Yes, still writing a 'Blip on the Radar' and 'Letters from No-One', but here's a brand new plot bunny...


What if Christian Grey kept brawling-for sport and profit? Would feisty Ana still turn CG's head if they met another way? Meet UFC Christian Grey (who earned enough money fighting to found GEH without Elena's money).


Prologue: Newborn Friend (TEASER)

Thwack! Thwack! Smack! Thud! The satisfying sounds of my fists pounding into that huge cretin's now bloody face and at least one broken rib was wonderful percussive music to my ears. His friends had long deserted the bastard soon after I took my hand and slapped him hard against one of his ears, disorienting him. His minions broke rank and ran for cover like cockroaches in the light, leaving their leader to my tender mercies. Hint: I don't have any.

He staggered to his feet, probably wondering if his little gang got the plate number of the car that ran his ass over. I was going to take this son of a bitch down for disturbing my fortress of solitude. Then I would get his little pack one by one. They'd know I was coming, but not when and there lies the rub. These fuckers are beaten before they raise a hand because I've already mind-fucked them. Their bodies just haven't received my bill yet.

Using my elbows, my forehead, knees and feet, systematically cutting this fucker down like a tree, I almost didn't feel the small hand touch my back. Almost.

I spun around, gripping the flesh closest to me. My hand was wrapped around something soft and as the blood red rage began to fade from my vision, I realized I was choking the hell out of the little girl that started this shit in the first place. Becky or some shit. The fuckers had chased her into the darkened music room, trying to corner her for a suck, fuck or some shit. Normally I wouldn't care, but this is my space from 1:30 to 2:30. I keep it dark because I don't require sheet music, since I've been playing by ear and from memory for as long as I can remember. Being here playing piano in the dark is the closest I can get to rest and this bitch fucked it up. Too bad she runs so fast. Now this room will need to be monitored, too. There goes my calm.

I release her neck, and she tries to grab at me again! Does this fool have a death wish? Didn't she just witness me pulverizing Derek Mackey, football captain? I probably just set our team's offense back two years and she's trying me?

"Thank you," she says, her voice strained.

She's thanking me? For almost choking her to death?

"You saved me!" she exclaims. "Thank you, Chris!"

"Don't call me Chris. Nobody calls me Chris," I replied. "And I didn't save you. I was pissed at these fuckers for disturbing my independent study hour. You guys were making so much noise I couldn't concentrate."

"You're saying that you would've let them rape me if they weren't breaking your concentration? That's fucked up, Christian."

"How long have you been at this school, Becky? Isn't it pretty clear that the principal, fuck, the teachers, don't give a shit about anything but standardized test results and boosters? Look, I don't usually give advice, but make some friends and don't roam around alone. You're kinda small so you're easy pickings. Derek and the rest of his team aren't the worst things to haunt these halls, you know."

"I just moved here with my mother a couple months ago."

"Fuck! Fresh meat? Do you have a death wish or something?"

"And my name isn't Becky. It's Natalia," she said as if I gave a shit. "I haven't had time to make friends and girls here, their cliques are worse than covens."

"Yeah, that's true," I chuckled.

"So," she began, "I was thinking, maybe you and I can be friends."

"Is this a proposal for me to be your bodyguard or some shit?"

"Something like that. Quid pro quo, though."

"What do I get for my services?"

"Advice about your fighting skills. You're very good, but your form needs a LOT of work. You kept dropping your elbows."

"You know how to fight?"

"Yeah. I might've gotten away if it was just one, but I was reading and listening to music. They broke my iPod, too."

"You can't afford to ignore your surroundings. I'm not always going to be around."

"So, you'll be my friend?"

"Sure, something like that, but just don't touch me. Ever."

I had to be very clear. Maybe it would get my parents off my back if I had a friend. It didn't help that Becky was blonde like that cougar who slapped me and tried to kiss me. I shoved her down and told her if she ever requested my 'services' again, I'd come back in the middle of the night and stab her in her overinflated sacks of silicone before I took her fucking life. She must have been scared shitless because the Lincolns moved away soon after that. Grace still misses her 'good friend' so much.

I put out my hand so we could shake on it. "First things first. Rule one: I touch you. You do NOT touch me without my permission. EVER. Rule two: NEVER creep up on me from behind. What if I had elbowed you instead of choking you? Rule three: NEVER discuss me to anyone because I will find out."

"Is that all?" she asked. At least she's reasonable and she'll help me appear normal. Win-win.

"That's about it," I replied as Principal Lawrence entered the room angrily.

"Mr. Grey!" he shouted, "What's the meaning of this?"

Natalie quickly, yet surreptitiously, wound her scarf around her neck, turning to face the principal.

"What happened is that Chris just saved me from getting gang-raped inside your school, Mr. Lawrence. It's sad that my father believes this is the best private school in the area. I wonder what he would think if we were to call him away from work to address this issue."

"Oh no, Miss Evans. That won't be necessary. This has all just been a huge misunderstanding," he backtracked. I wondered how he could keep such a straight face with Derek standing next to him looking like Quasimodo. His face was beautiful! Lumps, bumps and rainbow-colored bruises blooming all over his skin only one green eye fully visible with the other one swollen shut.

"What the fuck!" mumbled Derek, accusingly.

"Natalie Evans' father, Louis Evans, is the mayor of Seattle. Do you really want him to leave city hall over a small squabble? It's just a tempest in a teacup."

Yeah, if his whole body got caught in a tempest maybe. He and the principal leave the room, with Derek pleading, "Uncle Jared. Do you see what he did to my face?"

"Fuck your face, you little bastard! Do you want me to lose my job because you and Kerry can't keep it in your pants?"

What the fuck? They're related? No wonder no chick had a chance in this place. I looked at Natalie again. This may just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

[NOTE: NO worries. I ❤️ AnaChris HEAs. Natalie/Natalia is only ever going to be CG's FRIEND. He just doesn't see her that way and he's STILL a virgin because he snapped on Elena instead of falling into her web of lies and sexual bondage. You'll find that Natalie doesn't want CG either. I insert more than enough angst and drama without the addition of infidelity or other unforgivible acts.]