Keeper of The Lost

By: dbrame91

A/N: I wrote this in advance. Naru's family is in a bit of trouble at the moment but she doesn't know. It is nothing violent, but you need to read to know. I'm also trying to make Naru a bit less Naruto like. I want to make her somewhere between open with people like Ino, and Sakura around Sasuke in Part 1.

Chapter 2

"The village is so much bigger now." Naru looked around at the vastly different skyline since her last visit. She quickly forgot herself, her escorts, and her prior teachings. "I'm lost," she declared as her eyes started to tear up. "I know tou-san's office is in the middle of the village but there are so many new buildings and streets and alleys!"

Suddenly the girl was lifted off of her feet, startled by the sudden change she looked up. Her eyes quickly met the hidden eyes of her short haired Uchiha and she calmed down, pressing a bit closer to him. "Let's go Naru-chan." Both ANBU took to the roofs, where Shisui let Naru back onto her feet. Out of the eyes of civilians now she shifted onto her toes and kissed his mask softly. She wasn't supposed to do anything that could give away who either of her ANBU were, but in more private places like the roofs of Konoha she would forget that rule. She turned to Itachi as well and kissed his mask on the nose.

"Thank you Shisui, Itachi." She smiled slightly as she began to look for the obvious face of the Hokage Tower and resumed her walk. The two Uchiha followed after her, again giving her some space as they hopped from roof to roof. As some Academy graduate hopefuls jumped in front of them and off again Naru laughed. "How is your otouto doing Weasel?" The red haired teen asked, dropping the familiarity of his name in case any other non-ANBU were nearby.

"He is good Naru-sama. Glad to be done with the Academy." The long haired Uchiha replied.

"Oh did he test out early? I thought Tou-san disbanded that." Naru's head tilted to the right a bit as she skipped from one roof to the next, the second being about a foot lower than the first.

"He tried to. Hokage-sama allowed him to take the test, but he had to stay through the rest of the year like everyone else from your year." The Weasel masked man replied. "He would also still fail if he stopped going after passing the test."

'Oh yay. I might be on his team then.' Her thoughts rang as sarcastic in her head, a verbal tone she had never been good at. Naru hadn't gotten along with the brattier of the Main house heirs after the situation when she was ten. "Is he still flocked to by fangirls? He always hated that, and I hope he is."

"Naru-sama, I know you and my brother are not very friendly, but he is going to be your brother-in-law." Itachi said, before getting elbowed in the shoulder.

"Not if she chooses me over you Weasel." Shisui laughed light heartedly as Naru turned from pink to her mother's hair red when she remembered she had to choose one, what would happen after she chose, and what would happen after that. Her head flooded with Jiraiya approved perversion and she shook her head in mid jump, missing the next roof and falling between the buildings. Both ANBU raced after her to catch her, but found her safely hanging onto a piece of thick coral that looked to have grown out of the wall.

When Itachi brought her back up to the rooftops, Shisui taking the chunk of coral to be safe, the two looked at her face. There were markings around her eyes and mouth, a seafoam green that seemed to look like face paint. The marks faded quickly as she relaxed and looked at them. In a bow, she shouted an apology for scaring them. "What was with your face just now Naru-chan?"

Knowing what Shisui meant she looked up, a bit hesitant. "That happens when I use the bijuu techniques." She pressed her fingers around the area of her mouth. "Each color and design means a certain bijuu. It is kind of like Senju Hashirama's sage mode, but using my chakra not nature's. That was Isobu's markings." Naru turned around as she continued her stroll to see her father, the cloak around her shoulders billowing up around her, exposing her to a slight breeze. Looking down she began to cry. "How did I tear my shirt? I thought I fixed the fit enough." She dropped to her knees and began to draw on the roof tiles with a finger, mumbling to herself about the training she received from the different beasts.

Shisui laughed softly before pulling the Uzumaki back to her feet and picking her up in a bridal carry again. "Once you get to the tower you can change your shirt before seeing Hokage-sama. Hold on to your cloak." The young woman nodded and was assaulted by a slight breeze. Her thoughts instantly recognizing the shunshin technique that Shisui was overly adept at. When she opened her eyes again she was outside the balcony of the room that housed the Scroll of Sealing. Naru climbed in first before locking the window shut behind her and pulling the shades across.

