Sam, Chris, Kathy and Danny walk up to the monster buster club house since they got a call from Cathy's grandfather .

"I wonder what the call was for." Sam wondered.

"Who knows, as long as I get to get out of Math." Danny hollers throwing up a fist.

"Well whatever it is it has to be important." Chris brings it back.

"Yeah grandpa sometime rarely calls us like this." Cathy looks to her friends.

They reach the door of the clubhouse and open it, looking around inside the club house it look like any other club house made of wood need to be keep up, they walk all the way to the back to the wall. Sam looks around then moves a picture out the way and types in a code in a little keypad, a green little light goes on and the wall opens like a door the gang goes through the door closes after the last person. The group continues walking down the high tech hall until they came to other metal door that opens once they approach, inside was all their gear and their main computer.

Looking around, for Cathy's grandfather. Not seeing any sight of the old man.

"We're here." Sam calls for the man. There was no respond back. So Cathy tires.

"Grandpa!"She yells, still nothing. Which puzzled her.

"Hmm, he told us to come." Sam started to look around.

Danny on the other hand sits back in a chair, kicking his feet up." Well either way I'm happy."

"Owww."the group hears a soft yelp.

Startled Danny jumps up and looks at the chair." What the-! The chair is talking!" Danny points towards the object. His friends give him a weird look.

"Umm, Danny are you ok?" Chris does his best to contain his laughter. His laughter is quickly hushed by Sam.

"No someone is here." Sam goes by her brown haired friend, getting in a fighting stance "Come on show yourself!" she demands.

At that moment, Mr. Smith came walking in with another. A woman, with fair skin who almost looked human if not for her black cat ears on the top of her head dark purple short purple hair, and dark golden cat illumining eyes. So it was okay to say she was an alien. Who dressed in a dark long skirt colored Victorian maid outfit.

"Kids!" Mr. Smith yells to the group.

They turn to see the elderly man standing there with the woman. Who gasp in shock and races over to the empty chair and seemingly hugs the air.

"Princess Kaya! Are you alright?!"she said. The group sees nothing, looking at each other confused. Danny gestures the woman is crazy. Sam elbows him.

"Is that lady okay? I don't see anyone." Danny thumbs over to the woman's direction. Only to have Sam slap his hand down, giving him a scolding look. "What?"

Just as Sam opened her mouth, she notices out the corner of her eyes, an alien girl no older looking than eleven with the woman. Light tan complexion. She looked like the woman, having the same cat ears though her ears where light magenta, with long magenta hair in two low twin tails. Bright fuchsia eyes. And a tail to match, the same as her hair. Unlike the woman, the girl was dressed in the Victorian clothing, the girl was dressed in a short, regal wrapped soft yellow long sleeve dress with light soft pink lace trimming and design. Yellow laced sandals reaching just to her knee. The girl was clearly scared and timid. The way she hid behind the older alien's skirt. Eyeing each of the members. She suddenly faded out and became visible.

"Whoa."Sam was astonished.

" Okay...who are those two."Chris asked pointing to you and Megumi.

sighs."These two are your new mission." Looking at you and Megumi. The woman gives a defined nod, your eyes quickly advert to the floor.

"What?"Sam was a bit surprised.

"... What I mean is that t-" Mr. Smith begins to explain for he woman to take over.

"Sir Smith, may I?"Megumi ask, he nods his head,she walks away from you over to the kids."Please my name is Megumi." She speaks with air of her status. Refined and respectful."I am a the head servant of the royal family of Catrystal and I have come here with the princess of the planet to seek hiding for the time being while things on our planet go to peace. I have asked Sir Smith, who as informed me that you will do all that you can to keep the princess safe from harm."Her eyes look at each of them.

"Princess?" Sam asked looking around"Where is she?"

"Oh, yes please forgive her. Princess Kaya please come meet your new guardians."Megumi tells you, stepping aside and gently pushes you forward. You gripped tightly to her skirt.

You become visible for them to see you when you did little light pink butterflies fly around you until you where look at them and they look at you. Bow your head deeply to them.

