Title: The Wonders of Thedas
Crossover: Dragon Age and Harry Potter
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Pairing: Dorian Pavus X Harry Potter
Summary: Waking up in another world is one thing but waking up as the only one who can save another world? Yeah, he should totally have seen that coming.
Warning: Slash (Yaoi, Boy X Boy…), MoD! Strong! OOC! Harry, Harry-In-Thedas

Chapter One

"They have decided your guilt," Cassandra told Harry as they walked through the snowy village, Harry being faced with looks of suspicion, wariness and even fear, looks he had not seen since his own mortal life. Oh, the memories. "The people of Haven mourn our Most Holy Divine Justinia, Head of the Chantry. The Conclave was hers." He stayed silent and listened as Cassandra unwittingly gave him all the information he needed to understand his situation better, though there still remained numerous confusing elements in what she was saying. "It was a chance of peace between Mages and Templars. She brought the leaders together. Now they are dead. We lash out, like the sky, but we must think beyond ourselves like she did. Until the Breach is sealed there will be a trial. I can promise no more. Come, it is not far."

"Humour me, will you," Harry asked Cassandra as he followed her out through the snowy paths. "Pretend I've been living under a rock all my life." While she shot him a bemused look, he continued, "What… is the Chantry? And the Templars?"

"Excuse me?"

"Just humour me, please."

"Essentially, the Chantry is the dominant religious organisation in the world. The Templars are men and women who have the abilities to suppress magic." Cassandra eventually informed him though her perplexed look did not leave her face.

"Oh. Right. Great."

They exited the village and hurried their way to the Breach, following a path of devastation with corpses laying haphazardly everywhere. Harry frowned at the death reeking all over the place, his magic twisting unpleasantly under his skin.

"It's the end of the world!" a man screamed as he and a few others came running from the opposite direction. Harry did not fault him; this surely felt like the coming of an apocalypse. A sudden spike in his left hand took him by surprise and his knees buckled under him, the stinging pain racing up his arm. He gasped as he knelt in the snow, right hand grabbing his wrist tightly with a wince; it had been a long time since he had felt any such pain. Apparently being the Ultimate Overlord had made him soft.

Cassandra helped him back to his feet, patting him comfortingly on the shoulder. "The pulses are coming faster now," she informed him with a note of sympathy.

"So how did I appear in your… er, custody?"

"Our soldiers found you at the temple. They said you… stepped out of a rift and then fell unconscious. They said a woman was behind you."

"A woman?" Harry asked. That might be the woman from his fractured memories. He wondered who it was but he had a feeling he would not even know her anyway.

"Yes. They believe it was Andraste. They say that she delivered you out of the Fade."

Harry would have turned to give her a blank look, not knowing just who Andraste might be, if not for the bridge they were on breaking right from under their feet after something from the hole in the sky crashed into it. He groaned as they slammed on the frozen river under the now broken bridge and dragged himself up. Something fell from the sky in a flurry of green sparks and a dark, slithering creature appeared in front of them. It was frankly hideous.

"Stay behind me," Cassandra ordered him as she charged at the creature with her unsheathed sword and raised shield.

He would have gladly done as she told him if not for the ground bubbling up in front of him and another similar creature melting out of it. He backed away, hand risen as he prepared to unleash his magic at the advancing thing. He would have preferred to keep his magic hidden for the time being, wary of how those people would react to it particularly since he had learned that there were actually people who could suppress magic.

Then at the corner of his eye he found a sword. How very… convenient. Not one to take at gift horse in the mouth, Harry threw himself at the sword and in one swift move he lobbed off the head of the creature in front of him. Sword fighting was not his best fighting style but after he had handled Gryffindor's sword more than once in his lifetime, and non-lifetime, he had learned enough to be a passable fighter. His reflexes and skills he had learned by fighting with his magic also helped quite a lot. So his quick decimation of the creature was no surprise to him and as the rest of the thing melted into a black goo, he turned just in time to see Cassandra finishing off with the first slithering creature with one powerful thrust of her sword in its chest.

