Keeper of the Forgotten

By: dbrame91

A/N: Very sorry for the long delay but with this and my other story both being in important scenes, and wanting both to be done well, I have been a bit stuck on what to do.

Chapter 3

The masked ninja waited for his target to exit the restaurant. As the man sat he began to take steps towards his plan, choosing to use a henge before he even made his approach. Originally the unknown person was a bit of a bulkier build, around the same body as Sarutobi Asuma, after the disguise was put into place he was thinner and a perfect copy of Itachi. The henge also changed his hair from his natural short messy black spikes to straight and long. He didn't have to change his eyes at all as they shifted from their natural black to the Sharingan red. Even his mask was changed, going from painted and flat to shaped and painted, making it look like a weasel face. As soon as he was ready a crackle came to life in his ear, his commander's voice calling for his complete attention over the radio.

"Remember, we want only the man dead, but not until he has activated his Sharingan. Once the target is eliminated bring his eyes back to the base." The radio commanded in a monotone voice. The masked man's answer was equally devoid of emotions. "After you deliver the eyes to base, you are to go to the Uchiha compound and talk only to the clan head, letting him know that our side of the deal is complete." Again the mystery man responded with a short acknowledgement.

For over an hour the unnamed Uchiha waited in the darkness of night. Then his target emerged, sending the assassin into activity.

Naru was wrapped gently around Shisui's arm again as they left the Akimichi establishment. As the pair walked silence crept in comfortably, neither wanting to disturb the pleasant peace. As they turned down an alley the unnoticed stalker dropped from the roofs and landed in front of them in a crouched position. Slowly the man stood up and looked at the two, his red eyes standing out in the night.

"Itachi?" As soon as the last sound of the name was out of the redhead's mouth the man attacked. He charged forward and struck out at Shisui with a tightly clenched fist. The unmasked Uchiha reacted just as quickly as the other man, making Naru's safety his priority. The teen took a step back, her eyes never leaving the two fighters. The two clashed briefly, strafing slowly as they did until the assailant was between the young couple. With a quick and fluid motion the fake Itachi threw two kunai behind him at the Uzushio Genin.

Thinking quickly Naru's face took on the markings of Shukaku as she used the dirt of the alley to generate a mass of sand in front of the knives, stopping them. The attack being directed at Naru sent warning bells off in Shisui's mind, causing him to activate his own Sharingan. The assailant saw the transition and moved in, his fist once again aimed for the Uchiha suitor. Naru let her eyes shift as well, her solo tomoe slowly circling her left iris. The two men continued to fight, knocking over a set of three trashcans when Shisui was pushed back into a wall. The disguised assassin was on him as the off-duty ANBU's back hit the stone of the building behind. Shisui continued to fight back, and after seeing the figure that he now saw was not Itachi draw a kunai, he took out a weapon of his own and met the man's every attack.

"Itachi, stop this now. Why are you attacking Shisui?" Naru screamed at the man who had yet to say anything. When Shisui saw her eyes he was reminded that Naru's incomplete use of the dojutsu only allowed her the gift of memory and chakra seeing, leaving out any chance for her to see through the henge on the mysterious Uchiha or reading his attacks.

"Naru, get help! This..." Shisui began to say before he was stabbed in the right shoulder by the shadow's kunai. His words quickly turning to groans in his throat. He looked at the knife in his shoulder, and could feel it grinding against the bone. As he tried to move one hand to the weapon in his shoulder Shisui was struck in the same spot with an empty handed blow. The strike moved the kunai against his bone more, as well as aggravated the rest of the wound. With the masked man pressing this one advantage Shisui saw an opening to retaliate and drove his own knife into the man's side. However the man saw the attack coming and was able to avoid most of the damage that would have been done by jumping back slightly.

With the two split up again Naru switched from the Ichibi's chakra back to her preferred Sanbi's energies. She clapped her hands together and focused at the ground between the two. Suddenly a piece of coral grew from the spot, lancing up and towards the mystery man, catching him in the leg on the opposite side of Shisui's injured shoulder. The man looked at the new wound and found the coral coming from the ground. A skill that his leader would want under his control as soon as possible. Naru called on more of the beast's chakra and used it to make another assault on the attacker, this time forcing two prongs to grow from the first piece that aimed for his chest.

