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"Is that another case, Master Bruce?"

Bruce looked up from his tablet as Alfred set down several mugs of coffee and tea on the table in front of him. He gave a small smile in thanks as he lifted the black mug to his lips, pausing to inhale the rich scent of dark coffee before taking a sip. "Yes. Another one was submitted to me for final clearance yesterday afternoon." He glanced down at the dimming screen, tapping again so it'd stay awake. "Take a look." He handed the tablet to Alfred. Bruce knew he was sure to get a kick out of who had been requested.

"Oh dear," Alfred said after a moment, a wry smile slipping onto his face as Bruce leaned back in his chair. "Have you informed him yet?"

Bruce quirked an eyebrow in response and took another drink of his black coffee. "I thought it'd be a nice surprise."

He and Alfred both turned towards the entryway as they heard a loud yawn come from the kitchen. "What'd be a nice surprise?" Tim asked as he shuffled in, one hand ruffling his hair into an even further fluffy mess while the other belatedly raised to block a second yawn.

"Good morning, Master Tim." Amusement colored Alfred's tone as Tim slouched into a seat next to Bruce. He blearily accepted the red mug of chai tea that was pushed in front of him.

"Oh. Is this mine?" He took the cup and stared at it suspiciously before taking a cautious sip. His eyes closed in bliss and he leaned back in his chair. "Ah, espresso shots. Man's greatest invention."

"One of these days, I swear you're going to get an espresso-induced heart attack," Stephanie muttered as she came into the dining room from the foyer, rubbing tiredly at her eyes.

Bruce frowned, counting at the number of filled mugs that Alfred had brought out as Stephanie picked up the deep purple one. There were five left, and only four of the kids still lived in the manor full-time, including Tim and Steph. Had that many of them come back to the manor after patrol last night? Maybe he needed a few espresso shots in his drink too.

"Hey Steph," Tim muttered, sounding a bit more awake than before. He turned to look at Bruce. "What's the surprise you were talking about?"

"Oooh! A surprise?" Steph sat in the chair next to Bruce and leaned over to try and read off of his tablet. She pouted when he angled it away from her, so Bruce handed it to her with a roll of his eyes.

"Jason's been requested," he explained for Tim's sake since he couldn't see the case file.

"Jason's been requested for what?" Dick's voice cheerily called out despite how exhausted he sounded as he walked in with his arm wrapped around Cassandra's shoulders. Bruce knew Cass wasn't very fond of being touched, but by how tired she looked, he had a feeling Dick was the main reason she was on her feet. The two sat down in adjacent seats and eagerly accepted the coffees that Alfred handed them.

"I didn't realize you were planning to stay over, Dick," Bruce commented first. That at least solved the puzzle of one of the three extra overnight guests.

Dick shrugged. "There was an impromptu movie night. Harry Potter– couldn't miss out on that. Babs is here too, she'll be down in a minute."

"A sick kid asked the Villain Wrangler if he could meet Jason," Steph interrupted before they could go further as she informed the two new arrivals, knowing they both were curious but trying not to show it. The laughter from Dick had been expected, but the quiet giggle from Cass was a welcome surprise as she accepted the tablet from the blonde.

A scoff came from the doorway, and Bruce didn't even have to look to know it came from his youngest. "So Todd's finally gone rogue enough to be classed as a villain?"

Even Alfred rolled his eyes at that. "Try and have a good morning, Master Damian," he admonished as he handed the boy a mug of tea when he walked past. They all knew Damian was not a morning person.

"Thanks, Alfred," he muttered before sitting down. Despite his mood, everyone knew he wouldn't be rude directly towards the butler.

"Wow, is everyone up already?" Barbara strolled in, stretching her arms above her head with a yawn. "Didn't realize I was so slow– thanks, Alfred!" She stopped to thank the man as he handed her a pink mug full of coffee. "Did I miss anything important?"

"Jason's been requested by World of Wishes so Danny'll have to convince him to go," Tim said with a sigh, annoyed from hearing the same news repeatedly. He'd finished his espresso shot-filled tea and now had some color to his face.

Babs stared at Tim for a second before Cass held up the tablet in her hands and Babs walked to stand behind her chair so she could read it. "Oh, Danny's gonna love this," she said with a grin.

