Title: The Wonders of Thedas
Crossover: Dragon Age and Harry Potter
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Pairing: Dorian Pavus X Harry Potter
Summary: Waking up in another world is one thing but waking up as the only one who can save another world? Yeah, he should totally have seen that coming.
Warning: Slash (Yaoi, Boy X Boy…), MoD! Strong! OOC! Harry, Harry-In-Thedas

Chapter Ten

It was late. The sky was dark but that made no difference for the people of Haven. The village was filled with laughter, music and chatter. Dorian found the Herald sneaking from the party while he was making his way to the tavern. Deciding to forgo the drink for the moment, the young Altus followed the deceivingly young 'Herald of Andraste'.

"The party not of your taste?" Dorian called when he reached the other.

Harry turned around, his face lighting up when he saw Dorian. "There you are!" he grinned, bounding up to the mage.

Dorian raised a questioning eyebrow. "Were you looking for me?"

"Yeah! Vivienne called me an uneducated hedge mage," Harry replied with worrisome cheer for the insult. "To be fair," he added as he seemed to noticed Dorian's expression, "she was complimenting me for actually managing to close the Breach." Waving his hand dismissively at the issue, he asked instead, "What's a hedge mage?"

To be honest, Dorian was still unsure what to think about the other. Their trip to the… Underworld had certainly put things into perspective for him. To think this tiny little thing was some kind of divine being? Preposterous! And yet it was actually the truth as he now knew it. Poor Dorian, being the only one who knew the other's secret – and being sworn to secrecy – always almost had heart attacks when the dear Lady Vivienne gave backwards insults to Harry (and was it not such an unassuming name for such a powerful being? Dorian felt almost cheated). Thankfully, the other did not appear to be the kind of vengeful deity and instead he either found amusement at her insults or, when he actually got annoyed, he would find something or someone else to cheer him up. Most of the times it included riding the shoulders of that qunari mercenary brute. Because that made sense.

"Ah, a hedge mage," Dorian nodded. "I suppose that would be what people think of you. Allow me to enlighten you." Harry beamed and plopped himself immediately on the ground, waving a hand to evaporate the snow in a circle underneath him and warming up the ground enough to be toasty. Dorian took advantage of the space offered to him, not wanting to freeze his bits off, though not without enough complaining about having to sit on the ground. Appearances mattered after all even if his only audience was the being who found amusement at his expense. "A hedge mage is usually an apostate – I explained what an apostate is here in the South, didn't I? They are usually mages that have not studied at any circle and so have not followed any standard teaching. Instead, in most cases, hedge mages have developed the kinds of magic that are mostly previously unseen and sometimes unexplainable by circle mages. I suppose in these circumstances, and with the way you have explained your magic so far, you would be a hedge mage."

Harry's big green eyes stared at him in understanding. Dorian could not understand how others could not see just how other Harry really was. With eyes like that, it was no surprise he was not of this world. He did not think he had ever seen anyone with eyes so bright and with such vivid colours, except possibly elves but even they did not compare. Really, Dorian should have known at their first meeting that the other was something different even if he had been preoccupied at the time.

Then Harry's face crunched up in slight confusion. "But why does she keep thinking I'm uneducated?"

"That, my dear, is because Madame Vivienne is the kind of mage we find in Southern Thedas that believes their way of doing magic is the only right way," Dorian explained patiently. Harry already knew some of the ways mages were viewed and treated, particularly in the South and by the face he was making, he clearly thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Not that Dorian blamed him really; he too found it quite ridiculous the way magic was feared by the mages themselves to the point they would allow themselves to be trapped in gilded prisons and controlled their whole lives. "She believes that the way the Chantry and the Circle dictate that magic should be used is the only and right way to use magic, and those who do not are simple slugs at the bottom of her shoe."

Harry made a low humming sound from deep in his throat, balancing his elbow on his knee and plopping his chin in his hand.

"So that's why she's so weak."

Dorian knew that if he had been drinking anything at that particular moment, he would have chocked in shock. He had never expected someone to call Madame de Fer herself weak.

"Pardon?" He questioned, voice higher than he would have preferred.

Harry blinked, "Oh, I mean," he waved his free hand as if to illustrate a point but when it was still unclear, he twisted his lips thoughtfully and continued, "when I recruited her, I thought she was powerful. But I was comparing her to the other mages we've met before when we stopped the fighting in the Hinterlands. But then we met you and I realized that it's not only Solas who's just exceptionally better than her. You're better at magic too."

Dorian stared. "While I understand how you find me – ah – 'better' at magic, as you said. I am after all a perfect specimen of mage evolution. I still do not understand what you mean by Madame Vivienne being 'exceptionally' weaker than both Solas and I."