The man leaned back, allowing the sharp branches of material to pass by his chest instead of through it. With a strong stomp to the main piece that held him in position he freed himself, snapping the strong but fragile substance. A quick look to the teen had her caught in a genjutsu to put her under for a few minutes while he completed his assignment. Since the redhead was now visiting dreamland he turned back to the Uchiha he had been sent to eliminate. Shisui was waiting, having taken the knife from his shoulder he was a bit better off now. He threw the bloodied kunai back at its owner who let it fly by him.

The younger Uchiha charged, his own kunai in hand. With a quick motion he brought it up, trying to cut the man's neck. Shisui was favoring his right, keeping it slightly back and using it very little. The injury to his shoulder was enough of an issue without it being torn up worse. The masked Uchiha avoided the slice and caught the offending arm. Flicking his wrist one way caused him to turn Shisui's left arm around and back in a painful position which left the younger of the two open. With his free hand the assailant pulled a white handled tanto from behind him. The blade was average quality at best, with a well kept sharpness and no cross guard. Before Shisui could even see the weapon it was driven into his back, hitting one of his lungs, and being pulled out again.

Naru was able to break out of the genjutsu just as the blade sank into Shisui's back. The shock kept her silent as she watched on, horrified that someone she thought she knew would do something like that to his own friend. She continued to watch, a mix of grief and anger brewing until the assailant made his next move. He dropped Shisui unceremoniously, having only let go of the arm that was holding the short haired Uchiha on his feet. The young Uchiha male was then kicked over onto his back as the assailant pressed one knee to his victim's chest and reached out, towards Shisui's still active sharingan.

Naru screamed as she watched the man's fingers dig out Shisui's first eye and then placing it in a jar of liquid. The scream drew the man's attention to the Uzumaki again, only to witness as her red eyes filled in more, a second tomoe forming in her left eye and the first coming out in her right eye. The same time that her Sharingan matured a little further Isobu's seafoam green marking changed to a menacing glowing blue that turned to flames around her eyes and disappeared from her mouth. The assailant moved, charging for an attack to knock her out. She saw it now though, she could read every detail of his movements. 'He is going to pull around to my back and aim for my neck.' Naru turned with him, keeping him in her sight the entire time.

The man's movements where being played at half speed for her as she watched, the Biju chakra howling to be released in her chakra system. She took the strike to her jaw instead of the back of her neck. Naru's markings glowed a bit brighter as she fed more energy to them and her mouth. Easing open her aching jaw the teen whispered her jutsu's name, "Hunting Hairball." Instantly Naru felt like gagging as the chakra came up as four thick burning masses of blue and black fire and flew for the man she still saw as Itachi. Her eyes looked on blankly as she watched the man avoid the first pass of the technique and was caught by one in the small of his back on the second.

Seeing the change in styles the masked man began to flee after being hit by the first fireball. They continued to chase him down as he raced back to his leader's hideout, going from rooftop to rooftop. Along the way he took another of the flaming hairballs to his injured side, the technique just grazing the wound. Eventually the man got far enough ahead of the demonic Katon to open one of the hidden doors to his group's underground base, the same entrance that his leader would be waiting for him to return through. Just as he landed the man dispelled his henge and began to pull on the door to close it. Unfortunately for him the last of the flaming hairballs made it through and hit him. One hit him in the face and the last in the middle of his stomach, where it could burn its way into his chakra system. The man was dead before he even hit the floor.

Danzo watched as one of his top ROOT agents died. Before the body could be consumed in the blaze he extracted the jarred eye and sighed. "Only one eye. He failed his mission." The bandaged elder of Konoha turned away from the growing pyre that was one of his men and began to head towards the ROOT medical center. "Get a medic to me right away, I want this eye transplanted immediately. Also, look into that strange Katon. It will be a promising addition to our list of tools." And with that Danzo disappeared in the shadows as one of his ROOT ANBU stood by the dead man's corpse waiting for the fire to die down before removing the remains.

