Reincarnated Love

Chapter 18

Harem Application-Denied

All of the peerage, minus Zeref and Mavis, Azazel, Irina, Rossweisse, Grayfia, and Sirzechs were currently sitting around the living room of Zeref's waiting for him and Mavis to be done upstairs so they can talk about what happened back in the underworld. Everyone looked nervous, there has never been anyone that could match the dragon gods, and now there was someone who could not only match them, but was chosen by them to become one. Everyone looked to the way of the steps when they heard the sound of boots walking on the ground coming for them, and it only made everyone more nervous.

"Let's get this started then, Zeref, I would like to know if you now classify yourself as a devil or not, and if so then don't mention this to anyone," Sirzechs stated.

Zeref and Mavis just glanced their way for a moment before Zeref went to the kitchen and Mavis decided to sit on the couch, and when he came back he handed her a drink and set on the couch next to her. Nobody said anything until Zeref spoke, "Irina, I thought we were friends, did you really have so little faith in me not talking that you thought not to tell me."

"It's not that, I have all the faith in the world in you and all my friends, it's just that lord Michael ordered me to follow Azazel's orders, and so I couldn't disobey," Irina reasoned.

"That makes sense, but next time, think a little more deeply, if a part of a plan seems wrong to you, bring that point up," Mavis stated.

"Next time I will, I promise," she responded.

"Good, now then, why didn't you think it wise to tell the rest of us about this little plan of yours, you should have known that between Mavis and me we would've put up protection spells of the highest caliber. In fact, we both did a multi-layered spell where only authorized transmissions, both magical and non-magical types, are allowed through. You failed to even think about this simple detail because of your own ego and pride in your own brain, which is better than average, but still not up to our level," Zeref stated bluntly.

"How was I supposed to know that, you two could forget something as simple as privacy spells so there was no way of knowing if you put them up for enemies," Azazel defended.

"Wrong, enemies and making love are two very different things, I put mine up when I first was brought into the fold, and Mavis put hers up when she was brought in. The spells we used were from our world, and the only way around it is to know of our world's magic to a level equal to us, and we are the only two," he reasoned back.

"Another thing is that a good strategist reviews the psychology of every friend and foe in order to achieve their victory, you didn't think of doing this so from now on we will follow our own thoughts," Mavis added.

"What makes you an expert," Azazel asked looking really ticked off that kids are talking down to him, Azazel, a man that has lived longer than most in the room combined.

"I have studied every chronical of warfare at the disposal of devils and humanity, and I've won numerous battles with my strategies as well, and I've never lost a single one," Mavis answered back.

"Let's get back on topic of this meeting, Zeref, do you still consider yourself a devil or not," Sirzechs asked, and he looked ticked off as well, kids should not look down on those older than themselves.

Zeref gave Mavis a look that said to go ahead, she sighed before stating, "he does consider himself a devil for the time being, and he had decided that even while being told about being the new dragon god of death, he will keep it to himself."

"Why can't he answer for himself, did I in particular do something wrong in his eyes again that lead him to not answering me himself," he asked while sounding quite offended.

"Because of you not wanting to think about some of the aspects of your strategist's plan, you needlessly put your sister in harm's way, again, because all of the issues with Diodora could have been avoided if everyone was let in on the plan. It is actions like that Zeref and I hate the most, but because of my more empathetic nature, I'm not as mad about it as he is, and that's why he's not talking to you directly," Mavis stated flawlessly.

"I'm tired of this, I am not a failure as a brother and Azazel is not a failure of a strategist, just because you would have done things differently does not mean that our decision was wrong," Sirzechs said very dangerously.

"Correct on only one account, we would have done things differently, and that is the only correct statement made, the fact that his actions could have led to the death of Rias, your little sister, was wrong. The fact that you chose the good of others instead of what was best for your little sister, means you're a failure of a brother. Just to be clear, what was best for your sister, was for her to follow her own heart, not be married off like an auctioned cow ready for breading. The difference between Mavis, myself, and the both of you, is that we take into account the variables mentioned before we make plans," Zeref said with his own tone of voice which radiated danger.

