Naruko Princess of Crown City

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Summary: Naruko is tired of her neglectful parents and her rotten life in village the only people who took care about her was the clan heads (Uchiha's not asses and the Hyuga's are not pricks), her godparents, and some ninjas and Anbu, so when she given a chance to have a happy life she takes it, but now she must becomes the Queen of Kings and must save the world of darkness.

Mature/Smart/Semi-Godlike Naruko


Naruko x Reavus

Noctus x Luna

Prologue: Where it all begins

Fire, that all she could see, a woman with long blonde hair into a ponytail, a scar on her right eye(1), six whisker marks on her face, a black armor top, and black long skirt with insignias all over, black cape, and armor boots.(2) This is Naruko U. Lucis Caelum, formerly known as Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze. She started to run towards a fire daemon when fire spread all over.

Getting caught in the blast she was on down trying to subdue the fire when a blond man with a royal guard uniform started to help her out.

"Ahh ahhh" yelled Naruko

"Hold on" yelled Blond man "I got you"

"Thanks Prompto" croaked Naruko

"Take cover will hold him off" yelled Prompto as he ran to distract the daemon.

As she gets up she started to limp around finding cover, when a brown hair man with glasses, wearing the same uniform, with scar on both of his eyes was behind a fallen pillar.(3)

"Naru over here" yelled Brown man

"Coming Ignis" yelled Naruko.

As Naruko slowly go towards him, a Large, Muscular, black hair man, with scars on his forehead and his right eye, wearing the same uniforms grab Naruko and brought her to safety, and when Prompt jump over, the man shielded them with his body.

"Hold on" yelled man

"Here he goes again" yelled Prompto

As the Fire spread all over everyone braced for impact of the flames. As the flame subside the man got up and head towards the daemon.

"Come on" yelled Man

"Here take this" said Ignis

As he handed her an elixir, she crush the bottle and felt it taken effect. Felling much better she got up and started going towards the daemon.

"We're all behind you" yelled Ignis

"Right Gladio, Prompto, Ignis let go" yelled Naruko.

Chapter one: The Princess arrives in Crown City

(20 years later)

Konoha is one of the main ninja villages in the elemental countries. 10 year earlier the Kyuubi no Kitsune, was released and controlled by Madara Uchiha, and the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, used the Reaper Death Seal to split the fox, the Chakra to the youngest daughter Mito, while the soul goes to the eldest daughter Naruko. The village believed that Mito is the Hero, while Naruko was the demon incarnate.

Because of this and add fact that Jiraya the toad sannin and self-proclaimed perverted author (Jiraya: I'm not a pervert, I'm a super pervert") (Get out of here!), told a prophecy about the hero of the elemental countries, believed that Mito was that hero, he along with Kushina started to train Mito and forget Naruko.

Naruko knows about this whenever she asks them it's always the same. "We need to train Mito", "We are busy", "and you need to wait". Naruko then stop asking them around five years, she does her own training with the clan heads, and with some ninjas and Anbu.

Namikaze Estate

"Yes I did it" yelled Mito

Mito was an exact replica of Kushina with red hair and round face, purple eyes and six whisker marks on her face.

"Amazing Honey" said Kushina

As she and Minato went over to her to congratulate her, they didn't notice that a girl was watching inside her room, a young blond hair girl, with blue eyes that have a mature look, and six whisker marks on her face. This is Naruko and she was watching them without any care.

'It almost time' thought Naruko 'tomorrow I would finally leave and never look back.'

She has been planning to leave ever since she heard her parents and godparents arguing.


Naruko was going to train a little when she heard yelling in the living room. As she sneak in she saw her parents and her godparents arguing about something.

"I still believed that you're making a mistake" said Tsunade

"I'm known what I'm doing" said Minato "Mito will become the clan had for both Uzumaki and Namikaze clan."

"But what about Naruko" asked Jiraya "she the eldest, and it should belong to her."

"Naruko not that important" dismissed Kushina

"Listen to you Kushina" yelled Tsunade

As they kept arguing Naruko ran back upstairs, back to her room could not believe what her parents said, not important, and when Mito becomes clan head that just means that they banish her out. She just started to cry into sleep.