Naru had stayed in the alleyway. She was on her knees next to Shisui. Her markings had changed once again, this time from the Nibi's blue to the Shichibi's light green. The designs were two circles around her eyes made of smaller polygonal shapes, crating a bugs' eyes design. Using as much care as her shaking hands could accomplish, the redhead spun silk out of her bug related chakra and was working it into a bandage to try and keep Shisui from losing any more blood. The Uzumaki teen's efforts were pointless though, Shisui had been as good as dead when his arm was released. He was still alive for now. The main source of pain that he felt was from when the masked man took his eye, but his pain was displayed in only weak grunts and groans as Naru adjusted him slightly, trying to keep him comfortable. "Hold on Shisui, I'll bandage you up and someone from ANBU will be here soon." There were tears in Naru's eyes as she gently pulled more of the chakra silk from her mouth. "And then we'll make sure Itachi gets what he deserves for this."

Shisui carefully put a hand on her right cheek, and she nuzzled into it softly. He needed to tell her that that man wasn't really Itachi. As he tried to talk the pain in his lung flared up and forced him to silence. The Uchiha's remaining eye went sad quickly as he shook his head. He could tell that the ANBU were almost there, he just had to hold on a bit longer. Suddenly he felt a stab of pain in his back again as Naru shifted him again, beginning to wrap his torso with the surprising volume of silk she had spun. From his discussion with her over dinner he had learned that the silk could be as soft as the natural material, but as strong as steel and sticky like a spider web. Shisui braced himself as he was moved incrementally in order to give the Uzumaki teen access for her wrapping.

"There, that should do it Shisui." Her voice was a bit weak as she looked at him worriedly. Naru flared her chakra hoping to draw the village's special ninja forces to her location faster. Her suitor's hand remained on her cheek after she began her work to bind his injury, but slipped and fell slowly as three ANBU arrived. The redhead's attention was drawn back to the injured Uchiha instantly and she watched as his eye lids closed for the last time. Her voice grew soft as she gently moved him, shaking his shoulders just enough to cause motion. As she noticed his breathing had stopped one of the ANBU stepped forward and began to check on him, the masked woman's palms alight with soft green chakra. She looked over to the man who must have been the Captain of this group of three and shook her head, turning her eyes down as she did.

Naru looked at each of the ANBU closely. The female had a turtle shaped mask with green scale design around the eyes. She had straight brown hair that fell to just around her shoulders. The next she noticed was a dark haired male, not the Captain, whose mask was a one eyed monkey. His hair was definitely Uchiha and he was about a half a head shorter than the last member of the group, not counting his incredibly spikey hair. Looking at the last member he was wearing a dog mask.

The female member with the turtle mask stepped away from the body and carefully put a hand on Naru's shoulder, rubbing it gently. The Hokage's daughter looked into the eyes of the mask and started the tear up, her breathing heavy. The redhead was taken quietly and quickly to the Hokage's office by the woman. The one eyed monkey ANBU stayed behind as the Captain disappeared in a small whirl of leaves. Naru was lead into a chair in front of her father's desk just as he appeared across from her, using his hiraishin as soon as one of the ANBU from the three man team arrived at his door with the news.

The rest of the night was a long series of questions and a quick meeting with the Yamanaka clan head. By the end of it Naru was tired and still trying to tell them who had committed the attack. Part of the way through the evening the ANBU trio had all been summoned into the office and given their quick debriefings. Monkey had handed a scroll to the blond Hokage carefully and stepped back, the scroll being a corpse sealing scroll. All three had also identified the Shisui as himself. After they had finished Minato turned to them and gave them an order. "Go and spread word that there will be no classes or team placement at the Academy tomorrow. Only civilian services are to be active. When you are finished you can head home." The ANBU nodded and walked out of the door in single file, the Captain being the last to leave and the medic in second.

The second they were alone Minato looked at his daughter. "Naru, who did this to Shisui?" His fingers were laced together as he looked at her, his eyes serious and cold.

"Itachi." Her voice was week as she said it. "He came from the roof tops as Shisui and I walked home. At first he just stood there and then they started fighting." The red haired teen told her story for about the fifth time that night, only now saying it was was Itachi who killed the other Uchiha. "After Shisui was stabbed in the back Itachi then went to take his eyes. He only got one of them, but that was because I yelled and became a new target for him."