He took a step to approach her only to find the tip of her sword pointed at his neck.

"Drop your weapon," she snarled. "Now!"

He stared at her incredulously. Was that woman actually serious? Did she expect walking through this chaos without any backup and a weaponless and vulnerable – not really but she would not really know that – stranger and come out of it still alive? She had to be one crazy woman and as much as he would want to tell her that to her face, he decided not to antagonize her and just humour her. He held up his arms and let the sword fall from his hold in a show of submission.

"If that's what you wish," he told her though he did not try hard to hide his disapproving thoughts from showing on his face.

"Wait!" she exclaimed and then sighed, sheathing back her sword and dropping her defensive stance. "I cannot ensure your protection on our journey. It would be best for you to keep your weapon. I should remember that you came willingly." She looked as if she had swallowed something extremely sour as she said this and Harry could not help the bubble of amusement that rose in his throat. Thankfully, he did not show it; from the little he knew of the woman, he did not think Cassandra would appreciate being at the end of his amusement.

Without further ado, they continued on their way, meeting more of those ugly, slithering creatures and green, translucent, floating creatures on their path. Cassandra called the slithering creatures 'shades' and the green floating things 'wisps'. According to her they were demons. Well, Harry knew demons and those things were definitely not. If he had a guess, he would say they were just creatures from another world, most likely from one close enough to this one that they are able to interact with this world. It was not exactly something new after all to have different worlds so close that they almost overlapped each other. How they would interact with each other though differed from world to world. Sometimes, some of those creatures get adverse effects when they interact with other worlds and might lead them to change in their natures. Other times their interactions had no effect on each other. In this case, he had a feeling it was the former option.

It was not long before they started to hear the sounds of fighting and they immediately hurried forward to offer their help to whoever was fighting. There were more of those demons but what caught Harry's attention was the literal hole floating in front of him and spewing out more of those foul creatures. He stared for a moment, unable to stop himself in his surprise, before he was able to shake himself and jump in the fray right after Cassandra. The sword he had picked up was not ideal or the best, definitely nothing like Griffindor's Sword; well, that was to be expected since it had not been goblin-made after all. However, despite his lack of a decent weapon and his self-imposed handicap in not using his magic, it was not long before the demons were all down.

He did not even have the time to release a relieved sigh before his hand was suddenly grabbed by one of the strangers who had been fighting alongside them and thrust towards the floating hole between the worlds. The man was the one who had been using magic – finally something familiar – with a staff of all things. Seriously, were those things not cumbersome?

"Quick! Before more come through!" the bald man said. Harry let out an inelegant squawk as he felt magic from the stranger guiding the magic from the mark on his hand to the hole and, before his eyes, said hole closed with a resounding snap and slight magic backlash that pushed him back a step.

Harry cursed loudly, shaking his stinging hand before turning bewildered eyes towards the man in front of him, "What did you do?" Now that he could actually look at the man he realised that the other might not actually be a man at all; oh, he was of the male gender alright but not of the race of man. Those pointy ears of his made sure of that fact. How Harry had not noticed them was beyond him but he had been quite preoccupied with those demon things. The other was dressed in shabby clothes and was bare-footed of all things in this snow. Yeah, those people might just be a little barmy.

"I did nothing," the other replied. "The credit is yours."

Harry blinked and then stared at the glowing mark on his hand. "Huh, so this thing might actually come in handy pretty easily." And then he snickered at his own pun.

"Whatever magic opened the Breach in the sky also placed that mark upon you hand. I theorised the mark might be able to close the rift and it seems I was correct," the man explained, some degree of smugness slipping into his voice.

"Meaning it could close the breach itself?" Cassandra was quick to ask, coming forward to stand beside Harry.

"Possibly," the man replied. "It seems you hold the key to our salvation." Aaand Harry's good mood dropped. Did he have to put it that way? He had already done the whole saving-the-world thing and he really did not want to do it all over again. Yet, he also did not want having to face leaving a whole world to its destruction while knowing he could have done something to help these poor people.

