Title: The Wonders of Thedas
Crossover: Dragon Age and Harry Potter
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Pairing: Dorian Pavus X Harry Potter
Summary: Waking up in another world is one thing but waking up as the only one who can save another world? Yeah, he should totally have seen that coming.
Warning: Slash (Yaoi, Boy X Boy…), MoD! Strong! OOC! Harry, Harry-In-Thedas

Chapter Eleven

They were being attacked. Because, of course, it was too much to ask for one night of reprieve. Thankfully, they had known Haven being attacked was a possibility so the soldiers tasked with getting the villagers through the secret path Leliana had found out of the village immediately got to work. However, they still needed time to not only gather the villagers but also actually get far enough away to be safe.

When the strange boy that had come to warn them pointed them at the Elder One observing up on the hill, Varric cursed from beside Harry.

"That's Corypheus," he said.

Harry leaned towards his companions and asked, "who wants to bet there's a dragon behind him somewhere?"

"Well, let's hope not!"

"Herald," Cullen called after he was done directing his soldiers to their posts. "The soldiers will bury as many as possible under an avalanche. You and the others need to keep them off the trebuchets!"

Harry saluted. "We'll split off!" he called to all the companions he had gathered. "Blackwall, Sera and Vivienne, you guys take this trebuchet," he nodded at the one in front of the gate. "Bull, can the rest of the Chargers help here?"

"You got it, Boss. Krem!"

"Everyone else with me. We'll take the other trebuchet."

It was a good thing he had decided to take so many people with him, after all, they came to find. The other trebuchet was farther from the gate and had already been overrun by what appeared to be the red templars (some looked like some kind of red crystal monstrosities). Solas put a barrier around Cassandra and Bull who rushed ahead, weapon held high. Varric stood in front of him, firing arrows into anyone who dared to come closer, Dorian not far behind, spells flying around in a flurry of movement.

Harry unsheathed the sword he had picked on the way and joined Cassandra and Bull in the fray.

There were too many templars all over the place and the strange red lyrium growing out of their own skin seemed to give them more power behind their attacks. It took too long to arm the trebuchet and before they were even able to fire it, a blast destroyed it, sending shrapnel flying everywhere. Only Solas's barriers were able to save them from certain injury. Bull grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back to his feet.

"Alright there, Boss?"

"You just had to ask for the dragon!" Varric called at him a few paces behind him.


"The other trebuchet has already been fired. We need to go back to the gates!" Cassandra said.

"We need to do something about the army," Solas said. "At this rate we won't even have time to evacuate."

"The trebuchet is destroyed! And we've got a freaking Archdemon circling over our heads!" Varric cried.

Harry darted a look at his panicking companions, glanced at said destroyed trebuchet and then turned narrowed eyes at the mountain they had been supposed to send the avalanche from. Closing one eye, he pointed his sword at the mountain.

"What are you doing?" Dorian asked beside him.



Certain he was aiming for the perfect spot, he channeled his magic. "BOMBARDA MAXIMA!"

He stumbled back at the force of his spell and the top of the mountain exploded. An avalanche swallowed what they saw of the rest of the upcoming army.

The dragon was not very happy though. It let out a shriek loud enough to stun them for a moment before it sent a blast of fire coming their way. They barely dodged out of the way as it came bearing down on them.

"To the gates! Hurry!" Cassandra called, pushing Varric to run faster. Everyone followed behind.

Cullen was waiting for them, ushering the other soldiers inside the village. As soon as they crossed over, he closed the gates and turned towards Harry.

"The fortifications won't hold for long and certainly not against that dragon."

"What about the people, Commander?" Cassandra asked as they hurried towards the Chantry, the only place that would hold the dragon off long enough to discuss their next strategy. Thanks to Harry's warnings from the future, they had been able to fortify the village enough that no red templars had gotten inside the village yet but that hardly made a difference with a dragon on their tail.

"Leliana and Josephine are getting them out," Cullen called back. "But at this rate, with the dragon they'll be able to follow us."

Harry skidded to a halt.

"Herald! Hurry up! We need to go!"

"You guys go on ahead!" he said. "I can distract them long enough for everyone to leave."

"Whoa there, Mystery! You're not thinking about going alone?" Varric stopped him.

"I'll be fine," he waved his hand dismissively and turned to Cullen. "Can you send a signal when everyone is safely out and far away?"

"I – Yes, I can, but Herald –"

"Good, you do that," Harry nodded and gave his companions a wild grin. "This whole place is going to go boom so you guys better run. Fast."

"Wha – !?"

