A/N: Sorry, this is one of those.

In any case, I'm still alive and deeply sorry for my absence.

I owe you all an explanation, so here's the long and short of why I was gone.

In short? I all but got hit by the truck that is life. That's why I've been away for so long.

Most notably, in my absence I've been getting spammed by an anonymous someone who keeps calling me a Nazi and threatening to kill me at that. Hmm. Seriously? How immature can one person act? I have not ever, nor will I ever be such thing. Now please cease. As to the rest of you, thanks a ton for the support, its helps to keep me sane during these trying times, despite the trolls.

In any case, this story isn't dead, and I wanted to provide some information, of sorts.

YES, there will be content from Fallen Order in this story as soon as I'm done playing/reviewing it. I'm a rather busy guy these days. Throw TWO OTHER jobs and I barely have any time on my hands. The Second Sister's piqued my interest in particular.

On that note, you can all expect an update come December. I'm writing it as we speak, but again I felt I owed you all this much.

I'm deeply sorry for vanishing like that, but it won't happen again.

May the Force be with you every one of you, always.

And of course, my warmest regards,