I sighed as I shifted my body slightly, we were doing an episode of the Report. We normally did them on Friday's, but I was busy then so we're doing it on a Monday. Mum and Dad were dead set on having a Selection for me, they spent the weekend planning a bunch of things and they were going to be doing a lot more throughout the week.

"Prince Matthew? Would you like to tell Illea the exciting news?" Damon, the Report host, asked.

No, Damon, I actually don't. My parents think my actions are out of control and the Selection is the only way to solve it. They don't want to listen, they don't know the full story and they want me to move on. Maybe if I told them the full story I wouldn't be doing this, but I am. It hurts, but I'll never admit that to them or to anybody in general.

"As we speak, letters are being mailed to houses with a Lady or Ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one." I spoke, ignoring what was actually on my mind. The usual ages of ages sixteen to twenty had been altered since I didn't want to marry a sixteen year old girl while I was twenty-one.

Damon smiled, his dimples showing, as he urged me to continue to speak. The excitement in his grey eyes was prominent.

"The letters being sent are concerning my future Selection." There, I had said it. They all knew and thought they stood a chance. I wasn't opening my heart to anyone, not even for the Selected.

Turns out Brooklyn liked gossiping and by the end of the day the whole palace knew what we had been up to at the club. She twisted the details and made me seem like a lovesick puppy. I was nowhere near a lovesick puppy and I hated liars with a passion. Brooklyn definitely wasn't in my good books.

Mum and Dad had heard about what happened too, it was pretty embarrassing to explain. They wanted me to talk to Brooklyn since she has brainwashed them to think I'd played her, that I didn't care for her. I don't care for her, she's a liar.

Evelyn and James and I were currently seated in the vast dining room. Everyone else had already left, Rylie said she was going to read some book while Mum and Dad were going over security checks for the Selected, they weren't chosen by lottery but by wealth and power. They wouldn't know that though, some girls of lower castes were going to be thrown in to make them look fair.

It was my Dad's idea to have them pre-chosen. He said that the country couldn't look bad, we didn't really have a problem with low castes, but he strictly told me that he didn't need some six who had no idea what she was doing to be the next Princess of Illea. Mum didn't exactly agree, but there was no changing his mind.

Evelyn's smooth voice brought me out of my thoughts. "Don't you think talking to one girl for five minutes, and then moving onto another is boring? I mean, there's thirty-five girls. It would get really repetitive."

"It was boring when I did it. We could do something different, maybe all the girls and Matt could meet over a dessert buffet or something." James suggested.

"Why a dessert buffet?" Evelyn asked.

Evelyn, sweetheart, I know you mean well and all, but you're my best friend and you should know that if I'm going to have a Selection then I'd rather it have desserts than some fancy dinner that no one knows how to pronounce.

James shrugged before turning his attention to me, "Alexis said that when she was in my Selection she would have rather have done something else, and when she found out about your Selection she suggested that. What do you think?"

I looked at them and gave a half shrug, I didn't really want to be involved in the whole process, but Mum and Dad were making me.

James gave me a look before running a hand through his light brown hair. His green eyes were narrowed at me. He was getting annoyed by my lack of responses since this wasn't the first time I hadn't answered a question.

Me and James were complete opposites. While I had inherited Mum's blond hair and Dad's dark brown eyes, James had gotten Dad's light brown hair and Mum's green eyes. We didn't really look like carbon copies of our parents, but we were close enough. It was Rylie who looked like a younger Mum with her blond hair that cascaded mid back and her green eyes.

Personality wise, James was the perfect prince with all the achievements while I was the heartbreaker and the flirt. We both weren't perfect, despite the country thinking James was, and we had our off days, but we got along at most times.

Evelyn looked at me, her piercing blue eyes staring at me. "Matt, you need to take part. This is serious, I heard someone mention something about a past rebel-"

"What?!" That was James' shocked voice, by the way. "But rebels, the country can't know. Do you know how much is at risk?"

What James was on about was something that happened generations ago. Our ancestors had deceived the Schreave-Koskinen family and slowly the Royals were being assassinated by the Rebels. On the last night of Kerttu's Selection, the Rebels invaded and attacked, no Royal was left alive.

My family had been building up their power before they took over Illea. Most people thought their reign was going to be short lived, but they lied and manipulated people. A descendant of a Rebel here at the palace could take a quick turn to the worst. Sure they were on good terms with us, but what if they told everyone. What if we messed things up? What if I messed things up?

I tried to stop myself from jumping to any conclusions, I shouldn't care about it, and I couldn't. Caring just leads to heartache.

I could hear bits of Evelyn and James' conversation in the midst of my thinking, but I didn't process it.

Stay out of it, Matt. You'll just get hurt. The Selection shouldn't matter to you, neither should Illea.

Since I wasn't paying attention, I didn't notice that my parents and Rylie had joined us.

"I've thought it through. It'll be okay, I've talked to her parents-" Dad's voice was heard, but James cut him off.

"You told her parents this wasn't a lottery?! Why?"

Dad gave him a slight glare, he hated being questioned about his motives. In his eyes he was doing the best.

"Hey Ryls," I whispered, "Who are they talking about?"

Rylie turned to me, and took a seat to my right. "Lady Cecily Maria Kater. She's the one whose ancestors helped ours rebel. We're on good terms, but Mum and James are still unsure. Dad thinks if we don't do it, it would make us seem weak."

I nodded at her as she brought a picture, from the looks of it my parents, Evelyn and James had now stopped discussing Cecily, and they were looking at some other girls.

The picture Rylie showed me was of girl with dark hair tied up in a ponytail which was contrast from her pale skin. Her eyes were a light blue, but that wasn't what drew me to look at her face. There, next to her left eyebrow, was a small scar. How had she gotten it?

Rylie must have seen me staring at Cecily's scar because she took away the picture and showed me another. "This is one who also stood out to me, Lady Rosalyn Rivers."

I looked at Rosalyn's picture, she had platinum blonde hair that looked like in ended mid back. Her blue eyes stood out, her lashes had a slight tilt to them giving her a more feline like look. Rosalyn also had a scar, but it was on her cheek and was longer. How did she get it? It looked really painful.

No, Matt, you're not supposed to care about the Selected.

Rylie's voice brought me out of my thoughts. "She goes to a prestigious university in Sota, she's studying science."

So that's why Rylie liked her.

"She's actually got a similar name to an scientist too, Rosalind Franklin. She discovered the structure of DNA. She was alive when the country was known as America, it was centuries ago though."

I nodded, I understood why Rylie liked this type of stuff. The palace knew a lot about what happened in America, but Illea didn't so Rylie took advantage of the sources she had available to her.

"Is there anyone else who stood out to you?" I asked, I mean, if I was going to do it I might as well have my little sisters opinion.

She nodded, her blonde curls bouncing, as she grabbed another form while Mum, Dad, Evelyn and James talked about someone called Florence and Calico.

"This is Rhea May Li O'Halloran, she's an astronomer." I looked down at her picture, catching a glimpse of her sandy brown hair and her greyish-blue eyes before I grabbed another form.

Lady Felicity-Rose Marie Hamilton. It said on her application that she was a writer, but she was caste two. Was she a really famous writer?

Rylie leaned over my shoulder, and looked at the form. "Her Dad is the Prime Minister of Carolina. Dad says that would look good to have her here."

I nodded distractedly. There was a bunch of girls left to go over, this was going to be a long night.

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