Thanks for waiting for me to update. Sorry to all u Mikan X natsume shippers out there (don't worry I love them too) but this is a Ruka X Mikan fic, just felt like writing about a different couple.

"Come on Mikan we'll be late for school if you don't hurry up, get your lazy ass down here!" A brunette yelled waiting for her clumsy sister to come down stairs.

"Okay okay I'm coming just a -" Mikan tumbled down the stairs to meet her older sister with a huge grin. Her sister sighed inwardly chuckling , this happened almost every morning.

The two sibling were almost identical only Amaya was older and sported a sleek long bob whilst Mikan was a year younger and had long waist length slightly waves hair currently tied up in a high ponytail. Both girls were the a similar height, and had the same hazel eyes and chestnut hair, they were both incredibly cheerful, reasonably popular and had lots of friends and admirers at school.

"Well you ready or not? Come on let's go" Amaya laughed at her sister giving her a hand and pulling her out the door. The weather was almost perfect, not a cloud in the sky. Mikan checked her phone, natsume still hadent text her back since the night before, lately Mikan felt like natsume was ignoring her, but she dissmissed it since he was proberbly worried about school, after all natsume was in his last year of highschool and proberbly had a lot going on. After they finished their first year of highschool, natsmes grades were so high that he skipped his second year of highschool and was now no longer in the classes as Mikan.

Mikan quickley snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a buzz from her phone "sorry, been busy lately" Mikan frowned but understood none the less. She quickly responded "hmmm thats okay well wanna hang out tonight? " Mikan hoped natsume would say yes she had been missing him a lot since he transferred to the year above.

"you alright sis?" Amaya said raising an eyebrow to her sister who was currently frowning at her phone, it was proberbly natsume, when the hell was he going to break up with? Amaya had been seeing natsume since he came into her class at the start of the year, yes she knew he was her sisters boyfriend but she couldn't help herself, she felt like her and natsume were made for each other, as much as she loved her sister dearly she just couldn't keep away from natsume, she hated herself for it, yes, but she couldn't help it, she just hoped he would at least be gentle with her when trying to end it, after all she didn't want her sisters heart to be broken forever.

"Sorry can't come busy" Mikan frowned, they hadent seen each other in a while, she knew he was busy but still she felt lonley all the time.

"Yeah it's fine, natsume can't hang out again, wanna come shopping with me instead?" Mikan asked her sister she hadent been out much with her sister either lately, man she felt lonely. "Please don't ditch me too" she joked knowing her sister would never say no to shopping.

"Uhhh sorry busy" Amaya lied, real smooth she thought sarcastically.

"Busy with what" Mikan narrowed her eyes, her sister wasn't part of any clubs as far as she was aware and if she were going to a friends house she would proberbly just have invited Mikan to come along or at the very least tell her. Mikan hates it when people kept secrets, keeping secrets never ends well for anyone, that's what she always said and recently she felt as thought everyone was keeping secrets from her, she absolutely hated the feeling too.

"Nothing important, i ahh have an appointment, it's sorta private, yeah" Mikan eyes her sister suspiciously not believing her but never the less dropped the topic. Amaya rarely lied to Mikan so Mikan knew it must be something incredibly important and she was determine to find out what it was, Amaya was growing more and more distant each day she had to be up to something, Mikan knew she loved her since she took the time to walk to school with her every day even though she had the teleportation Aplice (AN: like Yuka she has the teleportation Alice and she has the Alice detection Alice like her uncle).

Amaya didn't want to lie to her sister, she knew no matter how she told her sister It could possibly ruin their relationship forever. The faster natsume broke up with Mikan the sooner Amaya could start to date natsume publicly, she knew Mikan would be upset with her but as long as mikan didn't know she was with natsume at the same time Mikan was then Mikan being the kind person she is would proberbly forgive her eventually. If Mikan were to find out before or too soon after then she doubted Mikan would forgive her easily if at all.

Mikans day was rather dull, Jin Jin yelled at her less that was good at least, but overall she was feeling pretty terrible. It felt as if everyone around her was in on some big secret that she had no idea about, she hoped that wasn't the case but even so the thought of it hurt. It was sixth period, Sport, mikan always loved sport, not only was she great at it but it was the one class aside from maths (with jinjin) where all her friends were together (aside from natsume, Amaya and Ruka).

"Mikan are you okay you don't seem too good honey.." Mikan was snapped out of her trance by her pink friend, Anna. "Girl, you've been so off today what wrong sweety? Did you and natsume fight or something?" Mikan shrugged, she didn't feel right feeling upset when She knew there wasnt really anything to be upset about.

"Hmmmmm i see... I know! You need a girls night" sumire said jumping out of nowhere, startling the pair. Spending time with her friends always made Mikan feel better after all they meant the world to her.

"Sure, where should we go?" Mikan asked, her mood suddenly lifted by the thought of spending the night out with her friends.

"Hmmm is that even a question? Where we always go Umenomiyas of course!" Sumire said bringing a smile to Mikans face.

"Nee-chan does make the best food after all" Anna said cheerfully. Mikan loved Anna's older sisters cooking it was her and her sisters favourite place to go, she also spent a lot of time there with natsume, natsume... She sure hoped he was alright.

The five girls walked into the restaurant cheerfully and sat down at their table ordering their usual meals. "You know maybe we should try picking something different from the menu haha" Anna joked.

"Don't you guys say that every week, either way I'm sticking to my crab cakes thank you very much" Hotaru replied.

"yeah and I'll stick to my salad I'd rather not get chubby" sumire said inspecting her perfectly manicured nails.

"You know maybe I'll try the pasta next week" nonoko said crossing her arms disapprovingly.

"sure just like how last week you said you would try the sushi" Anna said. "Alright alright touché no pasta for me" nonoko laughed. Mikan liked this, being with her friends was just as fun as being with natsume or her sister. Mikan excused her self from the table to go to bathroom.

"Amaya will you marry me?" Mikan whipped her head around to where the voices came from, she was speechless, she couldn't beleive her eyes. Her own sister and boyfriend were at a table shareing dinner and we're now engaged? Mikan felt her eyes swell up with tears, nothing could describe the betrayal she felt at that moment, one thing was for sure she wouldn't be so easy to trust and falling in love was out of the question.

"Mikan? Is that you, this isn't what it looks like" isn't what it looks like? He just proposed to her! Mikan thought, isnt that plain and clear?

"Mikan I'm sorrry I didn't want it to end this way" natsume said looking down ashamed of his actions.

SLAP! Natsume stared back in shock but didn't say anything he knew he deserved it. "sorry" Mikan said darkly "sorry for treating me like this or sorry i found out?" Mikan said running past her oblivious friends and out the door. She didn't know where she was running to but she knew she had to get away from it, away from her friends, away from her sister and most of all away from natsume, the man who broke her heart.