"Calm down Zeref, let's go for a walk and cool our heads while they talk amongst themselves, I need some fresh air anyway," Mavis said as she lead him out the door before anyone else could speak.

"That could have gone better, or worse depending on how you look at it," Rossweisse commented before anyone else could speak.

"I noticed that you kids didn't say anything, there a reason for that," Grayfia surprisingly asked this time.

"We agree with Zeref and Mavis about everything they said, perhaps not the way it was said, but we agree none the less," Rias spoke for everyone.

"What you all did, whether or not you think it was fine, is not my problem, it's the lack of faith in our group that we would've been so easily spied on," Akeno said.

"It was also that we have been swung back and forth in games almost the entire time this peerage has existed, games and agendas that we're never allowed information on because of our age," Kiba said.

"We have more combat experience than most other young devils put together, or have you forgotten that detail," Xenovia mentioned.

"You treat us as though we're merely combat weapons and tools to be used with no actual brain power of our own," Asia said in a rare moment of bravery.

"I think the others are right, don't be mad at me," Gasper said before retreating inside his box.

"Just tools," Koneko stated with monotone.

"It's not that we look at you as tools, but certain circumstances have made it seem that way, but that's not the case," Sirzechs stated firmly.

"Could've fooled us," was all Rias said before her and the rest of the peerage, and Irina and Rossweisse, left the room.

A few days later walking to the clubroom

"I wonder what's going to happen between us and the chaos brigade now, I mean, it's not like they're going to risk going against you," Mavis asked Zeref as they were walking to the clubroom.

"To be honest, as long as I can get a decent fight in I'm good, I can literally feel my power getting sloppy because I have to fight weak opponents," Zeref stated before looking ahead and noticing Koneko.

"Hey Koneko, what're you doing here," Mavis asked.

"Picking up Gaspy and taking him to the bread eating race, what about you," Koneko asked back.

"I came to pick up my project for a class, and Mavis has to pick up her stuff she didn't feel like putting into her requipp space," Zeref answered.

"Zeref, you don't have to say that out loud, people will begin to think I'm lazy, like you," Mavis teased.

"I'm not lazy, I just don't enjoy doing much of anything if I can't exert myself to the fullest, which I only get to do in one thing," he answered back looking at her suggestively.

She immediately blushed and looked back at him, "you can't just say things like that in front of people, what if someone heard you, they would get the wrong impression."

"What others think is of no consequence to me, my only concern is what you think of me, and even then, you like me for me, don't you," Zeref teased.

"Why are you teasing me so much today, you hardly ever actually tease me back, and when you do it's before we go into a battle," Mavis question with a cute pout.

"Because I'm in a good mood and why is Gasper lying on the floor," he asked that last part because Gasper was indeed lying on the floor. They ran over to him to wake him up and see what's wrong, the answer they got, wasn't what they wanted.

"Zeref, thank goodness, it's you isn't it, the real one," Gasper said groggily, and that was all they needed in order to know what was going down.

They burst through the door and found a copy of Zeref standing coolly with his left arm wrapped around the waist of Rias while her left arm wrapped around his neck as she leaned into his arm almost looking sideways. Rias's eyes is what drew Zeref and Mavis though, her eyes held the power of Loki, and they didn't like it, or how he got to her. Before they could say anything, Rias gathered the power of destruction in her hands while Zeref teleported them out of the danger zone while the old school building blew up.

They were teleported to behind the old school building under a tree as not to be seen by any students who came up to see about the explosion. The rest of the peerage, Sona, and Irina came up to them as Zeref leaned Koneko up against a tree and Mavis leaned Gasper. "Zeref, what happened back there," Asia asked as Zeref and Mavis performed a quick diagnostic spell on Koneko and Gasper to see if anything was damaged.

"We're still not clear on any of the details, but what happened," Akeno asked them.

"I'm ashamed that something like this could happen on school property, but where's Rias," Sona asked.

Koneko and Gasper looked down in saddness, so it was left to Zeref to answer, "we got a good look at her eyes before the explosion, she's been taken over by a spell."

"A spell with Loki's magic signature attached to it," Mavis finished the reveal just as Azazel and Rossweise began walking over to them.