Flashback end

Naruko made letters and stating her reasons of leaving to her precious people. Tomorrow she would never look back.

Namikaze Estate; Kitchen

Kushina was making ramen for her family dinner when she saw a picture of her family and noticed that Naruko was in the background, and sad. Then she notice that Naruko barely spends time with them, usually she just eats and leave.

"Minato we need to talk" said Kushina

Minato notice her wife worried he come to her.

"What is it?" asked Minato

"I've notice that we hardly spend any time with Naruko" said Kushina "and we basically know nothing about her"

Minato ponder and said "Well maybe we train her with Mito."

"Yes that could be perfect" said Kushina.

As Dinner time set down Mito was running because her favorite ramen was there, Naruko didn't like ramen it was good, but she didn't eat it every day. As they took her seat Mito was scarfing down the ramen along with Kushina, Naruko and Minato just ate at a regular pace. As they eat Minato said "Naruko, your mother and I thought that maybe we could train you along with Mito."

"Really," asked Mito "You heard that Onee-chan"

While she hates her parents, Mito was the only exception of this family.

'So they finally acknowledge me' thought Naruko, before saying "Sorry, but I have to decline"

Everyone was shock on her answer, Mito and Kushina had tears in their eyes.

"Naruko honey we're sor-""Save it" Naruko interrupted Kushina "I've done my own training so you could no longer worried about you weak child."

"Naruko we didn't me-""Enough" Naruko yelled and stood up "I feeling tired so if could take my leave Hokage-sama, Kushina-sama."

Hearing that made their heart clinch and nodded. As Naruko walked up to her room, Mito ran up with her.

"Don't worry she feel better tomorrow" said Minato.

Hearing that they clean up and sleep hoping that everything would feel better, but it did not.

October 10

Naruko woke up with a particular red pest latching on her.

'Okay red pest tactic #20' thought Naruko

She pokes not to hard but enough to wake her up and fell off her bed.

"OW' yelled Mito "Meanie"

"Why are you in my bed again?" asked Naruko

"Don't you remember' said Mito "Today is our birthday"

Naruko realized that today was her birthday also Mito so she gets up and went to the shower while Mito waited in her room.

'Tonight I must hurry the portal will open away from this hell hole' thought Naruko 'Mito, everyone forgive me.'

As she gets out she remembers about that weird woman that offered her away.

Flashback (Five Years Ago)

Naruko was doing some sword stances when she notices that she wasn't alone. When she look behind her a woman with long black hair, olive green eyes that are red around the pupils, in a formal black and gold dress. The saw Naruko staring at her and turns around and walk away.

"Hey wait" yelled Naruko

Seeing she did not hear her Naruko chased after her until she stops in the middle of the forest outside of the village.

"Who are you?" asked Naruko

"You have a trouble childhood" said Woman "Your parents neglecting you for your younger sister, all for a fake prophecy."

"Who are you?" Naruko asked angrily.

"My name is Gentiana" introduced "and I could help you take you away for a better life with a loving family."

Naruko was eyeing her looking to see if there was any trickery, finding none she now ponders to take the deal or stay here. Looking back she realized that her life would never have peace so she looks at her with steel resolve and said "Yes I would like that."

Flashback End

Naruko then started pack her stuff and waited for night where she would finally be free.

Time Skip

Naruko look at the party in front of her, and looked back outside.

'I better leave' thought Naruko 'Gentiana is waiting for me'

As she was going into her room a man with the Anbu uniform with a Fan symbol on his back, and Weasel mask, look at her.

"Naruko are you feeling well" asked Anbu

"I'm fine Itachi just tired" said Naruko "I was wondering you could do me a favor."

"Oh what could that be" asked Itachi

"I want you to give these letters to the clan heads" said Naruko.

She handed him letters with the clan heads name on them. He took them and understands on what she's doing.

"Alright, but be careful out there Naruko" said Itachi

As Itachi left, Naruko went upstairs grab her back pack and then high tailed it out of there, pasting every security there is, when she in the forest she ran with one thing on her mind: 'Finally I'm free.'