The Hokage's hands pushed through his hair roughly as he heaved a heavy sigh. "We will look into this Naru. However until the investigation is done, you and your classmates will not be put into teams. There is too much risk at the moment." He spiked his chakra quickly to summon one of his personal ANBU guards. "Go and gather the council. We will be having a meeting as soon as everyone is present." The masked man nodded and disappeared just was the door opened and Momiji stepped in. "Naru, go home with Momiji-san and rest. The next few days will be very long." Naru nodded and left the office building, her Suna chaperone walking with her.

Jump to three days later

Naru slept fretfully the first two nights. On the first day she had been escorted by her father to the Yamanaka clan's compound where her memories of the night were picked apart by the mind walkers, looking for anything that could clear the Uchiha heir and lead them to a proper suspect. The second day Naru was escorted by her father and the three ANBU that were once the Hokage's genin-student team to the Uchiha compound. That hadn't been Naru's favorite visit to the clan.

"What do you mean Itachi is being taken in for questioning?" Uchiha Fugaku asked in a more demanding than questioning tone. His youngest son was beside him, his annoying smirk in place and glaring at the redhead.

"Exactly as I said Fugaku. We need to ask him a few questions about the evening Shisui and Naru were attacked." Minato countered, using more authority in his voice. The two male ANBU stepped forward slightly as the Turtle masked woman pulled Naru a step back.

"If he is a suspect at the moment I can tell you in full honesty that he was here in the compound." The Uchiha head said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Now leave the grounds. I'm sure you know where the main exit is, Minato."

Minato closed his eyes and sighed. "This doesn't need to be personal you arrogant bastard, but it can be." Minato opened his eyes again and glared back at the Uchiha. "Now bring your son out here so we can get this underway. I want to clear him just as much as the next person."

"No. Now leave." Fugaku said standing firm.

"As your Hokage, I order you to call Uchiha Itachi out here."

"And as your better I say no."

"Naru dear, how long have you been able to use the Sharingan?" The blond asked as he looked at his daughter.

"Since I was five." Naru answered a bit reluctantly.

"Ah yes, that is right. Has Sasuke awoken his yet Fugaku?" The blond asked as he turned back towards the stern faced man. The tension in the room turned thick. The front door slid open at this point and in walked Itachi, picking up on the mood in the hallway. "Ah good. Itachi, can you please come with us? We just need to ask you a few questions." The Elder of the two Uchiha heirs nodded and stepped to the side, allowing the visitors to his house space. Naru was the first to leave, her exit hasty and nervous.

When the party of four ANBU, singular Hokage, and barely experienced Genin made it back to the Hokage's tower a long session of questions and answers ensued. The Hokage and unmasked Uchiha sat on opposite sides of the desk. The three on duty ANBU had been given permission to remove their masks. Monkey had done so quickly, and his one eyed mask was explained. During a mission in the Third Shinobi War Obito had been cut in the right eye and was blinded by the damage. Turtle's mask was the next to be removed, while her features seemed plain there was a very beautiful quality to them. Rin had been kidnapped from her team on two occasions, the first that lead to Obito's injury and another time by Kiri ninja who had somehow captured the three tailed turtle to use it as a time bomb of sorts, before both had been rescued. Dog was last, and with half of his face hidden by a cloth mask it became obvious who he was to Naru. Kakashi had saved Rin during her second kidnapping and was also the one who freed Isobu from his captivity, allowing the beast to return to the freedom all the Biju were used to.

Obito's one working eye was active, watching for any signs of lying. Minato was locking eyes with Itachi before he began. "Itachi, where were you the night Shisui was killed?"

"I was at the Uchiha compound, with my family, having dinner," Itachi answered. Obito's good eye watched him closely for a few seconds more before nodding. "After that I proceeded to the ANBU HQ, near the shopping center, to request maintenance for some of my gear. A few straps to secure the armor were worn and frayed after my last mission." Again Obito nodded after a short delay.

"Thank you Itachi. I know being a suspect in something like this can be rough, and that this isn't anyone's favorite way to spend their time."

"Minato-sensei. If I may, I would like to bring something to your attention." The Uchiha of the previous Team 7 spoke up as all tensions left the room. "It is just rumors for now, so I believe Uzumaki-san should be excluded for now." Minato nodded and looked towards his former team's medic, a signal to escort Naru to another room. Rin stood up and let the red haired teen follow behind her towards the door.