"Zeref and Mavis are right, we got an emergency call from Asgard, Loki was definitely responsible," Azazel stated to everyone gathered.

"Let's discuss this further at my house, any more and we'll draw unnecessary attention to ourselves," Zeref stated as him and Mavis began walking to their house.

Zeref's house

"So now we have to deal with a fake Zeref in the mix," Irina asked after she and everyone else heard the story form those present at the events.

"It's true, he was an exact double," Gasper stated.

"His aura and scent were both practically identical to Zeref's, except the double didn't have the scent of death on him," Koneko informed.

"His scent," Kiba said questioningly hoping she would explain further.

"If the real Zeref wasn't standing right next to me when I saw his doppelganger, I would only be able to tell the difference thanks to Zeref smelling like death," she explained.

"How can you be so certain that Loki was responsible for the attack," Akeno asked as she was the highest-ranking member of the peerage there, it was left with her in charge.

"You mean other than the fact that Rias was radiating Loki's magic, why don't you inform them Azazel," Zeref stated.

"Because the cocky bastard took credit for it, he told of how he did a last-minute curse on Rias only, Zeref wasn't affected, and when he was done speaking, he put a magic barrier around himself," Azazel informed.

"The act of a true coward," Xenovia exclaimed as she rose to her feet.

"Sometimes the psychological approach can be more effective than merely defeating an enemy in combat, I suffered with it for a long time," Kiba stated.

"But I still don't understand why Loki would go through all this trouble," Gasper stated in confusion.

"He wants the twilight of the gods, ragnarok, the ultimate end to existence as we know it," Azazel informed him. "By the way, how are you holding up Sirzechs," he asked the hologram of said devil king and Ajuka Beelzebub off by the window in the living room.

"I am the devil king first and a concerned brother second, and no matter what some others might think I ought to do, I will conduct myself according to my station in this matter," Sirzechs stated.

"Glad to hear your keeping a clear head," Azazel commented before Zeref could say anything, and boy did he want to.

"Per our last message from asgard, it will take a rather long time for them to get through Loki's barrier, which is a luxury we don't have," the devil king said.

"We just need to get him to talk, find out exactly where Rias has been moved," the fallen's leader stated the obvious.

"My sources tell me she has been taken to the dimensional gap," Sirzechs said in monotone.

"Isn't that where Mavis was sent to by pushing Asia out of the way," Akeno asked as Asia gasped and Mavis looked a little board.

"I have searched the kingdoms of gods and devils alike, it is the only remaining possibility," Ajuka said.

"So, if we can get there, we should be able to save Rias, right," Xenovia asked.

"The void in the dimensional gap doesn't behave according to our laws of time and space, if Vali hadn't stumbled across Mavis at that precise moment while traveling, we could have lost her in there forever," Azazel informed.

"Actually, I was fairing quite well in there for about a whole minute, I even did a few tricks in the gap for the fun of it, so me and Zeref can go there with no problem," Mavis stated with a smile.

"Anyone else in this room wanting to try their hands at killing immortals, because I do," Ajuka commented, and he wasn't even in the room really.

"Wait, how was Vali and his friends able to do it, it's not like they're immortal," Akeno asked.

"The chaos brigade is a diverse assortment, with members from all factions, they must be using a method still unknown to our coalition," Azazel guessed.

"It could be possible, we'd have to lock existence on this plain, we could use this world as a beacon of sorts," Ajuka suggested.

"No need for that, I'll just make a quick call and then we'll meet up with Vali and use his team's technique to travel through there as a peerage. It was our king who got cursed in the first place," Zeref said as he took out his phone and called Kuroka and put it on speaker. "Hey Kuroka, it's Zeref, listen I need you to help a guy out, can you tell whoever that sets up that barrier for Vali to use while in the dimensional gap to help us?"

"I could, but what's in it for me, I'm already teaching Shirone shinjutsu and told her everything about that night, but what's in it for me if I set up the meeting," Kuroka asked.

"I'll talk Vali into letting you have his babies so you can have a powerful dragon lineage started," he offered since he heard from Koneko that she wanted that.