She quickly changed her shirt to a spare. This one was brand new and made from a very durable and stretch resistant fabric like Gai's jumpsuits. As she looked herself over she sighed and started going from scroll to scroll looking for something she could put on over the shape hugging material. Naru settled for a half jacket with three quarter sleeves. The jacket was a comfortable fit and allowed her the privacy to her figure to put her cloak away as well. When she opened the curtains again, Shisui and Itachi were both on the balcony now. Shisui's mask pressed against the window and one eye were the slight gap had been between the curtains.

Shisui jumped back, arms waving frantically before one hand moved to where his mouth would be, trying to shush her. Naru turned bright pink from her hair to her toes. Suddenly markings appeared on her face, black whiskers and a mask like band across her eyes. Soundlessly to the two ANBU she called the name of a technique which caused a small twister of sand around the short haired man and lifted him off the balcony to drop him in open air.

Suddenly the door behind Naru slammed open and there, in all his Hokage authority, was her father. Minato looked ready to fight, as well as a bit disheveled. His eyes promised pain to whoever he found, but softened when he saw his daughter. "Naru-chan. When did you get here? Why didn't you come in through the normal way?" Naru's markings disappeared and she rushed the man, taking him into a hug as tight as she could. The blond Hokage returned his daughter's hug as he looked down at her. "I thought you were getting in tomorrow, for the team placements."

"I wanted to visit with you and Kaa-san before I got put on a team. Is she here yet?" Naru looked up and smiled as Shisui climbed back onto the balcony and both Uchiha came in through the window.

"No, Naru. Kaa-san had to skip this visit. She is busy back in Uzushio. Apparently that Gato Shipping group has taken over Wave and are exploiting the citizens." Minato explained as a voice called out from his office.

"Minato, what's going on?" Momiji appeared in the threshold to the blond's office, her hair left down with a few strands out of place. "AH! Naru-chan. How have you been? It has been ages since I saw you." She came over and hugged the redhead happily. While the two shared a hug and short conversation Minato asked his daughter's escorts what happened. Itachi was the one to explain, skipping over Shisui's attempt at peeking on the Uzumaki girl.

Minato thanked them and excused them for the rest of the day. "Naru, why don't you and Momiji head back to the house so you can drop off your stuff." The Hokage suggested as he rubbed his neck and went back to his desk. Once he was seated he looked up to see Naru still there with Momiji behind her. "Is something wrong?"

Naru bit her lower lip as she struggled with choosing to speak up or not. "Are you and Kaa-san fighting again? She hasn't been to Konoha since winter." Part of what brought the question around was that Naru had smelt Minato on Momiji, but she didn't want to say anything. Minato was shocked a bit but nodded. He continued to tell her that because they were both busy with their jobs as Kage that it had been hard for them to stay as connected as they wanted. "You didn't need to hide it Tou-san." Naru turned and left the room, Momiji following after her. As they walked through the village the two talked, Naru about all the bijuu jutsu she learned and Momiji about her new puppet design she was working on.

"So why are you in Konoha Momiji-san? I thought Suna was trying to increase its Puppet Corp numbers." During Naru's visit to the Devil's Sandy Crotch called Sunagakure she had seen a few people from the village's different corps trying to recruit where ever they could. She herself had been stopped by one of the village's fan wielders, who said she could feel the Uzumaki's wind nature. Naru politely declined and explained she wasn't from Suna, taking her Uzu hitai-ate out. That caused an issue that forced her into a face to face with the Kazekage, a very stern man, where she had to display her traveling papers as well as her mother's note of warning/explanation.

"Oh, that is part of why I am here. I'm currently the ambassador between our villages because I'm a friend of Minato's. Part of my job is to work a deal for more wood for our puppet crafting. I've been here for almost two months now." The older woman explain as she slowly put her hair back into its folded fashion. "Minato won't be done with work for a few more hours, so why don't we go to the hot springs after we get you unpacked?"

Naru loved the sound of that. It had been a few weeks since she had a warm soak. Just as she was about to agree she stopped and shook her head. When the black haired woman to her side asked why she tried to explain but stopped. 'If I say his name he will appear.' Instead she charaded the reason; lifting one foot up and putting it behind her bent knee, arms out wide, she hopped a few steps. Momiji caught on right away.