Bruce hid his smirk at her words. Danny Johnson had certainly proved to be entertaining when he ignored the security threat that the man's work still posed. He was curious as to how Johnson would convince Jason to go– he didn't have doubt that Johnson would find a way after all of the more difficult individuals he had tracked down.

His gaze turned towards the final mug left on the table. It seemed Babs was the last of the kids that had been over, seeing as conversation around the table had turned towards which of the Hogwarts houses was best (Bruce was in favor of Slytherin– but he digressed).

Steph beat him to asking about it. "Alfred, is the last coffee yours?"

Alfred shot Bruce's longest ward with a knowing smile. "No, Miss Stephanie. I prepared it for a guest who called ahead."

Bruce's eyebrows furrowed at that, especially after his butler sent an amused glance his way.

And it seemed he wasn't the only confused one. "Wait, which one of us would've called ahead? I didn't think any of us did that."

"That is correct, Master Richard," Alfred agreed with a long-suffering sigh that Bruce knew would have all the kids soon letting the butler know when they'd be at the manor. "I never said it was children."

Bruce's eyes narrowed suspiciously as he finally deciphered the meaning behind Alfred's smug smirk. "You don't mean–"

"Goooood morning, little birdies!" A voice called from the entrance hall and moments later Selina Kyle waltzed in, her heels clacking against the hardwood floor as she walked. Several voices said hello in response as Bruce rose to greet her.

"Selina," he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she wrapped an arm around his waist and reached out with her other hand to fist bump Steph. "I wasn't expecting to see you this morning."

She smiled slyly back at him. "The best surprises are the ones you don't expect," she teased, nudging him with her hip. "Ooh, is that coffee? Alfred, you're a dear." She blew the man a kiss as he passed her the final mug and then slipped around Bruce so she was sitting in his chair. Bruce gave her an unimpressed stare which she returned with a wink.

Yes, it was shaping up to be just another normal day in the life of Bruce Wayne.

Stephanie had known Cassandra was headed to check in on Jason that day ever since she had snickered that morning at coffee hour. She'd caught her trying to sneak out the mansion (read: take one of the "rich kids of Bruce Wayne" cars), but she had clearly needed sleep (read: she had too, so they both took a three hour nap on the couch).

They showed up at Jason's place around noon, both wearing leather jackets and dark sunglasses. They'd also dragged Tim along with them, and he was sulking behind them with his hood pulled up over his head as they stood in front of Jason's door.

Steph only had to knock three times before Jason opened the door. He was barefoot and shirtless, with only jogging pants on, and he had a glare that could kill a common paparazzo.

"No," he groaned before slamming the door shut in their faces. Cass rolled her eyes at his dramatics as they heard the door lock, but Steph was ready to kick the door down. Tim nudged her aside and pulled a lockpick set out of his pocket. He bent down and began to fiddle with the lock.

"I usually have to use this when I visit," he muttered. "Sometimes I just wish he'd just give me a key or–" He stopped talking as Cass took a cord from around her neck and stepped up next to him, dangling the cord and the key on it in front of his face. "Oh. Well, why didn't you mention it before, Cassie?"

Cass shrugged. "You didn't ask." She gave him a smirk as he moved aside and sheepishly put away his tools so she could unlock the door. With a quick turn of her key, the doorknob moved and Cass pulled it open for the three of them to enter.

"Cassie, you're a star." Steph gave her a high five and then closed the door behind them.

She'd never been to Jason's new place yet. It was a simple but large studio apartment, with separate sections for his sleeping area, the kitchen, and even a mini gym. Jason was currently lounging on his

"Hey Cass, other uninvited guests."

Tim crossed his arms and Steph could've sworn he was pouting. "How come Cassie gets a welcome but we don't?"

"She's the only one of you with a key."

"Yeah, actually, why is that?!"

Jason groaned, moving one of his arms so it covered his eyes. "Maybe because she's the only one who respects peace and quiet." He turned to glare at Steph as she hopped up to sit on the kitchen counter, swinging her legs leisurely. "Get your ass off of there, that's where my food goes!"

"If you're putting your food directly on the counter, you've got some serious issues, Jay."

Cassie snickered. "Not the biggest issue he has today," she simply said when their attention all turned to her.