"I don't want Vali anymore, after all the time I've trained Shirone, I couldn't help but fallen in love with you, but I know you won't cheat or love anyone other than Mavis. So, the deal is this, if someone ever does find a way to kill an immortal and it's a one off, you and me get together if that ever happens," she offered.

"Let me call you back in five minutes," Zeref stated in a monotone voice, once he hung up, he calmly walked outside, where he sent up a massive blast of death magic leaving all the humans wondering what happened.

Once he walked back inside he was greeted with everyone looking at him, but only Mavis being the only one brave enough to say anything. "I know you don't want to, but would you rather deal with Sirzech's whining about how we didn't save his sister or have someone to keep you company if I ever die. The death scenario will never happen, but let's just say that it's possible for a second, if you didn't have a backup, then you would go off your rocker without me. What would be the death toll on the world, underworld, and heaven population if you ran wild after my death with nobody to real you in."

"Not even the other two dragon gods would be safe from my wrath, but I would rather not have to deal with the failure's constant whining, so fine," he grudgingly dialed the number again. "Fine, you can be my backup incase Mavis ever does die, and no, you cannot bring in anyone else, this is just so I don't go berserk and kill everyone in my path, understand?"

"I understand, and don't worry, in the mean time I won't go looking for such a thing, but if you and Mavis ever want a three way, you have my number. Now I'll contact Arthur and talk to him, he's the one that is able to let us go in and out of that place, call back when ready," Kuroka stated before hanging up.

"I thought you didn't want a harem, this sounds like the making of one," Azazel asked with a grin.

"Traditionally, harems are made up of four or more people, this would be a threesome, would be if I ever planned on her and I getting together. Eternity is a long time, and in that time Mavis could die and what killed her could need recharging. The only question is would you want a dragon god's power level wreaking havoc, or would you want a contingency plan just in case," Zeref asked.

"Not only that, but we can't have just anyone, if it was anyone, it needs to be someone who Zeref can stand to actually touch him in that way. From what I can see, only Kuroka fits that description, would you rather have life or death," Mavis also asked.

"I'd rather have life, but when Rias finds out, you know she'll be pissed," Azazel said with a frown at how logical they make their arguments.

"She can get over it, I will never have a harem and if she can't see that, she can burn for all I care," Zeref said with a shrug.

"Our very way of life is under constant siege by those terrorists in the chaos brigade, the underworld was attacked again yesterday, and the casualties from this most recent assault are still being tallied. Families from every corner of the realm are left grieving for the departed tonight, we can't associate ourselves with such filth. Collusion with the chaos brigade to save the devil king's sister, the people would stand against me," Sirzechs stated.

"If the public heard about our collaboration with Vali Lucifer, in no time at all, Shalba Beelzebub would find a way to spin the civil unrest to his advantage, so this decision could affect the stability of the underworld" Ajuka stated.

"You and I both know that whatever you say, the peerage is still going to find some way to go, so why are you even talking right now," Zeref asked rhetorically.

"We're going, you want to stop us, try and see how long you'll last, but we will be going, so save your breath," Mavis said sweetly.

"The whole peerage as well, we owe Rias too much to abandon her," Akeno stated as she and the rest of the peerage stepped beside the couple.

"We're fully prepared to sacrifice anything we can to bring her home safely," Kiba said.

"Rias took me in when I had no one else and treated me like a little sister, there is no way I can sit back and do nothing while she suffers," Asia said with closed eyes.

"Sirzechs, I remember making a promise the day you put me under your sister's care, I intend to make good on it, I swore I'd protect her, with my life if needed," Koneko stated with emotion.

"She gave me a forever home," Gasper said while Zeref and Mavis formed a small sweat drop each and thought, 'just say home.'

"Rias gave me a new lease on life, taking me in when I thought I lost everything," Xenovia said.

"We're going, with or without permission, and just so you know, I'm going as the dragon god of death, not a devil, so what authority do you have over me," Zeref asked with a sick grin.

"I thought you said you consider yourself a devil, are you going back on your word," Sirzechs asked, nobody breaks deals with him, well, almost nobody.

