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This is my first fanfiction, hope you like it! I stumbled upon this site a few days ago, read a few fanfics, and had a blast. I've always had a lot of,"what if" stories floating in my mind regarding my favorite games, movies, and such. So, I've decided to share one with you.

To all my fellow Halo fans: Take heart, it will be awhile before we meet recognizable characters from the universe.

To all my fellow Star Wars fans: Watch out. No character is safe with me :)

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BBY 19

Tamura, Bakura system, Wild Space

13:24 Hours

Jevan Bast slid a hand across is forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow. He couldn't wait for his shift to be over. The 6'2 human male hadn't realized what he had signed up for when he took this job, but he cursed himself for it. 3 months ago, he had signed a contract with Shiritoku, a mining and trading corporation based in the capital of Bakura. He had been told he would start as a supervisor for the mining operation on Tamura, but somehow, he found himself swinging a pickaxe deep in the mines. He didn't even know anyone still used those things, most companies had completely switched over to mechanical devices and lasers for extracting resources from deep underground.

Still, Jevan held the promise that he would be moving up soon, hopefully to a easier deskjob or something. Many of his fellow miners either had a criminal record, and couldn't get another job, or were in the same boat he was. Like Barun Costa, the miner next to him.

Barun was of smaller build then he was, barely topping 5'9, 140 lbs. But he was a good worker, and seemed to be one of the few other miners who wouldn't slit his throat for an extra credit. Jevan glanced over at his friend, who was sitting on a rock, wishing himself into another existence.

Jevan said,"Hey, Barun, sitting isn't going to get us anywhere."

The smaller man shrugged, still staring in the distance,"Unless there is something amazing behind this wall of rock for us to find, swinging an ax won't get us anywhere either."

Jevan sighed. He was still hoping the younger man wasn't right. But contract promises weren't followed to the letter in the Outer-Rim, let alone the Wild Space. He tried to think of something encouraging to say,"Look at it this way bro, we could be out of here within the week." He swung the ax again,"Anytime, since we don't have some lowlife record like the others, we'll find ourselves with a promotion."

Barun sighed,"We can hope. According to our contracts, we should already be in management or something." He stood up, and joined his friend, swinging the ax at the loose rock.

A explosion echoed down the tunnels. Nothing unusual, as they were constantly used to blow through spaces of harder rock. What was different, though, was the sounds of excited shouts floating down the shaft. Barun looked over at Jevan,"Sounds like they found something besides more rocks. Wanna go check it out?"

Jevan smiled,"Maybe they killed Jorge." Barun smiled. Jorge was the name given to one of their supervisors, a stuck-up Rodian who seemed to take great pleasure at the suffering of those under him.

Barun laid his ax down, and motioned for his friend to follow,"Come on! It won't hurt to see." He smiled,"Especially if it is Jorge."

Jevan shrugged, and walked slowly down the tunnel with his friend. Lighting wasn't a high priority for the company, so their headlights and the occasional bulb temporarily installed in the ceiling provided their only sources of light. Still, Jevan and Barun turned their headlamps off, just in case they spotted Jorge.

After they turned the corner down another shaft, they heard the excited and awed expressions of the other miners at the end of the shaft. Apparently, Jevan thought, something was worth seeing up there. He started jogging down the path, with Barun in tow.

At the end of the passage, they found a round hole in the wall, a little over 3 feet in Diameter, making it a bit of a sqeeze for several of the other miners. A overweight Gamorrean stood in the corner, eying them jealously. Apparently, his large frame was simply to much for the tiny hole. Jevan concealed a smile.

The two friends crawled through the hole, which was a rather odd site, considering it was uncovered by a block of explosive. Explosions generally clear everything within its radius, meaning the hole was already there before the detonation. Barun, who was behind Jevan, said excitedly,"What do you think they found?"

Jevan sighed,"I don't know. But..." He stopped at the entrance of the hole, shocked at what was in front of him.

The miners had uncovered some sort of ice-cave. The ceiling was a good twenty meters above the floor, while the cave itself stretched about 30. Side-by-side, the walls were about 20 meters apart, with what appeared to be small creatures frozen in the wall. While they appeared they would come to about the knee, they were several feet off the ground, frozen in time.

Several of the other miners, overcome with curiosity, were using lasers and picks to carefully dig the beings out.

Jevan yelled,"Woah! Are you sure that's a good idea?" The rough looking miners turned to face him,"I mean, what if its alive? It may not be frie.."

One of the other humans, a large fellow named Tavor, smiled condescendingly,"Are you scared, Jevan? That a creature that comes to your knee could hurt you?" He turned and said something to a couple of Gamorreans that had made it through the hole, and they continued digging.

Jevan shook his head. He looked like he was about to say something, but Barun put a hand on his shoulder,"Its best to let them have their way. We don't want to make enemies out of this crowd."

