Chapter 1

Mina's POV:

I felt the sunrays on my face. The first thing I noticed was the empty bed next to mine. Of course, my twin sister, Luna , was at school, having a normal life, friends and fun, while I was stuck in our room, bored out of my mind.

Suddenly, I thought about my last doctor's appointment yesterday. The results, despite the operations I've gone through, were very bad. After all, I was used to the idea of death.

My story wasn't that complicated. When my sister and I were born, I was missing a pulse. Anyway they managed to reanimate me. As it turned out, I had a weak heart, but there was something weird. They said that it was like my heart had a missing part which was irreplaceable . because of that my heart was taking my life force and my chance s to live to 18 were about a million to one. Since then my mother and lunatic sister have been searching for a cure, which I didn't believe exists.

Anyway, as I was listening to my mother talking with the doctor, I noticed a green light on the doctor's desk. Without thinking , I approached it using my wheelchair(for the record my heart can't bear tough things like walking or physical activities) I realized the difference when I felt the strange green thing in my hand. I felt like I could do anything.

Obviously, the spectators in my room noticed it as well. The doctor came towards me, took the green thing and I immediately felt exhausted. Then doctor Scowl(that's her name, I swear! ) explained that it was found near the town and caused abnormal activities. The I stopped listening to them, thinking about the strange feeling I got. But, of course, I heard the part '' a few days we will operate on her and put it inside her heart.''

"What? You're going to put this strange thing inside me? What if it worsens my already awful condition?"

''It made you feel better, right?'' my mother asked oddly serious.

Her piercing blue eyes hid concern if you deeper. Her dirty blonde hair had started to turn wait because of the all the stress. She had the face of a person who knew nothing of the meaning of rest. It didn't help that my father wasn't around. It wasn't because he had left us, it was because of his job, but that was another story altogether.

"Touché." I didn't want to argue.

So, I was waiting for my sister, because she was on a trip with her friends after school.

She didn't know the news yet because I wanted to be the one to tell her.

''Mina? Are you up?''

''Yes, I'm coming right now.''

''No, wait, I'll bring your breakfast.''

And my mother, being my mother, didn't let me do anything which, as it happened, was irritating.

''What's with the grumpy face?'' asked a mischievous voice.

''Luna?! Aren't you supposed to be on a trip?''

Luna smiled kindly, a smile she uses only with me. I saw that her brown waist-length hair was in a simply pony tail, while mine was all tangled up. Because of the upcoming operation, I didn't even bother to comb it. My hair was the same length as hers because Luna and I had a rule to have similar hair length we weren't identical twins, although, if I were healthy, I probably would've looked more like her. Sometimes, I really wondered if she was my sister because she was so curvy and beautiful, while I was unhealthily thin.

Her brown eyes, the same colour as mine, shone with excitement.

'' I finished early. I'm going to bring your breakfast. Don't go anywhere!''


Luna's POV :

Mina was worried. She tried to hide it but I knew. She was hiding something. Although they all(parents, doctors, relatives) tried to understand her, they couldn't. But I could read her like an open book. I knew she hated the operations and the money spent on her. I'd seen the expression on her face-she had given up a long time ago. But she wouldn't die. Not if I could help it.

Entering the kitchen, I took the food(which mostly I ate, because Mina didn't have much of an appetite) and, ignoring our mother I went back to our room. She was peacefully reading, wearing her fake smile, assuring people she was alright.

''OK, spill it!''

''Uh?'' she looked confused.

''You may fool others with your mask but not me! What's bothering you?''

She bit her lip.

''I'll be having my heart operated on again. They'll implant something strange into it again, which I thing is some sort of steroid. It'll last for some time and then I may become even sicker. I don't want this anymore. I just want all of this to end.''

''Don't talk like that! How can you think of leaving me? Who else will annoy me like you? Besides, you're forgetting our promise.''

She smiled. That was a good sign.

We talked a lot, ignoring the subject of the operation. She didn't seem so depressed anymore.

We didn't feel the day pass by.

I was getting ready for bed when she surprised me.

''Let me see your birthmark! Please….' She cried with her kicked puppy eyes. Ahhh…..those eyes…..

''You've seen it dozen of times.''

''I want to see it again''

''OK'' I took off my shirt and sat in front of her. My ''tattoo'' (birthmark) had the form of a bunch of dots and vines. Mina says it looked like angel wings. I was born with it and as I got older the mark got bigger. The weird thing was its colour - green. It was like emerald green and sometimes it got uncomfortable when people started to stare at it.

''Alright, enough. I think it's time you sl-''

But when I turned, I saw her already asleep. I didn't know why, maybe because she was sick, but she was sleeping like a koala. If you left her, she would sleep for whole days( which she had actually done one time)(long story).

I turned off the lights in her part of the room and watched as her green walls started to glow. I did the same with my lights and my violet walls started to glow as well.


It was a good thing I was a light sleeper, because if hadn't been, I wouldn't have been able to hear how Mina was whimpering in her bed.