"I never gave you my word on that, should have gotten it in writing, huh, but we should be going Kuroka could call at any moment," he said back just as his phone went off with Kuroka's caller I.D. on it.

"I got you the meeting with him, it's at your destroyed clubhouse, see you later honey," was all Kuroka said before hanging up.

"I have a feeling that she will be more trouble than it's worth in the future, let's go, have fun waiting for a beat-up Rias," Zeref said before him and the rest of the peerage disappeared in a magic circle.

"Did he just say a beat-up Rias, he's not planning what I think he's planning is he," Irina asked Rossweisse.

"I don't want to know, or think about what this is going to bring," Azazel commented when he saw the look of anger on Sirzechs's face.

Old school house

When they got to the destroyed school building, Arthur was already there waiting for them with a glowing yellow sword in hand. "The holy royal sword, Collbrande, past to the heirs to the pendragon name, it bestows the power to rule, and cuts a path between dimensions," Arthur stated.

"Thanks for the informative lesson, but can we hurry this up, I've wanted a good excuse to put Rias's pride in it's true place and this is just the time to do it," Zeref said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Take a moment to prepare yourselves, the trip is fraught with danger," he said before stabbing his holy sword into the ground and letting a sphere of light engulf the peerage. After a moment or two he took the sword from the ground and turned to swing in a downward slant, tearing a hole in space as it cut through the air. Everyone was instantly inside of the cut and inside the dimensional gap not long after that, only wavy colors seemed to exist inside the gap, a never-ending void of wavy colors. They couldn't tell which colors were present because of Arthur's golden light field of course, but they could tell that it was vast and almost indescribable. Arthur put more of his magic into the sword and the small ball of light they were in grew to encompass a mass area. "Stay within the light, leave the field and you'll be swallowed by the nothingness, be aware this field will remain stable for one human world hour. Once the time limit has been reached, you will be ejected into our dimension, and to find Rias, you will need conviction. The strength of the gap can direct the flow, but not for the weak of heart, make sure to steal your hearts against its forces."

"Don't underestimate a Dragneel's hope for a fight, it's stronger than any gap," Zeref said with a toothy sick grin.

"Very well, I shall go now, goodbye," Arthur said before turning and walking into a small portal back to the home dimension.

They were left standing there for a few more moments until Xenovia spoke, "how should we start searching in a place where left and right are completely meaningless?"

"It's not only left or right, I can't tell what's up or down," Gasper stated in fear.

"Don't worry, Rias will be here very soon, and I can't wait for it," Zeref stated before a portal like Arthur went through appeared and out came Rias looking evil in the eyes.

"Rias we found you, come with us," Xenovia stated.

"I'm so glad," Asia exclaimed on the brink of tears before hovering to Rias's point, who then proceeded to almost attack Asia with a blast of destruction if it wasn't for Akeno moving her out of the way.

"Didn't you idiots listen to anything I said before, she's been cursed and in that curse, she sees us as enemies, so let me explain it to you in a better way. Think of Rias as a house, her mind is herself, she has been kidnapped and is held within her own house as a hostage, the only way to free her is to beat up the kidnappers and force them out. Is there a better way you wish for me to explain that Mavis or do you think they understand that," Zeref asked as he cracked his neck.

"That was fine, I think they got it, beat her up until she has to come with us for treatment would have made them worry anyway, but hope you enjoy the fight," Mavis said before she and the others backed away from him.

Rias rose her hand and shot a blast of destruction at Zeref, his response, to grin and swat it away like you would a fly. "Is that really the power that gave you the title of ruin princess, pathetic Gremory," he said before another blast was shot at him with the same results. "Pathetic, you can't even fight using your own emotions, and I actually thought giving you requip was a good idea, with no emotion you truly are pathetic." That got even more of a reaction out of her, her magic skyrocketed through her anger at his taunts as a shard was brought forth from her chest.

The shard was a scale from Zeref's balance breaker armor, how Loki got that was beyond him, but who cares, this just got a lot more exiting. "Requip," they heard Rias shout and soon a red light took over her form, and soon a soon a red dragon armor wearing Rias stood in her place. "Red dragon empress," Rias stated in a tone reminiscent of Erza to Mavis, and that alone shone the power it had.