"Oh you mean Jiraiya." The Suna ninja hadn't picked up on Naru's hesitation to say the name. For the teen, the name played in slow motion. "Ja," she turned to her companion. "Rai," Naru sprang forward, trying to stop Momiji. "Ya," her hand covered the puppet master's mouth, but it was too late. As soon as Naru slumped in defeat a cloud of smoke appeared and Jiraiya hopped out, in the same pose Naru had just imitated. "Wow, you were spot on!" Momiji laughed as she looked to Naru.

"WOW! Beautiful ladies!" The shout was expected for the youngest of the three. "Oho. A buxom black haired beauty from Suna." The Sannin turned to look at the other young woman. "And a shy but busty Uzumaki? It must be my lucky day."

'Of course he would notice Momiji first.' Naru looked up at him. "Go away Ero-jiji. I just want to go to the hot springs in peace."

"Ero? Jiji? WHAAAAT!?" This time Naru covered her ears. "Naru? But last time I saw you, you were a washing board." The last time he had seen his godchild was when he paid a visit to Uzu, during her birthday before she left on her travels.

"I was NOT! I just wasn't one of your pervy magazine models." Naru huffed before turning to Momiji. "I'm going home." As she started to leave Jiraiya followed her, trying to apologize, the teen growing more embarrassed as the old man rambled.

They had gotten a few blocks further before the Toad Sage asked, "So did either of your Uchiha suitors have to have you when they saw your recent...growth?" Naru hit bright red faster than she ever had and lost her focus, accidentally tripping over her own feet. "Oh? Which one was it? I would put my money on that Itachi kid. The uptight and serious ones are usually the ones with less control over that kind of impulse."

"N-neither one would do anything like that!" Naru started off loud but turned down the volume near the end as she remembered Shisui's attempted peeking, her blush growing even redder forcing the girl to start giving off heat. "A-a-anyway, even if they did I wouldn't tell you." Jiraiya smirked and began to write in his little research book.

"I'll just have to ask them myself then." The old man's smirk grew wider as Naru wheeled around on him, but disappeared as he watched seafoam green markings appear on her face. "Wha..."

"CORAL BINDING: TRIDENT!" Suddenly a spear of coral shot up from the ground and branched off growing thicker as it trapped him. Before he knew it Jiraiya had one branch grown around each wrist and one around his neck. Isobu's markings vanished and Naru stormed off.

"Oi, Naru, don't just leave me here!" He continued to watch her walk away. "Get back here and listen to your elders!" Still no reaction from the girl. "Please? I can feel the inspiration I am missing from here. Somewhere, out in the Elemental nations, there is a drop dead beauty who would be the perfect base for a new character in my books. And I am missing it!"

Several hours later, while most of the business where either closing for the day or already getting ready for the following morning, on his way home Minato would find Jiraiya still stuck there and still whining about the loss of valuable resource material for the next Icha Icha.

Back to the present and with Naru

Naru ran the rest of the way home, wanting to make up for lost time taken by the distraction that was her kind hearted godfather. After unloading all of her scrolls in the room she called hers Naru began to open each one only to close it shortly after and move to the next one. Eventually she found what she wanted, a change of clean clothes and her toiletries caddy. "Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Soap?" Naru took a small sniff at the bar in her hand. "Flowery and check. I'm already to go."

Naru met Momiji, who was already waiting for her, at the front door to the Namikaze household. "Have you been staying here during your visits Momiji-san?"

The puppet user got a bit nervous as she answered. "Yeah. Not too much though. I feel like Suna should pay for some stuff while I'm here." Naru nodded and lead the way to the springs, stopping at the Academy first to say hi to her classmates.

"Ohaiyo!" Naru slid open the door to the room her class would be in and smiled. Momiji was behind her and chose to wait in the hall while the teen said her hellos. The class was in the middle of being called one by one to go to the next room over and take the test to graduate. "Where is my rude little Otouto?" The Uzumaki heiress looked over all the people in the room, catching the glare of her target right away. "There he is!" She exclaimed as she pointed at him. "Sasuke-san, my otouto!" The number of glares only grew as each girl in the room, except for the quiet Hyuuga girl, looked Naru over and demanded that she be more respectful of Sasuke. "But he is my Otouto. Well might be. I still need to decide if I want Itachi or Shisui."

Just as the redhead was about to be trampled by angry fangirls Iruka walked into the room. "Okay everyone settle down..." Iruka looked to the girl a bit confused.

