Naruko Princess of Crown City

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Chapter 2: A not so Fairy Tale Beginning

It has been five years since Naruko left her former family, while she was surprised that a king adopted her, but none the less she was happy with her father and older brother. She still remembers on how she met her new father and older brother.

'Flash back (5 years ago)'

Naruko walks inside the building while starting to wonder on what Gentiana said.

'Me, a princess?' thought Naruko

As they got off the elevator they went to what looks like the throne room, inside was an old man, with gray hair, and green eyes, a black suit with thin, white stripes, and a black cape, with a gold brace on his right knee, and black shoes, near him look to be a cane and a silver, hornlike crown on his head.

"Gentiana what a pleasant surprised" said King

"Your Majesty" bowed Gentiana

Naruko bowed too out of respect. The king laughs at Naruko, confusing her in the process, and Gentiana tried to cover her laugh with her hand.

"Now my dear, "said King "you have no need for that you are family here."

"Y-your Majesty" Naruko nervously said "I-it's an honor to meet you, but I must ask why would you adopt me."

"Gentiana has spoken with your god" answered the King "she was disgusted on how your life has been so she offers a solution."

"And it's me being here correct" concluded Naruko

"Smart for someone your age" said the King

As Naruko was about to ask why a door open reviling a young man with short-brown hair, light blue eyes and wears a black, collared jacket with skull like buttons, skull print shirt, black pants with black boots with red soles giving a presence of a general, another young man with a white dress shirt, black vest and red tie, with black dress pants and brown shoes and glasses giving a more butler look, in the middle was a young boy with spiky black hair, blue eyes, with a black shirt and jacket, and shorts.

"Pardon us your Majesty" said general "but young Noctus really wanted to see his new sister."

'Sister!?' thought Naruko as she look at her surprising new sibling.

Noctus look at Naruko and ran towards her.

"Hey I'm Noctus" introduce Noctus "I'm twelve years old that makes me the older brother."

"Um I'm Naruko" said Naruko

"I see you are getting along huh son" said the King

"King Regis it's time to see the empire" said butler

"Ah yes Ignis, thank you" said Regis "Would you take care of the children then Gentiana?"

"Of course your majesty" answered Gentiana

"Oh Luna coming" said Noctus "Come on Naruko, let go"

As Noctus drag Naruko to see Luna, Gentiana was talking to Regis and the general.

"She was surprised by all of this." Said Gentiana

"Indeed Cor please protect them' Regis requested

"It shall be done old friend" said Cor

'Flashback End'

As of now Naruko became more adjusted to her new life, she learn all of the history, and against her judgement went to school with her brother. As her life went on she made friends with Luna, and Noctus best friend Prompto. Naruko also fell in love with Luna's brother Reavus, at the same time Noctus love Luna. While Noctus got married to Luna first, she agrees to Married Reavus as part of the treaty to the Empire.

Citadel; Throne Room

Naruko has changed over these five years, she grown more athletic thanks to Gladio, who met her at an age of thirteen, her hair has grown and changed it into a high ponytail, she now wore a black tank top with an open black jacket , black jeans, and boots. She was standing in front of her father because today is the day that Naruko and Reavus get married as permitted in the treaty.

Behind her is Gladiolus Amicitia a muscular man with black hair, an open jacket, tattoos on his arms, black trousers with a small chain, a pendent on his neck, black shoes with red soles.

Next to him is Ignis who change over the years now wearing a purple and black patterned shirt with a black suit and shiny red-soled shoes with sequenced crystals at the tip. He wears shimmery silver driving gloves, and glasses.

Far right of him is Prompto Argentum a childhood friend of Noctus and Naruko, he was once chubby, but now has an average height and a slender build, whose give off the impression of a youthful punk, He has blue eyes, light freckles and short, unruly blond hair. He wears two bands on his right arm, black gloves, a black shirt with a white pattern, and a sleeveless black vest with a dark red flannel shirt attached underneath. He also wears dark pants with a faint leopard print, and black boots with red soles lined up with white fur.

"It it's time my child" said Regis

"Of course your majesty" said Naruko

"The decreed hour has come," Said Regis "Go forward with my blessing Princess Naruko"

"Thank you your Majesty." Said Naruko

"Take your leave and go in with the grace of the gods" said Regis

"Right" said Naruko

As Naruko turn and leave the throne room the other bowed and stated to follow her.

