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"A rabbit isn't virtuous, it just can't do anything except get eaten! That's not virtuous. If you're a monster, and you don't act monstrously, then you're virtuous." -Jordan Peterson


#3 ? Title? Who the fuck needs a title?




I'm also going to recommend "The Gathering Storm," by "Rogermein"

Short chapter, just a reminder than I'm not fucking DEAD!



"Ready?" The Lieutenant rasped, his armored body nearly invisible in the pitch-black alley, knife in one hand, tomahawk in the other.

Raven nodded tersely, knowing he could see her through his helmet's IR vision filter, fingers tightening around the grip of her knife. Just a scant few meters away was a trio of Black Vulkars, who were currently hunting for the pair of shadows that had descended upon one of their friends just a few minutes ago.

What those Vulkars didn't realize is that they weren't the ones doing the hunting in this scenario.

Three angry Nikto entered the alley, armed with glowrods and blasters, obviously more brave than intelligent.

Less than thirty seconds later, without so much as a whisper, a man and woman dressed in raggedy, ill-fitting clothes left the alley, both carrying a small durasteel day pack on their backs.

"By the book, Sergeant." Roidsworth whispered, a small smile on the edge of his lips.

Raven couldn't help grinning, if only a little. "High praise, coming from someone of your reputation."

Roidsworth smirked, joking, "Heh. Just remember, I only got that reputation because no one else lived to tell the stories. Otherwise, my teammates' headstones would have very different epitaphs."

The Sergeant chuckled to herself. "Nobody wants the world to remember them screaming for mommy when they died."

"There's that, too. Heads up, A-O is in sight. Thek wasn't kidding when he said it was a bunker."

Straight ahead of them was the Black Vulkar headquarters; a thick, squat building made of thick duracrete, likely reinforced with durasteel. Its half-meter thick durasteel doors were flanked by a pair of tough-looking nikto vulkars, as well as a pair of heavy automated laser turrets. Formerly a mechanic's shop, and before that a military outpost during the Mandalorian wars, but the place has since had its martial capabilities put to use by violent, ambitious thugs.

Having seen the place firsthand, Raven whistled quietly, impressed. "Pretty squared away setup for a gang. Still, sloppy to leave those idiots outside with no external cameras. Just hope these disguises fool them."

Roidsworth's answer didn't do anything to help Raven's nerves. "It'll be a short op if they don't. Still, I've breached worse."

As the two disguised commandos approached the door, one of the nikto said, in heavily accented basic, "That you, Jorgan? Where Beeza and brothers?"

Roidsworth shrugged, answering, "Dunno, mate. Those three went chasing after some scutta who couldn't pay off his pazaak debts. We waited and waited for 'em, but they never showed."

That nikto nodded, grumbling, "Stupid Beeza. He know he not run fast."

The other nikto narrowed his eyes, growling, "That not Jorgan, idiot."

In the tense moment that followed, Raven tightened her grip on the knife hidden in her sleeve, mentally chanting, 'Please don't recognize us. Please don't recognize us. Please don't recognize us...'

"...Is Donvak and woman-partner, uhh... Jangleesh."

The other nikto mulled this over before nodding in agreement. "Mm... Yes. Jorgan have silly, annoying voice, and never come with willing female human. Bah, all humans look the same to me."

Roidsworth laughed, quickly saying, "Hahah, it's alright, everyone says we look alike."

With that, the the two vulkars opened the door for the disguised Commandos. After the door shut behind them, Raven couldn't help but groan. "I can not believe that worked."

Roidsworth grinned. "In my experience, it's better to be lucky, rather than skilled. And better yet to be both. Heh, it was a boring conversation, anyway."


[Dangerous, by Shaman's Harvest]

It had taken the two commandos mere minutes to slip into the garage, completely unnoticed as they began their reconnaissance. "I count five... No, six of 'em. There's a rodian napping under a swoop on the other end of the room." Raven whispered, sidling closer to the Lieutenant where he leaned against the wall of the garage.

Roidsworth nodded slowly, apparently paring his nails with a recently-cleaned knife; his eyes, hidden under a set of IR goggles, were currently scanning the garage as his partner lounged against his side, apparently whispering sweet nothings to her bad-boy boyfriend. To the casual observer, it was nothing out of the ordinairy.

"So, what's the plan, Al?"

Alex smiled. It was neither a pleasant nor comforting expression... And somehow made him look far more intimidating than a scowl ever could. "Plan? The plan, my friend, is murder." He suddenly stood up straight, put his hands in his pockets, and started for the door across the garage, angling to pass by the sleeping rodian along the way. Just as he passed by the swoop, he covertly kicked one of the struts the bike was resting on, making it tilt rather precariously. By the time he reached the door, the bike fell, landing square on top of the rodian's head, squishing him like...

A bug.

Raven shook her head, groaning at her unintentional pun as the other vulkars in the room scrambled to go lift the fallen swoop. As the last one moved past her, she tripped him, clamping a hand around the man's mouth and jamming a knife under his left armpit, severing a major artery right next to his heart. As he writhed on the ground, she slammed his forehead into the duracrete, the sound of the impact lost amongst the footfalls of the oblivious surviving vulkars, then slid his body behind the crate she'd been leaning against, wiping off her knife in the same motion.

When she finally stood up straight, a mere six seconds had passed, and the other mechanics were still struggling to lift the swoop off the dead alien.

Roidsworth was just now approaching the four remaining techs, and he seemed to pat one of them on the back, making the woman collapse to the ground, paralyzed. Raven could barely see the knife concealed in his sleeve.

It took the other three vulkars a few moments to realize that she'd fallen... And by then, only one aqualish was still alive, and he never even saw Raven walking up behind him.

All in all, a mere minute and a half had passed, and six vulkars lay dead. Roidsworth nodded to himself, checking his chrono. "Not bad at all. Let's see if we can find this 'prototype' Thek wants us to nick while we're here. Two minutes, then we clear out before anyone shows up."

Raven nodded, already fairly certain where the prototype accelerator was hidden, though she wasn't sure how she knew. "Rog', think it's hidden over behind that false wall. There's magtracks hidden in the floor over there." She hadn't actually seen them, but somehow knew they were there. She knew it with 100% certainty... Which was odd.

Alex quirked a brow, but followed her over to the wall she'd indicated, inspecting the floor. "Huh... You're right. These are pretty well-concealed, wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking for them. Excellent work, Sergeant."

He fiddled with his toolbelt for a moment before pulling out a portable scanner, placing it against the wall, where the magnets latched it in place. "Mmhm... Yup, got it." He left the scanner where it was and pulled out a security tunneler, essentially an EMP stylus, using it to fry the small magnetic lock in the concealed door.

Raven wished that her equipment belt hadn't been 86'd in the crash, as it was going to take forever to get a new one requisitioned with the current state of the war, and she hated having to make do without proper tools.

When the door unlocked, Alex replaced the portable scanner and gave the door a surly kick, forcing it to slide open partway, letting him force it open. He glanced around inside. "Clear, let's loot'n'scoot."


Reference include, but are not limited to: Candle in the Dark by Creen, Starship Troopers(The Book), Generation Kill,