepares to fight, while Saber smirks "I dare ya" which makes zephu charge while Saber runs toward him causing a clash which hurt Sissels ears a bit(she's loud)

"No one interfere" Saber insisted

She jumps and steps on the lance and kicks him onto a snowy rock which shattered it. But the knight recovers and runs toward it. And he grabs it but Saber was already behind him and kicks him on the side of his head sohard that it knocks him over cracking the helmet rolling the body away and she jumps and slams her giant blade down. Defeating it as the knight fades away Leaving a rainbow colored gem again.

Ashura picks it up "nice, thanks for the new gem saber" and looks to her still on her knees "Saber?"

She looks to be grunting holding her head in slight pain "You alight?" Haru worried

She looks at them and stands up " I'm always righteous! I just had a some discomfort"

"Why did he hit you in the head?" Ashura questioned

"Of course not did you see him hit me?" She looked at him with a raised eyebrow "The armor he wore reminded me of my past... and *ugh!*

Yasha strokes his chin "she's receiving memory back lashes...intriguing for simple memories to cause some pain to a warrior like her"

Ashura and Haru look at him "Seriously?" the silver haired boy questioned

As they discussed, Saber whispers for no one to hear but Sissel to..."Camelot"

At Grays study area with her mentor, She was reading through the ancient texts her teacher had left during his many crusades in the clock tower and grail wars

"No wonders she resembles me so" she flips some pages in the camelot faction tomes...she's one of my ancestors"

"But from what you told me, I can say for certain that she's no king arthur" her mentor said "So that leaves one conclusion "She's the knight of betrayal"

Gray looks intrigued "Mordred is back from the dead? Imagine that..." she puts her hand on her chin "But why? And with my brother and two warriors?"

"I'm still not sure yet" the mentor mentions "There's no grail so it's unlikely there here for war" he stand up and looks at the window "Maybe there's something important that we need to look." He said with worry

Meanwhile in a hidden location,

A mysterious female with silver hair is sitting on a crystal throne. Surrounded by ancient rubble damaged ruins.

But the moment she sense a familiar presence she opens her eyes and the area around her starts to repair itself

"Once again I have conquer and seek vengence against those who forsaken me" she says and an omniusaura surrounds her meaning she's not here to make friends

She breathes for a mere moment smirks "I smell me..." and laugh maniacally