District 12

Luke Skywalker

Luke's eyes flew open as he heard loud a bang, his heart racing as he flew to his feet. He looked around his small dusty room and rushed out of his room. "Uncle Owen!" He called, distress obviously in his voice. "Aunt Beru?" He yelled. Beru was standing in the kitchen, staring a large metal pot that was filled with stew. She was staring out the small kitchen window towards what could be seen as a large dust cloud. Luke moved into the kitchen and looked out the window, "Aunt Beru? What is that?" He asked worriedly.

Beru didn't say anything for a few moments as she let go of the wooden spoon she was using to stir the stew. "Luke... I'm not sure." She said, her face twisting into a look of concern. "It looks like some type of mining accident... maybe a mine collapsed." She said. "Luke go get my first aid kit from the closet." Luke nodded in response and moved towards the closet in the hallway and got the small first aid kit from it and returned it back to his aunt. "I want you to stay here ok?" She said.

Luke couldn't help but blink a few times, "What? Why? I want to come with you!" He exclaimed in objection.

Beru looked over at him and gave him a look, "I'm serious Luke. Today's the day of the reaping and I need to go make sure your uncle is alright." She said seriously. "I will be right back." She assured him and didn't even wait for a response and turned and walked out the door.

Luke watched her walk out of the small house and then looked back out the small window again towards the giant brown dust cloud that seemed to be sweeping over the forest and district. He chewed the inside of his cheek, not only was today the day of the 17th Annual Hunger Games reaping but now his uncle, one of the only family members he had ever had, may be in trouble. About three hours later his Aunt walked back in with his uncle, who was covered in dust from head to toe. "Uncle Owen!" He exclaimed in relief.

"Don't." Owen gasped a bit, his wheezing was loud and obnoxious as Beru helped carry him into his bedroom and lay him down on the couch.

"Luke go outside and get a bucket of water!" Beru exclaimed loudly. Luke quickly rushed outside, grabbing the metal bucket where his old rusted droid R5-D4 was slowly moving around outside. Most people in the district couldn't even afford a droid, much less any electronics, but Uncle Owen had worked his butt off for so long. Not just that but even Aunt Beru had jobs over the years. Luke quickly grabbed the pump and began pumping the water quickly into the bucket and then rushed back into the house and set the bucket down next to the bed.

"The..." Owen took a few deep breaths as he tried to get the words out as his wife began dipping a rag into the bucket and wiping the dust off him. "The mine... it collapsed... we... we have to go... go back." He gasped a bit, his lungs still filled with dust.

"Owen shh." Beru tried to relax him. "Stop trying to talk, just breathe. I did everything I could while we were there. The important thing is that you're alive." She said seriously.

Luke stayed silent as he looked between the two, feeling like he was useless just standing there. "What are the odds that a mine collapses the same day the reaping is?" He asked, mainly to himself. Beru looked over at him and gave him a stern look and turned back to Owen and this time grabbed the rag and gently squeezed some water into his mouth. Luke frowned for a moment and stood up and moved to his room, sitting down on his bed and letting out a long sigh, feeling far more relieved now that he knew his uncle was alright.

Beru walked into Luke's room about twenty minutes later, her hands shaking a little and cleared her throat. "You should get ready for the reaping. Your uncle Owen... I think he's going to be just fine. He's sleeping but... you need to get ready for the reaping." She said, obviously feeling kind of frantic because of the mornings events.

Luke frowned a bit as he looked at his aunt, "Shouldn't we be helping with the mining accident?" He asked.

Beru took a deep breath, "I told you Luke there's nothing that we can do the emergency storm troopers had already long arrived after I left." She said seriously. "Besides it... it was chaotic." She said seriously. "It was absolutely chaotic you wouldn't be able to help anyway Luke you're just a kid." She said.

Luke took a deep breath and gave his aunt a look, "I'm not just a kid anymore." He said grunted in indignation. "I'm almost 18. I can handle myself." He insisted.

Beru hesitated for a second and gave him a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry for being so frank. Everything's that has happened this morning has really taking a toll on your old Aunt Beru." She said with a small awkward laugh. "Besides Luke... you don't want to see that anyway... The scene was like watching the Hunger Games, it was morbid. I did everything I could for everyone I could but..." She frowned a little. "Just get dressed for the reaping, they announced that even with the accident everything would still be running on schedule."

Luke looked at Beru for a few moments, "Alright, thank you Aunt Beru." He said with a nod and headed back to his room and began picking out some of his nicest clothes. He didn't have much, but he couldn't complain, he had more then the average person in District 12. He stared out the window, still seeing the giant dust cloud and how the dust cloud moved throughout the forest, almost engulfing it. Hours had passed and it still hadn't disappeared.

