(I love writing drabbles, when its in my head of course i have too which is why its short. Ugh I'm not over this episode and i'm mad at John. I can see Molly never forgiving John cause of this or something like that. Ugh this show destroys me )

"Aunite Molly, is that mummy" Rosie whispered. They were looking at photo album.

Molly was 5 years old but really smart. She had her mothers eyes and mouth and her fathers determination.

Molly nodded not wanting to say something. Tears threaten to fall down but she stayed quite.

"Mummy and Uncle Sherly look happy" the little girl said softly on smile on her lips. She didn't say nothing about her dad through.

"They were... best friends sweetie' she said softly rubbing her back.

"Was Uncle Sherlly, friends with Daddy too" she asked after while looking at her Auntie Molly. She stayed quite as Rosie gave me puppy eyes.

Molly couldn't say no to puppy eyes. She bit her lip and nodded.

"But not friends like you and Uncle Sherlly are " she whispered sadly and Molly nodded again.

There was knock on the door and she guessed that it was John here to see his daughter. He usually did work and they didn't talk that much or at all if they did it was about Rosie. But they didn't let her see it.

Unknown to John or Molly Rosie took the picture and hide it w as she went home with her dad for the week.

After her dad helped her into bed and said goodnight she waited till he left before taking the picture out.

"Goodnight Mummy Love you" she whispered to the picture before hidding it under her pillow and fell asleep