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Previously on Degrassi - I must be crazy to do this. He thought, taking a small sip. Once the liquid touched his lips, and as the liquid trickled down his throat, immediately he felt a lot better. It was like all his family problems had left him. "Well mom and dad, lets see what you think of your son now?" he muttered to himself as he a larger sip from the glass.

"You know the rules about having friends over when we're not home Sean." His father said with a glare as he stared at him before then flickering his gaze toward Emma. "It's okay dad." Sean said quickly. "Tracker said that I could, and besides Emma and I have a project due for school we need to work on." Richard's gaze wavered away from Sean much to his sweet relief, but he knew he would soon pay for it later. "Why don't you go on home for now." Sean said turning toward Emma once his parents were out of earshot. "I'll figure out a way to meet up with you later so we can finish the project okay?" Emma nodded slowly but gave him a concerned look. "You going to be okay?" "Totally." He replied back with a smile as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "My last name ain't Cameron for nothing right?"

." "Look if this is about Emma being over here," Sean began as he saw his father crossing his arms over his chest. "I already told you, Tracker gave me permission to have her over here so that we could work on our project together." "It's not about that." Richard said sternly as his blue eyes narrowed in anger. "It's about the other night at dinner." Another shiver ran down Sean's spine this time out of fear. "You want to explain to me why there's only half a bottle of whisky left in the fridge?" Sean shrugged his shoulders. "Why are you looking at me for?" He asked. "I'm just a kid dad, how do you know it wasn't Tracker?"

"Because you were the only one near the fridge at dinner." His father replied as he uncrossed his arms and now began reaching for his belt. "Now you want to tell me the truth, or do we have to do things the hard way?" Sean immediately made a run upstairs which allowed his father to give chase after him as Richard grabbed ahold of the back of Sean's hooded jacket and as he threw him hard against the wall, Sean was sure he heard something in his body snap, as he cried out in pain before toppling down the stairs.

"SEAN!" He cried out in worry as he ran up toward him and shoved his dad off of him. "What the fuck are you doing dad?!" Tracker yelled out in anger. "Sean's just a kid!" "He's a kid who can't stay the hell out of trouble." His father grumbled angrily. "I knew we should've just left his ass back in juvie after he nearly got that kid killed."

"Hang in there buddy." Tracker said softly. "We'll be at the hospital soon okay?" "Track, I can't move..." Sean replied weakly his voice coming out as soft as a whisper that Tracker barely heard him over the sound of the engine. "I'm...I'm really dizzy." Tracker looked over at him and could now see Sean's eyes start to roll to the back of his head. "Sean? Sean! Stay with me." He said urgently. "Come on baby bro, stay awake!"


Chapter 4 - Accidents Will Happen

It seemed like an eternity before Tracker finally pulled the car into the parking lot of the Toronto Hospital then went around to the passenger side to awake Sean but he had already fallen asleep and a wave of panic immediately swept down Tracker's spine as he carefully scooped up his injured little brother in his arms and carried him in through the hospital doors crying out, "Somebody please help me! my little brother's hurt! Someone please help!" A group of concerned doctors and nurses raced over and carefully took Sean's limp form from Tracker as he started going into a full blown panic attack. "He's going to be okay right? Let me go I have to be with him! Sean!"

"Sir, I'm going to need you to calm down." Said one of the nurses gently trying to calm Tracker down. Tracker's body was shaking he knew he was scared, any big brother would be scared if they were in his situation. All that mattered right now was making sure if his little brother was going to make it. He hadn't been home when the beating had started and he wasn't to sure on the extent of the damage his father had done to him. Right now however, as Tracker finally took a seat in one of the chairs in the waiting room, he silently wished and prayed that he had been the one getting all the beatings, not Sean. "It should've been me." He murmured softly as he buried his face into his hands. "It should've been me."

It wasn't to long before he felt a slight tap on his shoulder and lifted his head up to see a young nurse in her mid- thirties with long black hair and brown eyes looking at him. "My name is Nurse Veronica." She introduced. "You are the one who brought the young boy in correct?" Tracker immediately stood up and answered, "Yes ma'am I'm his big brother. Is Sean going to be okay?" Veronica took a seat in one of the chairs beside Tracker's and replied, "Don't worry, he's going to be okay. The damage wasn't to severe. He does have a pinched nerve in his lower back however, but miraculously no broken bones." Tracker let out a sweet sigh of relief and fell back in the chair. It was like a giant weight had just suddenly been lifted from his chest and he took in a deep breath. "Thank god." He muttered softly as he leaned his head back against the chair. "However, I do need to ask you a few questions though if you don't mind." Veronica replied to which Tracker nodded in response.

"Okay, so first off, how did this injury to your brother occur?" She asked and the first thought that entered Tracker's head was a lie. He didn't want to lie, but then again what was he going to do? If Child-Protective services caught word of the abuse, and knew that Tracker didn't report it, that they would automatically take Sean away. Not only from their parents, but they would probably revoke Tracker's wish to be Sean's legal guardian in order to keep him safe. "He got into an automobile accident." The lie had already left his mouth before he could take it back, so he just kept on going with it. "He was hanging out with one of his friends and I guess they were racing each other in the backyard and Sean's bike crashed." Vernonia nodded slowly but didn't say anything until Tracker was finished. Once he was through she then continued, "How did you hear about the accident? Were you present? Did you witness it?" Tracker shook his head. "No, His friend called me after the accident and so I went to get him and immediately took him here."