This year was different for Luke, it was the last year he would be eligible to be reaped and he couldn't be more excited about it. As he leaned against the windowsill staring out at the forest he couldn't help but ponder what Panem could have in store for him. One thing was for sure, he wasn't staying in District 12.

Jyn Erso

"Let go of me!" Jyn spat as she struggled against two stormtroopers who tried to hold her back. The head storm trooper of the district, Havril Axton, stood in front of her, wearing a battered and dirty silver storm trooper suit. "Imperial trash!" She snarled as she tried to fight against the storm trooper, each one holding one of her arms as she tried to kick at him.

Havril slowly took his helmet off and smirked a bit in amusement, "How cute." He said, "It's about time we captured you. You've been running amuck in my district causing trouble for far to long." He said as the storm troopers finally were able to get cuffs on her. "It's time to find out who you really are. Search her for identification." He ordered the stormtroopers. He waited as he watched them frisk the girl, Jyn glaring at him hard the entire time.

"No identification sir." The stormtrooper said.

Havril let out a long sigh, "Take her away. I have enough to deal with, with the mine collapsing and the reaping being today." He said seriously. "I don't need another street rat causing more issues."

Jyn grunted as the two stormtroopers grabbed her arms and pulled her to the truck and the shoved her into it. She let out a loud sigh as the truck doors slammed and a few seconds later the motor started and began pulling away. "Of course this would be my luck." She said under her breath and after a few minutes the truck stop and the doors flung open again and the next thing she knew she was being yanked out of the truck. "Ouch!" She snapped a bit at the stormtroopers.

"Enough whining." Havril said as he stepped out of the truck next to theirs. Jyn looked around, realizing that they had taken her to the justice building, where the reaping should be starting within the next two hours. Havril pulled out a small thin tablet and held it in front of her face.

"What are you doing?" Jyn asked, her eyes flickering from the tablet to him as the blue scanners scanned across her face.

"Facial recognition." Havril stated. "I should find out who you are in the next twenty minutes." He said as his eyes flickered from her to the tablet. "You certainly don't sound like you're from the district. You have a upper-class district accent." He said, hoping that would get her to relax a little and speak. When she didn't say anything he sighed and rolled her eyes. "I don't understand why you people always have to make this so hard. Take her inside." He said.

Jyn glared hard at him as they squeezed both her arms and yanked her towards the entrance and began pulling her towards the entrance of the justice building. "If you think this little place is gonna hold me you're as delusional as Axton." She snapped at the two stormtroopers. Jyn had escaped far worse prisons then a District 12 justice building.

Nevertheless she allowed them to escort her to a cell and waited, and like Havril had said, fifteen minutes later he came by. Jyn laid on her bed and sat up as Havril slowly entered her cell, looking at the tablet the whole time. "Well, well, well. Jyn Erso." Havril said. "Not only do you have quite the bounty on your head from several crime lords and a warrant out for your arrest in practically every district. Including your home in the... Capitol." Havril smirked a bit in amusement. "Now isn't that an interesting-" He stopped as he continued reading.

Jyn smirked a bit in amusement, "What? Is my lovely profile a little to much for you to handle?" She mused, knowing what he had read.

Havril clenched his teeth and took a few moments to think, "ST-4582 send word to the Capitol." He said, looking from Jyn to the stormtrooper who had come with him. "Send word to Director Krennic."

"What should I tell him sir?" ST-4582 asked.

"Tell him... That we've found exactly what he's been looking for." Havril smirked a bit and turned and walked out of the cell.

Jyn clenched her teeth as she thought for a few moments, trying to think if she knew a Director Krennic. The name didn't sound familiar to her at all, then again she had been running for her entire life. For all she knew it could just be another head stormtrooper that wanted her dead. It seemed like most of Panem wanted her dead anyways.

Captain Axton

Havril paced a bit in his office, having gone over and read Jyn Erso's file almost front to back. Jyn's father was one of the head game makers for the Hunger Games who was notoriously known for abandoning his work, and more importantly, the empire. An hour passed as ST-4582 walked into his office, "Captain Axton... I have an incoming transmission from Director Krennic." He said almost a little nervously, "He wishes to speak to you directly."

Havril waited for a few moments, almost like he wasn't sure he had heard him right. No one as important as the head gamemaker himself typically wasted anytime contacting anyone from a lower district, even if they were apart of the Empire. "Directly?"

"Yes, yes sir." ST-4582 stated and set down the circular hologram plate and right away a hologram of Director Krennic appeared.

Havril almost seemed startled as he held his helmet to his side, resting against his hip. "D-Director." Havril breathed out, "It's an honor." He said with a bow.

Director Krennic's hologram folded his hands in front of him, "I'm sure it is Captain Axton. However I'd like to get straight down to business. I've received word that you've found Jyn Erso."

"Yes, yes sir we did." Havril said and nodded as he took a deep breath. "She is in our custody.

