September 2004

Maisie pressed the nearly full bottle of champagne into Luke's hand as they stood to leave. "Aw, no, Maisie," he began to say, but was silenced with a stern glare.

"You take this young lady home and offer her a drink," Maisie said, her mouth quirking up in a smile despite her severe tone. "Be a gentleman, Lucas." Lorelai giggled as Luke gave a weary sigh, turning to give the older woman a quick hug.

"Tell Buddy we said goodnight," Luke said, stepping forward.

"Will do," she said, her gaze landing on Lorelai. "You bring this one back, you hear me?" Luke reached back to grasp Lorelai's hand, and she beamed at him.

"That's the plan," he said, and he winked. Lorelai felt her pulse increasing, and her limbs began to feel warm. She couldn't wait to get him back to her place, or his place, or maybe parked on a deserted side street, and make him see stars.

The evening was cool, but the shivers running up and down her arms weren't due to the chill. She could almost see the heat emanating from Luke's body. He was walking so close to her, when before there was always a respectable distance between them. She occasionally got a whiff of soap or cologne or some other smell that was still Luke but something just a bit more than that, accentuating his maleness.

She'd been on loads of first dates before, but none of them had carried as much weight as this one.

That was the thing about first dates, wasn't it? The stakes are low. It is a "is this worth pursuing?" date. It is a "does he talk with his mouth full?" date, where weird habits could make themselves known, and decisions had to be made if those habits were going to become deal breakers. Usually, one or both parties knew long before dessert if this was going to be the first of many, or just a one-off that would be reduced to an anecdote. But this date was not like that. This date had 8 years of unresolved tension, 8 years of leaning on each other, 8 years of being friends; all capped by one fucking amazing kiss.

Luke opened the passenger door, and Lorelai slid over onto the bench seat. He handed her the champagne, and she gripped the sweaty glass bottle with both hands, suppressing the urge to push it against the apex of her legs. She was throbbing. How did Luke look so calm? Had he taken care of business before the date, There's Something About Mary style? Why hadn't she done that?

"So, did you actually want to drink that?" Luke asked, glancing over at her, the bottle secure in her lap.

"I don't want the date to be over," Lorelai replied, "so if drinking this is the ticket to keep the party going, then I'm in."

Luke chuckled. "I can probably find something else in the diner if you prefer."

"Sure," Lorelai said, and she felt butterflies in her lower abdomen as he put the truck into gear and pulled out of the parking lot.

The energy between them crackled. Lorelai kept glancing over at him, trying to be furtive, but eventually he sighed wearily. "What?" he asked, his gaze flicking over to her before returning to the road in front of them.

"Nothing," she replied, too quickly. He shot her a quick look, skepticism raising his brow. She made a frustrated noise, mostly from the inner struggle she was having on whether to stay on her side of the truck or risk distracting the driver.

"Did I…" Luke began, and hesitated. "Did I freak you out?"

"Huh?" Lorelai replied, her lustful thoughts on hold for the moment.

"You didn't really say anything, before," he said, and she noticed that his hands were gripping the steering wheel more tightly than necessary. She grinned, taken by how adorable his nervousness was. Lorelai was past being controlled by her nerves. All she could think about was the fact that they'd barely been able to touch each other in 7 weeks. That soon his hands would be all over her—hopefully naked—body.

"I liked it," Lorelai replied, leaning back against the vinyl seat, allowing herself to press the bottle of champagne slightly closer to her center. "I like you," she said, then added, "I like us."

"Okay," he said, and she noticed his lips curving slightly into a smile. "Okay," he repeated, and then they were pulling into his usual parking space behind the diner.

He unlocked the door to the apartment above the diner and ushered her inside.

"Let me put this in ice," Luke said, dropping his jacket over the back of a chair. He opened a few cabinets, looking for something, eventually pulling out a stainless steel ice bucket. Lorelai watched with avid curiosity.