"Iruka-sensei, do you know who that tramp is?" A random girl near the back yelled out.

"Miss, why are you in this room? And why do you have bathing supplies? If you are going to come to a school you should bring things to write with."

"Why doesn't anybody recognize me?" Naru pouted as she looked down. She let her eyes go from their beautiful shiny blue to their Uchiha red. "I mean what about breast growth is so capable of changing a person's identity." Naru then began to mumble, her cheeks puffed up a bit. "Stupid six tailed slug with it's leaves and seaweed diet, and all that 'be squishy but unbreakable' stuff. All any of that did was give me these."

"Miss, are you okay?" Iruka asked the girl as he stepped a bit closer, drawing her attention again.

"Huh? Oh sorry Iruka-sensei. I just wanted to say hello to the class I'll be working with." Naru turned to the other students and bowed. "It has been a long time since I was home, so I hope to see most of you tomorrow at team placement. My name is Uzumaki Naru, I hope we can get along." After her introduction, many of the students were stunned. That was Naru? The girl who hadn't been in their class for over a year? The one who always made Sasuke angry, even if she was usually backing away from him? A few of the young men in the room wondering if she was the same Naru who had barely any need for a bra just over a year ago. The girls wondering if that leaves and seaweed had been what added so much to her chest size, then turning to Hinata wondering if she was doing that too.

"Don't you need to take the graduation test yourself Uzumaki-san?" Iruka asked before she left the room.

"No, I'm a Genin in Uzushiogakure so my rank transfers to here too. I took a year to study from a few specialists, after graduating, before coming back to Konoha, and Hokage-sama already knows my skills." Naru turned back to the room and waved towards Sasuke, just making him angry. "Bye Otouto. I will see you sometime this week for dinner at the compound. Tell Mikoto-san I'll cook, so she can relax."

Naru waved to the rest of the class again and disappeared with her puppet loving chaperone down the hall. "Okay, let's go have a nice visit to the hot springs."

When the two well developed ladies got to the springs Naru took a few spiraling outward laps around the building. "I don't want Ero-jiji to be peeking," she explained when Momiji gave her a confused look. Together they walked in and approached the proprietor. "Can we get two locker keys?" Naru smiled sweetly as she asked, taking her wallet out to pay the attendant. Both women entered the room and found their lockers to stow their clothes in. Once she was undressed Naru grabbed a towel and went into the bathing area, Momiji right behind her with her towel over her arm.

The springs were occupied by several ladies already. Most of them were ninja with only two or three being under Jonin rank. There was one woman with hair like Shisui's but down to her shoulders and red eyes. She was sitting with two purple haired women, one had a dango stick in her mouth and was talking around it and the other's was just passed her shoulder blades. Momiji and Naru both rinsed off before getting into the water.

Naru looked over at her father's probable lover as she tried to enjoy the water. Both of them took in the warmth of the water, Naru never fully relaxing as she expected Jiraiya to start giggling any minute. "Hey Momiji, bring your friend over here and join us." A voice called out from where the group of three kunoichi were and Naru looked over. The one looking at them straight on was the purple haired woman who still had the dango stick in her mouth. Naru looked over at the Suna woman who nodded and started over, the Uzumaki girl following her.

"Yuhi Kurenai. It is a pleasure to meet you." The red eyed woman held out her hand to the teen and shook her hand. "Are you from Suna as well?"

"Uzumaki Naru," the teen returned the introduction. " No, I'm from Uzushiogakure and Konoha."

"Oh, you must be the Uzukage's brat. Been a while since you've been in Konoha right? The name is Mitarashi Anko, and that is Uzuki Yugao." The louder of the three interrupted Naru as she introduced herself and the third woman.

"I am the daughter of the Uzukage, though the Hokage is my father." The three women looked at the red head with looks of shock.

"But Hokage-sama doesn't have any kids." Kurenai spoke up first, eliciting nods from Anko and Yugao.

"Not officially. But he is married and does have one child." Naru replied as she lowered herself into the water a bit more.

"And that child is amazingly stacked." Anko was behind Naru, her fingers wiggling before she grabbed onto the girl's buoyant chest. The red head started squirming immediately, her breath catching in her throat, as she tried to worm her way to freedom. The brash natured woman turned her head to Momiji. "I can't believe you, trying to seduce the Yondaime's daughter in the hot springs. Are all Suna women that bold?"