"H-Hello guardians." You say softly, it nearly sounded like a whisper. Though calm down." M-my name is Kaya it is an honor to meet you all and thank you for protecting me."

This was the princess? They just look at you."Hold on so we have to babysit her?"Danny points to you. And starts to laugh.

"And what is the problem?"Megumi flares, shoots a glare silencing him quickly.

"Nothing. Nothing."he puts his hands up.

Sam smacks his hand down."Danny."she scolds at him then turns back to you and bows respectfully."It is an honor to to princess."Everyone follows her except Danny who she made do it they come back up.

"Thank you kindly."you tell them softly. Hiding your mouth behind the sleeve of your attire.

Cathy who wasn't known for personal space, comes really close. Startling you, that you go invisible, again."Sorry. So, how long are you staying here for? Is your guardian staying with you?" She asked.

Before you could say anything, Megumi does. And what she said, shocked and sadden you."No, not now I, must go back to the home planet and tell her Queen that everything is well here."Megumi."I will be back as you humans say, in two weeks I beg of you take care of the princess. Should it be longer, I shall send word."

"You have our word that we won't let anything happen to her."Sam assures her. Giving her, her word. Locking eyes. Megumi could see was true to her word.

She looks at her and smiles relieved."I believe you. You are most kind-hearted."Megumi tells her, she bows to Sam and everyone. Then turns to you. You didn't want her to go. Scared. Fear and pleading writing in your eyes. To the point you tears formed in the corner. About to fall."Princess, be brave I ask you and please keep your self well hidden and listen to your guardians they are here to help you I will be back as soon as I can."she gives you a tight hug. Squeezing you. Doing her best to stay together. You cling to her tightly. Begging her to not leave.

But as princess, you had to accept it. And oblige to her words."Yes, Megumi."you whimper.

The two of you break, she wipes your tears. Smiling. Turning back to the others, she nods to them, then looks at . "I am ready to go."Megumi stands tall. With that she touches a jewel on her neck and teleports out the club house leaving you in the care of these humans. You look a the spot where she was standing your eyes then felt someone's comforting hand on your shoulder. Looking to find Sam.

"Don't worry, Princess Kaya. Everything will alright. Why don't we start things off, my name is Samantha but just call me Sam." She smiles introducing herself. Turns to the team.

"Hi! I'm Cathy Smith!"Cathy jumps over by you with a big smile across her face."It's so cool to have you here! I'm not human but an alien like you! This is going to be so much fun!"She suddenly does a flip you just look at her. Not sure what to make of it.

Sam, turns you around to meet the other. Though once you look at Danny, you yelp and go behind her scared of him."Whats wrong?"she asked.

You point a trembling finger at him."H-he scares me...with his loud mouth."Looking at Danny and quickly cower behind her for protection. Clinging to her hiding your face in her back.

She could help but laugh at this."Oh. he didn't mean to scare you."She explains.

"Yeah, sorry about that names Danny."He apologizes holds out his hand for you to shake. You look at it then at him not really sure if you should take it, giving a confused look. He looks at you then pulls his hand back rather uncomfortable. Chris couldn't help to laugh.

Nudging his friend."So much for "chris mocks him.

"Very funny."Danny grumbles.

"Anyway, hi I'm Chris."Chris introduces himself, waving hello.

You wonder why he was waving his hand at you so reach your hand out grab hold of it. Taking it in yours which makes him stop and look at you, you where looking at his hand wondering why it had stop you then place your hand in his and put it back up and wave with him,you smile at him and nod. "Well, now that you know everyone. Where are you going to stay?"Sam ask.

"With me and Cathy." tells her and everyone."It would make the most sense. She's going to pose as her cousin, who just moved here."

"Yeah!"Cathy yells with excitement. That nearly made you jump out of you skin."Sorry."

"Well that's good then."Sam said approving."Princess Kaya your going to like it here on earth I promise."

You, where unsure, this planet was new. Not like at home. Remembering Megumi's words, you at her and nod your head. "A-Alright. Yes."

This is an old story I had way back when quizilla was around. Managed to save it.