Author Note: First Littlest Pet Shop Fanfiction of mine. Short but hope you enjoy. Please review and favorite if you like. In this story Sunil and Pepper are a couple. I have plans on making a longer story where they get together.

How to Love: A Pepper and Sunil short.

Pepper returned to Littlest Pet shop late today. She walked over to a spot next to Sunil. " Hey " said Pepper in a short breathed tone. Sunil replied " Hello sweetheart. How has your day been?" Pepper gave a sign and replied " rough". Sunil looked at her with sympathy and went close to her offering a hug. They embraced in a tender hug. When they released Sunil asked " Why was your day so rough? " Pepper smiled. " I was working on a new joke and hurt my leg. Sunil now noticed she had a little limp when walking. He felt bad for not noticing before. He said " You should Be more careful. I do not like you injuring yourself." Pepper looked down " Sorry. I was just trying to give you a nice surprise " Sunil opened his eyes wide " What surprise?" Pepper said " Just a skunk girlfriend surprise for her man ". Sunil laughed " That seems like a very nice surprise I would like hahaha" He paused and continued " It just so happens that I have a surprise for you for going out if your way and tiring yourself out just for me" Pepper asked what it was but Sunil just took her hand paws and pulled her into another hug.

Sunil instructed Pepper to relax and sit lay down. She did. Sunil went behind her and took out.a perfume lotion. He put some on his hands and reached out to Pepper. He started massaging her back. Pepper sighed. Sunil smiled. Pepper let Sunil massage her back telling him " That feel so good Sunil. You make stress melt away." Sunil massaged her back and shoulders and neck... He massaged her with love enjoying his and her enjoyment. Sunil massaged her all over making her very relaxed. Sunil massaged her arms and paw hands and paw feet. Sunil loved Pepper's soft fur and soft paw pads. She even had softer claws. " You know Pepper You are enjoying this massage as much as I am giving it"

After the massage Pepper hugged Sunil and excused herself for a second and came back. She said " This is a gift for the loving boyfriend" She handed him a flower. As Sunil tried to smell it the flower squirted water in his eyes. Pepper laughed and Sunil laughed too. Pepper said " That was a joke... Are you ready for your real surprise?". Sunil nodded.

Pepper gave Sunil a soft kiss on the lips saying "I love you". Sunil smiled and replied " I love you too."

Love is the ultimate gift. To care for one another and put him or her over yourself.