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Chapter 3


Jeff had managed to make it on the other side of the woods and into an abandoned alley way near fifth avenue he panted heavily he collapsed near a trash bin his ankle was bleeding pretty good and everything just hurt he had to stay awake or else die from blood loss. Jeff breath's became faster and more raspy "Shit I should have been more careful whatever just need to find a bandage first aid something" he looked around for something anything to stop the bleeding looking at the trash bin his stomach clenched in nausea he may be a killer but sometimes he wished everything he used was clean

he rifled through the bin finding some old cloth shaking it out he wrapped it around his leg three times and tied it he slid down the wall hugging his knees the cops were after him now this was not good at all I mean they were more or less right on his tail not like the five miles it used to be from them it's as if someone was telling them where he was and when to go and capture him

sighing he flicked his knife up and caught it by the handle he did that for some time sometimes cutting his fingers by the blade he didn't care he was dead to pain anyways he decided to go in search of a place to sleep and bunker down in until he moved on to the next town he stayed close to the shadow's and made sure there were no cop's around he finally made it to a abandoned hotel ready to be demolished next month it seemed to sag but otherwise stable enough for him to sleep in and leave when morning came looking around to make sure no one was watching if anyone was he could just easily make them go to sleep but there was absolutely no people just silence

he crawled through the boards with ease without having to kick it down good thing makes it less suspicious he coughed as he inhaled years of dust rot and decay into his lung's coughing and leaning against a wall but it came apart like ashes he gasped narrowly dodging a wooden beam but everything still stayed together "Fuck better be more careful next time" he looked around it appeared to have been still in motion once there was still clothes luggage and bell hop hat's on coat rack's he snickered seeing a bell that was used to call the room keeper to give key's still there in good condition now no one knew this about Jeff but he liked to collect interesting object's that's half the reason how he got food after killing his victim's he would take food and any personal items that seemed interesting back with him to his supposed home but now he had nothing so he was starting a new collection he grabbed the bell and put it in his pocket testing the stair's strength they only groaned and creaked in protest of his weight but otherwise stayed stable he looked through the room's it's as if some people lived here and just disappeared there was still plates sitting at the tables it was quite strange to Jeff if things could be strange to a killer and clothes hanging in closet's and luggage ready to unpack he wondered where everyone went and why leave all this stuff?

He went through bags and luggage's seeing families husband's and wife's he stopped after seeing a photo of a family of four a tall man with brown hair and glasses and a twinkle in his eyes wearing a brown Jacket and black pants and a woman with gorgeous blue eyes and black hair and ruby red lip's she wore a red dress and below held two boy's one obviously older than the other as the younger appeared to be smiling skin white almost like Jeff's accept for the normal pigment of the skin color he used to have his hair was black like his mothers he had his father's twinkle in his eyes the older had brown hair with the angry pouty face had the father's nose but his mother's lip's and chin Jeff smiled a real smile he hadn't made a smile like that in age's not like all the other's those were mostly to strike fear insanity basically.

He sighed sometimes just once in a great while he would let out his emotions thinking of his own family he had murdered he regretted killing only one person in his family everyday "Liu im so sorry I wish I wish I didn't kill you like I did bro you didn't deserve it none of it" tears started to form from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks into the seam's of his carved smile tasting the salt of his tear's instantly he furiously whipped away the tears ignoring the pain and sting it caused his eye's after rubbing them he sometimes regretted burning off his eyelids, but what's done is done he stopped thinking sucking in all the emotions he felt for his long dead family decided to settle in this room for the night ignoring the fact that it was dark the bed was still clean in way's but he didn't care he layed down wrapping himself up in the blanket's that were provided he used some of the cover's from a pillow and made a makeshift blindfold and went to sleep.

Jeff was awoken by the sound's of footsteps lots of footstep's and light shined through the room he jolted after looking in the crack of the door cursed himself he backed up into a closet the first officer poked his rifle through the door ready to shoot at any moment but it wasn't bullet's but tranquilizers "Appears to be no one in here what the heck happened here it's as if everyone left and forgot to pack up" there was the buzz of a crackling walkie talkie "Don't know Charlie but make sure that killer's still in their first before you leave" the officer walked past the closet the crack making Jeff move deeper into the closet the officer stopped by the closet turning he slowly reached to open it only to be stopped by a crackle of static in the walkie talkie he answered it and spouted off nonsense just enough time distracted as Jeff bursted from the closet and stabbed the man's neck he didn't have time to scream the walkie talkie static again "Charlie Charlie hello" Jeff giggled darkly picking up the walkie talkie he smiled making the sliced cheeks also lift into a large smile "Im afraid Charlie just went to sleep of course you should GO TO SLEEP" he yelled laughing as the woman gasped on the other line she Jolted running to the room she held her rifle up aiming at a shadow just beyond the door.