Jevan nodded, and sat against the wall, watching the others eagerly dig the creatures out.

After a moment, the animal popped free from its icy prison. The miners huddled around it, taking in its strange appearance. The creature's top was shaped like a large, tan nightcap, with a number of little tentacles attached to its bottom, which they assumed were legs. Three little fungi looking growths extended from where its mouth should be, almost like little hands, feeling its way through the world. Attached to the front of the growths were tiny, sharp spines.

Pafruss, a short, stout Sullustan, knelt beside the creature. He slowly reached his had out, patted the creature with two fingers, then quickly pulled them back, as if he thought it would bite. He watched it for a moment, unsure of what to do.

Tavor, however, seemed to be a little more inquisitive then the others,"Come on you idiot. Check for a pulse." He growled.

Pafruss quickly obliged, feeling the creature carefully with his hand. He said quietly,"It feels like its alive." The little creature started to twitch.

Tavor smiled. He lifted his boot to step on it, when a voice called out behind him,"Wait! We need to know what that is, genius." Tavor turned to see Jorge, and grunted. The Rodian shook his head,"Don't you realize what this could mean? If these things are useful in some way, it could be your tickets out of these cursed mines." He gestured widely with his hands,"Dig the rest out."

The miners, seeing the wisdom in his words, immediately went back to digging. Barun stood up, and picked up his pickax. Jevan said,"Wait! What are you doing?"

Barun smiled,"Helping! Jorge could be right, maybe we can turn this into something." He swung the heavy tool into the wall, the sharp end smashing into the heavy ice. Barun pushed against the handle as hard as he could, causing the ice to creak and crack under the pressure. He stopped for a moment, and looked at Jevan,"A little help would be appreciated."

Jevan sighed, and picked up his ax.

15:01 Hours

Jevan carried the last of the strange creatures over to a cage, where Jorge had decided to store its compatriots. The Gamorrean keeping watch over the cage quickly opened the door, motioning for Jevan to lay the animal inside. He took another glance at the animal in his arms, who the miners had affectionately nicknamed,"Popcorn" for their strange shape. Jevan slipped it into the cage, which now held the awake but somewhat groggy popcorns, and walked away.

Jorge smiled to himself, at very least, the scientific community will take interest. This could be my ticket to the big leagues. The Rodian tugged on his shirt, which made him look like he belonged in a meeting room rather then a mine, and climbed on top of the cage. He raised his alien hand up in the air, which caused the miners to be silent and look at him. Unaccustomed to public speaking, he shifted his weight awkwardly, and put his hands in his pockets,"First off I would like to congratulate you all on a good job. Management will be pleased by the find, and perhaps some sort of promotion will be in the works for all of you." Many of the miners smiled, including Jevan. Jorge continued speaking,"But as these things were found on Shiritoku property, Shiritoku mining owns all rights to them." A murmur of disapproval arose from the crowd.

Jorge sucked in a breath to continue speaking, when he felt a rattling coming from the cage beneath them. Startled, and not wanting to get his uniform dirty, the Rodian tried to leap off the cage in one smooth motion. Just as he pushed off his feet, the creatures jumped in unison, smacking their heads on the top of the cage.

The next thing he knew, Jorge found himself on the floor. The miners smiled, then burst out into laughter.

Jevan watched as Jorge's face flushed red, and he stood up defiantly. He said,"Unless one of you would like to wrestle those things, I suggest you stop laughing!"

Tavor immediately stopped cackling, and raised his hand,"I will fight the monster, fair maiden!" Before Jorge could object or threaten him, Tavor rushed over to the cage. He stood there, staring at Jorge, challenging him to do something.

Jorge couldn't let this go, at least, with his pride still intact. He returned Tavor's glare, then walked calmly over to the cage, unlocked the door, and threw it open.

Immediately, the nearest popcorn creature leapt at Jorge's chest. The Rodian's eyes widened with surprise, then pain as the creature drove its sharp spines attached to its,"hands" into his ribcage. The Rodian reached for the creature and screamed, trying to pull it off.

Tavor laughed,"So much for not being scared, you.. Aaah!" Another one of the creatures had latched onto his back, driving its spines into his back.

Jevan and Barun looked at each other, then back at Jorge and Tavor. The horrified miners watched as bulbous growths started to emerge from Jorge and Tavor's skin. Three long, clawlike tentacles suddenly grew out of their right arms, and their heads fell back, as if entranced by the stars, or more appropriately, the roof. A look of panic was frozen on both of their faces.

Jevan turned to face the cage. It was empty, and the little creatures were charging the miners.

Ahh, sorry for the long setup. I hope it was worth it. Tamura is a moon orbiting Bakura, for those who don't recognize it. While Bakura officially has moons, they don't have names, so the name Tamura is my own creation.