The gang helped you get settled in his and Cathy's house, who was so happy to have you staying with them she kept jumping up and down, she was quite a spry. It felt rather overwhelming, you just looked at her, the rest of the gang was still there Sam saw you watching Cathy trying to figure her out.

"Well, the main thing is that you will never get board."Sam tells you, chuckling.

You really didn't get it but smiled anyway. You would share your room with Cathy until yours' was ready."Sorry, Princess Kaya I wasn't really expecting you so soon."Mr. Smith apologized to you.

"Oh, no this is fine."You tell him, not minding.

He nods and leaves you with the group but tells them to keep a sharp eye on you all the time, looking around Cathy's room eyeing everything you found her bed and yours was on the other side across from her. This room was very small compared to your old one. Placing your bag down while Sam, Danny and Chris had your other bags they place them down. You where amazed at all the stuff that she had in her room. Quite different from what you had. None of this stuff on Earth, did you have back home.

"What's that?"you point to the ceiling fan that was going around and around. Your eyes follow.

"Oh that's called a ceiling fan."Sam tells you."It provides the light and some good air on hot days."

"What's that?"you ask, something else caught your eye. Point to the closet walking over to it and going inside it. Then coming out.

"This the closet."Danny tells you. Knocking on it, looking at you weird.

You step out the closet and scoot by him nervous, still looking around,you hear a noise you stick your head out the window and see a strange thing go by on four circles."What a strange creature..."

"Oh that's called a car-WHERE DID SHE GO?!"Chris beings to explain when he notices you gone and panics.

They all run to the window and see you running to where the car had past."She hopped out the window!?"Danny was shocked.

With no time to waste, Sam hops out in pursuit."Come on."She orders them and runs after you, the others follow right after.

"Grandpa, we're going out!"Cathy yells to him. Quickly hurries off.

You where running after the car hopping to look at it better and find out its name,seeing that the car was to far ahead of you. It wasn't going "this is not getting me anywhere"you then jump in the air and started to fly after the car, further behind, the gang was on your tail.

"She can fly!?"Chris stopped for a second stunned. He had to do a double take.

"Yeah."Cathy said casually. "Her kind or the royal family is know for having certain types of powers."

"Really?! Cool like what?"Danny suddenly became interested.

"Well th-"Cathy beings to tell him. But Sam cuts their chatter.

"Sorry to cut it up but she is suppose to keep a low status come on."Sam speeds up, hey all do.

You turn left like the car and speed up. Eventually you caught up to it hoover above it."...Strange thing..."You go down some more then when you got closer you phase through and sit in the passager seat."Weird..."You said in awe. Touching around.

The driver noticed your presence and yelled he came to a halt. You look at him, he was looks back at you visibly shocked from your overall appearance. Which you didn't seem to notice."Human? Tell me what this car name it?"

"Hon-Honda."He responds.

"Hello Honda."you greet the car."Thank you human, please go on."With that you phase out the car the guy passed out.

Settling yourself in the middle of the street, looking around, and walk back to the sidewalk.

"There she is!" Danny points to you.

They speed up to and reach you the second you get back on the sidewalk."Prin-I mean Kaya."Sam yells your name.

Turning to them and they come over to you, catching their breaths, but not Cathy."Are you all alright?"you ask innocently.

"A-ar-..."Danny tries to get out. But had to focus on breathing.

" have to keep a low status."Sam slight chastise you."Who knows what could happen we're suppose to watch you."

You look at her. Not following."What she means is that be careful okay. Don't use your powers here, humans don't understand things that we can do."Cathy explains for better understanding.

You look to her and understand."Oh..."you then bow to them and apologize."I am so sorry protectors please forgive me I did not mean to disobey you."

They look at you then at one other."It's alright really."Chris tells you.

You look up at them, still ashamed for your action. Your ears fold down."I should have know better. I could also get you hurt too."You tell him then turn around to everyone. "I-I-I will be more careful next time."

"Alright, then."Sam smiles."Since we're all outside why don't we show you around the town okay?"

"Would you like that?"Cathy asked extremely thrilled for you.