Steph grinned and looked back at Jason, who was now sitting upright and staring at them suspiciously. "What do you think of the 'Villain Wrangler?'" She asked.

He shrugged. "Danny? Dude's been handling training pretty well, actually. Earlier this week, he managed to get a couple of good punches in during our sparring session. And he can run the mile in an acceptable amount of time." Jason paused as he took a drink from the water bottle lying next to his bed. "Villain Wrangler's got some fight in him. I respect that."

From the look on Tim's face, he hadn't known about Jason training Danny Johnson until now either, but apparently Cass had. (That, or it was because Cass was better at masking her surprise).

"Well," Tim said with a laugh, "that should make this even more entertaining."

Jason's eyes narrowed dangerously. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Anything anyone was going to say was waylaid by the sound of knocking on the door. They all shifted into tense stances (did Jason pull a gun out of his pants?) as the doorknob turned and the door swung open.

"I was going to use my key, but the door was unlocked…" Danny Johnson trailed off as he took in the sight around him. All things considered, he appeared relatively unfazed by the gun Jason had pointed at him, as well as the batarangs that were now in Tim and Cass' hands, and Steph wondered if this was Jason's usual greeting for him. Jason sighed and placed his gun in his waistband, which let the rest of them know they could relax as well.

"Oh come on, even he gets a key?!" Tim complained, throwing his arms into the air.

"My bed's on the other side of the room. I got tired of getting up and unlocking the door for him all the time."

Danny glanced at the bickering brothers with a slight smile before turning towards Cass and Steph. "Hey Cass. How's it going?" His smile widened at the 'thumbs up' she sent him before he looked closer at Steph. "I remember you, from the dinner that Selina brought me to at the manor. You helped Alfred cook, right?"

Steph nodded and offered her hand, which he took firmly and shook. "Stephanie Brown. And you're the Villain Wrangler?"

She was surprised by the weary sigh he gave when hearing his title. "It would seem so," he finally said.

This was interesting. She'd heard a lot about Danny Johnson, both from her family and from social media. The picture of him that she'd formed in her head wasn't one that sounded so… resigned. "You don't like it?"

"I never chose it– the name or the attention." He ran a hand through his hair sheepishly. "I just wanted to help those kids, and somewhere along the way, the Internet decided to shine a spotlight on me. I guess I should get used to it now."

"Could be worse," Cass pointed out.

"Yeah," Jason agreed from where he was pulling on a shirt from across the room. "You could be named after a restaurant–"

"I hate all of you," Steph heard Tim mutter.

At least something that one of the boys said got a laugh out of Danny. "Anyways, I'm actually not here for training today. I'm here looking for you, Jason."

"I should hope so, seeing as this is my apartment."

Steph watched curiously as Danny's eyes glinted mischievously. "You've been requested by a child through World of Wishes. Six year old boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, wants 'to be a ninja.'"

Jason let out a stream of fairly inventive swears. "If he wanted to meet a ninja, why didn't he ask for Damian?"

Danny shrugged carelessly as he pulled out his phone. "Guess he and his mom were saved by you a year or so ago. Distinctly remembered his savior wearing a red helmet." He smirked back at Jason. "If you don't want to be recognized, don't have such a flashy outfit."

"Fine. So he recognized me. Doesn't mean I'll go visit."

"No," Danny agreed. "But this video definitely means you will." He raised up his phone so only Jason could see the screen. Danny must've pressed play, because they all got to hear what was unmistakably Jason's voice belting out the chorus of "Let It Go" before he hurriedly reached out and pressed pause, glaring at Danny as he did.

"You told me you hadn't seen the movie," Danny said with a grin, pocketing his phone. "Here's the deal: you come visit this kid, and this video doesn't get sent around to every hero and villain that you know."

The four Batkids stared blankly at Danny. Steph hadn't been told that the Villain Wrangler was this devious. It was amusing to see him interact for the first time– clearly everyone had been leaving some things out of their stories about him.

Jason's glare would've made some cower, but Danny didn't seem fazed by it at all. "Fine," Jason grumbled. "Just text me when to be there."

Danny smiled brightly. "Great! With that done…" He turned to address the other three of them present. "Do you all want to join the training session today? I'd appreciate being able to practice with new people– Jason's getting a bit predictable during our sparring sessions," he joked, but Steph knew there was some truth to his words. It was always good to switch up training partners, otherwise the routine and styles would become too familiar.

