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Extended Summary: She had a hundred thoughts as to why he wouldn't look at her. Hirako Shinji wouldn't look at her because he was scared that he couldn't keep control of himself and he wanted to protect her. Midori had been living in exile like the Visoreds after being jailed for a period of time under suspicion of conspiring with Urahara Kisuke and then was mysteriously released. After a century of reminiscing, their pasts were beginning to catch up to them as well as the trouble that was going to come.

Chapter 1




Ahh yes...how long has it been since I've heard this voice?

"Midori...I'm back."

Midori's eyes had sprung open only to see sun rays coming in through the round window as the birds chirped outside. She wondered if she had imagined it all or if it was just another dream. But despite the unusual voice, she was going to take the day like any other.

It had been like this for the past 45 years or so since she returned to Soul Society, train kido, sometimes zanjutsu, take a stroll in the 14th district, maybe go to Kukaku's place. It was mundane but there was a peace in which she could pretend that nothing had every happened, that she had never come across Hirako Shinji or been entangled in the Gotei 13, but unbeknownst to her, time was starting to move again.

Midori had been cleaning her flute when the knock came. She had stared at the door imagining if it was Shinji who had finally come find her and then she scolded herself because she knew her wishful thinking was always met with disappointment. Her long seafoam green hair was a mess but it was impolite to keep a stranger waiting. When she slid open her door she was met with long black hair and dark purple eyes and a familiar hairpiece.

Gold eyes widened as her mouth opened in surprised, "K-Kuchiki-san?!" She broke into a smile, "You're alive?" This wasn't Shinji but still a pleasant surprise until...

"Akizuki Midori," the man had stated plainly.

Midori had looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Kuchiki Byakuya," Byakuya echoed his own name.

Coming to realization, Midori felt herself wash in embarrassment, "Ahh… I see! Sorry, you look so much like your father." She smiled sheepishly, "You've grown a lot, Byakuya-kun,"

Byakuya looked coldly at her. That was when Midori noticed his captain robe, and awkwardly said, "I should say Kuchiki-taichou huh?"

"Yamamoto sou-taichou requests for your attendance," Byakuya said curtly.

"This is an order."

Midori's eyes narrowed.

"Order?" She echoed. "Did Yamamoto-soutaichou really say this was an order?"

Byakuya almost sighed, "It was a request."

Midori smiled again, "I understand, Kuchiki-taichou."

She would not be taking any orders from Gotei 13.

Midori rested her hand on the doors of the fifth division's office when she visited for the first time in more than one hundred years. It was a door that would lead to an infinite amount of memories she had been fighting for decades but alas, she was a woman who faced her problems and this time would be no exception.

"It's been awhile," Midori smiled slightly, gazing up at the fifth division office. In her arms was a captain robe. She held it tightly thinking about how it would be the first time she actually would be considered part of the Gotei 13. The office had altered quite a bit over the years when Aizen was captain, but it still held what she liked to call the 5th squad spirit.

She couldn't believe she was in this situation but then again she would just about anything for Shinji.

"Akizuki Midori, Seretei is requesting that you are to help in the upcoming war. You will be the temporary captain of the fifth division. In exchange for your participation Seretei will pardon those involved in that incident over a century ago because Aizen!" Yamamoto deadpanned.

Midori silently cursed at the old man to being able to use her weakness so easily, actually making her join Gotei 13, but he gave a deal that was hard to refuse. In the past she was just a shinigami they would request to help out from time to time. That was how she met Shinji.

'Shinji...' Midori thought.

She ran her fingers across the wooden desk that had not changed since a hundred years ago. She had often come to the office to see Shinji and bother Aizen. When Shinji wasn't there, she would force Aizen and Gin to play cards with her. Neither of them were ever really interested but it was better than paperwork and they always had the satisfaction of beating her at almost every game. Midori would begrudgingly admit after the whole betrayal that she should have been more cautious and aware of their intelligence and how scary they were when it came to crafting strategies.

A certain person broke Midori from her train of thought, causing her to turn around. She came face to face with confused purple eyes.

"Um… can I help you?" the girl smiled nervously. The girl seemed to back up at the intensity of Midori's gold eyes.

"I'm the temporary captain, Akizuki Midori," Midori told her.

"Temporary?" She asked.

"It was decided an hour ago," Midori said.

The girl seemed to snap out of it and quickly bowed, "Excuse me, Hinamori Momo fuku-taichou desu!"

Midori smiled, "Yoroshku. You don't need so formal."

"Hai…" Momo replied quickly. Midori noticed Momo's uneasiness. She seemed to be in conflict about something.

"Is something wrong," Midori asked. Momo bit her lip.

"Umm… could it be, you were here long before I joined? Aizen-taichou?" Momo said slowly.

Midori's eyes narrowed at the name but still chuckled, "Well, something like that."

Momo suddenly looked up with wide eyes, "Aizen-taichou…did you know him?"

Yamamoto's words rang loud in Midori's mind.

"Your vice captain is in a weak mental and physical state right now. She was quite attached to Aizen so you can imagine how she is."

"Barely," Midori lied. Momo's face fell.

"Sou- Aizen wasn't around often," Midori told her.

Sousuke. Sousuke-kun. Shinji always warned her about being so familiar with him but he was the one who called him that too! Midori had always thought with a pout. Aizen never seemed bothered by it either. It was her weak attempt to lessen the tension and bring a more familiar feeling to the table. In the end, it was all in her head.

"So ka…oh well. I always wonder how he was before he became captain…" Momo sighed.

Midori found it better to just shrug, "Gomen, I didn't see him often so I can't tell you."

"Ne Hinamori, I heard you were hurt badly. You can go take some rest, I can take care of things here," she suggested.

"You're right, Shiro-chan would be worried," Momo said quietly. "Ah I meant Hitsugaya-kun, tenth division captain," she corrected herself.

"Ah I see," Midori smiled.

After Momo exited the office, Midori contemplated on staying there or making rounds around Seretei to greet some old friends, though she was scared of knowing what they thought of her now. She had left Seretei immediately after her release from prison and was never able to get a glimpse of how tarnished her reputation had become while she was out for five years. Midori sighed, glancing at the chair in front of the desk. She opted to sit down and stared straight up at the moss green ceiling.

'A hundred years…' she thought closing her eyes. It wasn't nearly enough to make the pain pass.

"Akizuki Midori, you are under arrest for assisting Urahara Kisuke use Hirako Shinji and other shinigami as experiments to attain hollow powers and murder hundreds of people!"

"Hirako Shinji, Sarugaki Hiyori, Aikawa Love-"

Midori could not move, what in the world are they talking about?

"Sousuke!" Midori cried. "Tell them they've misunderstood! Urahara wouldn't do that! Shinji, hollow powers?!"

Aizen turned around and Midori froze. For the first time, she was able to see what Shinji had always warned her. It wasn't a warm smile like she had always stupidly expected. It was a cold smirk with frozen eyes.

"Sousuke!" Midori yelled angrily. The guards held onto her arms tightly as she struggled.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"

"Don't you care?"

There was nothing.

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