Tracker could sense that Veronica was suspicious, but held back his tongue. After all he wasn't going to jeopardize anything for Sean's sake. "Can I go and see my little brother now?" Veronica looked up at him and nodded. "Come on, I'll led you into his room, but I ask that you not stay to long since we'll need to keep a close eye on him and run some diagnostics exams on him." "Diagnostic exams?" Tracker stopped dead in his tracks for a second. "I thought you said the injury wasn't that severe."

"Yes, it isn't." Veronica replied slowly. "It's just a precaution, and besides he does have a pinched nerve in his lower back, which could lead to some complications if we don't fix the damage." Tracker let out a breath he hadn't even realized he had been holding. "Sorry." He said apologetically. "I'm just very overprotective of my brother." Veronica nodded. "I get it." she said with a smile. "I'm sure if I had a younger sibling I would be the same way." Tracker chuckled softly and continued to follow her down the hall to a room with the number on it that read, 213. As he entered the room, Tracker held his breath to keep himself from crying tears of joy once his green eyes fell upon Sean's face, who was laying in bed but yet wide awake. Sean turned his head toward his older brother and smiled softly. "Hey big bro."

Tracker's eyes filled with tears at the sight of seeing Sean but immediately filled with concern the moment he noticed Sean starting to pull himself up on the bed. "Stay down little bro." Tracker coached gently placing a calming hand on Sean's shoulder to keep him still. Sean winced slightly in pain but never the less did as Tracker told him and didn't persist on moving anymore. His eyes started to grow heavy and Tracker could automatically see that the medication that was flowing into his arm from the IV that was administered into him was already starting to work their magic.

"So tired." Sean mumbled sleepily. He was just about to doze off when he could just make out the blurry outlines of two people rushing in and could just barely make out the sound of his father yelling angrily and as he tried to fight the drowsiness that was threatening to engulf him, he could see his father beating up Tracker trying to make his way to Sean before the sight of several doctors and nurses rushed in to hold his father back. Before Sean had anytime to check on the welfare of his brother and make sure Tracker was okay, he was overcome with dizziness as a blanket of darkness overtook him and he finally drifted off to sleep.

Sean awoke in a daze screaming himself awake as though the entire event he had foreseen earlier had been nothing but a crazy dream. The room around him was dark and empty, and when he didn't see a sign of his big brother anywhere he immediately began to panic as he assumed the very worse had happened. His green eyes darted around the room wildly and his breathing came out in hard gasps as he panted struggling to bring air into his lungs.

The pain in his back seared white hot as though he was on fire allowing a scream of agony to rip its way from his throat as his back arched up off the bed as though he was being lifted upward toward the ceiling by an invisible hand. Suddenly the light above him flickered to life causing him to cry out as he suddenly became blinded by the sudden flash of light around him. He felt a hand on his shoulder and immediately began to flinch in fear as he thought about his father, and he became self aware of the looming panic that was engulfing him.

"Sean, Sean!" The voice of his brother quickly brought him back to reality as he began to try to regain his composure and get his breathing under control but the pain in his back proved to be too great as he held back a cry of agony.

""Shh it's okay." Tracker said calmly wrapping his arms gently around Sean's midsection comforting. "I'm here baby bro. It's okay. I'm not going to let him hurt you ever again, okay? I promise."

Sean's breathing slowed upon his brother's touch as he slowed lowered himself back onto the bed but as Tracker pulled away, Sean reached over and grabbed ahold of Tracker's arm. "Please don't go." He pleaded as tears welled up in his eyes. "Don't leave me alone."

Tracker smiled just as a nurse rushed in obviously concerned by all the commotion that was ongoing and Sean's eyes darted wildly in terror as she tried to pry the two brothers away from each other. "I'm sorry Mr. Cameron, but you will have to leave now." She said concern laced in her voice. "His blood pressure is pretty high and we need to make sure everything's okay with him so that he doesn't injure himself further."

Sean's breathing began to quicken as he felt himself starting to panic again as the sudden image of his father suddenly loomed behind Tracker and he opened his mouth to yell out, but all that came out was sharp hard gasps which brought concern to the nurse who was examining him. Tracker noticed her reaching over for the call button nearby and pressed it which caused the button to flash red in immediate urgency. Tracker looked at Sean just as his arm was pulled away from his little brother's grip and Tracker could sense the overwhelming panic attack that was consuming Sean as he continued to gasp for air.

"I'm sorry sir, you will have to leave now." The nurse's voice was stern this time and more urgent as she looked over toward the monitor above Sean's bed which started to beep frantically now with each heartbeat the more Sean's panic attack consumed him.

"Let me stay." Tracker pleaded with concern laced in his voice as tears started to well up in his eyes. "He needs me, just let me stay with him. I can help him calm down."

"I'm sorry, but I have a job to do, and I need you to leave so that I can help save your brother's life or else he could put himself into cardiac arrest." The nurse's blue eyes were full of concern mixed with irritation as she stared into Tracker's eyes just as another nurse with bright red hair rushed in followed by a doctor with blonde hair both who tended to Sean.

"No! stop! Tracker!" Sean's voice cried out mixed with pain as he struggled to pull back some air into his lungs. His eyes started to grow heavy as the blonde haired doctor administered something into the ivy machine and all at once a sudden wave of cold air began to flow around Sean's body making him shudder and shake, which probably wasn't a good sign as his vision began to grow blurry and his head began to swim in and out of consciousness followed by the blonde haired doctor saying to the two nurses beside him, "We're loosing him! Quick! we have to get him stabilized before his heart gives out!"

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