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This is only off the top of my head, so expect some errors, as I have not watched or Read Naruto in a LOOOOOOONG time.

The village Hidden in The Clouds, was hidden in a mountainous terrain. It was always too high to get a proper look at from the ground, but it made do with signs pointing towards the many trails and paths that all were forged by training shinobi. Shinobi made these paths so that civilians and merchants could get to the village. Shinobi of high levels were not used to traveling, by the paths to the outside of the village.

Shinobi were required to travel into the mountains to train their techniques. Only Jinchuuriki were made to train outside of the village, and even then only with proper supervision. This is due to the fact that a Jinchuuriki often had a secondary or tertiary form large enough, that mountain tops were mere bumps in their paths at smallest, and over-sized fences at their tallest, depending on the size of the mountain.

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