"Yes, I would thank you."you tell them feeling better, your tail started to wag.

And so they did, take you around the whole town, though had to buy you a hat to hid your ears jacket to hide your tail. They showed you where things where, what they where, you pointed out things that looked neat to you and they told you about the different types of food that they have here. The talk of food made your stomach growl.

"I am hungry."You tell them, holding your stomach.

"Come, then we'll take you to our favorite place."Sam tells you. Thumbing over her shoulder."It's this way."

"Yeah! The food is really great."Cathy jumps in your face with a huge smile, pulls you by the wrist and takes you.

You end up being taken to a place called 'Groovy Food'.

Taking a seat with them, your stomach was growling really loud you try to cover it, they laugh at you, which made you feel rather embarrassed. Blushing. Looking up at them."I'm sorry."you apologize."I am not use to being hungry like this. Normally back home, I would not experience this."

"No it's okay. It's normal."Chris tells you, looking at his friends. Then back to you." We all do that. So nothing to be embarrassed about."

"So? What do want our treat?"Danny holds up a menu. Which will be until Megumi comes back."Just hearing her name you slump down. Which earned him hit from Sam."Owww."

"Nice going dork."Sam hisses at him.

"It's alright Kaya, she'll be coming back soon don't worry."Cathy tries to comfort you. Sympathizing with you.

"...I know she will."You appreciate her words, but it didn't help your happy mood changed to a dour one. They all look at one other, not sure what to say."B-but what if she doesn't. I miss her so much."

It was quiet until someone broke it."You know when so someone that I love very much and miss, I, went to this place it was really nice and thought of all the good times we had and soon I felt better."Chris said.

You look up at him confused."A place?"

He nods."Yeah and soon they came back."

"I need a place."You thought about it, your spirits slowly lifted."I guess, but, Megumi was my only friend."

"Well you have new ones."Cathy tells you, throwing her arm around you. Squeezing you lightly. Pressing her cheek up against yours.

"Yeah we won't just watch you 24/7, well also be your friends 24/7 too. "Sam jumps in with her. Smiling at you.

You look up at them, reading they nod to you,you felt warm and nod your head"alright then lets order."Danny

You look at the menu, Cathy helped you pick out something when it was it was time to order. You picked a chili cheese burger, it was really good that you got other one,you guys spend a few hours there,you got to know them a little better,you told them as much as you could about yourself. Danny really was interested in your powers, wanting to see them. By the time the sun was setting, you guys where done headed back home it was around 6:00. Mr. Smith was waiting.

"Welcome princess, glad to see you're back." Mr. Smith.

You smile from his greeting."Yes, my new friends are very fun and kind."You tell him.

He was happy to hear."That's good then, well you and Cathy better get into bed, you start school tomorrow."

"School?"That was something new to you. School.

"Oh, you're going to love the place."Cathy hollers elated.

"Yep, Cathy is going to walk with you. She goes there too."Her grandfather tells you."Everyone does."

"Everyone?"you look at Sam and the rest. She nods telling it was true. Made you glad.

"Alright then."You seem to like the idea. Even if you didn't really know what it was. But, you had to follow what you where told. And accept.

"Good. Well, it is getting late." He cuts it short. Saying night to the others. "Night guys."

Doing as he did, you wish them a good night too."Oh yes."You go over to them and bow gently."Thank you, for your kindness and quite a eventful day."You smile.

"Sure thing."Danny flashes you a smile, giving you the thumbs up. Still little scared of him, back away."

Sam and Chris laugh."See you guys tomorrow." Cathy waves to them, as they all leave. You follow and do the same thing, until they where out of sight.

Cathy takes you inside and to her room."Since you my size you can wear my stuff until we find you some clothes because humans don't wear what you do."

You look down at your attire. Not seeing what was wrong, but again followed what she said."Alright."you watch as she puts clothes on your bed. Looking them over, they looked nice and where different from what you where use to wearing."That one."Pointing.

"Alright then."She puts the others away and leaves the one you like out and ready for tomorrow."Tomorrow school."She jumps up and lands on her bed laughing."You're really going to like it here on Earth princess."