Any protest fell on deaf ears as Harry turned on his heel and ran back towards the gates. Some of his companions tried to follow but as they ran a few paces forward, they found themselves stopped by a shimmering barrier that prevented them from going any further. Before they could attempt dispelling the barrier, they heard a mighty shriek coming from the flying dragon overhead which prompted Cullen to usher everyone in the Chantry.

"We have to go!" he said.

"We can't leave the kid!" Varric argued.

"What was he thinking!?" Cassandra growled angrily.

"We don't have a choice!" Cullen snapped. "We cannot follow. If he is to have a chance then we need to hurry!"

"He will be fine," Dorian added though the anxious frown on his face still belied his own worried thoughts. "We do have to send him the signal, however."

With that in mind, though no one being too pleased about their circumstances, they hurried to help getting everyone out of Haven, praying that their Herald would keep himself safe.

Harry, on his side, was having the time of his life. He cackled as he blasted away a few red templars, the ground moving under his feet to swallow some unfortunate souls. His eyes glowed a luminescent green with the magic that poured out of his very being. Someone got turned into a squawking duck that then got trampled by the giant red creature that ambled towards him. His very being as the Master of Death felt and heard the cries of suffering and anguish coming from the creature's soul. Harry's grin sharpened and his eyes darkened in fury. Some mortal had dared mess with powers they never should have messed with.

Now that he was alone and did not have to hide some of what he could do – even limited by how much power he actually had access to because of Death – Harry… let go.

He grabbed the face of one of those red Templars tried to attack him from behind while never taking his eyes from the screaming creature coming at him. The Templar vaporized under his hand, its mortal body no longer able to hold to the mortal realm when Harry sent its soul directly to the Underworld.

At this, the other Templars let out war cries and came at him from all sides. With a gleeful cackle, Harry held on to his Death magic, concentrating enough to centre it in his body, before letting it go in a discharge of wild magic. All Templars around him fell, their bodies visibly aging before turning to dust. Well, all apart from the creature made of that red crystal – red lyrium, Varric had called it. The creature stumbled back to its feet, shook itself and then charged at Harry like some wild beast.

Whatever lyrium really was, it was not a mineral as the others kept saying. Oh, no, now that Harry had the time – and the opportunity since the others were not there with him to find it strange – he could brush his magic against the lyrium and he instinctively recoiled in disgust. That – that – could definitely not be a mineral. Oh, no, it held something… divine to it. An essence that did not feel mortal but godly so whatever it was came from this world's… god (or gods, or even some kind of demigod), but at the same time there was something disgustingly corrupt and tainted. It made his nose itch as he grimaced.

Harry ducked under the creature's arm, dodging the red lyrium bursting from the ground. He darted behind the thing, let go of his borrowed sword to throw himself onto its back. The creature shook itself furiously in an attempt to throw him off but Harry held on tight, wrapping his legs around the creature as he placed his hands on either side of the creature's head. A white light shone from beneath his fingers and the creature let out an anguished shriek.

"May you find peace from your mortal torment," he intoned. The creature let out one last shriek before it disintegrated under his hold. Harry flailed, his arms pinwheeling as he stumbled to his feet. Before he could regain his balance, a blast of fire that reeked of the same corruption as the red Templars hit the ground in front of him. The ground rumbled under his feet and Harry squawked as he fell on his face.

With a groan, he got back to his feet, the dragon landing in front him, circling him once before settling behind him with a warning growl. He scrunched his nose at the foul feeling the thing gave off. It felt like those red templar but even worse, making his skin crawl with the tainted sense of wrongness and death. The dragon's soul screeched at him. Whatever was done to it was unnatural, almost like a horcrux.




Definitely like a horcrux, he amended as a tall creature appeared through the flames. The same sense of wrongness that he had felt from the dragon radiated from the creature but Harry recognised the feeling of a fractured soul. The creature was tall, taller even than Iron Bull, which Harry had thought impossible in this world. Red lyrium seemed to be fused in the creature's body which was at the same time emaciated and there was something absolutely foul released from the thing. It was even worse than the red lyrium creature from earlier!

The monstrosity in mortal form approached Harry with long strides, a sneer on its face as it drawled out, "Pretender. You toy with forces beyond your ken. No more."

"So, you must be the infamous Elder One," Harry wrinkled his nose. "I should be the one saying this. What the bloody hell even are you?"

The creature's eyes narrowed at Harry, continuing his monologue dramatically, "Mortals beg for the truth they cannot have. It is beyond what you are… what I was."

"And what is that exactly?" Harry raised, wondering what nonsense this mortal was rambling about. Death was so laughing at him; he just knew it. The brat.