"You have an ice bucket?" she said incredulously. He glanced over his shoulder at her. She shrugged. "I just never pictured you to have stuff like that, just lying around."

"I don't know how it got here," he admitted, setting it on the table. He pulled out a tray of ice cubes from the freezer, and with a practiced movement, dumped them into the bucket. He nestled the champagne into it.

"Nicole?" Lorelai asked, and hated the tinge of jealousy that colored her voice.

He looked up, a slight smirk on his lips. "No." He went back to fitting the champagne into the ice. "She never stayed here, so she never brought anything over."

"Oh," Lorelai said. She didn't know how to reply to that. Generally, hearing something like that would evoke sympathy, especially considering his own wife probably thought this apartment was beneath her, and didn't deign to bring her skinny ass into it. But she wasn't sorry. She was glad. Because now, she was here, and she'd leave all kinds of her stuff scattered around the place if it would mark him as hers.

"So, do you want some of this, or I can go downstairs and make you some coffee…" He trailed off, hesitating, suddenly appearing shy. Lorelai was standing in the middle of the apartment, and it all seemed to be now, this moment, that would set the stage for everything to come after. He'd already made the first leap—or leaps, really. He'd asked her to the wedding, to the movie, to dance. He'd asked her to stand still and kissed her, and made her forget her own name. He'd inspired 7 weeks of pining, waiting for him to get home. He'd given her jewelry. Asked her on a date, and took her to meet his parental stand-ins. And now, it was her turn to leap, and by god, she was going to jump with both feet.

She walked over to him, almost expecting him to back away, move a table between them like Max had, but instead, he was solid and strong and let her come to him. She felt like a predator, slinking toward her kill, but his eyes were encouraging her forward movement. She pressed a palm to his chest, and felt his heart beating wildly. "Kiss me," she whispered, looking up at him, and he didn't hesitate. He bent down, pressed his lips to hers gently, and she curled her fingers around his soft shirt. Not as soft as the flannel would be, she presumed, and the thought of pressing him up against the wall in the diner in his everyday attire ratcheted up her desire tenfold.

She leaned into him, wanting to feel the entire length of his body against hers, not leaving any space between them. Their lips continued to meet in soft kisses, and she spread her palms over his chest before linking them behind his neck.

He pulled back a little, and Lorelai felt the loss of him acutely, even though they were still pressed up pretty closely against each other. She wanted to rip his clothes off and curl up next to him. Feel his warm skin, his strong muscles holding her closely to his body. She wanted to see if every one of her curves would line up into the grooves of his body, if they were a perfect match.

"We can wait," he murmured, his voice husky and low and so, so sexy. Her daydream of imagining the two of them clinging to each other in post-coital nakedness was brought to a screeching halt.

"Wait?" she asked, pulling away even more, looking at him. His eyes were darkened with desire and his lips were parted, but along with lust she also saw warmth and concern and all those things that she loved about Luke.

"Yeah. We can wait," Luke said again, and she felt his hands flex slightly around her hips. She smiled. He did not want to wait. She could see the tension in his shoulders, feel the pulsing of his body against hers. The heat and scent she had experienced in the parking lot of the restaurant was in full force. Not only that, she could feel the bulge in his pants against her pelvis. He was like a tiger, coiled, wanting to pounce but trying so hard to fight against it.

"So, you'd be totally fine with waiting?" she asked again, trying so hard to keep a straight face.

He sighed, trying not to look exasperated, but Luke didn't have a great poker face when pressed up against her, alone in his apartment. "Yes," he ground out, and she saw the tension rippling across his shoulders.

Lorelai couldn't stop herself. "You are really good at waiting," she replied with mock seriousness. "I mean, 8 years."

"Lorelai," he began, but she pressed her hand to his pants, right over his straining cock. He sucked in a deep breath.

"How do you feel about waiting now?"

"Not a fan," he said, through gritted teeth.