Then they heard a Ddraig start sounding off one boost after another for what sounded like minutes upon minutes, and in the end stood a very powerful Rias. "I counted a thousand boosts to your power, you're making me very excited, I can't wait to tear into you," the look in Zeref's eye was almost evil as his eyes went from coal black to crimson red. In an instant of a single blink, Zeref formed two black spheres, one in each hand, and solidified them and making them look like black crystal balls. "Black shards," the spheres broke into hundreds of shards and flew straight for Rias who created a wave of destruction and destroyed them to create thousands of needle-like splinters instead. Zeref smirked, "black needle entrapment," all needles converged on Rias as she curled up into a ball to protect her exposed areas and caused the needles to hit dragon scale armor instead.

She ejected her arms outward and shattered the protective barrier that held back the dimensional gap from getting to the others. Not long after, maybe ten seconds, a portal swallowed up everyone else except Mavis sense she could stay here all she wanted. So, she did stay to watch the fight, who knows, maybe she'll learn a few new tricks against Rias when she would inevitably have to fight her if she didn't back off from Zeref.

"You shouldn't have done that, I always hold back when those that aren't used to seeing me fight are here, and now that they aren't, I can fade into the wonderful blackness that draws in all death," Zeref said with a twisted grin. Indeed, he did fade into the darkness that came with the gap, like a shadow at night, the blend was so perfect that you couldn't tell it was there.

Rias searched with both eyes and her senses, but could only find Mavis standing some ways off watching the fight with a sweet smile on her face. Then the unexpected happened, she felt pain, pain that coursed through her entire body like she never felt before, and she had to withstand pain resistance training with Kyouka. She looked to where the pain was and saw that Zeref was behind her with his hand through her right shoulder, literally through her shoulder in a bloody heap. Before she could react to anything else, Zeref was in front of her with his bloody hand around her neck chocking it with only muscle strength.

"Since I know you're listening in, I bet you thought I would give some emotional speech about how Rias was oh so great, didn't you, but the thing is Loki, I don't care about her that way. In fact, I barely care about her or any of those other people at all, the only one I care about is Mavis and she cares about Rias enough to go this far for her so I have to as well. So, if you were betting that I wouldn't have the will or conviction in my duty as her pawn to attack her, you have your intel very wrong," he informed.

Loki, looking in through Rias's eyes, looked on in his own horror as his plan went up in flames as he saw Zeref pound Rias with punch after punch to anything he felt like hitting. The gut, shoulders, spine, jaw, cranium, legs, and even going so far as to punch her breasts with enough force equal to a cannon ball. When Zeref was sure she had enough was when he let up on the beating, and by then the armor had taken such a beating that it was destroyed and all that was left was an unconscious Rias.

"Better get her back to the others, wouldn't want them to think I killed their king, would I, Mavis," Zeref asked her before teleporting Rias back to the rest of the peerage.

"No you wouldn't, but why did you beat her so bad, surely you could have knocked her out before the fighting began, it's not like you actually enjoyed the fight, nice act though," Mavis replied.

"Now how would you know that I was acting, especially if I was a pretty good actor that it was a nice act," he asked her with a mischievous smirk.

"Because I can see right through you, and we both know that was an act, to bad she won't remember it with the mind control in place, but seeing as how the message to Loki was clear, can you really complain," she asked with her own smirk.

"We should probably get back, I've already seen big red and I know he's on his way, though I do suppose we have a little time before we have to go back, want to spar," Zeref asked.

"And risk you winning our always in standing bet on how we spend our night together, which for me is fun but sorer in the morning, I don't think so," Mavis denied.

"Fine, but the next one will be worse," he stated as he made a teleportation circle and teleported them home.

Zeref's home

The moment they stepped outside of the circle, a fist connected with Zeref's face, he just stood in place as the fist broke his nose, and looking past said fist found a very angry red-haired devil king. "Do you have any idea how bad a shape Rias was in when she was literally dropped on the table in front of us," he asked in a growl.

Sirzechs pulled his fist back and allowed Zeref to straighten his momentarily crooked nose before the fallen angels' leader spoke, "how did you beat her this badly, I thought for sure you would pull back a little."

