Stargazing through Time


Hello! And welcome to my first story! First some basic background info. Bonds beyond time took place in the first season of yu-gi-oh! 5ds and the first season of yu-gi-oh! GX. This fic starts at episode 65 of 5ds and one year after the end of GX. Neither Yusei nor Judei/ Jaden told their friends about Bonds beyond time. Yusei was able to keep in touch with Judei/Jaden through the crimson dragon and is able to travel freely to Judei/Jaden's time and back. As a result, his friends are used to him disappearing from time to time. There are more plot bunnies I will reveal as I release new chapters. For now enjoy! :)

Yusei POV

It had been six months since our battle with the Dark Signers, and in that time, New Domino City had received… a bit of a facelift. The divide between City and Satellite was no more, and even more importantly, so was the tension between the two people from each of those districts. For the first time in a long time, the future was finally beginning to look up. If only I'd known the horror of what was to come. We'd saved the world once before, but now I wonder if our decks are strong enough to withstand this mysterious new threat. And the inevitable divide between us.


In the Security building in Domino with the big satellite dish on top, a small man with light purple hair with a single curl falling over his forehead. He is dressed in an elaborate red suit and has what looks to be red lines going vertically over his eyes and down his cheeks and red lipstick on. He is known as Lezar, vice—director of Neo Domino city. Lezar is pacing frantically in a small, plain room that might be his own office.
"I can't stand the pressure! It's too much to take!"
Lezar slams his hands down on the tiny desk before continuing to pace rapidly back and forth.
"I'm going to crack! After all, it's not every day you meet your new boss, the boss of the whole city! The new Director! Ugh!"
The phone on the desk rings. Lezar angrily picks up the handset.
I told you, no calls!
The caller is wearing a light gray uniform; clearly he works for the City.
- Actually, you said no calls except for emergencies, and we have one! A meteor has struck the city!
"You call that an emergency?!"
The terrified subordinate springs to a salute. Then Lezar actually absorbs what he said.

"...Hmm? ...Wait, a meteor? Oh, dear- now that's what I call an emergency!"

A huge black monolith stands unsupported. The sun glares over the edge of it, illuminating the opposite side of it while casting this side into shadow. If anything is inscribed into or upon it, we can't see it. Three individuals stand before it, all wearing white robes and head cloths. The first of them to speak is thin, of medium build. He has a black mark on one cheek descending in a spike from his natural eye, whose iris is an unnatural red but otherwise normal, and a stone mask covering, or stone prosthetic replacing, his left eye. His name, we'll soon learn, is Primo.
"Excellent. It has arrived in one piece."
They're standing in a crater created by the impact that appears to be maybe fifty feet in diameter and ten feet deep at its center.
"Yes, and already left quite the impression, I'd say! Hehehmhmhm!"
"Well, what else would you expect? It's my card."
The shortest of them is distinguished also by the stone frame he wears around his shoulders under his robe, crossing in front to form the appearance of an infinity symbol. He also has an apparatus similar to Primo's for his right eye that swivels with the appearance of a chameleon's eye. We'll later come to know him as Lester.
"That it is. So I guess you'll be first?"
The third and final of the three to speak is huge, taller than Primo and also wider; his stone mask or replacement covers his mouth, distorting his voice. One of his shrewd dark gray eyes gazes up at the stone, and the other is hidden behind a tuft of grey-brown hair that's part of a long, gray beard. We'll soon know him as Jacob.
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Remember, there's a plan; and we must follow it."
Of course I remember. I came up with it. And it's perfect. I've arranged it so that no one can stand in our way." Primo says. "Uh...!"
Sirens can be heard.
"Mm?" Jacob says
"Hmm." Primo smiles
Several Security vans pull up at the edge of the crater. Lezar is the first out of one, and his troops are unloading.
"Hey! Who are you three?! What're you doing here?! I order you to vacate these premises now!" Lezar shouts.
"And I order you to watch your tongue, worm!" mumbles Jacob
Primo turns and speaks to Lezar.
"My friend, all is fine. There's no cause for alarm."
"No cause?! Just who do you think you're talking to-! Ah!"
Lezar stops short when Primo swiftly points a sharp sword right between his eyes, an inch from his face.
"Now, now. Is this really how you wanna start things off, with your new Directors?"
Lezar is very preoccupied with the sword pointed at his nose.
"New- Directors? -You mean—"Lezar seems stunned
"Yes." Primo responds
"You see, the three of us will be sharing the job." Lester says. "Ahahahahahuhuhuh."
"The three of you! Oh my word! I'm sorry- no one told me—"
Lezar kneels on the ground and bows deeply.
"I beg your forgiveness!"
Lezar jumps up, points to the Directors, shouts at the officers now assembled in a straight line behind him.
"What're you buffoons standing around for, these are the new Directors, salute them!"
The guards salute and chorus in perfect unison—
"That's better! And from now on you're to do whatever they say, understood?!"
"Yes sir!"
"This will be even easier than I imagined..." thought Primo.
Above them, the fallen tablet casts an ominous shadow...

Night, on a street somewhere in Domino. A guy is riding a blue duel runner. Suddenly a huge shadow looms over him. He turns and looks up. The face of the monster is reflected in his helmet visor; a white shell, black face, with glowing red lines. The duelist cries out in fear...

Later that night, a few Security cars are on the scene, with a few low-ranks looking around. They hear the sounds of more vehicles approaching.
"We got company."
The officer standing by the cars waves a red glow stick to flag down the newcomers.
"Time to see who Headquarters sent us."
Mina flashes her Security badge, all business. In the six months her cropped lavender- blue hair has gotten slightly longer, though otherwise she's much the same.
"Mina Simmington, Sector Chief of Special Investigations."
Beside her, Trudge shows his badge also. Instead of his usual uniform, he's wearing a button-up white shirt and carries a coat or blazer slung over his shoulder. The six months have done him good; he looks taller, more at ease with himself.
"Officer Trudge, Vice-Chief."
The guards lead the two investigators into the scene.
"How's the victim?" asks Mina
"Pretty banged-up, can't stay conscious for more than a few minutes or so."
"Guess we'll have to wait for his testimony, then..."
She looks up from her musings, sees what they've been led to see, and gasps aloud.
"And from the looks of that runner... It'll be some story." Says Trudge.
The occupants of the room can't help but let out a gasp at the sight of the runner. The blue runner from the previous scene has been scorched and melted halfway into scrap.
"That's five of these accidents in a week." Exclaims Trudge.
"These are no accidents, Trudge- the city is under attack."

General POV

In the early morning light a lone figure appeared on the edge of new domino city.

"So this is Neo Domino, huh." it mumbled to itself. The figure, who appeared to be a young man, gazed out upon the city. The sunlight was just beginning to hit the tips of the buildings, creating the effect of the entire futuristic city being bathed in gold. All of a sudden a slightly overweight cat popped out of the top of the young man's bag. "Meow!" it exclaimed.

"I know, I know, we'll see him soon pharaoh." The young man lightly scratched the ear of the white and orange calico cat.

"He's defiantly here, his aura practically saturates this place." The young man closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

"Well best to get a move on. It's about time I saw him again" the young man began walking through the streets seemingly with no purpose, his tan coat billowing around him. Before stopping at a random spot and gazing at the city over the railing bordering the road. "I wonder how long it will take him to find me…."