Sombra attacked as he uses his power to hit Luna. Yet Luna was able to dodge and ran to hit him with her powers. Rimmer watch in horror as the two fought. He stood there as Sombra knock Luna down with his hooves as he reveals his true self.

"Now Luna, I see that you are as weak as your sister. You should have stayed as Nightmare Moon so we both can rule Equestria together."

Luna stood back up as she looks into Sombra's eyes, "thou think that we are a fool?! What thou think of us as evil? We will never ever again join the wicked evil ways, Sombra!"

Sombra laughs, "I see that now. You refused after you and your sister defeated me once. You do know that I will keep on coming back as long as I want."

Luna narrow her eyes, "stay away from our friends and our sister!"

Sombra laughs, "oh don't worry I really don't want your sister anyways. It looks like I will not get anywhere with this colt anyways."

Rimmer back up as Sombra began to walk up to him. Luna uses her power and made Sombra hit against the rocks.

"Stay away from him!"

Luna turns to Rimmer and said, "Rimmer thou must wake up! It is the only way for Sombra to leave!"

Rimmer nods as his dream began to fade as so did Luna.

Luna call out to him saying, "we will see thou soon, Rimmer!"

With that, Rimmer woke right up to see he was in his bed and back in his room. Tears began to stream down his eyes and soon ran out of his room.


Rimmer trip as he got to the last step of the stairs. Rimmer shook himself as he got back up to see his father running to him.

"Rimmer, are you alright? Are you hurt?"

Rimmer shook his head as his father made sure nothing was wrong. When Inventor sees that his son was indeed alright he sighs as he looks at Rimmer.

"Now why are you up and came down running?"

Rimmer began to cry as he clung himself to his father's leg, "I… I… I had a terrible nightmare…"

Inventor sighs as to use his magic to place Rimmer on his back and walk his son to the living room.

"Must be if you yell out to me like that. You can tell me all about it when I get you a drink, okay?"

Rimmer nods, "okay father."

Inventor uses his magic to place Rimmer back down on the couch and went to get a glass of water. Once Rimmer got his glass of water and Inventor sat next to his son, Rimmer told his whole dream to his father. Once Rimmer was finished his father looks right at him.

"How long have you had these kinds of dreams?"

Rimmer answer, "a week now I guess."

Inventor looks right at his son, "Rimmer, why didn't you ever tell me of these dreams sooner?"

"I… I didn't want to worry anypony and…"

Inventor sighs, "it's not good if you keep this inside you without telling anypony either."

Rimmer sighs, "I'm sorry father I…"

Inventor puts his hoof on his son's shoulder and sighs, "I just don't want you to go through the same pain as I once have."

Rimmer looks at his father, "what do you mean?"

Inventor sighs, "I too had nightmares when I was your age. I never told my dreams to anypony because I fear that they would either laugh at me or criticize me. I was picked on a lot at school because I was more focus on creating things than to play games with the other ponies. I also never told this to my parents because both were pretty hard workers so I figure they never had the time to listen to me. Then one day I cry because of my nightmare. Your mother saw me and she came over and asked what was wrong. I told her of my nightmare. Right there I thought she was going to laugh at me or criticize me but she didn't. She comforts me and told me she too has nightmares too. With that, I had somepony to talk to about my dreams. Of course, I told this to my parents and to my surprise they listen. So I learn to never keep something inside that scares me so badly."

Rimmer looks down as he took his father's story all in. Inventor smiles as he held Rimmer close.

"Please, if this ever happens don't be afraid to tell me. I know what you went through. Though that Sombra is a bit suspicious. I wonder why would he even be in your dream."

Rimmer shrugs when suddenly the doorbell rang. Inventor got up and went to answer the door. When Inventor opens the door he was shocked to see who was there at the door.

"P… Princess Luna, I did not expect to see you here!"

Luna sighs, "is Rimmer awake?"

Inventor nods, "he sure is. Please come on in."

Luna walks in and found Rimmer on the couch looking right at her. Luna slowly walks up to Rimmer as she asked.

"Are thou alright now, Rimmer?"

Rimmer nods a little, "yeah, thanks for your help Luna."

Luna smiles, "anytime Rimmer, how about thou go upstairs as us and thou father speak about something important."

Rimmer nods as he ran upstairs but he turns and asks, "Luna, are you going to come in after you speak to father?"

Luna nods, "of course now go to bed and we'll be there to tuck thou in."

Rimmer nods happily as he went into his room. Inventor looks at Luna with a curious look.

Luna spoke, "we know what thou are thinking Inventor, the reason we have come is to warned thee."

Inventor tilts his head, "what do you mean?"

Luna sighs, "when we came into Rimmer's dream we saw Sombra trying to take hold of Rimmer to make him join the evil. We fear that someday Sombra will win and make thou son become as for how Sombra is now. Rimmer is a kind colt and loves to learn as much as thou has done in the past. Thou must keep watch of him to make sure he does not become like King Sombra."

Inventor nods, "so is that why Sombra came into his dream is because he wants my son to become like him?"

Luna nods, "this is what we fear, Inventor. We will do our best to keep him safe as well. Though it could be hard since Sombra will not give up."

Inventor sighs, "I see. Rimmer is all I have since I lost my beloved wife Mary Spring. I can't risk of losing him or else I will never forgive myself."

Luna looks at Inventor, "Cadence and Celestia has both told us of thou wife is. How sweet and honest she was too. She has care about the environment and her magic green of growing plants."

Inventor smiles, "she sure was and she was always there to listen to me when no other ponies has."

Luna smiles, "we wish we were there to meet her."

Inventor sighs, "yes, but she is now gone and I only have Rimmer."

Luna began to head upstairs as she turns to look at Inventor, "we must go and get thou son to bed. We will leave shortly."

Inventor nods, "thank you for helping my son and stopping Sombra from turning him into evil."

Luna nods, "of course now, we must see Rimmer before we go to other ponies dreams."

Inventor smiles, "good luck with you, Princess Luna."

Luna smiles as she said before going to Rimmer's room, "please Inventor, just call us Luna."

Inventor smiles as he watches Luna walk into Rimmer's room. He sighs as he headed back downstairs to get some shut eyes.

Luna walk in to see Rimmer smiling at her. Luna sighs as she was glad to see that Rimmer is back to his cheerful normal self again.

"I can't wait till tomorrow. Can you do more pictures with the stars tomorrow, Luna?"

Luna use her magic on the blanket to cover Rimmer up as she answers, "why is there a no for us to not do? Of course, we will love to do that again."

Rimmer laughs, "that was kinda a silly question to ask. Well, goodnight Luna."

Luna nods as she turns Rimmer's lamp off, "goodnight Rimmer, sweet dreams."

Luna stays till she knew Rimmer was fast asleep. Then she went out of Rimmer's window and flew off into the night to go into other ponies dreams.

The End.