Reincarnated Love

Chapter 17

Dragon God of Death

Our favorite peerage was currently headed inside of the castle in order to confront Diodora and get Asia back from him. Everyone was in full battle mode for this, Rias in a battle armor that resembled Erza's black wing armor. Akeno in her god slayer outfit, Kiba and Xenovia in the standard Kuoh academy uniform, Koneko in her nekomata form with fighting gloves. Last but not least, Zeref and Mavis both had their Earthland attires on and looked mad as all hell for what was about to happen.

As they entered the castle they were greeted with the sight of thirteen cloaked figures blocking their path to Asia. "I knew you would follow me, that's why I put together this little welcome party, now it's time to play our game," Diodora said.

"Unfortunately today's rating game has been cancelled, of course you already knew that," Rias accused with a smirk.

"So we'll play my game instead, should you refuse to play or lose, Asia will become mine," he offered before two doors opened, one on the left, the other on the right. "You'll have to fight two separate battles simultaneously, on the right path two rooks and eight pawns await. The battle on the left will be against my queen and bishops, you can split your forces any way you see fit."

"Rias, you take the others and fight the battle on the left while Mavis and I take the rooks and pawns that will undoubtedly promote to queen to fight," Zeref ordered with angry eyes.

"That isn't your call to make," Rias began before she saw Zeref look at her with rage in his eyes, it was a silent rage, but rage non the less. "Fine, you and Mavis go, but the both of you have to come back so we can all go and rescue Asia together."

"I won't have time to hold your hand or for you to give us orders either, so focus on your group while in there so Mavis and me can cut loose," he said before they were teleported to different areas to fight.

"By the way, you were right, my pawns have all promoted to queen," Diodora said as the pawns and rooks appeared in green magic circles.

"I want to fight the rooks, they should be a good way for me to show you my new fire magic type," Mavis offered before leaping towards the two and calling out, "flame god's howl." A torrent of black flames shot forth and consumed the rooks in an inferno of fire and darkness.

"That was unexpected, how did you manage that," Zeref asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You didn't think you were the only one to have a little lacrima with god slaying magic in it did you," Mavis asked rhetorically.

"You know, for a moment I did, but I guess I shouldn't have," he said before focusing on the eight pawns in front of him. "Watch and learn though, this is how you deal with weak opponents with style," with that he stuck out his right hand with the palm out. "Death orb, bolder bowling," with that, he literally through the orb as if it were a bowling ball and struck the girls down like bowling pins.

Zeref looked to Mavis and saw she was pouting her cute little pout, which made him do his family toothy grin and bring a smile to her face. They embraced each other and decided to watch and see how the fight with the queen and bishops faired against the rest of the peerage. They didn't stand a chance in hell.

When the group met up, Akeno informed them, "only the king and his two knights are left,"

"It's unorthodox to send your queen out to the front, why keep knights in reserve," Rias asked.

Zeref shot two beams of death at seemingly random corners of the grand hall they just entered and saw two bodies hit the ground. "Now it's only the king to go, we should hurry and take this guy down before he makes me mad anymore," he stated.

Suddenly a curtain on the other end of the hall rose and revealed Asia bound by a weird stone-like bonds by her arms and legs. "What took you guys so long hugh, you should have seen her face when I told her the particulars of my plan. Her expression was absolutely priceless," Diodora said from his throne at the base of her bonds.

"What do you mean details of your plan," Rias said with a glare.

"He means that he was the cause of Asia being excomunicated from the church, he knew she would be thrown out if they saw her heal him. Afterwards, he would allow Raynare to take Asia and kill her through that sacred gear extraction ceremony before swooping in and making her his," Mavis surmised.

"I never get tired of it, my favorite is the moment when a woman of faith and conviction gives into fate and despair. However dear Asia still clings to hope, she still has her dear friends, especially you Namahage, and of course he must remember the fallen angel Raynare," he asked.

Zeref thought for a moment while cleaning his ears with his pinky before he spoke, "don't remember meeting one named Raynare, but I never really cared to learn the names of those I killed that night, could you be more specific."

"After that manacle bitch had killed poor little Asia, I had planned to off Raynare and give Asia an evil piece, and I mean literally and euphemistically," Diodora suggested.

"You are disgusting," Rias said in shock.