"Are you confident that it's really her?" Krennic asked sternly, "I've been searching for Galen Erso's daughter for about 17 years now." He said. "I don't like when mistakes are made. So tell me, are you one hundred percent confident that the girl you've taken into custody is Jyn Erso?"

"Of course sir. More then positive." Havril said with a quick nod. "This girl is Jyn Erso... Would you like me to escort her personally to the Capitol?" He asked, "I would be more then-"

"Yes." Director Krennic cut him off, "However... I have something special planned for her. I would like you to listen to me very closely. I want you to send her into the Hunger Games, make her your female tribute this year just like most District's do for their undesirables." He said with a small amused look on his face.

Havril seemed to stare at the hologram almost in disbelief. "Director... isn't she still legally a Capitol citizen? Wouldn't this catch the attention of President Snow or Lord Vader? Maybe even... the Emperor himself?" He asked and glanced, seeing ST-4582 tense a little at the mention of the Emperor.

"I didn't expect you would be so opposed to my orders Captain. Are you questioning my judgement?" Director Krennic asked and Havril opened his mouth to try to say something, "I have you know that this girl has caused a great deal of anguish to the Capitol and the Empire." He said, "If you even bothered to read her file Im sure you would of seen that." He said. "The Emperor himself I'm sure would be more then pleased to make such a spectacle of someone like the Erso's. You will accompany Jyn Erso to the Capitol, do I make myself clear?" He asked.

Havril flinched, "No... Sir."

"Good. I will see you soon Captain Axton." Director Krennic said and then the hologram disappeared.

Havril took a deep breath and sighed in frustration, thinking to himself. ST-4582 kind of lingered, seeming like he wanted to make sure Captain Axton was okay. "Do you need something trooper?" He asked. The trooper paused for a few moments and then walked out of Havril's office.

Luke Skywalker

Luke walked into the courtyard of the justice building, looking around at several of the kids. A lot of the kids were crying, he guessed that they had lost someone in the mining accident. Today had been a long day for the entire District and now the district would lose two innocent children. He hated this, more then he hated anything else in Panem. The Empire was despicable, everything they did was pure evil. Half of him could of sworn that the Capitol was behind every bad thing that happened in Panem, or even in the galaxy. He knew there were other worlds out there and so many other species considering the diversity in Panem. However the entire world was barricaded in a forcefield so that no one could-

"Welcome, welcome! Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds ever be in your favor-" The escort, Felicity Kaver, began right away when there was a loud boom and a rumble from the justice building behind them. "Uh-" She turned and looked back at the doors as she stood on the stage and then turned back to the audience. Almost right away her demeanor changed to one that seemed distressed. "Why don't we start with the girls first of course." She said. "This year we are very lucky to have Jyn Erso as our brave tribute!" She chirped and turned to look back to the justice building's double doors.

Luke paused as his eyes flickered between Felicity and the door as no one came out. He had never heard of someone being picked before hand in such a manner. She paused for a few moments as Felicity shifted from foot to foot, "Jyn Erso!" Felicity exclaimed again yet a few moments passed and no one walked out. Minutes seemed to fly by when in all reality it was only a few seconds until the door opened and two stormtroopers escorted a girl out. Luke paused as he watched the girl intently, who seemed to fight against the stormtroopers. "Ah! Now for the boy!" Felicity exclaimed as she walked over to the large glass bowl and reached her hand in, pulling a name out and walked back over. "Luke Skywalker!" She chirped happily, "Do we have a Luke?"

Luke froze as he felt his veins run ice cold as a few of the other teenagers looked to him, knowing that it was him. He slowly moved out of the crowd and began making his way onto the stage. He paused and walked over towards Felicity and Jyn, his eyes flickering between Jyn and the two peacekeepers on her side. He had never seen this brunette girl before in his life, but he couldn't help but think how beautiful she was. Of course that's what you focus on Luke. Not the fact that you just got reaped for the Hunger Games. "There we have it ladies and gentlemen! Our tributes for the 17th Annual Hunger Games, Jyn Erso and-"

Jyn all of the sudden grabbed the stormtrooper to her left and pulled him in front of her as there was a loud BANG and a laser bullet hit the stormtrooper right in the chest. Loud shrieks of panic filled the air as stormtroopers rushed out and grabbed both Jyn, Felicity and Luke and quickly rushed them back into the justice building.

Luke recognized the head stormtrooper, Havril Axton, quickly walked down the steps as the doors closed behind them, "ST-4582 what happened?" He asked quickly to the stormtrooper that hadn't taken the shot that was next to Jyn.

"It- It was... Uh..." The stormtrooper obviously seemed a bit shaken up, "A sniper sir. And the girl used ST-3882 as a human shield. He's dead. The bullet sir was definitely aimed for the girl." He said.