"Are you going to show me how good you are at waiting?" Lorelai said, her voice dropping to a purr. She pressed her hand to him firmly, felt his cock growing against her hand.

"You make me crazy," he groaned.

"Crazy hot, right?" She grinned. "You make it so easy to torture you."

"By what? Existing?" he choked out, as Lorelai's hand began to massage him gently. He clutched at her hips, nearly thrusting into her hand.

"You can punish me, if you like," she murmured, reaching up to kiss him. But before her lips could touch his, he grabbed her upper arms and began leading her towards the bed.

She felt her pulse quicken at the thought of Luke losing control, his eyes nearly black with desire as he maneuvered her around the furniture. Her knees hit the back of the bed and he pushed her down with his weight, his lips capturing hers firmly. Her hips bucked against his, the action involuntary, her body aching to be filled with him, to have nothing between them any longer. He moaned, low and deep and intoxicating, against her lips, before pushing upright.

Her legs dangled over the side of the bed, and he stood over her, his hands pulling at the button fly on her jeans. He began to yank them down, but the material was hugging her hips so tightly, and oh god, she prepared so poorly for this date.

"How do you get these on?" he huffed, perspiration beginning to dot his hairline slightly as he pulled.

"You said these jeans were working for you," Lorelai replied breathlessly. She sat up and began to unbutton his blue dress shirt, her fingers making quick work of the buttons, until she made it to the waist of his trousers. She pulled the shirt up, but the line of chest hair disappearing into his pants made her change course quickly. Luke had been frozen as she undressed him, but as her hands pulled at the fly of his pants, he joined her, pushed them down and toeing off his socks and shoes. He stood before her, modestly still wearing his boxer briefs, which were tented with his tantalizing length. She licked her lips, staring at him.

"Lorelai?" he murmured, and she shook herself out of her daze. She looked up at him. His lips were parted, and he was looking down at her with undisguised lust. A shock of desire went through her, and she reached for the bottom of her own shirt, pulling it off with flourish. She tossed it behind her somewhere. It didn't matter. She was going to stay all night. There would be no walk of shame. Maybe she would hang out of his window the next morning, calling over to Miss Patty's that yes, Luke was a love god, and he was all hers, thankyouverymuch. She reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, which soon joined her shirt in Never Never Land, and then began to push down her own jeans, cursing the thought process that went into choosing them for tonight.

In the middle of her internal monologue about the jeans, Luke leaned forward and grasped the back of her neck with his hand. She stilled her furious movements to get naked, and he kissed her again, the tip of his tongue sliding along the seam of her closed lips until she opened for him. As their tongues slid against each other, she felt his warm palm on her ass, sliding down the back of her leg, and she realized he was successfully removing the jeans, as if kisses alone could get them off. She pulled at her underwear, which soon joined the rest of her clothes.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned over her, feet still planted on the floor. Wantonly, she undulated against him, craving the friction of their bodies. "Oh god, Lorelai," he groaned. He unhooked her legs and pushed down his boxers. He took a step away from her, but when she looked up to see where he was going, she was distracted by the first look at his cock, long and hard, and she wondered if she would orgasm before he'd even touched her.

He picked up the trousers pooled at his feet and dug around in the back pocket, pulling out his wallet. He tossed it at her. "Inside pocket," he muttered, his chest heaving, the open shirt fluttering with each heavy inhale. Lorelai opened it with shaking hands while he yanked his arms out of his shirt sleeves, extracting a foil wrapped package. She offered it to him, and he ripped it open with his teeth. She watched, more aroused than she could ever remember being, as he slid the condom over his cock. She felt her mouth water. God, he was beautiful.

But she didn't have time to marvel over his body, because he descended on her again, and her opening was so wet and ready that he pushed in without any resistance. He thrust a few times, as she clung to his neck, overwhelmed by the sensation of him filling her. He grabbed one of her legs and pulled it around his waist and rocked against her. After a few thrusts he pulled out completely, and Lorelai was about to squawk a protest when he flipped her over to her stomach.

