Reincarnated Love

Chapter 1

How I got Here

Zeref Dragneel was considered to be many things: evil, misunderstood, cursed, but he was never considered to be loved by anyone. That was what he thought that is, until he met Mavis Vermilion. She loved him and he loved her, even after he killed her, he loved her and she still loved him. That was before he went to war with her guild, and now that war is over. His forces have been defeated and Zeref was now on his deathbed in the arms of a crying Mavis.

"Why, why did you have to start all of this," she choked out in between sobs. Zeref said nothing, and not because he didn't want to, he just didn't have the strength left to speak.

"He deserves all of this, after everything he has done, after everyone he has killed, and every death that he has caused." Erza harshly spoke out as everyone nodded in agreement, even Zeref's own brother Natsu.

"That doesn't mean he has to die for his insanity," Mavis's broken voice called out.

"Because of him and this war, I was forced to kill Wendy first master, and I will not let him live and be able to kill again," Erza yelled as she was getting closer to the two living corpses.

When Mavis sensed someone behind her she quickly took a defensive position over Zeref's barely conscious form. "He is already dying, you don't need to kill him, just let him die in peace," she begged them.

"No first, because of him, to many people had to die, and we will not let him be at peace, not now not ever." Natsu declared as he readied a fire coated claw and Erza readied a sword. Gray was coating his hand with ice and Juvia was coating hers in water. Everyone with powerful offensive magic was readying their magic to kill the black mage once and for all, however none of them knew that Mavis was readying her own magic to use the unlimited magic supply within her body to cast a forbidden spell.

"I won't let you touch him, what happened to the Fairy Tail that I founded, what happened to...," Mavis began before Lucy interrupted her.

"They had to watch as this monster killed friends and caused loved ones to kill each other. How can you still defend this monster after everything that he has done?"

That caused Mavis to stop and think for a minute, why was she still defending the person who caused so much death. Why can't she not defend him, and why was she readying a spell she knew shouldn't be used for someone who should be unredeemable. She thought and thought until she came to one solution, just as Zeref was beginning to fade and her magic was ready, "I love him." Just as she said those three words, her magic exploded as she cast a her spell calling out, "Fairy Heart: Reincarnation of the Two Lovers." In a blinding light of pure white, both Mavis Vermilion and Zeref Dragneel vanished from Earthland that day and were reincarnated in two different bodies in another universe.

DxD Universe (17 years later)

Issei Hyoudou was your average 17 year old boy, he has brown hair and brown eyes. Issei is an open pervert who frequently boasted about being the harem king. His average day starts with his alarm clock taking the form of various harem girls telling him to wake up, eats breakfast with his family that tell him he is a slacker, and then goes to school to only look at the female population. Kuoh academy only recently let male students in it's female only campus, so the ratio of student gender population was in favor of the girls.

This was the only reason that Issei and his two friends, Matsuda and Motohama came to what was suppose to be a prestigious academy. This day was going to be a different one however, because today is the day that a girl named Yuma Amano asks him out.

Yuma had long black hair and kind, violet eyes. She wore a uniform to another no name school and just came up to him and asked him out on a date for Saturday. When Saturday came around Issei acted like a perfect gentleman, and the date seemed to go so well that they decided to cut through a romantic water fountain around sunset to finish up their little date.

Everything was going good until Yuma started to act strangely and ask if she could ask him something out of the blue. When he answered yes, he thought he would be asked for something perverted, but instead when she leaned into his ear she said, "would you die for me?"

Issei thought that he heard her wrong so he tried to clean gunk out of his ear and asked, "I'm sorry what was that?"

Yuma lost all of the kindness that was in her eyes and asked in a more woman like and lusty voice, "would you die for me?" Suddenly she grew taller and her outfit disappeared and for a brief moment, he could see the boobs that he wanted so much. When she finally had clothes on again, she wore the bare minimum with black being her only color of choice.

Before Issei could react, Yuma had forged a spear made of red light and plunged it into his stomach. As he was about to touch it, it disappeared and allowed blood to spray out of his stomach. As he was lying there waiting to die, Yuma was saying something about a sacred gear, and told him to blame God for it. She disappeared in the sky leaving only black feathers in her wake.

Just he was about to die, a read magic circle appeared and out stepped a figure with red hair and green eyes. The figure stepped out and Issei could see that it was a female, but that was all he could see as he died after he finally noticed this. If he lived for a few more seconds, he would have seen Rias Gremory come over to him and say, "Fear not, I shall give you a new life. A life that is filled with adventure and immortality, the life of a devil."

Rias took out, all of her remaining pieces and tried each one: the knight did nothing, as did her rook and bishop. When she came to her pawns she gathered them all up and found that only one of them were glowing, signifying that that piece is the only piece for him. The pawns piece sunk into his chest and what happened next was unbelievable, even for her. Issei Hyoudou's body started to rise and glow his hair became black and shorter, hanging closer to his head. His eyes shot open in shock and she could see his brown eyes turning into black ones. His body became more defined and she could already see muscles form on his arms.