Jason's good-natured eye roll let them know he wasn't bothered by the invitation. "You can only spar after your mile run. You've got to shave ten seconds off of last week's time."

Ivy glanced up at the sound of the door opening and shutting heavily. "You're back later than normal." She looked back down at her notes she'd been scribbling into her notebook. Maybe if she tweaked the formula by adding a bit of heat? Yes, that might work.

"It was a full house when I got there," Danny's voice called from the kitchen. "I got to spar with Tim and Stephanie today. Cass was there, too."

That explained him being in the kitchen, then. Usually Danny would head straight to take a shower after he returned, but on the days Jason drove him a bit harder, he always drank a full glass of water and ate an apple before finally going into the bathroom.

"What, did you finally get to fight Cassandra?"

Danny's bark of laughter was enough of an answer. "I'm not worth her time– she would beat me in a second." He strode out of the kitchen and plopped down heavily next to her on the couch, a red apple in his hand like she'd expected. "You're journaling?" He attempted to lean in to see what was written on the pages, but Ivy jerked the notebook out of his reach.

"If you must know, I'm creating a stronger antidote to my love potion. I figured it'd be good to have on hand, in case someone accidentally got into it."

Apparently she didn't have to verbalize the rest of her thoughts for him to know what she was implying. "And by that you mean 'in case Harley knocked over the vials so they shattered and caused the formula to become airborne?'"

Ivy rolled her eyes. "It was just one time. And anyways, she now knows not to do cartwheels near my equipment."


"You should go shower," Ivy muttered, wrinkling her nose as he continued to sit. "You smell like a gym mat."

"I felt like a gym mat with the amount of times I was knocked to the floor," he groaned. "Can you take a look at this first? Just want to make sure nothing's broken."

Ivy finally looked up fully from her work and her eyes widened at the deep bruise on his left wrist. "What'd you do, karate chop concrete?"

Danny's sheepish smile changed to a wince as she lightly prodded the area and moved his wrist back and forth to test its mobility. "Today's lesson was to not try and brace a fall with my hands, but to tuck and roll into the fall instead. I learned it the hard way, but now I won't forget it."

Ivy stayed silent. She knew Danny was pushing himself hard with this training; it was something that everyone who wore a flashy suit took seriously, no matter what side they were on. There'd been a general feeling of relief from those who knew Danny that he was learning to defend himself as well. No one wanted some wacko to try and pick up where the Joker had left off.

There were days where they had concern for Danny, though. He didn't have any powers and he hadn't chosen the superhero or villain life. He was a normal guy who'd been sucked into this world– their world– because he wanted to help kids. (In her opinion, that was something more admirable than anything some superheroes could dream of doing).

And yet here he was, steadily learning to fight from the Batkids of all people and coming back worse for the wear, without any major complaint.

"You can move it normally so it should be fine," she finally said, placing his hand on his knee. "Ice it for a bit after you shower."

Danny's grin was tired but thankful nonetheless. "Awesome. Thanks, Ivy." He lifted his arm up to give her a quick side hug, but the motion caused Ivy to recoil to the other side of the couch as it wafted his post-workout smell straight into her face.

"Did you roll around in an eastern skunk cabbage or something?!" She shouted, pinching her nose shut. "Shower! NOW!"

Danny's laughter trailed off as he left the room and finally went to wash up. It was times– and smells– like this that made her remember why she tended to prefer the company of plants. (At least they always listened to her the first time.)

Rebecca Narro had never seen anything like it before.

Or at least, she hadn't seen anything like it in person. She'd been on the night shift rotation during Danny Johnson's last few VIP visits to Gotham Children's, but she had seen some of his latest ones on social media. There'd been that boy who'd gone viral asking to meet the Penguin, and Nora Fries' foundation had written about an "budding young scientist" and posted a photo of the little girl's drawing of her and Mr. Freeze.

Now her shifts had changed and she found herself watching from the side of the room as the Red Hood held onto young Tyler's hands and guided him across a tabletop and then lifted him into a long jump down onto the floor. Tyler had been excelling recently in his physical therapy and was able to stand again on his own, but Rebecca and all the other nurses on the floor knew he dreamed one day of being a ninja. It was wonderful to see the vigilante helping this boy's wish come true in a way.