"Get your knees up," he said behind her, and she felt a shiver of anticipation. This was not how she expected their first time to go. First times are usually truly wretched, fumbling and guessing at things, too nervous to actually be truthful. Or they border almost on politeness, not willing to let too many kinks show for fear of rejection. But she'd pushed Luke, and he was in full rant mode, the passion and fire igniting the spark between them into an explosion. She crawled up onto the bed, on her hands and knees. She gripped the blankets in her fist. She felt Luke spread his large, warm hands over her lower back, caressing the curve of her ass. He gently pushed her legs apart slightly, then he pushed his cock inside her again. He continued to let his hands roam over her, as he thrust slowly. Just as she was about to beg him to go harder, he slipped his hand around and flicked her clit with his thumb.

"Ah!" she cried, both in surprise and pleasure. He continued to play with her, moving his fingers up and around her labia, before flicking her again. She could feel the pressure building inside of her, and she began to push back against his hips, rocking with him, completely losing herself in the sensation of their lovemaking. Her climax burst from her like an explosion, and she collapsed down onto the bed, unable to hold herself up.

Her head felt fuzzy, and her limbs were liquid. Luke's hands moved over her body in slow circles, and she eased herself over onto her back. Her eyes glanced down to his cock, still erect, and she parted her legs in invitation to him. Wordlessly, he moved between her, sliding back inside of her like he belonged there, and he moved in and out, circling his hips slightly whenever he was deep inside of her. "I'm coming again," she murmured, and her second orgasm unfurled like a flower, spreading from her pelvis out to the tips of her toes and her fingers, filling her with warmth.

Somehow, Luke was still thrusting into her, and when she looked up at him, his eyes were focused on her. "Luke?" she said, reaching up to touch his face. He bent down and kissed her.

"Can I go a little harder?" he murmured into her ear. She felt shivers from his breath against her cheek, and she murmured agreement. His right hand grabbed her leg and suddenly, his hips crashed into hers and she yelped in surprise. "Okay?" he asked, and she barely had time to gasp a "yes" before he slammed back into her.

"Oh god!" she cried, holding on to his shoulders as they collided over and over. When the flicker of climax ignited in her belly for the third time, she almost didn't believe it. His back was tense from the strain, and she wondered if he was still holding back. The thought of him bucking into her even more wildly than this pushed her over the edge again, and she arched her back, a loud moan erupting from her body as she shuddered around him again.

With a deep groan, Luke's body jerked, and he gasped out her name. She could feel him pulsing inside of her as he finally climaxed, the hand still holding up her leg clutching the back of her thigh. He squeezed slightly as he attempted to slow his breathing, massaging her gently before leaning down to kiss her.

After a few moments spent catching their breath, Luke pushed away from her, and gently moved a strand of hair away from her eyes. Her entire body was still throbbing with the aftershocks, and she swallowed hard, trying to calm her racing heart. "I have to take care of this," he said, indicating the place where their bodies were still connected, the thin layer of latex the only barrier between them. Lorelai decided immediately that she was going to call her doctor the next day and get on the pill. Or something. Because she didn't want him to go anywhere but curl up around her after anything so incredible.

He pulled out of her slowly, gripping the base of the condom, and then walked around the bed into the bathroom. Lorelai laid on the bed, her legs still spread, and feeling the air on her sweaty skin. She shivered slightly. She sat up, feeling the delicious ache in her body. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been ravished so thoroughly, if ever. Across the room, the lonely bottle of champagne sat in the ice bucket, forgotten. She got up quickly and padded over, bringing it back to rest on the table beside the bed. Luke came out of the bathroom as she was slipping back into the bed, pulling the covers up over her for warmth.

He slid in beside her, his hips and thighs pressed against hers, and she relished the warmth from his body. It eased the shivering, and she nestled closer.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

"Yeah," she replied, snuggling closer. "I brought the champagne over," she said.