Namikaze Estate: Few minutes earlier

The party went on as expected with Mito getting lots of gifts and signing the toad and slug contract. As went on Mito notice that her sister wasn't here, then Minato gather everyone attention.

"Attention everyone" yelled Minato "It my honor that I said that Mito would now be the new clan head for the Namikaze and Uzumaki clan."

Everyone was so shock on what he said, especially Mikoto, Mito, Tsunade, and Itachi. As everyone else cheer Mikoto then marched on up to them and slap them in the face as hard as she can.

"I could not believe what you did" yelled Mikoto "Do you realized what you have done?"

"Now Mikoto I kno-""You just banished your eldest daughter, you bastred"

Everyone was so shock on to what she said even Mito stared to cry, when she ran up to her sister's room, she could not find her. When Minato and Kushina went up she took a really good look in her room. The room was bland and normal, books stack neatly on the shelves, her clothes neatly in the dresser, and the bed was neat and tidy. The look and made their heart clinch even more. Then they found a note, when they read it Mito cried fully along with Kushina.

Dear Namikaze Family


Sincerely, Naruko no Surname

P.S Mito grows strong and we could see each other again.

"Anbu" yelled Minato. As a group of Anbu appeared Minato said "My daughter has ran away find her now!"

As Anbu dispersed, Minato notice Kushina was getting her armor.

"I'm going to look for her so don't bother stopping me" stated Kushina.

With that in mind he along with Kushina, and Jiraya went to find her.

With Naruko

Naruko ran as her legs could as she looks ahead she saw Gentiana.

"Hurry I suspect we may have company" said Gentiana.

As soon she said that they were surrounded by Anbu.

"Naruko Namikaze as order by the Hokage you are to return to Konoha immediately" said Dog Anbu.

"Sorry Kakashi, but I going to decline" said Naruko

Then they turn back only to find her former family behind them.

"Naruko please give us another chance" cried Kushina

"I gave you enough chances for ten years, but I realized it pointless" said Naruko

As she said that she gotten into a battle stance, Gentiana hand her a sword, she and Gentiana who has a decorative Trident, started to battle against the Anbu and her former family.

With Naruko

Naruko started to slash her sword with precision and gracefully the cat Anbu look at her with pride as she block and dodge her slash. Naruko was going nowhere and when they all come at her; she instinctively threw the sword past them and warps towards it, and then knocks those unconscious.

'What the hell was that!?' thought Naruko

She then shook out of it and then makes her way towards Gentiana.

With Gentiana

Gentiana look at the Trio that made Naruko's life the way it was. She quickly dodges a sword swipe from Kushina, ducks under Minato and froze a toad that Jiraya summoned. She looks at them and said "I wonder why you are all so eager to get her back; after all she made it clear about never returning."

"I don't care!" yelled Kushina "I don't care if she hates me for eternity I will make amends for our mistakes!"

As she run towards her a sword stab between them and Naruko appears of an orange flash.

'Hmm seems that the royal blood goes deep inside you' though Gentiana

'What did Minato teach Naruko the Hriashin' though Kushina

"If case you're wondering it not your husband's weak imitation" said Gentiana

"You're going to explain to me all of this right?" asked Naruko

"Of course" said Gentiana "But First you may want to away from here"

She then grab a black ball with glowing blue lines, and Naruko sense it powerful to freeze every living thing, as soon she throw up in the air a powerful blizzard started to form. Taking advantage Naruko and Gentiana ran towards the portal and closed now and forever.

Crown City, Insomnia

As they step out they are inside a city fill with people and strange machines, and they are standing in front of a large church like building with tons of soldiers in uniforms. Saying that Naruko speechless is out of the question, she is absorbed in all of the things on what happening here. Gentiana then led her towards the building and said what felt like an eternity:

"Welcome home to Crown City, Princess Naruko, adopted Daughter of Regis Lucis Caelum"

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1: The Scar on her eye will be explained on the Leviathan chapter.

2: Picture Lighting's savior outfit from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning returns, but black with the crowns guard insignia

3: Ignis eyesight recovery will come and explained in the starting of the train chapter