The Capitol

Jyn Erso

Jyn stepped off of the train into the Capitol, the crowd lined up behind the metal bars that created a path towards the door. People were yelling and cheering, taking their pictures. "They're all here for you two." Felicity said. Jyn raised an eyebrow, she hadn't been back to the Capitol for years, for good reason. Jyn walked next to Luke who was waving and smiling to all the people, however a few of them looked frightened. Considering Jyn was wearing hand cuffs and they were being flanked by six stormtroopers, anyone who really paid attention would be able to tell that something about the scene wasn't right.

Havril, who was leading the group towards a large white building, fell back and grabbed Jyn's arm. He began pulling her forward at a faster pace, "Ow!" Jyn growled a bit.

"Listen here." Havril growled a bit as he tried to continue smiling at the crowd. "Director Krennic himself has summoned me, all because of you." He said.

"If this is the thanks I'm getting-" Jyn tried to remark sarcastically.

"Quiet." Havril snapped a bit, Jyn couldn't help but see one of the stormtrooper's head turned to look at them as they walked. "If you do anything to make a fool out of me in front of the Director himself, it'll be the last thing you ever do." He hissed.

Jyn took a deep breath as she narrowed her eyes a bit and stared at him, "I have no idea what you're talking about." She said, "I'm just a simple girl from District 12." She said, almost mockingly.

Havril stared at her for a few moments and then let go of her arm and walked back to the front, walking back up to the stormtrooper that was the head of this specific squad that was cut from 6 down to 5 but had escorted them to the Capitol. Luke quickly caught up with her as the doors opened and they were ushered into the building. "What was that about?" He asked.

Jyn took a deep breath, "I think I just found out why I was thrown into the Hunger Games." She said, looking at him.

Luke looked surprised, "Why?" He asked earnestly.

Jyn looked him up and down for a moment as they were ushered to a man and a woman, both flanked with three different people. "We will talk later." She said quietly, deciding that she would need a friend if she was going to get through these games. Felicity turned and looked at both of them, "Jyn, Luke these are your stylist's. They're going to work together in order to help prepare you for your time here in the Capitol. Make you both more... crowd appealing." She said.

Haymich scoffed a bit and looked between the two, "They're going to need it. Especially this one." He said, gesturing to Jyn. "She's a challenge. Or at least so I have been told." He laughed a little bit.

"Hush Haymitch." Felicity said, "Jyn, this is your stylist, Cinna." She said.

Jyn raised an eyebrow and kind of pursed her lips. She moved both her hands out since they were still cuff, "Hello Cinna, I'm challenge. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said.

Cinna smiled a bit in amusement, "Well, it's a good thing I'm always up for a challenge, now isn't it." He chuckled a bit, "Come along Jyn, can someone find out if we can do something about getting these cuffs off?" He asked, looking between his prep team.

Jyn went along with her team after they took the cuffs off and had her strip down completely naked, making her feel more exposed then she had in years. She laid on the table as they waxed her entire body, shaped her eyebrows and done her hair. After she said farewell to Cinna and her preparation team she was ushered up to her floor in the Training Center. She walked off the elevator and into the large room and saw Haymitch, Felicity and Luke all sitting at the table. "What did I miss?" She asked as she walked over and sat down.

"Is it really a good idea to let her out of her cuffs?" Haymitch asked and Felicity hit him lightly on the arm. "I'm just kidding. I was explaining to your District partner here that he needs to accept the fact that there is nothing I can do. You both are probably going to die." He said.

Jyn raised an eyebrow, "Well gee, thanks for putting it so lightly." She said.

"Hey, the sooner you accept it the better." Haymitch said.

Felicity sighed, "Alright, Haymitch why don't you make yourself useful and go... take a nap or something." She said, rolling her eyes. "So you both get all day to kind of try to unwind and relax, tomorrow are the chariot rides. Your stylist's will be coming up with something to wow the audience, it's basically the first glimpse of all the tributes at once." She said. "Until then, try to enjoy yourself and the food." She laughed a little.

Jyn clenched her teeth a bit, "Yeah, enjoy it till we get thrown in an arena like fodder." She snapped a bit and stood up, storming over towards what she thought was her room and slammed the door shut.

