Molly shut her door behind her before slipping to the ground. She held Rosie carefully as tears went down her face.

"Is that bastard gone' John asked coming into the room. He wasn't looking up at her or look at her for that matter. He was on his phone talking to someone.

Molly swallowed hard rubbing her eyes and kissed little rosie head before putting her to the crib. She grabbed her purse and put on her shoes not looking at John Watson.

"Molly" John asked confused because she was here to look after Rosie..well really John was to busy doing whatever but right now Molly wanted to leave.

'You.." she started out voice shaky and tears running down her face.

'Molly" he said again confused. He actually looked up at her. But Moll/y at this moment was to angry not to care.

"Don't you ever ask me to do that again' she somewhat hissed tears in her eyes and voice still shaky.

"Molly he deser-" he started off rolling his eyes and arms crossed.

"Deserved... MARY IS DEAD.. MARY IS DEAD BECAUSE SHE STEP IN FRONT OF SHERLOCK. MARY WAS HIS FRIEND AND MINE. It wasn't his fault, he didn't do anything but try to safe her but no, you are blind John whatever your middle name is Watson you are so blind. Sherlock is my friend I LOVE HIM.. and i will not be pushing him away, i will not pick sides...i will come here to only take care of rosie, i will bring her to my flat... that is it... I won't be talking to you not till you get your head of that stupid phone and realize that you are pushing everyone away " she took breathe and glad that she wasn't having mental breakdown at this moment.

Before John could say something she left the home slamming the door behind her. She walked getting a cab and head to Baker Street into the arms of one Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock confused as Molly was crying hold her close rubbed her back. He wasn't one for hugs but he did care for Molly.

"Molly " he asked softly pulling her close in a hug.

'I'll get some tea" Mrs Hudson said in the background..

"I'm so sorry Sherlock, he force me to say that I" she sobbed into his coat.

Molly didn't see Sherlock narrow his eyes. Or him texting someone. She was lead to kitchen and handed nice cup of tea by Miss Hudson.

Sherlock put down his phone but text was still there.

'You can blame me all you want John, but to force Molly to say that.. to hurt her. That was even low for you. I can't fix you.. I can't help you...because you need to do that yourself.. you need help John Watson...and for Rosies sake...for Marys I hope you find it' -SH.

Sherlock joined his friends sipping tea and listen as they talked. He was glad at least Molly had somewhat smile on her face.