"All yours," he said. Lorelai reached under the covers and pulled out his hand, smoothing her fingers over the creases and calluses, learning the shape of him. Everything about him was so new yet so familiar. It was like she was seeing him for the first time, but all at once, it was like they'd been together for years.

"I can't believe you kept that horoscope," she murmured.

"You're just lucky I never clean out my wallet," Luke replied, but she shook her head.

"You can't take it back now. You've exposed yourself. You've been pining for me."

"I have not been pining," he said with a chuckle.

"I'm your Ava Gardner," she intoned, a slight teasing tone accompanying her words.

"God help me." He looked over at her and sighed. "Okay. Let's get something out of the way right now." He leaned away from her.

"What? What are you doing?" Lorelai asked, a slight bubble of panic rising up inside of her. He was pulling away? Was he about to tell her that she had to leave?

But when he went back to his place beside her, he had a notebook and a pencil in his hands. Her panic subsided. "Tell me what CDs to get so I don't have to hear about it," he said.

Lorelai's mouth dropped slightly. "Seriously?" She felt her heart swell. It was at that moment she knew she was going to fall hard for this man.

"And skip any 80s groups where the guys dressed up like pirates. I draw the line at pirates," he said.

Lorelai pressed her lips to his shoulder, snuggling closer. "This has been a really great first date," she murmured, suppressing the urge to proclaim her undying love for this man.

"Only took us 8 years to get here," he replied, turning his head toward her. She tipped her head toward his for a kiss, and Lorelai felt her arousal growing again already. She doubted that Luke would be ready to toss the pad and go for round two already, so she pulled back and tapped on the paper.

"Okay. So, U2, right?" he said, holding the pencil poised for writing.

Lorelai nodded. "Yeah, Bono is a must, and Blondie, and um, ooh! Sparks, especially the new one, plus Bowie."

"Okay," he said, pausing mid-scribble to glance over at her, "I know he dressed up like a pirate."

"Space man," Lorelai corrected.

"Space man I can deal with," he replied, scrawling the name onto the paper, along with the rest of the names Lorelai had rattled off.

"Tower Records is gonna love you," Lorelai said, as Luke tossed the paper and pencil back onto the table.

"Hm," Luke grunted. Lorelai rolled slightly, slipping her leg in between his, turning so that she was resting her chin on his chest, looking up at him. He immediately put his arms around her, and Lorelai smiled. They did fit together like puzzle pieces, just as she had imagined.

"So what are your thoughts on waiting now?" Lorelai teased. Luke rolled his eyes. "Took that gentleman stuff to heart, didn't you?"

"I just didn't want to make any assumptions," he said, smoothing his hand down her back.

"Does that mean you weren't going to take me up room number seven and rock my world if we hadn't been interrupted?"

Luke looked at her blankly. "What?" he asked.

"The test run? You were in room seven."

"Oh," he replied. "Ah, well, I didn't exactly have a plan."

"No, you were just crazed with jealousy."

"I was not crazed," he retorted, and slipped his hand down her back to smack her bottom lightly.

"Are you kidding?" Lorelai asked, grinning. "You almost peed around the grounds. You know," she dropped her voice in a mocking imitation of Luke, "the inn that I invested in."

"Not one of my finer moments," Luke replied with a smirk.

"You're lucky I find your rants extremely sexy."

"Is that so?" he said, his palm squeezing one round cheek, and Lorelai nearly purred from the sensation. Damn, he was good at this.

"You were supposed to tell me what you find sexy about me," Lorelai said, arching her back a little, pushing her ass even more fully into his hands.

"I was?" he said, and she could feel his cock starting to to expand beneath her hips again.

"Yeah," she replied, unmistakeable arousal making her voice breathy. "Something about other aspects of my being."