Captain Axton

Havril stood nervously in the gamemnaker head quarters, pacing around the large center hologram table that they all sat around. He had always wondered what the game makers head quarters looked like. He ran his fingers along the table slowly, then inspecting them and there wasn't even a small amount of dust on his fingers. Havril almost jumped as he heard the door open and quickly he turned, standing as straight up as possible.

Director Krennic walked into the head quarters, following behind him four of his own personal guard; Deathtroopers. Havril bowed a little in respect as the Director came closer. "Director, it's an honor." He said like he had done when he first had the hologram transmission. Havril looked back up at him as the Director didn't say a word to him, turning and pacing a bit in front of him. He couldn't help but observe his perfectly clean white suit, his black belt and gloves as well as his white cape that split in the middle towards the bottom which seemed perfectly clean as well. "Captain Axton when we discussed Erso's admission into the Hunger Games... please explain to me where I told you it was acceptable to hire an assassination attempt on one of our tributes?" He asked, turning and looking at him.

Havril gulped a little, "Well Director... I knew the girl was trouble and she did give us... some... but there was no way that I could possibly foresee that she would be openly attacked at one of the most secure events in Panem." He babbled nervously.

Krennic seemed to smile in amusement at his nerves, "I understand that you brought a squad of stormtroopers with you to the Capitol?" He asked.

"Yes." He nodded in response quickly, "One of them was killed in the shooting, but the other five are very capable. This squad was the squad that helped me capture Erso in the first place." He explained. Havril watched as the Director nodded slowly.

"You see Captain, I'm having a bit of a... dilemma you could call it." Krennic said and stepped closer to him, "I entrusted you with one simple task. To bring Erso back to the Capitol with no problems. However soon my superior's are going to question my capabilities because of your inadequacies." He said. "So I'm going to ask you once, and only once. Can you handle this Captain?" He asked.

"Yes Director, I can handle this." Havril said quickly, "I'll make sure of it. Even if I have to sit there and watch her myself."

Director Krennic stared him down for a few moments as he thought, "Very well. You're dismissed." He said.

Havril stood straight up and nodded, "Thank you Director." He said and put his silver helmet on and walked out of the head quarters. He walked down the hall towards where he left Squad 82. "Lieutenant SR-4582 report." He said.

SR-4582 stood straighter when his Captain addressed him. "Erso and Skywalker have reached their rooms and are currently residing on their appropriate floor of the Training Center." He said. Havril nodded slowly but didn't say anything causing the Stormtroopers to kind of look around in bewilderment. "Captain?" He asked.

Havril looked up, "Right. You two." He said and pointed at two of the 5, "Go and watched over them. You two return to your new quarters, you will switch shifts every three hours of guard duty. Lieutenant if I could speak to you." He said and waited for the four Stormtroopers to disperse.

SR-4582 couldn't help but feel confused as Havril pulled him to the side down a hallway, "Havril, whats wrong?" He asked, addressing him by his first name. Havril took his own helmet off and then took SR-4582's off and moved a hand to his cheek and kissed him deeply. The Stormtrooper paused for a second but then closed his eyes and kissed him back. He drew out the kiss as long as the Captain did who eventually pulled away and looked at him.

"I'm sorry." Havril said as he looked at him, "The Director practically chewed me out... I... I kind of just stood there like an idiot and now he thinks I'm incompetent Greg!" He exclaimed a bit. Gregory was SR-4582's real name before he was taken from his family young, Havril only ever called him that when they were alone. "I practically ruined any chance-"

"Hey." Greg said and grabbed his hand, "Listen, you're only freaking out because you're not used to not being in charge." He said gently, "The Director gave you another chance, right?" He asked and Havril just kind of nodded. "Exactly. So just show him. You're the Head Stormtrooper of District 12. Of a whole District." He said.

"Yes well around here that means nothing." Havril said, "They have Captain's of hundreds of sections here in the Capitol. Even higher District's that are still low like District 8 has 5 Captains and now-"

"Havril." Greg urged and took both his hands now, "It's okay. Just relax. Maybe there are hundreds of other Captains here in The Capitol, but none of them are you." He said, "Besides, how hard will it be for us to watch one tribute?" He asked.

Havril paused and stared at him for a few moments and moved his hand gently to his cheek, "Thank you." He said gently, "Thank you..."

