I Do Not Own Star Wars or the Nostalgia Critic.

As the Nostalgia Critic was sitting down to watch his entire copy of they star wars movies. he spotted a blaster that he had appropriated from Dr. Insano.

"Huh, I've had this since the movies. Wonder why I never used this in any of my reviews." He picks it up, and decides to take a pot shot at Malcolm.

Malcolm, sees the shot and immediately ducks behind the couch.


The blaster shot had created a large fire in the house. The Nostalgia Critic decides to then give Tamara the blaster, and runs away, while not having re-watched his movies.

Finally he realizes why he never used them. "The blasters are too slow!"

The Plothole then removes the blaster, and the nostalgia critic is sent back to the start of the story, where he is Forever trapped in literature form, never to die.

Read and Review. Flames will be used to fuel the plotholes of Star Wars.