Rias didn't know it but when Issei finished his transformation, he was no longer Issei the idiot pervert who dreamed of being a harem king. He was Zeref Dragneel, black mage and creator of demons. When she saw his transformation complete, she had only one thought, "what in the hell have I done."

Hyoudou residence the next morning

When Zeref woke up, he didn't think he would wake up in a bedroom, he thought he would be in hell. For a moment the last thing he remembered was dying in Mavis's arms, then he remembered everything. What he had done these last 17 years, and his crappy reason for it as well. He immediately became red with rage until he remembered, he was killed. Why would he be alive if he was dead, this made no sense.

As Zeref got dressed he noticed a smell, do to his memories of Issei, a smell of bacon and eggs. It had taken some time more before he realized that his body was lighter than what it should have been, and he had his magic power to the point it was before he died on Earthland. Zeref decided that he will study on more on this later, but for now he shall go to school and apologize to all that have put up with his perverted antics. Only one questioned remain, does he have to disguise himself as Issei with an illusion, or did whatever force that brought him back make it so everyone thought that Issei looked like Zeref.

Since it wouldn't take long to prepare a spell or even cast it, Zeref decided to walk through the halls of his home and look at the pictures, just in case the entity that revived him changed the pictures as well. As luck would have it, they didn't change the pictures so he was able to surmise that they didn't change the memory of his 'mom and dad'. Just to make sure, before he entered the kitchen he decided to ask, "mom, dad, what color is my hair."

His mom was the one to answer, "brown dear, why, did you die it?"

Casting a quick illusion over himself, Zeref made himself look like Issei again, and oh how he hated it. "No, I was just checking your memory," Issei said as he walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"What an odd thing to do, I am not that old," his mother said with a huge hint of bitterness.

Issei just smiled and began to eat his breakfast with his mom yelling at him about implying she was old. 'perhaps it would be fun to stay like this to mess with people, and besides I haven't had a good laugh since I was a child,' Zeref's inner thoughts said. After finishing breakfast, Issei quickly changed into his school uniform, and decided to where the full uniform today.

On his way to school, Issei decided to check and see if his immortality was still in play since the rest of his magic is. Finding a broken bottle in an alleyway, he took off his jacket and proceeded to cut the veins on his wrist. To his surprise, the cut heeled as though it were never there to begin with, and that caused him to frown. For his immortality meant that he would have to begin his research all over again for a way to kill an immortal. Last time it took someone of his own blood turned into a demon to kill him, this time he had nothing to work with.

Zeref now went to school with a frown on his face because of this fact, and the fact that he was still considered to be the schools pervert. Oh how he hated this little bit of fact, that is until his plan comes together, and then he will just be a normal high school student. The day was actually going good, he made a list of all the clubs he had to apologize to, the individual students, and the student council. He was sure to only keep this a mental list as not to make any confusion if someone found an actual list of girls and found out that a pervert had written it.

"Issei, hey wait up man, where are you going," his thoughts were interrupted by one of his now former friends, Motohama.

Looking back, Zeref saw that he was, of course, with Matsuda, and decided that he might as well get this over with. "I am actually wanting to talk to you guys about something, and promise me that there won't be any hard feelings when I do," Issei almost happily said.

"Dude, the tone of voice is contradictory of what you are saying, what did you get a girlfriend or something," Matsuda said.

'So, whoever revived me must have erased that Yuma girl from their memories as well, or it was Yuma herself, no point in bringing that up than.' "I actually have decided that I no longer want to be a useless pervert like the both of you. In fact, I have decided to call off in form of friendship we ever had until you two stop being perverts as well," Issei told them. Seeing their faces almost wanted him to laugh when he saw their bug eyes and slack jaws, 'this is difficult to do with a straight face.'

"You don't mean that, what about boobs, what about touching them and squeezing them," Motohama said.

"I just decided that I want more out of life than what the life of a worthless pervert could ever give me," and as Issei said this, gasps could be heard all around them. All of the students that had not yet entered the building had heard what he just said, and according to Zeref's plan, his name should be out of the pit of perverts by the time he headed home.

With everything said that Zeref had to say, he turned around and headed into the school and made his way towards his first class of the day. What a boring class that was, he had already learned everything in every subject including maths and sciences. His only trouble subject was history, it was quite different from what he knew so he actually had to pay attention in that class.

In between classes and during lunch, Zeref spent his time apologizing to the clubs and people that he had peeped on and made uncomfortable. The only trouble that he had was with the kendo club and that was only because Issei had peeped on them more than any other club. The only way around this was to face off against her in a duel for his honor, according to the kendo club president. When Zeref nodded, he saw everyone smirk as though they had won already, big mistake. They expected Issei Hyoudou to fight them, they didn't expect a four century old immortal to fight them. The match was over in a matter of seconds with Zeref winning, before he left he apologized to them once again, just to get the point across.