"It's like this," Harry tried to explain, "Solas is good. Like really, really good. He uses magic like it's a part of him, just an extension of himself. He tends to give less power behind his spells so we don't really see that when we're fighting. If he wants to, I know he could be really strong. You, on the other hand, put power behind your spells. Your use of magic is more chaotic and yet calculated. For you it's like – like – you haven't reached your full potential though. I'm pretty sure magic comes naturally to you but it's like you've limited yourself to what this mortal world offers you."

"I am a necromancer," Dorian deadpanned.

Harry waved his hand dismissively. "But your knowledge of necromancy comes from what you've learned in the mortal world, right? Like books or a teacher?" At the other's nod, he continued, "what I mean is that you've so far limited yourself to knowledge that already exists and if you invent something you still limit yourself to certain laws of nature and rules, right? That's what I meant. I mean, you're open to different kinds of magic but at the same time you've put a limit to it. It's weird."

"I… see. I never thought of it that way," Dorian mused after a moment of thoughtful silence. He pointedly did not mention the Time Magic he had worked on with Alexius even if back then it had all been theory. Harry had made his feelings about it clear and Dorian would prefer not angering the powerful deity unnecessarily. "But then what about Vivienne?"

"Oh, for her it's simple really. She could have been as strong as you but her views of magic limits her potential. It's like – like – she thinks magic as linear when it is more chaotic so what she is able to do is limited to a very small amount of different magics. Magic should not be thought like that! Magic is will. And she has no will. She's really, really weak when she's compared to you and Solas. You have no idea. Solas has a different way of interacting with magic entirely, that's why he's so strong. You're open to the idea of different magics even if you haven't tried and that's why you're also stronger."

"I have never thought of magic like that," Dorian admitted slowly. "You have given me much to think about."

Harry shrugged. "Magic works differently in different worlds but the intent is always the key as far as I know."

Neither noticed a particular bald elf backing behind a cabin. While he had not heard their whole conversation, he had heard enough to not only give him questions but also acknowledge that there was much more to the Herald than he had previously thought.

At first, he had thought it unfortunate to have one so young be entangled in this mess. As he had got to know him, the Herald turned out to be a cheerful, if mischievous child, but with a refreshingly inquisitive mind. The boy tended to ask him questions about what he had learned in the Fade any time they found themselves free, whether at camp, on their travels or if they found the time in Haven. Additionally, the Herald had a fascinating way of using his magic. The child used his magic with an ease he had not seen… for a long, long time.

He had known that the child had been hiding much and it had intrigued him. The boy was full of contradictions; he had never studied formally his magic and yet used it in ways he had never seen before, and even better than mages of this Age; he knew politics enough to exchange barbs with a Tevinter Magister, using not only words but body language much like the elvhen used to do at court so long before; he had had a strange fixation and knowledge on Time Magic when they had been in Redcliffe…

After their return from Redcliffe, he had immediately known that there was something going on between the Herald and the young Altus from Tevinter. Whether it was something malicious or not was made clear when he observed the way Dorian appeared at first cautious towards the child before slowly relaxing after the Herald had sought him out a few times. He never knew what they talked about but he had been suspicious and thus, why he had decided to eavesdrop when he had found the two talking in a quiet corner of Haven when the rest of the village was celebrating.

Though now that his suspicions were confirmed as not a result of paranoia, whether the child would be a complication in the future or not was yet to be seen.

It was an hour later, after Varric had dragged both Dorian and he into a game of Wicked Grace – which Harry had to have explained to him – and he had slipped away from the party for a moment of peace and quiet that Cassandra found him. The woman approached him and turned her eyes to the remains of the Breach in the darkened sky.

"Solas confirms that the heavens are scarred but sealed," she said.

Harry rocked back on his heels and gave her a cheeky grin. "So, we did good?"

Oddly charmed by the other's endearing habits, Cassandra allowed herself to smile. "You did," he admitted softly. "If not for you nothing of this could have been possible. I have to admit that I was doubtful when we first met but now, I am pleased you are the one to have received the mark."

"Oh, Cassie! You're going to make me blush!"

"Do not call me –" she stopped herself with a sigh, giving the mischievously grinning teenager a glare that did not hold much heat. "Do not make me regret this, Herald."

Harry stuck his tongue out at her before changing the subject. "What about everything else?" He cocked his head at her.

"While what you have found in the future is concerning, tonight is a night of celebration. Tomorrow we shall discuss what needs to be done. There is much left to do."

As if to contradict her words, the warning bells rang and as the villagers started to notice the lights and the sound of a marching army coming from the mountains, the sounds of joy changed into cries of fear and panic.

Harry sighed. There went his Potter Luck.


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