"Good to know," another voice said nearby. "Here I thought we'd be ass-deep in demons forever." Turning around, Harry found himself facing one of the most curious creatures he had ever seen, and that was saying something coming from the literal emperor of the Underworld. It was a dwarf; now, there was nothing abnormal with a dwarf, he had seen many dwarves in his time. What surprised him was the fact that this particular dwarf was beardless. Sure, he was a very attractive dwarf but still, beardless! The funny dwarf walked up to their little group of three. "Varric Tethras, rogue, story-teller and occasionally unwelcomed tag-along." He ended with a wink at Cassandra who let out a disgusted grunt. Harry raised an amused eyebrow; there was a story in there somewhere that might just prove to be interesting.

"Pleasure meeting you," Harry greeted automatically. And then he noticed the curious crossbow on the dwarf's back, a crossbow that seemed to be far more advanced than this world's time. So maybe this world was not so backwards after all if they could make something like that.

"You may reconsider that stance, in time," the bald man added with a slight note of amusement.

"Aw, I'm sure we'll become great friends in the valley, Chuckles," Varric, the dwarf replied immediately. Yep, this group was going to be a really interesting one. At least his stay in this world might prove to be interesting.

After a brief altercation between Cassandra and Varric where Cassandra refused to have the dwarf with them and then Varric talking sense into her with the fact that his help might come in handy against enemies, the other stranger introduced himself as Solas and the four of them continued on their way. They met more demons on their way and they quickly fell into such a formation that they would not impede on anyone's fighting ground.

"Where are you from exactly?" Varric asked after they had finished fighting another group of demons. "I don't think I have ever heard your accent before."

"Er… far," Harry replied nervously. How was he going to keep the truth from them? He had no idea of the geography of this world or even of its history and people. He knew that sooner or later the truth would come out and he really did not want to face the backlash of that.

"How far?"

"Very far."


It was not long before they reached the forward camp. That world was truly facing devastation and destruction, Harry thought, with all the death and desperation clogging the air. Death had never really bothered him, much less after he had accepted his role as Master of Death. However, seeing and feeling all this death permeating the area, Harry could not help but feel both sympathy and pity for these people.

Before they could enter the forward camp they had to fight another set of demons and seal one of those rifts. While the other three took care of the shade, Harry hurried along to help the two archers keeping guard near the closed door leading to the camp. It was not long before the demons were defeated and the rift was sealed.

"The rift is sealed. Open the gates!" Cassandra ordered.

"Right along, Lady Cassandra."

The forward camp was bustling with activity but was also overwhelmed by the scent of death much like everywhere else Harry had stepped foot since entering this world. They replenished their healing potions from a cache nearby before making their way to Leliana and another man in white and red robes, who were discussion loudly.

"There he is!" the unknown man exclaimed loudly as their little party of four reached them. "I order you to chain him. He is to be taken to Val Royeaux immediately."

"You order me!?" Cassandra asked with indignation.

As they dissolved into senseless bickering, Harry zoned out. What he could gather was that the man was certain of his culpability in the death of this 'Divine' they kept talking about and he wanted Harry to be tried. Apparently the Breach, while alarming, was second only to his own sense of justice. Or what he believed to be justice anyway since Harry was pretty sure he was not the one who had caused the whole hole in the sky thing. Though if he were to be truthful, he might have some doubt about that too. He had no idea how he had ended up in this world after all and for all he knew he might actually be the one who had caused the explosion and all this death. Maybe all of this was cause by his untimely arrival. His memories were conspicuously, viciously and glaringly absent after all.

"Where do you think we should go?" Cassandra asked him, breaking him from his thoughts.

"Er, what?" he blinked. Cassandra gave him an annoyed look at his inattention but before she could speak up, Solas interrupted.

"She is asking if you think we should take the mountain path or just charge in," he informed Harry.

"You're asking me?"

"You have the mark."


And after a quick discussion about where they should go, off they went to charge in with the soldiers. Harry was never one for not charging in headfirst in a problem anyway. Hopefully, this would not get them killed.

Who was he kidding? He was Harry Potter; anything could get them killed while he was in their company.

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