He chuckled and said, "you may be right, I was caught off guard when Namahage interfered in my plan. I made the mistake of waiting and thinking that a pawn only worth one piece would die instantly. Then to add insult to injury, Rias comes to snatch Asia into her own peerage," he explained.

"You were behind it all from the very beginning," Rias accused.

"But don't worry, I've forgiven you, after all being a part of your club is the reason she's gotten her hopes up so high. She'll drop into the deepest despair imaginable once I kill her friends in front of her very eyes. Asia still is a virgin isn't she, I wouldn't want anyone's sloppy seconds. I would enjoying stealing her away from anyone though, our own custom version of promonocyte. Just the mere thought of taking Asia as she calls out your name is absolutely delicious," Diodora tried to antagonize.

"I would very much like to kill this guy right now, can I," Zeref asked Mavis with pleading eyes.

"Fine, just don't mess up the castle we're in to badly, I rather like the design so I would like to view it some more while intact," Mavis stated.

"You know I'm not Natsu right, I don't mindlessly destroy things," he said as he walked towards the captor and his captive.

"Remind me again who destroyed our room five times since we moved in," she asked rhetorically making him pause in his walk.

"If you remember correctly, that was mainly the both of us, or do you not remember that you literally had that sadism faze that same week," Zeref asked.

"Oh yeah, that was fun," Mavis mumbled as she thought back to that time and had a blush on her face with a content smile.

"Excuse me, but can Zeref save Asia now, because I really don't want to be without one of my friends," Rias asked.

"Sorry, you know how me and Mavis get when we get started," Zeref said in a dignified manner as he continued his walk.

"Nice try, but I have snake direct from Ophis, supposedly so venomous, it's bite is rumored to be an infinite hell," Diodora stated just before a hand was thrust through his chest.

Diodora looked up to see that it was Zeref who plunged his right hand through the noble devil's chest, and just before his heart was ripped out. Diodora looked into the black mage's eyes and saw death itself, eyes full of blood and carnage and untold destruction.

"What are you," he asked in fear of this monster before him.

"Death," was all Zeref said before ripping Diodora's heart out and using the other hand to behead the scum of the earth and destroying him once and for all.

"That was just as anticlimactic as the other fights, why can't these people just be smart enough to not fight overpowered people," Mavis said before her black flames finally ate through the binds that held Asia. Kiba was fast enough to catch her before she hit the ground, and helped to keep her steady as she stood on her own.

"Asia, thank god, I wouldn't know what I'd do if you were gone, I mean it," Xenovia said as she began to cry.

"I'm not going anywhere because I'll always have you to protect me, right Xenovia," Asia asked as she whipped the girl's tears away.

"You can count on me, I'll look out for you know matter what the future holds for us," she said with conviction.

Rias came up behind Asia and hugged her in a caring embrace and caused the girl to look at her and say, "I'm sorry."

"You haven't done anything to apologize for, I'm just glad you're back with us where we can keep you safe," Rias stated.

"Yes, I feel the same way," Asia said with a happy smile.

"I'm so glad that Asia's back, but now my brain's freaking out about all the scary stuff that happened today," Gasper cried.

"It's alright, there, there Gaspy," Koneko cooed as she patted the half vampire on the head.

"This is all well and good, but can we leave, or at least go exploring the castle, Mavis said she might like to recreate her version at home," Zeref said.

"Alright, but before we go I'd like to say a little prayer," Asia asked as she knelt down on the red rug and began to pray.

After she began to pray she began to be enveloped by a golden light from nowhere, but before she could, Mavis acted without thinking and grabbed Asia and through her out of the light before everything within disappeared. There was nothing left of her where she just saved Asia, not even a trace of her magic energy was left.

"Mavis, Mavis you need to come out now, this isn't at all funny," Zeref said in a very low voice with his hair covering his eyes. He didn't pay attention to the ramblings of the rest of his peerage members, all he could do was stand there and try to feel for her magic.

A green magic circle came from above and out came a man that said, "deer little sister of the despicable and fake devil king. Who I am is the one true descendent of the great devil Beelzebub, I a Shalba Beelzebub."

"What do you want," Rias asked with a voice full of hate and a glare to match. "You know what, it doesn't matter who you are or what you want, you will still suffer for what you did to Mavis," she said as her power soared.