Every so often her gaze flitted to where Danny Johnson was seated in a chair next to the doorway. When she joined her friend and coworker Olivia in the room, Olivia had whispered that she thought it meant he trusted the Red Hood considerably, since he seemed content watching and not getting involved. He was interesting, this Villain Wrangler, who tried to avoid both the spotlight and his newfound title from the Internet.

She wondered how he had convinced someone as stand-offish as the Red Hood to visit a child for World of Wishes. Maybe he had someone the Red Hood knew convince the vigilante to come.

"Take it a little easy, Hood," Johnson said at a normal conversational level. Rebecca had been surprised at the casual tone of voice, but it seemed that the Red Hood had still heard him as he paused halfway through handing Tyler a pair of nunchucks.

"Here, put your hand on top of mine and I'll show you how to use it," Red Hood settled on instructing, his helmet pointed in Johnson's direction as he spoke. He continued with Tyler after Johnson gave a slight nod in approval.

Olivia snapped a photo as Red Hood helped Tyler gently swing the nunchucks. "It's Tyler's mother's camera," the blonde explained. "She's working and asked for photos, so I've been trying to take some when they've been too distracted to notice."

Rebecca smiled warmly. "That's a great idea. His mom will appreciate that." She glanced around the room, looking at the miniature red eye mask and plastic batarang Red Hood had given Tyler when he'd arrived, the obstacle course they'd made throughout the room, and Johnson sitting to the side. "You should take a picture of the whole room, too. That way Tyler can show his mom later– give her a 'show and tell' of the entire visit." She shrugged. "We could take a group picture of them with Danny Johnson as well."

Olivia gasped in delight. "Yes, let's! We'll wait for the end, though, so not to disrupt them."

They turned back to watch as Tyler laughed in delight as the nunchucks swung back and forth on either side of him as Red Hood guided his hand a bit faster. "Awesome! We're both ninjas now!"

"Not quite." Red Hood surprised them by pulling a red bandana out of an inside pocket in his leather jacket and tying it over the bridge of Tyler's nose so it lightly covered his lower face. "See? With this on your identity is secret, so now you're really a ninja."

Tyler's mouth dropped open and he nearly fell over in delight. "No way! Mr. Red Hood, you're the greatest!"

"Thanks, buddy. I'm glad someone finally realized."

By the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen when Selina entered the apartment, Danny and Harley were making lasagna. That was a tell-tale sign that the two of them were planning a movie night. Hopefully Harley had been too busy with cooking to have checked her phone recently. Selina would be disappointed to have missed out on a front row seat to Danny's reaction to the news.

"Well if it isn't the Villain Wrangler!" Selina said as she sauntered into the kitchen, swiping a bottle of opened rose off the counter as Harley and Danny both greeted her. "Did you check your news feeds lately?" She fetched a wine glass from a cabinet, filled it halfway, and returned the bottle to its spot before leaning casually against the counter to watch the fun.

"No, why? Ooo, didya steal somethin' pretty?" Harley asked, turning to look over her shoulder with wide eyes from where she'd been looking through the oven window at her baking masterpiece.

Selina pulled her phone from her back jeans pocket with a grin as she opened it to show the current trending hashtag and the post that had started it. "Looks like the mom of the kid you and Jason visited wanted to thank you since she wasn't there today."

Danny's eyes widened comically as he rushed over to look at her phone. "What?!"

"Oh, just take it and see for yourself." She handed it to him and watched with amusement as he read the post and began to scroll to look at the others in the hashtag. She already knew what most of them said– after all, they had been tagged as "The Villain Wrangler."

tylersmommy128: I can't thank #TheVillainWrangler enough for allowing my son to meet his hero #Red Hood! Thanks to the nurses at Gotham Childrens for taking this photo to capture the memory forever.

Beneath the text was a snapshot of Danny standing next to Jason (with his helmet on), who had both hands on the shoulders of a grinning little boy with tan skin and dark hair. Both had been reposted and liked tens of thousands times by regular people and larger media groups, but they were now joined by other posts mentioning the other visits Danny had made possible. Some of them were even made by the older kids he had helped; Selina specifically recognized one post from the boy who had met the Penguin.

jaredcorleoneee: Will never forget that Danny #TheVillainWrangler got Gotham's own boss to marathon the best movie trilogy with me! #TVW #IcebergLounge

"I… I thought only a few hundred people had been sharing this hashtag. I had no idea this became so popular," Danny finally said after he finished scrolling through the most popular page, his voice slightly shaky.

