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Author's note: Upon writing this, I realised a couple of things, for one, Sean dosn't live with his parents in the show he actually lives with Tracker, well in this story I figured it would be a better sense for his character to have him living with his parents, and have his parents be abusive to him, which is how he gets along with his buddy Craig so well, because Sean understands what it's like to have an abusive family like that. Hope you enjoy and as I said before, Please review and commet, but if you have nothing nice to say, then please do not say anything at all. Also this a rewrite which will be a lot darker so I hope you enjoy!

Bold - Chapter titles/Character perspectives

Italics - thinking

Chapter 1 - When the past meets the present

Sean tossed and turned from the dream that haunted him. It was a flashback to his past. Back in Wasaga Beach, when he nearly killed someone. Sure he had only just nearly deafend the kid, but it still felt the same to him. Sean finally managed to wake himself up from the dream just as he heard the sound of his alarm go off. He rolled over and shut his alarm off, then laid back down on the bed. Letting his head hit the soft pillow, he let out a breath that he didn't realise he had been holding. "Man, what a night." He muttered to himself. "Sean!" He flinched suddenly as he heard his mother's voice calling him from the downstairs kitchen. "Breakfast!" Sean groaned and managed to get himself out of bed, and after fifteen minutes of searching through his room, figuring out what to wear, he finally made it down the stairs to the kitchen to find his mother setting the table and his father already eating, with a can of beer in his hand. "Isn't it a little early in the morning for that dad?" He asked, and immediatly wishing he hadn't.

"What's that supposed to mean?" His father retaliated back, looking up from his plate of food as sean entered the kitchen. "Nothing," Sean replied, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his black hooded jacket as he sat down at the far side of the table away from his father. "Take your hood down son." His father said, not even looking at Sean now. Sean pulled down his hood to reveal a black beanie on his head. "Take it off Sean, you know the rule about hoods and hats at the table." His father said.

"It was a gift." Sean said quietly. "From Tracker." "I don't care." His father said sternly. "Take the damn thing off your fucking head or I'll burn it." Sean didn't respond, when his father got up from the table roughly and stomped over toward Sean."Richard! Please stop!" Sean could hear his mother pleading. "It's too early for this! please stop!" Sean immedaitly tried to make a run for it, but his father was surprisingly faster then he was as he managed to pull him up hard by the arm, and yanked him away from the table.

Sean bit back a cry of pain as he felt his back slam hard against the wall of hallway with his father's hand still gripping his arm. "Don't you ever ignore me boy!" His father growled angrily ripping the black beanie from Sean's head so hard that once again he had to hold back a cry of pain. "What I say around here goes, you got that?" Sean slowly nodded. "Yes sir." He said quietly. "What was that?" His father asked, slamming Sean against the wall harder. Hearing the bones in his back crack against the wall, and feeling a wave of pain course through him, Sean cried out, "Yes sir!" Satisfied, his father dropped Sean, who fell to his knees as waves of pain radiated down his whole body.

Once the pain had faded to a dull ache, Sean slowly got up to his knees, then slowly made his way to his feet, and then walked carefully to the door. "Sean, aren't you going to have breakfast?" He heard his mom call in from the kitchen. "No thanks mom," He called back. "I'll just grab something at school." And with that he put his hood over his head, and stepped out of the house. Making his way to the garage, he got his bike out, and got on. Well that was a fun way to start the morning off. He thought sarcastically. Thanks for that dad.

Once he got to Degrassi, he placed his bike in the bike rack, before stepping up the steps toward the school. Upon entering the school, the halls were as busy as ever. Some of the students were goofing off like JT, and others like Paige were parading around the school like they were all that or something, which Sean always ignored. He couldn't understand why anyone would ever want to be that. Popular kids always seemed to be all stuck up and snobbish. He made his way through the crowded hallway, and all the while ignoring the still aching pain in his back. Finally he could see Emma by her locker, talking with Manny and made as casual of an approach he could toward her while trying to hide the obvious signs of pain on his face due to his injured back.

"Hey." He said as he approached the girls. Emma turned and a smile crept on her face when she saw him standing there. "That's my cue to leave." Manny said with a grin on her face. "Not funny Manny!" Emma replied as she watched her best friend leave her. "Hey Em, here's a little advice for you," Manny said over her shoulder. "Stop worrying about you bestie and just kiss your BF already would ya!" Emma gasped, and Sean could immediatly see her face grow hot and red with embarresment. "I'm so going to get her back for that." She muttered.

She turned toward Sean, who's face also seemed to be flushing a shade of red with embarresment. "Talk about awkward." Emma said with an ebarressing smile. "It's cool." Sean said smiling embarressingly. "It could've been worse." "How exactly?" Emma asked with a laugh. "Your mom could've walked in and decided to take some more pictures of us or something." Sean replied which caused the both of them to burst out laughing as the memory of how disastorous their first date had been circled inside his head. "Yeah, that was a totally embarressing night." Emma said, as her brown eyes met Sean's blue ones. "Tell me about it." Sean agreed, as he caught sight of his friends Jay and Alex heading toward him. "What's up slim shady?" Jay asked, slapping Sean a high five. Sean turned toward Emma, as she just rolled her eyes turned to leave and said, "I'll see you in class Sean."

"How have you been Sean?" Jay asked as he gave Sean a friendly patt on the back, which immediatly unbeknowst to Jay sent waves of agonizing pain radiating down Sean's spine as he held back a cry of pain and kept as straight of a face as he could muter, so that neither of his friends would notice. "You okay?" Jay asked obviously noticing how quiet Sean had become as he slowly nodded while trying to hide the look of pain on his face as a surge of anger now flowed right into him. Sure he knew that Jay hadn't meant it, but now he had simply just had enough. Drawing back his arm, he turned toward Jay and plowed him right in the mouth with an upercut. That of course caused an obvious struggle between the two boys, as Sean pushed Jay to the floor and began hitting him repeadly. Blood went flying from Jay's nose and mouth. "Sean! stop!" Hearing Emma's voice who had obviously heard the commotion as a group of kids gathered around him, but that didn't matter because Sean couldn't stop. His anger and rage had completly taken over him.

"Sean, stop it! you're going to kill him!" Sean gasped as a flashback of Tyler Bishop flashed through his mind. The kid he had nearly deafened in one ear. If it wasn't for that, Sean most likely could've killed Tyler, if it hadn't been for his big brother stopping him. And now, it was about to happen again. Sean's past was somehow catching up with the present. "What's going on here?!" Mr. Simpson cried out angrily upon seeing the two boys fighting. "You two are coming with me right this instant." He said sternly, as he hauled them both into Mr. Raditch's office.

After hearing Mr. Raditch's lecture, and while Sean and Jay both sat outside the office, Sean turned toward Jay. "Sorry about hitting you like that man. I don't know what came over me." "Yeah you sure as hell snapped alright." came Jay's reply. Sean was about to answer back, until he saw his dad walking into the school. Oh crap. Sean thought. His back and arm were both still sore from this morning if his dad found out what happened, who knows what he might do to him now. "We'll talk about this when we get home son." Richard Cameron said low in his son's ear, causing a wave of panic to sweep down Sean's already aching spine. Great Dad. Sean thought. Can't wait.

Too Be continued...Chapter 2 coming soon...