Momiji's eyes went wide. "Anko, don't say that out loud!" The kunoichi from Suna flushed a bit, and Anko let Naru go. The teen was panting and trying to hide her chest with her arms, her cheeks bright as fire at midnight. Naru went under the water and moved to the edge of the spring, where Anko had been before. With her back pressed against the wall Naru continued to guard her chest with her arms.

"Why else would you go to the hot springs with someone than to see them naked?" Anko countered as she settled into Naru's previous spot. The redhead looked over at the puppeteer and brushed it off. Momiji had always been like an aunt to her, so Naru knew that wasn't true. The teen submerged herself again, letting the water muffle anything else being said. When she resurfaced, Naru made her way out of the spring and back into the changing room.

"I'm sorry about that Naru." The teen turned and found her father's friend coming over to her. Naru shrugged as she stepped her right leg into her underwear and then the left. "Anko never should have said any of that." Momiji had her towel wrapped around her body and her hair unbound.

"It's okay. I know what she said isn't true." Naru supplied as she put on her bra, having trouble securing it in back only to have Momiji help her without being asked. "Thank you." She looked down at the ground before reaching back into the locker and pulling out the spare clothes she had brought, a slightly large shirt and a pair of light weight pants. As she continued getting dressed Momiji dried off and got dressed as well.

They kept to the roofs as they went back to the Namikaze home. The two moved quickly and arrived just as Shisui did, in his off duty clothes. "Shisui-san." Naru called out as she took the last jump to her door. The Uchiha took a step back, giving the kunoichi space to land their jumps. Naru looked up at one of the two Uchiha she was promised to and smiled. "Does Itachi know you are here, trying to win extra points?"

Shisui blushed a bit as he scratched the back of his head. "No? But you don't need both of us around all the time. I'm all the security you'll need tonight." Now he grinned down at her, his eyes squeezed together he smiled. "Tonight is just you and I, going out, having dinner, and then back here so your father doesn't kill me." Naru giggled at the nonchalance of the statement and agreed to the sudden invite.

"Let me just get changed into something more presentable. I don't want to look like I just woke up." Naru took his hand and led him inside, dropping him off at the kitchen table as she continued further into the one floor house and down the hall to her room. The red haired teen returned about twenty minutes later to find her father sitting at the table, staring at the off duty ANBU in his home. Shisui was sweating heavily as he tried to avoid eye contact. "Did I miss anything?" Naru asked as she stepped closer to the table. Both seated men looked at her.

She was wearing a very civilian looking dress that matched her hair color, the dress covered the entirety of her shoulders and went down to her calves. The material was just tight enough that it did conform to the proportions of her chest size, but without hugging every curve on her body. Naru had pulled her hair into an attempt at a low resting ponytail, but still had the occasional stray spike in the left loose gathering of hair.

Shisui shot up to his feet when Naru stood next to him. "Nothing at all Naru-ch...Naru-san." Minato continued to stare at the young man. "Is there anywhere you wanted to go for dinner in particular?" Naru nodded her head and began to lead him to the door. The Hokage watched her round the corner into the hall, Shisui still in view as he mouthed a simple threat to the young man.

Shisui didn't know if he was right in what he got of the threat, but he was sure Minato had told him two things. First that ANBU would be watching and second his rank was in danger, at the least. 'Please don't demote me to Chunin instructor again.' Within seconds of the threat, the young pair was out of the house and heading towards the restaurant district of Konoha, going at a relaxed pace and taking the streets instead of the roof tops.

"Come on Minato, you've scared the boy enough for one night." Momiji said as she walked into the room, seeing him watching his daughter through the kitchen window. She came further in and looked out the window too, watching from over his shoulder, her chest pressed into his back. "She will be okay. Naru is a good girl, and strong when she wants to be."

"Yeah, Jiraiya said something like that when I saw him on the street on my way home." Minato said as he turned his attention back to the puppeteer. "Why was he trapped in coral? He wouldn't tell me exactly, just that he pushed his luck." The Hokage's arm snaked around Momiji's lower back, pulling her into him a bit more.

"Yeah, that is about all there is too it. He pushed his luck and then that happened." Momiji smiled a bit as she leaned into Minato's chest. "Those bijuu jutsu though are very impressive. No hand signs at all according to Naru."