"Know me. Know who you have pretended to be. Exalt the Elder One, the will that is Corypheus. You will kneel."

Harry deadpanned. Yep, that was definitely a wannabe Voldemort. Seriously? Asking him, Harry freaking Potter, the bloody Master of Death, to kneel!? He did not know if he should feel amused or second-hand embarrassment for the creature… He was pretty sure the last person to talk to him like that had been dear old Tom. Huh, now he actually felt nostalgic. And honestly? He had the odd thought that he would have definitely preferred Voldemort to this subpar creature.

"It matters not. I am here for the Anchor. The process to remove it begins now."

Distracted by his thoughts as he was, Harry's knees buckled under him when the mark on his hand flared and fought against his magic. He was grabbed by the wrist and lifted up so he dangled in front of the creature. The pain in his hand from the mark and the lack of blood circulation due to the strong hold on his wrist made him wince even as he tried to lean back from the revolting creature that held him. Corypheus radiated a tainted aura of unnaturalness that made Harry nauseous.

"It is your fault, Herald. You interrupted a ritual, years in the planning and instead of dying you stole its purpose. I do not know how you survived but what marks you as touched, what you flare at rifts, I crafted to assault the very Heaven. And you use the anchor to undo my work. The gall."

Yep. This was all so nostalgic. Did all wannabe Dark Lords have talent for monologuing? Because that was one good monologue. Very evil. Very dark. Very I-am-better-than-you-lowly-mortal-and-you-will-bow-down-to-my-magnificance-peasant.

Giving a wild grin at the creature, Harry chirped, "I've got to say, I'm good at doing that."

"Fool! The Mark is meant to bring certainty where there is none," the creature sneered. "I once breached the Fade in the name of another, to serve the old gods and the Empire in person. I found chaos and corruption, dead whispers. For a thousand years, I was confused. No more. I have gathered the will to return under no name but my own. To champion withered Tevinter and prevent this Blighted world. Beg that I succeed. For I have seen the throne of the gods… and it was empty."

Harry's eyes flickered towards the sky behind Corypheus. A flare lit up the sky briefly. He quickly realised that it was the Inquisition informing him that they had in fact evacuated the village as he had told them to. Finally. His grin turned wilder, eyes slowly glowing green as he turned back – slowly, predatorily – towards the monologuing creature.

Said creature seemed to pause, the hovering orb flickered over its hand before falling in its palm. The dragon behind Corypheus became restless, growling lowly as it lowered its head nearer to the ground, slitted eyes locked on Harry's form. The tainted dragon, being a creature of magic, was closer to its instincts and clearly its instincts warned it that Harry was no normal mortal.

Corypheus finally seemed to realised that there was something wrong, though it helped that Harry did not react to the tightening hold the creature had around his wrist. Instead, his magic rose to the challenge.

A scream rang into the night and the dragon roared.

Corypheus backed away from Harry's tiny form as the hand it had used to hold Harry rotted before its eyes.

"You – YOU – ! WHAT DID YOU DO!?" Corypheus roared, eyes turning wild in fear and fury.

Instead of answering, Harry's magic rose again and Fiendfyre answered his call.

In the distance, the people of Haven were taken by surprise and fear when roars sounded from the direction of Haven. They were animalistic and held an over-worldly ring to them. And then, before their very eyes, as they turned towards where Haven was supposed to be, the night sky was lit up by columns of fire that rose high enough in the sky to see. It took only moments before they realised that the writhing fire had taken the forms of creatures, large serpentine dragons, birds and all manner of creatures curling and uncurling as they let out war cries.

Abruptly, they all rushed in one direction as if chasing something they could not make out in the dark. And then, before the people of Haven knew what was happening, the creatures stopped and disappeared into ambers.

The sudden stillness in the night terrified them and as panic started to overcome them, the Inquisition soldiers gathered themselves and hurried the people to continue their escape. They prayed their Herald survived whatever nightmare was taking place in Haven.

Back at Haven, said Herald clicked in tongue in annoyance at his exhausted magic. It had not even held long enough to destroy the tainted dragon, despite having quite gleefully burned Corypheus to ashes. The last thing he had seen was the dragon swallowing the glowing orb before taking off into the night, Fiendfyre following the beast before it had had to extinguish itself when Harry's magic had run dry.

Damn Death blocking his powers. He could have ended this mess right then and there. Now he would have to hunt down that horcrux. It was Voldemort all over again.

He took a step to make his way after the rest of the Inquisition when the ground cracked under his feet and fell away.

Damn his Potter Luck!

He fell.

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