Havril paused for a second and glared at her. "If the Director himself didn't want you, I would put a bullet right in your head." He growled a bit as he looked at the other three stormtroopers that were in ST-4582's squad. "I know you all want justice... but she has a far worst fate in store for her. Take them to the train, do not let them out of your sight. Wait till I get there." He stated to the three other stormtroopers.

"Wait!" Luke exclaimed, "I get to say goodbye don't I?" He asked.

"Not today." Havril snapped and then turned to the stormtrooper as they began whisking them away. "Are you alright I'm sure..." He asked in a hushed tone. Luke was oblivious to it but Jyn couldn't help but notice that his mannerisms and tone of voice seemed to change when he was talking to that specific stormtrooper.

Luke caught a glimpse of their interaction as the stormtroopers hauled not only him but Jyn into a giant armored truck. "Ow!" He exclaimed as he threw him and Jyn into it. Once he got to his feet he moved to help her since her hands were cuffed together but she just quickly jerked away from him and looked at him, her eyes wide. He couldn't quite tell if it was from anger or adrenaline, or maybe even fear. "Uh..."

Jyn stared at him as she took a few deep breaths and just watched him. Luke paused for a second as he slowly sat down on the metal bench in the truck, his eyes not leaving her, feeling like she might stand up and kill him. He stayed completely silent and after a few moments he finally spoke up, "Do you know what happened?" He asked tentatively. "There was some type of explosion in the justice building and then the stormtrooper... Do you know what happened?" He asked again. Jyn was still breathing kind of heavily as she stared at him and didn't say anything. "Oh come on you've got to know. Those cuffs are on you for a reason?" He asked but still she didn't say anything. "Oh come on... You and I are going to have to get to know each other. We're District partners now." He pointed out, but still, she said nothing.

Finally after about 10 minutes of the truck still driving she spoke up, "The explosion... that was me. I was trying to escape... As for the sniper, it could be one of the many bounty hunters that are looking for me." She said.

Luke blinked a few times almost in shock, "A... A bounty hunter?" He asked as he slowly looked down towards the floor of the truck. "May the force be with us..." He said quietly.

Jyn watched him, her eyes narrowing a little, the necklace from her mother seemed to weigh on her chest more when Luke said that. "We're going to need it if we're going to make it to the Capitol... Alive."

Director Krennic

Director Krennic stood on the balcony of the Gamemakers Head quarters, looking down at most of his game makers reviewing the footages from each reaping. Lieutenant Fox walked up the stairs towards the Director, wearing his black Deathtrooper armor. Fox was currently the squad leader of 5 other Deathtroopers, highly trained and more competent stormtroopers, and was currently assigned to Krennic. "Director." He said through his helmet. "Are you aware of the incident that happened in District 12... with Jyn Erso?" He asked.

Krennic turned and looked at him, "Yes. Most unfortunate. I should of known better then to trust a Captain of a lower District." He said almost in disgust. "I'll discipline him properly once he arrives with Erso." He said.

"Of course sir." Lieutenant Fox said. "Does Galen Erso know about his daughter yet?" He asked.

"I don't believe that's any of your concern DT-7552. He will come to me when he wants to know what has become of his daughter." Krennic mused. "Though I'm sure I won't have to be the one who informs him." He said.

Fox bit his tongue a bit and nodded in respect, "Of course." He said again.

"Well... Is that all Lieutenant?" Krennic asked, almost confused on why he was still hovering.

"Actually, no." Fox said, taking a deep breath almost as if he was preparing himself. "Vice President Tarkin asked me to inform you that he will be coming down to discuss the... breaches in District 12."

Krennic sighed a bit, turning swiftly, finally looking at him. "Thank you for informing me Lieutenant." He said and swiftly began walking down the steps, heading down towards the large center hologram table that all the game makers sat around, it would soon display their arena. "Never in my 16 years in being Director have I had such an incident occur. Surely Vice President Tarkin will understand." He reasoned.

Fox followed him down the stairs quickly, "I... believe he will." He stated, "However having a Justice Building almost explode on live television and then have one of the tributes use a stormtrooper as a human shield is quite an eventful reaping." He pointed out carefully.

Krennic turned and looked at him, "Lieutenant Fox, you are dismissed." He said, venom practically lacing his words.

Fox flinched, "Of course Director." He said and turned and walked back towards the door.

Krennic stood in front of the table, looking down at the hologram of the arena they had created. The reaping hadn't gone to plan, but Krennic had far bigger things to concern his time with. Mainly the fact that he wasn't entirely sure how Lord Vader and The Emperor would react to his public stunt of throwing the daughter of a respected gamemaker into the Hunger Games. He ran his fingers along the table, staring at the design, Galen truthfully had done a remarkable job, like he usually did. But more important all Krennic cared about was that another year would go by and he would take the credit for remarkable Games. The only unnerving part was now he would be held accountable for others shortcomings.