"Not surprising. Only two or three of the tailed beasts have appendages that can make anything close to a hand sign. Those that I can think of being the Four, Eight, and Nine tails." Momiji purred softly into his neck as she kissed it gently.

With Naru and Shisui

The two walked down through the streets of Konoha, taking in the lights of the village they called home. "So where did you want to go Naru-chan?" Shisui asked as the teen looped her left arm through his right one. As they walked neither noticed a shadow following them from the roofs. The stalker only had standard ninja gear; sandals, dark grey pants and shirt. He also had on a mask, the features of which only came from the paint on it, with no animal based shape to it like a muzzle.

"I wanted to go to that Barbecue run by some of the Akimichis. They have a very large selection that satisfy the Bijuu diets." And with that Naru was off on how the bijuu all ate and that during her travels she had to eat the same way as each one. "I still have to do it too, it helps with the chakra generation." Shisui looked at her after she said that. "The chakra I use for the jutsu they taught me is still my chakra but basically my one hundred percent is broken into tenths. One tenth for each of their styles and one tenth of my normal chakra, of course if I needed to I could use any of the special chakras to for normal jutsu. Such as if I was out normal chakra and needed to make Kage Bunshin, I could use some of the other reserves I have saved up." Shisui nodded as it was explained for him.

"So could you use chakra modeled after the three tails' to cast a jutsu learned from the nine tails?" Shisui asked as they rounded a street corner into the center of town.

"No, that wouldn't work. But my unaligned chakra could be used to help decrease lost reserves of the others. So, if I knew I would need a lot of chakra for the eight tails' techniques because they are the only thing that will work on an opponent I can boost that tenth's quantity with my own. This would make it about a fifteenth of my full reserves, as I need to use some chakra to modify my unaligned tenth." Naru continued her lesson on everything she had learned over the year.

"Then why not keep everything except a small fraction for each unaligned, that way you have a larger base to work with?" The Uchiha was thinking of the amount of effort it must take to do what she needed to do for the Bijuu techniques.

"That is because it is a one percent to one percent exchange. In order to generate one percent of Ichibi chakra, I need to use one percent of my unaligned chakra. And it also takes time to generate the bijuu chakra, more time for bijuu that are not guardians of either of my homelands. That I don't understand why but I am also already used to that setup." Naru explained carefully, trying to word the subject correctly. "It is also a bit better this way because the change from aligned dot unaligned is one percent to zero percent. I can just say, 'Oh, I'm on a boat in the middle of the ocean? I won't be able to use any of the Ichibi or the Yonbi jutsu.' So then I'll use those tenths to supply an extra twentieth to my unaligned."

"This is a really intense subject. How do you keep the tenths separated?" Shisui asked as they walked along the wall of the village, their destination still about ten minutes away.

"With a lot of chakra control exercises. The only time I am not doing them is when I am asleep. Even now I am working on restoring the chakra I used for the Sanbi's coral I made earlier." Naru shifted slightly and pulled Shisui closer to her. "So what about you 'Shisui of the Shunshin', anything take up most of your time lately? Any girls?"

"Only one girl. Red head, with a thing for research and overworking herself. I think she might be related to that acting Uzukage." The Uchiha playfully jabbed at Naru.

"Oh? Anyone I would know?" Naru picked up on the attempt to be smooth and played along. Shisui was one of the more relaxed Uchiha, no fear of expressing himself, so it was funny when he played up his attraction to the Uzumaki teen.

"Intimately I would think." Shisui chuckled as he said it, causing her to blush.

"What about you? Do you know her 'intimately'?" Naru asked, and Shisui shook his head but said he would like to. Naru's blush covered her whole face as she kept up with her date. "Then I wish you the best of luck. Uzumaki women tend to have more than one man after them." Shisui admitted his loss in their joking as they approached the front of the Akimichi restaurant. Being the gentleman he was Shisui opened the door for Naru and followed in after her. The man who had been following them perched himself on the roof of the building across the street. His distance and with the wind that travels through most of the village had kept him from overhearing anything the couple had said.

Chapter End

I know I said I was going to continue this depending on the feedback, but my first story didn't get most of it's feedback until I was a few chapters in. Not all chapters will be like this. I am planning more of the story as I go, with some key destinations serving as must do's.

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