"Of course." Greg said with a smile, "Now you better pull yourself together. It's time to prove yourself to the Director." He said as he grabbed his own helmet and put it back on. "Are you going to be okay?" He asked.

Havril nodded, "Yeah." He said and stood up a little straighter and put his own silver helmet on. "I'll be fine. Thank you... sorry again." He said.

"Don't be." Greg said. "I'm going to go catch up with my squad, let me know if you need anything else."

Havril nodded. "I will. Thank you." He said and turned and walked the other direction.

Luke Skywalker

Luke said near a large windowsill staring down at the Capitol, it was about 11pm at night. He leaned his head against the cold glass, seeing large crowds of people gathered and the chanting was so loud he could hear it from the top floor of the training center. He could hear them chanting "Hunger Games! Hunger Games!" which oddly sent a shiver down his spine because all he heard was a chant for his immediate slaughter. He turned his head upward a little and looked up at the moon, thinking about his Aunt and Uncle, his life back home, and how he never even got to say goodbye to them.

"Well, I didn't expect to find you up." Luke jumped a bit and turned to look over his shoulder, seeing Jyn standing there. They both kind of stared at each other for a few moments, "Do you mind... if I join you?" She asked. Luke just kind of shook his head No, that he didn't mind and Jyn sat down kind of next to him near the large window. She stared down towards the crowd like Luke had and thought for a few moments and then looked back up at Luke. "Makes your stomach turn, doesn't it?" She asked but this time Luke just nodded. "What... so now that I am actually trying to talk to you, you decide you want to give me the cold shoulder?" Jyn asked.

Luke sighed a bit and looked at her, "It's not that I just... I was thinking about home. How I'll probably never get to see it again." He said.

Jyn watched him for a few moments, "I'm sorry." She said gently, "I can't imagine whats that like... I've never really had a place to call home so I can't exactly miss it." She said.

Luke seemed to study her expression for a few moments, "I told you about my family. My mother is dead, and my father... My aunt and uncle don't really like to talk about it." He said. "There's a old hermit named Ben who as a kid used to talk to me about my father. Told me he was a great jedi once. But my aunt and uncle practically flipped out on him. So that was the end of that." He said. "What about you? Where are your parents?"

Jyn seemed to flinch a little when Luke asked, "My mother was killed when I was young. Far to young to remember. The Empire was looking for my father and so to protect me he gave me to a rebel leader... He raised me till I was about 14 and then I was on my own."

Luke frowned a bit as he came to realize they kind of had a similar situation. "What about your father? What happened to him?" He asked.

"The Empire took him." Jyn said, "All this time I liked to think he was dead. But... this Director of the Hunger Games, I think he took my father. I overheard Captain Axton talking in a hologram to someone on the train ride while you were in the bathroom. I think this Director Krennic took him and I think they've been using him to help build the Hunger Games arena's." She said, a look of sadness stretched across her face.

Luke hesitated, "I'm so sorry." He said gently. "But that means he's alive right? That's a good thing, he could be here in the Capitol, he could help us." He said.

"I've never even met my father. Not that I can remember at least. I was to young. I was a baby." Jyn said, "For all I know he could just of forgotten about me. What if he's a full blown Capitol citizen?" She asked, "What if he doesn't care about me at all? Or what if he doesn't even know who I am?"

Luke reached his hand across and touched her arm, "Hey, don't think like that. I bet he still cares about you. I bet he still loves you. He'll recognize you, obviously by your name. Besides even if they decide to try to cover up who you are, you don't exactly sound like your from District 12." He laughed a bit.

Jyn rolled her eyes a little, "Yeah, I guess you're right however I don't exactly sound like I'm here from the Capitol either." She pointed out.

Luke nodded, "I suppose you're right." He said and then the two fell silent for a little, just staring out of the window and looking down upon the Capitol. Luke couldn't help but think that the Capitol really did look gorgeous at night, the whole city lit up. There was nothing that came even this close to a place like this in District 12. They didn't have tall sky scrapers, or fancy cars or cell phones. Truthfully it made him resent the Capitol more, yet at the same time he could understand why they might choose to live in ignorance since everything was just handed to them. "What do you think about all of this?" Luke spoke up abruptly and looked up at her. "If you had stayed here in the Capitol, raised by your father... do you think you would agree with all of this?" He asked.

