(Note that this is my first Jeff the killer fanfic and one don't call me a fan girl I write it because I like the damn story so don't even think me that way)

Read at your own discretion I am not responsible for any deaths character body part dismemberment or Jeff fan girl people dying in this story so read at your own care plus I don't own any or of all people who have created this character and for that I would like to thank the creator of Jeff the killer and all who make creepy pastas anyways on with the story.

(South end Colorado)

"Another killing today at 5:00 pm this morning the body of arron tilly and Mirrium tilly were found mutilated in the bath tub face down in a pool of blood there appear to be several stab wounds in Arron tilly there son Jacob was found up stairs hung and strangulated to death with a message on the wall written in their blood 'Go to sleep' Police are informing the neighbors to lock their doors windows and any other openings in their houses for their own safety of the murderous killer"

The old television switches off to black a raven haired teen with a sliced smile to go from ear to ear to stay that way and his eyes were burnt he had no eyelids he wore a white slightly at this moment bloodstained hoody and black pants and black white sneakers he laughed horrifically his voice scratchy and deep "Aww they never can catch me can they" he flipped a knife in his hand expertly covered in dry blood the room appeared to be a broken down abandoned house that apparently no one knew of in the middle of the woods beer cans and junk of food littered the floor it smelled like decay and suffering but that was just how Jeff liked it (If you like my approach on this please do tell) it had been sixteen years since Jeff killed his family he never really thought about them anymore he decided not to after his second to ten kills after and has been doing it ever since he found this house in the woods and made it his own the police were on his tail but they never were able to catch him he was smart if a madman could be smart he made his kills quick torturous sometimes but never stayed long and always left his message he snickered grinning making his scarred smile more bigger and scarier in a way tonight he decided to take a break from all this killing just for the night then back to it he enjoyed killing but mostly boredom brought him to doing so and as well as annoying fan girls I mean seriously what they write is ridiculous (No offense to anyone who is like that) I mean some stories they make are dumb mostly romance junk Jeff himself is a killer so he knows he won't find love and whoever this Jane the killer was is just some shitty knock off female version of himself which is why he loved killing them the most grabbing a beer from a moldy refrigerator he popped the cap with his knife and took a long swig of it (Yeah Rated M for all this) Jeff sat on a ripped up old couch looking outside it was raining "Well no use in going outside today might as well relax" he said with a grimace which couldn't really form much of one since his face was fixed into a permanent smile as he was about to relax there was a loud bang and the door downstairs imploded inwards he jolted falling backwards from the couch as the explosion shook the room he was in looking outside he can see twenty cop cars and two swat helicopters flying just above a man holding a megaphone spoke directly to him "JEFF THE KILLER WE KNOW YOUR IN THERE SO COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP AND COME QUIETLY!"

(Hope you like this sorry it's so damn short)