A groggy Marie sits up, sleepily analyzing her surroundings.

'Why the hell am I on a boat?'

The last thing she can remember is passing out on the dock, so why the hell is she out at sea?! She blinks, eyes finally adjusting the darkness of her surroundings.

'This is the captain's office of the H.S.M.S Crack, what in Neptune's name is this doing out of the harbor?!'

Rising to her feet with a grace borne of years spent on a ship, Marie takes a quick glance around, hands absentmindedly taking a quick inventory. Coat-check, money bag-check, sword...SWORD?!

Freezing she looks down to where her hand is now comically grasping at the air, as if doing so will magically make her missing weapon reappear in its holster. Frantically, she does a more thorough check. Pistols-gone, boot dagger-gone, stranglecord-gone, arm knife-gone, poison vial necklace-gone, explosives in her hollowed-out boot heel-gone, pointy hair pins-everything is gone!

There exists only one person the putout ship master can think of that has the means, knowledge, and recklessness to do such a thing...


Storming out of the unlocked room, she moves unerringly to the front of the ship, ducking under obstacles and stepping over things in her path without even bothering to look, not needing to. Crew members scramble out of their irate captain's way, one even going so far as to jump off of the ship when seemingly no other means of escape present themselves to the minion. Lord knows why he couldn't just have gone the same way as everyone else, but he is one of the new recruits, and being short on funds has recently lowered their hiring standards.

She comes to a halt in front of where you're currently sitting with a calm, tea-sipping Draconicmaw.

"What in Neptune's craggy blue ass is going on this time!?"

"We," she responds between sips, "are on the run."

"AGAIN?! Why?!"

The answering glint in Maw's eye's has you inching away from her.

"I gave the fish a new friend."

Marie's response is hardly the typical reaction one would expect at the revelation that one's best friend had just committed murder.

"What?! It was my turn!"

You sit gaping as the Captain beside you merely hums, now turning her cup this way and that, inspecting her tea dregs.

"You got to get us kicked out of the last place, it was my turn," Marie insists angrily. "Gaa!"

She turns, grabbing the unlucky underling that happens to be closest as he crawls up over the deck railing, soaking wet from a recent dip in the sea, and proceeds to beat the crap out of him.

Your jaw drops all the further as Maw once more lets out a hum. "Hummm, I need to beware bees." A glance in your direction has her elaborating, "I was reading my tea-leaves, divination." When you still appear confused and more than a bit horrified she follows your gaze to the other Ship Master on board. "Ahh, yes, she has a temper. This is why you take away her more dangerous toys before giving her bad news. Otherwise we wouldn't have and any cannon fodder left. Don't worry she'll get over it after sending about two or four to the hospital wing for a little while."

This time you scoot away so hard you actually fall off the chair, slamming your head on the deck boards and passing out.