"Right," he murmured, his grip on her ass getting tighter as his cock hardened. Lorelai pulled herself up to straddle him, his erection slipping between her folds, still wet and warm from before. She put her hands on his chest and pressed down, sliding back and forth against him, making his eyes roll back into his head in an almost comic display. "Drawer," he muttered, pointing weakly to the bedside table, and Lorelai reached over him to open it, pulling out another condom. Her breasts dangled in front of his face, and he flicked his tongue on one rosy nipple, causing her to gasp and nearly drop the package back into the drawer.

Recovering slightly, she sat on him again, and he reached for the foil square. "Uh-uh," she said, pulling it out of his reach. "You need to tell me about my sexy being first," she said, trying to sound admonishing, but her arousal gave her away.

"Do you get off on making me crazy?" Luke asked, equally breathless.

"It's a perk," she replied saucily. "Makes you rethink all of that diner counter banter, doesn't it?" Luke groaned, and she grinned, but before she could follow up with another retort, he'd flipped her over onto her back, and snatched the condom from her.

"You make me crazy," he muttered, ripping open the package, and rolling it over his straining cock. He pushed inside of her, and they paused slightly as they were reunited after so brief a pause.

"Good crazy?" Lorelai gasped, reached her hand up to grip his shoulder, letting it slide up his neck to tangle in his hair.

"So good," he muttered, bending down to kiss her sweetly. "You're beautiful, Lorelai," he continued, letting his movements in and out of her dip slowly, and his lips moved down the line of her jaw, nipping gently down her skin. His deep voice vibrated against her cheek, and she tightened her grip around him. "My god," he murmured, tangling his own hand in her hair. "Every part of you is amazing. You're the strongest person I know."

"Oh, Luke," Lorelai whispered, feeling warmth spreading through her body again. Again? How was this even possible?

"And besides that," he said, pushing deeply into her, letting their hips press flush against each other, connected so intimately, "you are probably the sexiest woman I've seen in my entire life." His hand moved from her hair down the side of her body all the way to the back of her thigh. "Your legs are so long and sexy, and even better when they're wrapped around me." The hand moved back up, stopping at the side of her breast, and his thumb circled the erect peak lazily. "Every curve is mouthwatering," he murmured, and Lorelai arched her back up into his touch, feeling the spark igniting her.

"I've never come this many times in one night," Lorelai gasped, sounding awed and full of disbelief. "It's you," she breathed, letting the waves roll over her again, her tight grip around his neck loosening as her release swept over her.

"Us," he corrected softly, and he pulled her tightly against him, slipping his hand from her breast to underneath the small of her back. They rocked against each other until Luke came with a choke and a gasp, arms holding on to each other, almost as if they were afraid to let go.

They stayed together for several long moments, quiet except for the sound of breathing. Eventually, Luke got up to dispose of the condom, and when he returned, he curled his body around hers, and entwined their fingers together.

"Mmm," Lorelai hummed, feeling the delicious satiety and warmth of their bodies pressed so closely together. "It's a good thing you didn't ravish me the night of the test run. I would have followed you to Maine and my business would have tanked before it even started."

Luke chuckled against her back. "After I saw you when I brought Kirk back, I thought for sure I'd ruined everything."

"Ruined everything?" Lorelai wondered aloud. "Why would you think that?"

He squeezed her hand. "You could barely look at me."

Lorelai turned her head to look into his eyes. "It wasn't you," she said softly. "Rory and I had an argument. A bad one."

"Oh," he replied, meeting her gaze with serious concern. "Did you figure it out? She doesn't have a problem with us, does she?"

Lorelai smiled, and then nuzzled her head into his shoulder. "It wasn't about you and me. And, yeah, I think we figured it out."

"Good," he said, his arms holding her to him tightly. For the first time in a very long time, Lorelai felt completely safe. After a beat of silence, he spoke again. "Did you want me to ravish you that night?"

Lorelai rolled over, so that they were facing each other, their chests pressed flush against each other. She looked deeply into his eyes. "It was a really good kiss," she said at last.