The last group was the student council, and he was hesitant to go to that room. With his magic back he was able to sense the dark magic pumped through the school and that meant that he could sense who it belonged to. Taking a deep breath, Zeref walked into the office of Sona Shitori, the student council president. "Madam president, may I please speak with you for a moment," Issei asked politely. Hearing a hum of approval Zeref took notice of both the president and the vice-president in the office.

Looking up Sona smiled at him, which creeped him out given her energy, and said, "ah mister Hyoudou, I heard that you were going around and apologizing to everyone you peeped on."

"Yes I am ma'am, now it is just you and the rest of female members of the council that I have yet to apologize to," Issei said politely as well.

"Wait, that is why you are here, you actually spied on us," Sona blurted out in shock.

"Yes I have, and I would like to formally apologize for my actions and ask for your forgiveness," Issei said with a bow.

Sona thought for a moment, she was suspicious at first, but who would openly admit to peeping and then ask for forgiveness if they weren't changed. It could be some kind of trick for everyone to let their guard down, but then she didn't sense any lie in his words, in fact what is more suspicious is the fact that she doesn't sense anything from him. In the past she sensed his potential, the same way that Rias did, but now she senses nothing from him, like he doesn't exist.

"I will forgive you, but only if you agree to be watched from the time you come to school to the time you leave," Sona bargained. If he was faking, and that if is growing larger by the second, then if he agreed to it he would be in the clear.

"I happily accept your terms, and I ask that you make my caretaker someone who pays attention to detail so that they can see that you have nothing to worry about," Issei asked.

This greatly surprised Sona, one because he accepted and she halfway expected him to refuse, and two because he asked for someone who takes detailed accounts. That was what through her for a loop, but two can play at that game, "Fine your caretaker will be the vice-president, tsubaki, will that be a problem."

"No ma'am, that will be fine. Does that start now or do we wait for that," Issei asked.

"No, this will start tomorrow, so don't be late," Sona advised.

Nodding once Zeref turned to leave before stopping at the door and looking over his shoulder to say, "you can decide if you wish to tell me about that magic you are trying to hide or not." With that he left with two astonished looking Devils in his wake.

Zeref was done with school for today and decided to stop by the park visit the sight where he died to see if he can pick up any stray magics. He didn't, however expect to sense a non-human presence at the other end of the park.

"So, a lowly stray devil comes for me to kill it, how wonderful," a figure in a trench-coat and a fedora said.

'So I am classified as a devil now am I, interesting,' Zeref thought. "I am sorry, but I am not a stray I am just wondering town on my own to clear my thoughts."

"Really, who's peerage are you in you stray devil," the figure said.

"I would prefer not to tell you that, so if you would excuse me, I must be going," Issei said in a very polite manner. Before he could get far however, the same type of energy that killed Issei pierced his stomach again, and again it disappeared in the same way.

"You really think I would let a stray like you leave, what would I tell the rest of the fallen angels," the figure stated.

'So, Yuma was something known as a fallen angels was she, just my luck,' Zeref thought before the unfamiliar energy he was hit with made him pass out from blood loss. If he stayed conscious a few more seconds he would have seen Rias Gremory enter into the frey.

Hyoudou residence the next morning

When Zeref woke up, the first thing he noticed was that the weight of the bed was shifted differently from how it was supposed to be. The next thing is that he was naked, which was not acceptable, not acceptable at all. Uncovering the figure in front of him revealed it to be Rias Gremory in all her naked glory. Zeref calmly got out of bed and went to get dressed for school, being use to the weird, he didn't really find this kind of thing abnormal in the grand scheme of things.

"I would have thought that the great Issei would panic when he saw me in his bed naked," he heard the voice of Rias say from the bed.

"I am not the Issei that you once may have known about, but I imagine that you will explain to me why you are in my bed naked eventually so I see no reason to dwell on it. I do have one request though, would you mind putting some clothes on," Zeref asked as he had just finished getting ready himself.

"Fine," Rias said as she got up to put her clothes on. "To explain why I was naked I have to first ask if you remember what all happened to you in these last few days." Seeing him nod she continued, "last night I healed you through my own body, and the best way to do that is to be naked. With me so far," she asked to which he nodded, "good, and the reason why we woke up like that is because after healing you, I didn't feel like teleporting so I spent the night."

"Let me guess, you also can't sleep comfortably unless you are nude, and you have something to cuddle," Zeref asked.

"You catch on faster than what I thought Issei," Rias commented.

"Can you only call me that when we are at school or in front of my parents, when we are in private like this you can call me Zeref," he said.

"Is that what you want your nickname to be because it isn't really that good," she commented again.

"I was reincarnated as Issei Hyoudou, but since you revived me as a devil, my full power and memories as Zeref Dragneel have returned," Zeref dryly said.

"Wait, you are a reincarnation, that never happens what makes you so special to be able to go against the laws of nature," Rias asked.

"Can we talk about this with the rest of your group instead of just explaining this twice," he asked a little bit irritatedly.

"Fine, I will send someone for you after school today, alright," she asked and with a nod, Zeref masked himself as Issei and left for school with Rias Gremory by his side.