"That you became so popular," Selina amended for him. His shoulders slumped slightly as he nodded in agreement. He'd definitely need help learning to manage this newfound fame, so she made a note to speak to Bruce about it later. Knowing Bruce though, he probably was already planning something.

Harley had come up behind Danny to read over his shoulder, so he handed the phone to her. "Woah! You're practically famous," she commented in awe.

"Why does that impress you? The two of you are also famous!"

Harley pouted. "Yeah, but not Internet famous. Ivy said I shouldn't run an official 'Harley Quinn' account, so I just have to settle for running a 'Gotham City Sirens' fan account instead."

Selina stared at her friend, who was now trying to look innocent. "That's your account? Okay, wait, not important right now." She pulled the sleeve of her sweater up so she could unclasp something from her wrist and held it out for Danny to take. "It's a congratulatory present," she explained as she let the watch fall into his open palm.

Danny buckled it onto his left wrist slowly. "Is this… a Rolex?"

"Consider this recompense for breaking your locks and not paying rent before you gave us our keys," she said with a shrug, trying to remain aloof despite the clear reverence in his voice as he stared at the watch.

"Why wasn't this in a box?"

Ah. There was the cautious suspicion she'd been expecting. "I didn't steal if, if that's what you're wondering. Think of it as an upgrade from your current watch." She took another long drink of wine, watching his face to see when he would understand.

"Oh. You put a tracker in it?" A warm smile crossed his face unexpectedly. "You're worried about the attention on me, too."

"This one's special, though!" Harley interjected as she grabbed his arm and examined his new accessory herself. "I brought it to the red-headed wonder–"

"She means Barbara," Selina muttered for Danny's understanding.

"–and she found a way to add a nifty lil' panic button! And, if you turn the time and date dials away from you at the same time, it'll shoot a tiny poison dart from the twelve o'clock side!" She pointed at the top edge of the watch, where a circular groove could be made out against the silvery metal.

"We know you're combat training, but we all wanted to make sure you'd have a secret weapon of your own, just in case," Selina summed up.

Danny opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by a series of beeps from the oven.

"Our lasagna!" Harley cheered as she dashed over with a pair of oven mitts to take it out.

Danny turned to Selina as Harley hummed while she placed the pan on the counter and gathered a stack of plates to cut pieces for each of them. "Thank you," he said quietly. "I've been on my own for so long, it's nice to know I have friends that want to help me."

Selina patted his upper arm reassuringly. "And thank you for taking a chance and seeing the best in all of us."

"And thank you for helping me make this wonderful lasagna!" Harley called out as she brought a pair of full dishes over to them. With just a glance towards where Harley had left her own dish, Selina could clearly see their friend had piled far more onto her own plate. The sight brought a smile to her face: she expected nothing different of Harley. "Selina, wanna join us for movie night? You can choose the first one!"

She hadn't been able to join them in quite a while and was more than happy to accept the invitation. "Alright. How about 'The Devil Wears Prada?' A film about strong women and gorgeous fashion, two things I strive to be and include in my life," she added jokingly, though they all knew there was truth to her statement.

Danny and Harley both laughed as they led the way into the living room. "Fine, but only if we can watch Sherlock Holmes afterwards."

"Oooh, it'll be like old-timey Batman!" Harley snickered. "Good idea, Dan-the-man! Remind me later to doodle a hat and monocle onto that magazine of him Selina has stashed in her nightstand." She glanced slyly at Selina. "You know, the 'sexiest man alive' one," she said in a mock whisper with a teasing wink.

Selina knew what Harley was up to, and she was more than willing to play along to lighten all of their moods. "Well if you're going to bring that up, let's not forget that he won that title three times, although I am admittedly responsible for why he's now out of the running for 'most eligible bachelor…'"

"Think they'll offer me his spot instead?" Danny laughed as they sat down on the couch together.

Yes, it was just another normal movie night in the Villain Wrangler's apartment.

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