"Little sister of the imposter Sirzechs, nothing personal but I think I will kill you," Shalba said as he raised his right hand and the symbol of Ophis appeared on it.

They then hear footsteps and looked to see Zeref walking around saying in a strained voice, "Mavis, you have to come out now, this is no time for jokes or play time. I don't know why I can't find you, but you have to come out, we need to go home and have our victory party over Diodora, I know you can't resist it. Come on, don't make me draw you out with my grin, I know how you can't handle my grin, come out, please," he dropped to his hands and knees and began to cry out her name.

"He's lost it," Kiba whispered to himself.

"Where is Mavis, what have you done to her," Rias yelled out to the man.

"Would the black filth over there being a crybaby like to know where that girl went, I sent her far beyond our reality into the dimensional gap. The exposure has surely consumed her flash by now, to put it simply, the bitch is dead," Shalba said plainly.

The crying then stopped, the room was silent except for the sound of Zeref moving, he stood up and began walking without any look of balance in his step. Ddraig appeared on his arm and he spoke in a very strained voice, "Rias Gremory, I am currently holding back a power wave you cannot withstand. You must leave or you will be disintegrated within moments of witnessing what you are about to see, go now I can only give you enough time to teleport," he yelled out and all the devils had no choice but to do so.

Because not one second after he said that did the black aura of death and destruction erupt from Zeref's form and began to eat away at the very stone of the castle. The Gremory peerage had no choice but to flee for their very lives at that moment, they could only teleport and wait to see the aftermath of what is to come. With the peerage gone, Zeref's entire power exploded out and engulfed the land within a black aura as if the life was being sucked out of everything.

"This isn't possible, only the two dragon gods have this much power," Shalba said as he saw the amount of destruction that was unleashed by the power.

If you listened closely within the power, you could hear the voice of Zeref chant, "I, who am about to awaken, am the heavenly dragon who has stolen the principals of domination from God. I laugh at the infinite, and I grieve at the dream, I shall become the black dragon of domination. And I shall sink you into the depths of the black purgatory, Juggernaut Drive."

Out of the blackness of the aura came forth a creature unlike what anybody had ever seen before, a creature resembling that of a dragon but not a dragon anybody has ever seen before. This dragon was black all over and had dark navy blue orbs at its main points all over itself, it looked like something out of a nightmare.

"What is this feeling of dread and despair," Shalba asked himself before the eyes of the dragon landed on him, the dark crimson eyes of the dragon that promised him his own death. It was over in an instant, not even the victim of the beast knew he was dead until after the moment. The creature used his tail and obliterated the devil's entire being into nothing but atom within a millisecond.

"I thought it would be the Juggernaut Drive, but this is completely unreal," the voice of Vali came through as he looked at the crater made form the power of the creature.

"It's a good thing you found me then, otherwise I would have been trapped there while this happened," Mavis came through the same whole that Vali had.

"You can't seriously think that you can take that creature on do you," Bikou asked as he and Arthur came through the same whole in space.

"I'm the only one that can," she said before jumping right towards the creature and landing on its snout staring directly into its eyes. "Zeref, what are you doing, turn back now because I don't think you want to have to touch me with dragon claws instead of your own hands."

The creature shook its head in order to knock her off of him, but she held firm and refused to let go, no matter how hard it shook its head. It reached up to grab a hold of what was on its snout, and when it did, it saw a girl with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. The creature stumbled around for a bit and seemed to be in an internal struggle with itself as it suddenly dropped Mavis and howled in pain.

The creature pounded its head onto the ground and was beginning to make itself bleed from the pounding, only when it felt someone grab onto its arm did it stop. It stopped to look to who would grab onto a raging beast and saw the girl that grabbed its snout and wouldn't let go, she was crying.

"Please, please come back to yourself, don't leave me alone after everything we've been through, not now that we found each other again," Mavis cried onto the creature's arm as it just stared at her.

The armor of the creature started to crack and before too long, it shattered out and faded to dust to reveal the form of Zeref there. He fell and hit the ground before Mavis could catch him, but looked no worse for wear considering what he was moments ago.

When she finally reached him, she cradled his body in her arms while crying over his form. "I have just committed two of the greatest of all the sins," she heard him mumble.