'Crown City, Insomnia, Outside the Citadel'

As the group left the Citadel they head over to the Regalia; King Regis black convertible identified by its license plate: RHS-113.

"Well Princes will be Princess" said Prompto

"So much for a royal protocol" argued Ignis

"It's not like you had to deliver a formal address" countered Gladio

As they went down Cor called out to Naruko, looking behind them they can see King Regis, walking down the stairs with the help of Cor of course.

"What is it" asked Naruko

As Naruko walked back up to her father he answered "I have feared too much unsaid, you place a great burden on those who would bear with you."

"You're one to talk" said Naruko

"I ask not that you guided my wayward daughter," said Regis to the three men "merely that you must remain at her side."

"Indeed your grace" said Ignis

"We'll see the princess to Altissia if is the last thing we see" said Gladio

"Yeah what he said" said Prompto

"Hate to break this up" Naruko reminded them "but Cor's got the motor running, Dratuos, he in your hands."

As Naruko was about to leave, King Regis said "And another thing." Naruko look at him and he said "Do mind your manners around your charming husband to be.

"Your Majesty as well" Naruko said cheekily "Try to mind yours around our esteemed guest from Nifheim.

"You have no cause for concern" said Regis

"Nor do you" Naruko shot back

"Take heed. Once you set forth, you cannot turn back." Said Regis

"You think I want to" challenged Naruko

"I need only know that you are ready to leave home behind, as well as your past" Regis said worriedly.

"Don't know about you," said Naruko "but I'm ready as I'll ever be."

"Take care on the long road" said Regis "Wherever you should go, the line of Lucis goes with you."

As Regis held on to Naruko shoulder, they look into each other's eyes, and Reis said "Walk tall, my daughter."

As they separated Naruko ran towards the car, and now on their way towards Altissia.

'Outside Crown City'

It was only an Hour that the Regalia left Crown city, and things were going smoothly, but suddenly the Regalia broke down forcing Ignis to pullover. Now Naruko without her jacket sit down near the Regalia, as Gladio now wearing a black tank-top tries to get some help. As of now it looks like nobody is going to help.

"I thinking we could forget hitching our way there" said Gladio "Though people were friendly outside the city."

"You could only go so far on the kindness of strangers" said Ignis without his jacket on.

"Just gonna have to push her all the way" said Gladio

"I already pushed myself to the brink of death" said Prompto, lying down without his jacket.

"Oh get up" order Gladio "C'mon, car isn't gonna move itself."

"I thought the car was supposed to us" Prompto complained

"Wouldn't that be nice-"Naruko agreed.

As Naruko stood by Ignis hold the left side of the Regalia, Prompto on the right and Gladio in the back.

"Can it" said Gladio "ready, steady, push!"

As they push the Regalia move slowly to the nearest outpost around here.

"Unbelievable" said Naruko

"Not… exactly a fairy tale beginning, huh, Princess?" Asked Gladio

"We let ourselves carried away" said Ignis

"Look these things happened" Prompto said as he tried to look for positives, while nearly lost his footing.

"Let's….just hope this isn't some kind of omen." She said as she pushed even harder Naruko looked towards him. "Gladio do me a favor?"

"Ugh…what?" asked Gladio

"Push this thing by yourself." Naruko said

"ALL BY MYSELF!?" yelled Gladio

"You won't even notice…if we just let go." Prompto said as he added his own two cents.


"Save some breath for pushing" Ignis said getting into the conversation as Naruko looked at him.

"Ignis c'mon tine to switch" Naruko complained

"Nuh-uh! We just switch back there." Gladio said while pushing the trunk

"And it's mine turn Naru!" Prompto said as Ignis looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Your turn" he said as Prompto laughed but then stopped. "My hands are killing me."

"You rather I kill you with mine?" Gladio threaten

"Easy there big guy" Prompto said as he started to calm down a little.

"Any luck?" Naruko asked

"Only a busy signal" Ignis answered

"Hold the phone-"Prompto said "is it me or was it supposed to be way closer?"

"I assure you the map is correct." Ignis argued

"The map said that Hammerhead is right there." Naruko said

"Literally next door." Prompto said adding his two cents

"Looks that way," Gladio said "on the map of the world."

As they kept pushing more cars went on by, and Naruko took this to admire the scenery around them.

"The world's a big old place" Naruko said

"Filled with wonders" Ignis added

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