Jyn stared at him cautiously not entirely sure how to answer his question. "I don't know... I've never really had the luxury of political opinions." She said. Luke didn't say anything else, thinking Jyn was just trying to blow him off. "But... I've always imagined my father as a warm and loving person. So I hope, that he's against all of this." She explained gently. They both grew quiet yet again and she looked up at him. "What about you? Do you ever hope anything about your father?" She asked. For years Jyn had been closed off, and she was more then aware that opening up to a stranger was kind of strange... but it felt nice to be able to talk to someone.

Luke paused for a few moments, "I hope my father was a Jedi. A powerful one, who helped hundreds... because if he was a Jedi... Then I might be able to come one to." He said thoughtfully.

Jyn paused and couldn't help but start to laugh a little, which made Luke kind of blush. "I would say that kind of thinking would get you killed... but look where we are." She said which made even him laugh.

Luke stared at him and stood up, "Thank you, for listening to me." He said, "You know Jyn Erso, known troublemaker, and wanted by the Director of the Hunger Games and hunted by hundreds of bounty hunters... you're really not all that bad." He chuckled a bit. "Sleep well... I guess I'll see you in the morning." He said. "Happy Hunger Games." He muttered the last part kind of under his breath.

"And may the odds, be ever in your favor!" Jyn called after him.

Director Krennic

Director Krennic stood in his office in the training center, staring out at the Capitol. He stood by the large window, the city filled with lights, the lights of his city... at least thats how he saw it. Year after year he played politics between the heads of the Empire, between The Emperor, Lord Vader, President Snow and Vice President Tarkin it was like juggling balls while riding a unicycle. Krennic had plenty of talents, but he knew that wasn't one of them.

Lieutenant Fox walked into Krennic's office, "Director." He said with a small nod.

Krennic turned around, looking back at Fox. "Lieutenant." He said.

"You have an incoming transmission from President Snow." Fox said.

Krennic pause for a second and moved to his desk, pressing a button. "Thank you Lieutenant." He said and with that Lieutenant Fox walked out. The projector on top of the ceiling projected a life sized hologram of President Snow. "President Snow." He bowed his head politely.

"Director Krennic, it's a pleasure to speak with you." President Snow said curtly.

"The pleasure is all mine Mr. President." Krennic assured him.

"I'm sure it is." President Snow comment, his eyes seemed to burn not only through the hologram itself, looking lifelike, but burned into Krennic's. "Vice President Tarkin infromed me of the incident that occurred."

Krennic paused, his arms behind his back as he looked back at President Snow. "Incident, sir?" He asked, playing dumb as if he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Yes, involving the Erso family." Snow said, "Surely you aren't that brain dead to recall a decision you made without consulting any of your superiors." He said, "Not to mention the fact that Galen Erso had an outburst in front of the rest of your staff. If you can't keep him under control how can we place trust in you to continue overseeing these games."

Krennic took a deep breath, feeling the air catch in his chest. "President Snow, I can assure you I have everything under control." He said, balling his fists a bit behind his back. "I'm afraid Vice President Tarkin, as usual, greatly exaggerated the situation. After this years Hunger Games the Erso's will no longer be a thorn in the Capitol's side..." He said simply.

Snow narrowed his eyes a bit as he titled his head a bit, smirking just a little in amusement. "Is that so Director? How exactly do you intend to describe a Capitol citizen being thrown into the very Games that keeps this Empire in tact?" He asked. "Especially thrown into such a lower District."

Krennic seemed to pause for a moment, "Lower districts thrown felon's into the games as tributes all the time. This is nothing different." He stated simply.

"I hope you're right Director. Your actions have caught Lord Vader's attention. If you cannot handle Galen and his daughter, Lord Vader will be most displeased. You know what happens when Lord Vader is displeased." Snow warned very cavalierly. "I want constant reports and updates of the situation."

"Of course President Snow." Krennic nodded a bit in respect, "I have a team looking over the tribute, I'll have someone look over Galen-" He was cut off as President Snow's hologram disappeared, basically him hanging up on Krennic. He let out a small sigh of annoyance, knowing what he would have to do. He would have to kill Galen Erso before he not only compromised his games, but his reputation and credibility within the Empire.