"You didn't commit any sins, you big dummy," Mavis said as she held him tighter.

"I failed to protect you, that was one, but on top of that I made you cry, even though I promised I would never do that again," Zeref said.

"That isn't a sin, that's life, but you are always forgiven Zeref," she said as she kissed him lovingly.

"Excuse me, but you are Zeref Dragneel, correct," they heard the voice of a little girl come through, and it sounded emotionless. They broke the kiss and looked to see a little girl with black hair in a gothic lolita outfit with quite a few pieces missing. The most noticeable is her shirt where only x-shaped black tape covered her nipples.

"Yes I am, and I guess you are Ophis if I am not mistaken," Zeref said to the girl.

"Yes I am, now take a look there and you will see something that not many get to," Ophis said as she pointed to a crack in the dimensional plain. Out came forth a huge red dragon with a dark gray underbelly and a single golden horn fly though the sky. "That is the dragon of dragons, he is often called dxd, the true red dragon god emperor, Great Red," the dragon turned its head ever so slightly to look in their direction before giving a subtle nod.

"So that is Great Red," Mavis mentioned.

"Yes, he chooses to live in my home, the dimensional gap, and fly around for all eternity in there and make it a place without silence," Ophis informed.

"I'm guessing that's your end goal, a place to live with silence, that was what I wanted at one time as well," Zeref told her.

"Yes it is, but I am here to grant you something, me and Great Red have talked and have come to the conclusion that you are to become the new dragon god," she announced.

This came to a shock for everyone, especially those who came in to check and see what exactly happened with a huge power that came from this direction. Those are, Sirzechs, Serafall, Ajuka, baraquiel, Azazel, Tannin, Odin, Rossweisse, Irina, Sairaorg, and the rest of Rias's peerage.

"You are too become the Dragon God of Death alongside me, the Infinite Dragon God, the Ouroboros Dragon, and Great Red, true Red Dragon God Emperor," Ophis announced.

"Hold up a minute, why am I being called the Dragon God of Death, and why am I even becoming one of you anyway," Zeref asked.

"You have shown that you alone hold the power of death while no other has that power, you also have as much power as either me or Great Red, therefor you are now the Dragon God of Death," she said plainly.

"What if I refuse," he asked in a serious tone.

"You will still have that title to me and Great Red, that was why he gave that subtle nod of approval, you can go by whatever you wish, but to all dragons and gods, you will be Dragon God of Death. And before you say something about not being a dragon, you possess Ddraig, you are now a dragon in the dragon god's eyes," Ophis said before disappearing in a flash of purple.

"So I'm the girlfriend to a dragon god now, I'm not doing too bad for myself if I do say so," Mavis mentioned while she kissed him in a deep embrace.

"True, let's go home so I can show you a good time as the newly christened Dragon God of Death, might even earn another title before the night is over with." Zeref whispered in her ear suggestively before they both teleported away and left a shocked as hell audience.

"Please tell me that I don't now have a dragon god as a pawn in my peerage," Rias asked to anybody who might tell her.

"Sorry, but lord Zeref is now the Dragon God of Death to all us dragons, I don't even know why I just called him lord Zeref," Tannin said in frustration.

"Don't worry, it's not like we can't all take him on if we fought together, besides we have our very own lightning god slayer on our side," Azazel said while gesturing to Akeno.

"Even with my god slaying power, I've never once come anywhere close to beating Zeref, the only time I even saw him be defeated was him passing out from embarrassment," Akeno informed.

"How did that happen," Serafall asked.

"It was open house and he made something for Mavis, but it was a sculpture of her in a bikini made from clay, he got so embarrassed that he fainted," Kiba said.

"So the only way to win is to embarrass him, we're dead if he turns into an enemy aren't we," Sirzechs calmly asked, nobody had the heart to tell him yes they were.

A/N: I know that this chapter isn't long, and you hate me for what I did to Mavis, but let me inform you that I almost cried when I was writing that scene. Don't hate me for the new title of Zeref either, I think it's fitting considering that he could become a god in the dxd universe. Also, any issues with Mavis having fire god slaying magic, if so you should understand my reasoning. I thought it was time for Mavis to have a power that honored her Phenex roots while also being black like the magic of Zeref.