"I did pull back, quite a lot actually, even went so far as to verbally abuse her to through her off, and yes I do know how bad a shape she was in when I sent her to where Asia was. The reason I know is because I put her in that shape, any other pointless questions because it's been a rather long and tiring day, I'm going to bed," Zeref stated before turning to walk out.

"By the way Asia, here's the templates for everything we've done for the last few weaks like promised," Mavis said while she handed over everything they did, and yes it was how the made love together.

"Thank you so much, I've been getting so much fan mail for new stuff, but with this information from my creative team I can finish it," Asia said with a wink as she finished healing Rias.

"What are you talking about," Sirzechs asked with an extremely annoyed look on his face.

"Asia's second book based on our love life, her first one was so good it made to the New York Times best seller list in America, her fans have been dying for more from her," Mavis stated with a sweet smile.

"Wait, what book," Azazel asked in shock and hope that it wasn't what he thought it was.

"That report you made her write about mine and Mavis's first time, she made an actual book out of it with her writing skills, we sent it to a publisher and one thing led to another and her book was a great hit all around the world. Ever since then, as her creative team, we've kept her up to date on everything we did in the bedroom, and in return we get a check as the creative team behind the brilliant author known as Asia Argento. Any other dumb questions that need answering twin failure pack," Zeref explained before heading upstairs with Mavis.

"I really hate those two, I swear they're getting more and more out of control with each passing day, and the girls living here are just loving it," Azazel noted with a hint of fear.

"Yes, if this keeps going then we might have more and more fights to cause issue during fights with the chaos brigade, we need to be ready for that eventuality," Sirzechs stated with a frown.

"Don't go thinking about taking Mavis away from him, nobody would survive his wrath if you did," Grayfia stated as she pulled the cheek of Sirzechs.

"I wouldn't even dream of it, they're both immortal and hence, any damage done is only as good as a prick on a finger, we need an actual truce, and I have an idea for that," he said with a smirk.

'You are going to get killed if you do what I think you're doing, so I'm just going to stay out of it as long as possible,' Azazel thought to himself.

A few days later

Zeref was sitting at his seat in the ORC room with Mavis by his side as they did their homework, in truth they could have this done in no time at all, but it was nice to slow down now and again. They were so engrossed in working with each other that they didn't notice the rest of the peerage come in with a pack of papers in hand until it was dropped in front of them. When Zeref looked up he saw the entire peerage, including the newest member Rossweisse as the newest rook. The look they each had in their eyes was not a good look for devils to have, not by a long shot.

"What's with that look," Zeref finally asked as he noticed that Kiba and Gasper hanged back, so it was the girls' plan, meaning a seducing attempt.

"I remembered you mentioning that you were always a good emperor and always followed the law and interest of the people, is that still true," Rias asked with a sling on her arm, she still had some damage that was left to heal.

"I'm not going to like this am I," he stated as Rias took the first page of the stack that was on the table.

"The following is a list of names for those that wish to be in Zeref's harem that will be enacted when the petition has been completed:
and from hence forth, all debate about the topic shall be put to silence," Rias announced. She then motioned down to the rest of the papers and the couple saw that it was full of signatures from everyone from the underworld to some who have to be from heaven with some of the names on the list. "That is all the names we were required to acquire and then some, even Ophis signed if you can believe it, she said and I quote, 'maybe then he won't seem so powerful if he waists energy on you people'."

Zeref sat there in silence for a moment or two before he grabbed the stack of papers and burned them all and grabbed his own paper and requiped a stamp out of his space and stamped the page. He made a copy and gave the copy to Rias and took Mavis's hand as they wordlessly teleported in front of Sirzechs in his office with a nice smile on his face as if he'd won.

Zeref slammed the paper on his desk as he and Mavis left to do something away from the people that didn't know the meaning of the words 'no harem'. Sirzechs looked at the paper and in big bold red letters were the words, "Harem Application-Denied," and below that was a spot for reasoning, on it was, "People on list other than Mavis is not my love." Now Sirzechs was found hours later banging his head on his stone throne with the paper in his hands.