Gently, the brown haired ANBU put a hand on her teammate's left shoulder as she stepped out. Her face expressed concern and nervousness. Before she left the room Rin looked to her other teammate, Kakashi, and gave him a slightly sad smile. As the two walked through the halls Rin talked casually. Without her mask and a stealthy use of genjutsu she made it appear as if she was just an everyday citizen, instead of one of the Yondaime's personal ANBU. Eventually the pair grew quiet.

"How close are you to your teammates?" Naru asked hesitantly, as she watched the older Kunoichi.

"They are my best friends, and have been since we were put onto Team 7 together." Rin replied with an innocent and fond look on her face.

"Are you intimate with both of them or just Obito-san?" At Rin's sudden shock the Uzumaki heiress blushed a bit. "I'm sorry, that was rude. Forget I mentioned it, please."

"How could you tell about Obito and myself?" The medic's question held no anger or sadness, just an understandable curiosity.

"The way you touched his shoulder before we left the office. It was a caring and very...familiar gesture." Naru looked back at the medic and smiled. "You do seem like a nice couple, though Obito does have that Uchiha sternness."

"That came about after he lost his right eye. It was a shock for him when it happened, but he adjusted and decided that he had to become more serious if he didn't want to die." Rin looked back at the memory and nodded slowly. "It is a very professional view to have, but a good one in our line of work. As for Obito, he can still be fun and loud from time to time. He only does that when we off duty or trying to blend in as civilians."

"And what about Kakashi-nii?" Naru asked as Rin quickly shook her head.

"I used to have a thing for him, back when we were in the Academy and for after that too. The mission we were on when Obito lost his eye I was kidnapped. Obito was the only one who came after me at first, but Kakashi eventually came too. While they were trying to save me Obito almost died, but before he lost consciousness he admitted his crush for me." Rin turned her head back down the hall. "After he woke up I started to give him a chance, and now we are here together."

Back in Minato's Office

As soon as the door closed behind Naru the blond Hokage turned his attention back to the one eyed Uchiha. "What is this rumor?"

Obito pushed his back off the wall as he approached the desk, standing to the left of Itachi. "I've only heard mutterings about it when I was at the clan compound to pick up some supplies, never out in the manipulation of the village." Obito started as he watched Itachi from the corner of his eye. "I overheard a few of the clan elders and some of their underlings talking about how they could guarantee Itachi was the one that Naru would marry. They were also talking about how they could use her to manipulate you into Uchiha favoring decisions."

Itachi's eyebrow twitched as he listened. If anyone had been planning such a thing he was not aware of it. "Do you think they mean to start a coup Obito?" The Hokage asked as he narrowed his eyes, it was not the first time that the Uchiha caused some kind of issue for the village.

"I don't know Hokage-sama. I'm not at the compound enough to hear anything else." Obito shook his head as he shrugged slightly. "I also don't plan on moving back in there."

"Would you allow me to help Hokage-sama?" All eyes in the room turned to the Uchiha heir. "I don't like hearing that my clan could be planning something like this."

"I will think it over. And I know I don't have to say this, but this conversation stays between those in this room." Minato laced his fingers together under his chin and looked to the three ANBU. "If anybody hears anything else about this plot it is to be brought to me only." Each of the men nodded as the village leader looked at them in turn. "Good. Obito, can you please go fetch Naru and Rin? I would check the Scroll of Seals room, Naru always seems to find her way there."

I have decided on the markings and colors for each Bijuu and their chakra for now, these are what have been revealed.

Ichibi/Shukaku- Black whiskers and a "bandit mask" around the eyes. Techniques involve sand.

Nibi/Matatabi- Blue flames that start under her eyes and around the outer corners of Naru's eyes. Cat themed fire jutsu.

Sanbi/Isobu- Seafoam green around eyes and mouth. Eye design is like Naruto's normal sage mode, the markings around the mouth look like Isobu's bottom jaw. Coral themed Jutsu, usually binding.

Shichibi/Chomei- Light green bug eye designs around the eyes. Versatile bug themed binding, like silk spinning that can be used in place of bandages or restraints.